What’s In It For Me/You?

A while ago a friend asked me why I blog and where to do it.  She’s been thinking of starting her own and wanted to find a place where she can control things.  Where she can write what she wants and be heard.  She also wanted to know what I get out of it.

My quick answer on the where was WordPress.  It works for me.  I learned the basics pretty quickly and like how it works for me.

The other part though, why do I blog, that’s a little harder.  The quick answer is that I love to write.  But there’s more to it than that.

I also love to share.  I love the idea of writing something and being able to put those words and thoughts out there for the world wide web to soak in.   I’m a story teller by nature so blogging works for me.  It’s my 21st century campfire.

There are other reasons too.  My ego is one of them.  I love knowing that people are actually reading what I’m writing and posting.  That might be bad form to admit, but it’s the truth.   I pay a little too much attention to the hit counter, the referral sites and search engine terms.  I wonder who has read each post and wish more people would comment.  I wonder to myself what I have to write to bring comments out of the readers.  Like I said, it may be bad form, but I love the thought of attention and feedback.

I also like being good at something.  And I believe that I am a good writer.   Are there things I need to work on?  Yes.  Can I get better?  You bet.  Does that mean I’m no good now?  Heck no.  All it means is that I haven’t reached my full potential.   I am an untapped well of awesomeness. There is no limit to what I can accomplish.  And because of this I keep blogging.

So, there it is Sarah.  A much longer answer than I was able to give you on Twitter.  This is why I blog.

And I encourage you to as well.   All of you, not just Sarah.  Whether you write about sports, sex, movies, dinner parties, cars, music or your day to day life, get it out there.   Then send me the link and together we’ll tell the world.

I’m ready when you are.

Go get ’em.

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2 comments on What’s In It For Me/You?

  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks, Josh!

    And thank-you for elaborating on our previous twitter discussion.
    I really enjoy reading what you write, and so you should definitely take pride in it.

    If I were to blog, I first need to find my niche. Right now I still don’t know what that is. I feel if I were to jump in, I might just find myself ranting negatively about day to day things, and no one would enjoy reading that.

    But I have been thinking about this, and I really want to start writing again, and blogging just might be my medium.


  2. Patrick says:

    You inspire me to pursue my passions and I need to tell you that your writing has refueled what I thought I lost. Thanks buddy and keep posting!

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What’s In It For Me/You?

Whether you write about sports, sex, movies, dinner parties, cars, music or your day to day life, get it out there.

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