7 New Questions… Help Me Find Some Answers

Okay. Today is a looking for input so I can make some decisions kind of day.

So, I’m going to throw a bunch of questions out there and if you have answers for any of them chime in with a comment.

Let’s get started!

1. Where in Toronto do I want to plan on going to watch the Canadiens if/ when they make it to the Stanley Cup Finals?
If I’m going to go out and watch in a bar or restaurant I want to be with real Habs fans. And if they have good beer and food that’s a bonus.

2. If all I’m going to do is surf some blogs and sports sites and write til my fingers bleed, what should I look for in a laptop?

I’m pretty useless when it comes to this stuff. I have no idea what tech stuff I should be looking for. All I know is that my budget won’t be unlimited.

3. What blogs should I be reading?

I love sports, movies, music and general day to day stuffs. I have a few that I try to check in on when I remember, but I know that there are a million more out there.

4. What tasty recipes do you know that I can put together with stuff like chicken, sausage, onion, peppers, celery, salt, pepper and corn?
If there are other ingredients let me know, I’m happy to try them!

5. How did you find my blog? Are you a Twitter follower, Facebook friend, subscriber, random drop in or did Google bring you here?

I’m curious and excited to find out.

6. Caitlin is getting ready to go to NYC with her mum for a visit. And I’ve been asked what I would like for her to bring back for me?

I have some ideas but have mostly drawn a blank. What little things would be cool to have from the Big Apple?

7. Who should be my new favourite Toronto Blue Jays player? My former fav was the ill-fated Alex Rios. But now that he’s gone who should I zone in on?

I have kind of a short list so I’ll put that out there, but don’t worry about sticking to it. Adam Lind, Travis Snider, Aaron Hill and Ricky Romero.

Ok friends, there you have it. 7 questions that need some answers. Thanks for stopping in and big thanks for your help!

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One comment on 7 New Questions… Help Me Find Some Answers

  1. Shannon says:

    1) I cannot help, I know many things, but not hockey.
    2) Stability, comfort, ample USB ports, durability
    3) myolderbrothers.blogspot.com; cakewrecks.blogspot.com
    4) Pizza, use greek style pita for the crust, you will not be sorry. Most of those ingredients would make good pasta toppings also … olive oil, some oregano, and Bob’s your uncle. Well, maybe not Bob, but with all your uncles, a Bob would not be noticed in the crowd.
    5) family, not on the list, but it still counts.
    6) An I (heart) NY t-shirt – classic souvenir – kitchy, yet ultimately useful. Or M&Ms in a new flavour from the store at Time’s Sq. Or, pictures of her in front of all the landmarks she can find …
    if you like that sort of stuff.
    7) Ricky Romero, based solely on the alliteration of his name.

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7 New Questions… Help Me Find Some Answers

Ok friends, there you have it. 7 questions that need some answers. Thanks for stopping in and big thanks for your help!

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