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New Music Spotlight: Dallas Smith and More

New Music from Dallas Smith, Shawn Austin, Dom Fricot, Oh Geronimo and Sarah Cripps

Welcome to an all Canadian New Music Spotlight! In this edition of the Spotlight, we’re giving you country, folk and alt-indie music for your listening pleasure.

Please have a listen and if the music speaks to you, click on the links, and add these artists to your social streams.

Let’s do this!

The Music

Artist: Dallas Smith
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Genre: Country
Related: Dean Brody, Chad Brownlee, Dan Davidson
Song: 50/50
Notes: The video gives us a look backstage, side stage, from the meet and greet both and the road. It has clips of fans and family, and the message is one that we should all heed, love ain’t always 50/50.
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: Shawn Austin
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Genre: Country
Related: Dallas Smith, Andrew Hyatt, Jojo Mason
Song: Get Me There
Notes: We teased about this single when we chatted with Shawn during the Side Effects tour, and we’re thrilled that it’s finally out to radio. Get Me There was released on February 9th and we expect this one to break the top 10 just like Paradise Found. We’re hoping for a video release soon.
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: Dom Fricot
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Genre: Alternative/Folk/Rock/Soul
Related: Counting Crows, Radiohead, Tori Amos, Bon Iver
Single: Help is Needed
Notes: I’m giving this video a sad warning. The song’s lyrics and video are powerful, and they made me cry. Music that provokes emotions, isn’t that what it’s all about?
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: Oh Geronimo
Hometown: Burlington, ON
Genre: Post Rock/Indie Folk
Related: The Elwins, Ivory Hours, Arkells
Single: Hope Is A Gateway Drug
Notes: I love this song, and I love this lyric video. The video treatment is arty and fun, but the lyrics are poignant and deliver a message that tells a story that’s relatable. The beating hearts impaled by daggers will stick with you.
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: Sarah Cripps
Hometown: Brighton, ON
Genre: Alternative / Indie / Roots
Related: Hollie Smith, Stone Marmot, PeleJA
Single: HEAT
Notes: Recorded live at one of our favourite venues in Toronto, the video is warm and inviting. I like the use of focus and the casualness of the bar in the background. Sarah’s vocals are haunting, but the lyrics are full of hope, promise and passion.
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Canadian Music Week Announces Lineup for 2018

This week Canadian Music Week gave us a sneak peek into the lineup for 2018. The festival, which runs May 7- 13 this year, is a great way to welcome spring in Toronto.

There’s a focus on local music, followed closely by Canadian content, after all, it is “Canadian” Music week. One of the many things CMW does a fabulous job of is bringing music from multiple genres to the festival for our listening pleasure. After a quick glance at the list of artists, we see R&B, indie/folk, rock, emo, alternative, punk, rap, country, pop, Americana, hip-hop, electropop, singer-songwriter and so much more! There’s something for everyone.

Joining Lindi Ortega and Keys’n’ Krates, who were announced with the initial lineup in December are some of our favourites including Ben Hudson, Birds of Bellwoods, Crown Lands, FXRRVST, Goodnight, Sunrise, Mad Caddies, and The Dirty Nil. If you’re wondering if your favourite band is appearing, you can check out the current, full artist listing here.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This year, Toronto’s longest running multi-venue discovery festival includes a free show at Yonge-Dundas Square featuring Sloan on Saturday, May 12th.

In addition to the music festival, there’s the music conference, the comedy fest and the film festival also running over the week. These events feature authors, guest speakers, panels and more. If you haven’t checked them out before we highly recommend you have a look at what they’ve got going on.

Wristbands are currently on sale at early bird prices, but they won’t last for long. Still wondering what to get that special someone for Valentine’s Day, give the gift of music, you can find out all about tickets here.

Keep an eye open for our upcoming CMW coverage as the festival gets closer. We’ll have previews, interviews and our must-see lists!


New Music Spotlight: Birds of Bellwoods, Jack White, Our Lady Peace, Vance Joy and Wes Mack

In our second January New Music Spotlight, we’re highlighting three Canadian acts, one Australian act and one American act. Genre-wise we’re recommending some alt-folk, some rock, some folk-pop and a little country music.

In this spotlight, we’ve got five videos with some very different concepts. Sit back, have a watch, and a listen and let us know what you think.

Let’s do this!

Artist: Birds of Bellwoods
Hometown: Toronto
Genre: Alt-Folk
Related: Duncan FellowsYoung in the CityThe Corcoran Brothers
Song: Feel It Still – Cover – Portugal. The Man
Notes: One of my favourite Toronto bands. I’ve been talking about their talent for a few years now. Birds of Bellwoods cover Portugal. The Man’s hit, which currenlty sits with over 94,000,000 views on YouTube. It’s a great song and an amazing cover.

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: Jack White
Hometown: Detroit / Nashville
Genre: Rock
Related Artists: The RaconteursThe White StripesThe Black Keys
Song: Connected by Love
Notes: The video, which was released on Wednesday, already has over 500,000 plays. The imagery is visually compelling and the music is dirty, synthy and bluesy all at the same time. Jack White gives us a great emotional performance and delivers lyrics we can all relate to with grace.

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: Our Lady Peace
Hometown: Toronto
Genre: Rock
Related Artists: Big WreckCollective SoulMatthew Good
Song: Falling Into Place
Notes: Our Lady Peace gives us a great story video. It’s classic sounding OLP with a positive message. I challenge you to watch it and not smile.

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: Vance Joy
Hometown: Melbourne
Genre: Folk-Pop
Related Artists: Tom Odell, James Bay, The Lumineers
Song: We’re Going Home
Notes: We’ve been fans of Vance Joy since we the first time we heard him. We’re Going Home is from his upcoming album Nation of Two which is out on February 23rd. The instantly recognizable voice is layered with beautiful backgrounds and real people. The chorus is catchy and I’m expecting to hear a lot of this track on the radio.

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: Wes Mack
Hometown: Calgary
Genre: Country
Related Artists: Jojo MasonAndrew HyattPetric
Song: House on Fire
Notes: First let us say that we’re very happy that there’s new music from Wes Mack. It’s a fun video, with a boys vs. girls story. House on Fire is fresh and summery and it’s something we can use a big helping of. I’ve already got the chorus stuck in my head and if country music is your thing, I think you’ll really like this one too.

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

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Trish’s 10 Most Listened to Albums of 2017!

One of my favourite things to do, as we get to the end of a year is look back. It’s a great time to reflect, a great time to look forward and a great time for Top 10 lists.

Note: I suggest that you listen, while you read.

Recently, someone said to me, “I don’t know how you find time to listen to music.“. My response was, “I don’t know how you live without music in your life every day.”. For me, music is a constant. It lifts me when I’m down, it drowns out the noise of the world when it’s too much and it gives me hope.

2017 has been an interesting year for me music-wise, and I think my Most Listened to Albums list reflects this.

Following Joshua’s lead, my list isn’t in any order and I’ve added an honourable mention section at the bottom.

Let’s do this!

 Imagine Dragons: ƎVOLVE (2017)

Most played track: Thunder

I’ve been a huge fan of Imagine Dragons since the release of their debut album Night Visions. Having been lucky enough to have caught the band live for both the Smoke + Mirrors tour and the ƎVOLVE, it was an easy call to put this album on my list.

When they started teasing this album in 2016 I was excited and when they released Believer on February 1st, I listened and I was over the moon. It gives us the awesome signature drums we associate with the band, plus there are so many words in this song, and Dan sings them like it’s nothing (trust us, is a huge deal), and their use of “the drop” in this song is perfection.

The track Yesterday is one of my favourites and a big part of that is because of the experience of hearing this song live, with tens of thousands of people singing along. I still get goosebumps and tear up every time I hear this track.

And yet, when I head to Spotify, Thunder is always my first choice. There’s just something about it that I love.

ƎVOLVE debuted at number two on the US Billboard Top 200, ending up at number one in both Canada and on the US Rock chart. It’s gone platinum in the US and Austria and gold in France, Italy, Poland and Sweden. Singles Thunder and Believer both charted in the top 5 and Whatever it Takes has over 112 million views on YouTube.

Imagine Dragons also captured a spot on my Highlights and Top Memories of 2017 post.

Imagine Dragons - Evolve Cover Art

 Oddisee: The Iceberg (2017)

Most played track: Built by Pictures

The Iceberg opens with minimalist horns and finger snapping and just like that, you’re in.

Oddisee, with Good Compny behind him, has put together the perfect combination of a super talented live band paired with important political hip-hop.

I’m the first to admit that I’m late to the Oddisee party and I’m doing my best to catch up. The Iceberg has some of my favourite lyrics of the year including this one from Hold it Back.

I make more than my sister
Cause I was born as a mister
And I ain’t never been to college, and she graduated honors
Yet the bosses think that I’m a better fit, huh
– Oddisee

The album is funky, abundant with thoughtful lyrics and stories that give us a snapshot of life, and although I couldn’t find it on any Billboard charts, it struck a chord with me. Give this one a listen, there are 12 tracks and I can bet at least one of them will stick with you.

Oddisee - The Iceberg cover art

Johnson Crook: The Album (2017)

Most played track: Hardwired

This Toronto-based band is familiar to you if you’re a regular reader. We’ve been tracking the guys since we first came across them as Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist entrants. Since that time we’ve gotten to know Noel Johnson, Trevor Crook, Nathan Crook and Jared Craig pretty well. We’ve watched them hone their craft and come into their own.

The Album is the first full-length offering from Johnson Crook and it’s a rich collection of stories, harmonies, textures and melodies. It gives you a little bit of everything and wraps it up in a tidy package. You’ll find fun upbeat party tunes, anthemic songs and tender, soft and sometimes sad love songs.

Putting this album on the list was an easy choice, I have a copy in my car and I listen regularly on Spotify. Choosing a most-played track, now that was the tricky part. It’s rare that I put this album on and don’t listen straight through and my favourite song changes based on my mood. In the end, I went with Hardwired mostly because I feel it and I think you will too.

I’m going to say it again, you should be listening to Johnson Crook. The band got a nice little bump in their streaming numbers when Spotify included their dark and sorrowful song Shadows on the Folk 2017 Playlist. They’re in some pretty special company on that list.

Johnson Crook The Album cover

Midland: On The Rocks (2017)

Most played track: This Old Heart

There’s something campy about Midland. And by campy I mean great. They don’t take themselves too seriously, they’ve found a way to mix classic country with today’s more modern sound and it’s working.

With a September release date, you’d think it would be tough to get on a year-end list, but I’ve had a chance to hear Midland live twice this year, first at Toronto’s The Dakota and then again at Boots and Hearts. These guys are super talented and I’m glad that they’ve taken time from their busy schedules to work on music together. It’s amazing.

In case you didn’t know, Midland is lead singer Mark Wystrach who was an actor and underwear model, bass player Cameron Duddy who’s an MTV Video Music award-winning video director (Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars) and lead guitarist, Jess Carson. They come together with luscious harmonies and great guitar work and we get the feeling of a honky-tonk loud and clear.

On The Rocks has a beefy 13 tracks and after This Old Heart, I’d include Electric Rodeo, Drinkin’ Problem, Check Cashin’ Country and Burn Out to my list of favourites.

This Old Heart is a great story song and one that I embraced wholeheartedly.

Andrew Hyatt: Iron & Ashes (2017)

Most played track: Most of Me

I first saw Andrew Hyatt in 2015 at Burlington’s Sound of Music and I saw the spark of what was to come.

Since then Hyatt has gone on to release his first full-length album and he’s started a professional relationship with Dallas Smith, with Smith is now acting as Andrew’s manager. This change saw him heading out on tour with the Canadian Country star and releasing a brand new single, Do It With You, which is brand new music. This has us looking forward to even more new music.

Iron & Ashes is a record about changes and life. It includes three tracks from his EP Never Back Down including Goodbye Gone, Running on Empty and my most played track, Most of Me. There are twelve tracks and they run the spectrum including some heartbreaking stuff (She Ain’t You), some fun, upbeat party songs (MGR, That’s How I’m Livin’) and songs that are fresh and hopeful (On Me, Laid Back And Easy). 

If you’re a fan of country, rock or even pop, give this one a listen.

 Joey Bada$$: ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ (2017)

Most played track: ROCKABYE BABY (feat. ScHoolboy Q)

The latest offering from New York’s Joey Bada$$ dropped on April 7th, 2017. So far we’ve seen three singles – Devastated, Land of the Free and Temptation. If we’re looking at numbers, and we are, AABA peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Top 200 chart

There’s a distinct split on this album, the first half, that he refers to as “The Heroes Side,” is laid-back. It’s melodic and while the music is less dark, the subject matter is anything but. The second half, which Joey refers to as “The Vindictive Villainous Side,” is a collection of tenacious songs.

The album is rife with controversial topics including oppression and the consequences of that oppression, police brutality, and to my delight, Donald Trump. There are lots of other artists featured on AABA including J. Cole, Chronixx, ScHoolboy Q and more.

My favourite track on the album is Rockabye Baby featuring ScHoolboy Q, there’s something about the piano part that gets stuck in my head. The lyrics and yeah, there’s a “Fuck Donald Trump”. This song makes my body move, the chorus is impossible to ignore. I love his delivery and with this album, he’s created a fan in me.


USS: New World Alphabet (2017)

Most played track: Work Shoes

New World Alphabet is the fifth studio album for USS. It’s full of catchy choruses paired with thoughtful and provoking verses. It’s classic USS and the first single, Work Shoes, is my most listened to track. Jason and Ash have been making music together now for 10 years and there’s a maturity about this album.

The guys did a very cool kick off to their tour with six shows in the six. They started at the Cameron House followed by The Mod Club, The Opera House, Rivoli, Adelaide Hall and finished up the six at The Danforth Music Hall. It was a fun, exciting time and fans of USS were thrilled.

USS - New World Alphabet Album Art

Lindsay Ell: The Project (2017)

Most played track: Waiting On You

I love this album and I especially love Waiting On You. I find it impossible to not sing along when this song comes on. It’s rock and roll, it’s bluesy, but it’s still country.

The record, produced by Sugarland’s Kristian Bush is produced beautifully and it’s full of positive messages and love.

The Project is twelve songs and it includes previously released promo singles like Good, Criminal, Space, and Worth the Wait as well some brand new songs. It’s a put it on and leave it album. It’s a great listen anytime.

Lindsay Ell - The Project Cover Art

James Barker Band: Game On (2017)

Most played track: Chills

This EP and especially this song were impossible to ignore. It was everywhere and I played it a ton on Spotify. In fact, Chills was my most played song of 2017.

This is great songwriting paired with great delivery. James Barker wrote the song with Travis Wood, Gavin Slate and Donovan Woods who are kicking out country hits like nobody’s business. Chills was the third single released from Game On and the band’s first number one.

The band toured with Dean Brody during 2017 and they’re set to headline their own tour starting January 11th in Halifax with Meghan Patrick and Jojo Mason. We’ll be chatting with them soon and we’re expecting there will be new music coming!

James Barker Band - Game On cover art

Ferraro: Losing Sleep (2017)

Most played track: Losing Sleep

Losing Sleep is the first full-length album from the Cameron House’s Ferraro brothers. It’s got an old time rock and roll feel and while prepping for my interview with the band prior to this year’s NXNE, it got stuck in my head. And it stayed there. I’m a fan of 50’s music and there’s a hint of that here but the music doesn’t feel dated. It’s fresh, fun and full of amazing harmonies.

This record falls into the put it on and leave it category for me. Ten great tracks and while the title track Losing Sleep gets my most played track nod, Shake It Off and Coffee & Smokes are close behind.

Ferraro - Losing Sleep Cover Art

Honourable mentions

Barney Bentall: The Drifter and the Preacher, Cage the Elephant: Unpeeled, Crown Lands: Rise Over Run, Dallas Smith: Side Effects, JJ Shiplett: Something to Believe In, Jess Moskaluke: Past The Past, Lady Antebellum: Heart Break, Matthew Good: Something Like a Storm, and last but definitely not least a single, that I couldn’t leave off my year-end list – Goodnight, Sunrise: Remember Now.

Header photo by Edu Grande on Unsplash

Trish’s Highlights and Top Memories of 2017!

2017 was a year loaded with lots of hard work, unbelievable experiences, and of course, music. I got to meet, and spend time with some amazingly talented people. I got to listen to live music from my favourite artists and bands, new and old, and I had the pleasure of being able to share it with all of you. Below are my five live performance highlights for the year.

Every day I’m aware of how privileged I am to do this job, to bring together my love of music, writing and photography and to live a life where music is everywhere.

Were you at any of these shows? Let me know in the comments.

Hip Hop Set of the Year

Oddisee at Lee’s Palace, Toronto (May 27, 2017)

It’s not very often I take a pass on free music and photo access but in this case, I didn’t even apply to shoot and review the Oddisee show.

I’d been listening to The Iceberg since it’s release in February and was so looking forward to just being a fan. It was a beautifully warm May day and I met up with people I knew in line who were just as excited as I was. It was a sold out show and Lee’s Palace was packed to the back with fans of 24-year-old Amir Mohamed el Khalifa. Opening for Oddisee was Good Compny, his band, and they were brilliant. Showing off their amazing musical skills the band got the crowd ready for Oddisee to take the stage, and take over the crowd.

From the second he took the stage, Oddisee connected with us and he didn’t let go until he walked off the stage. Going into the show, I was pretty comfortable with the songs and thought I knew all the words, but there were people in the audience, singing every single word and he noticed. If this is a new name for you, and you have any interest in rap, hip-hop, jazz or even pop, you need to give his music a listen. I promise you won’t regret it.

Note: This is my only club show set highlight.

Oddisee performance taken from Facebook

Rock and Roll Set of the Year

Cage the Elephant at WayHome, Oro-Medonte (July 28, 2017)

I’ve been a fan of Cage the Elephant since their debut release in 2008 but they’d kinda fallen off my radar.

That completely changed this July when I saw them live for the first time. Wow! This show gets my Rock and Roll set of the year highlight for all the right reasons. It was full of hits, it delivered the new music from Unpeeled, it was loud, it was vibrant and it was the most energetic set of 2017. There was running and jumping and there was confetti, all perfectly timed and amazing.

As a photographer, this set gave me everything I could have hoped for and it also gave me my favourite image of the year. I smile every time I think about this set, that’s a win in my book.

Whole Wide World: Cage The Elephant at WayHome 2017

Emotional Moment Set of the Year

Imagine Dragons at WayHome, Oro-Medonte (July 29, 2017)

Right smack in the middle of WayHome, I had the most emotional moment I’ve ever experienced at a live show.  That encounter was delivered by Day 2 headliner, Imagine Dragons. And I wasn’t alone.

While in the photo pit, amongst 25+ other photographers, Dan Reyolds reached out and touched my heart. It was electric. It was the music and it was the message, “Spread peace, spread love.”. It was real and it was heartfelt.

If there was a masterclass on how to deliver three opening songs for photographers, while not taking away from the crowd, Imagine Dragons could lead this class. They gave us everything including smiles, jumps, close-ups, add in Dan leaving the stage and getting behind us to lean on the barricades, so that he could get as close as possible to the crowd, all the while singing his ass off. It was spectacular showmanship and we ate it up.

As we left the pit, there was chatter between photogs exclaiming, that they gave us everything we could have hoped for. Full disclosure here – I cried twice during the first three songs. This isn’t a normal thing, normally I’m working, I’m in work mode and while I enjoy the music and experience, it doesn’t normally affect me like this. Kudos to Imagine Dragons for connecting on a level I’d never experienced before.

Whatever It Takes: Imagine Dragons at WayHome 2017

Country Set of the Year

Keith Urban at Boots and Hearts, Oro-Medonte (August 11, 2017)

After a super hot steamy early August Friday, the weather took a little turn, and by little, I mean from cloudy threatening skies to a full out tornado warning.

Tens of thousands of people, who’d been waiting all day for headliner Keith Urban to take the stage, were surprised to be told that they had to leave the stage area and return to their tents. After quite a delay, the thunder and lightning passed and everyone was allowed to return to the stage area. Fans ran for the front and Keith opened the set with Long Hot Summer and proceeded to put on a show like nobody’s business. We were not surprised when his name appeared on the CMA’s Entertainer of the Year nominee list, this was easily one of my top five highlights of the year.

Urban played a full set, in spite of the delay, and thanked us all for coming back, like we wouldn’t. During his set, two more showers made their way through the area but he carried on like it was business as usual even giving us a sassy, “Rain ain’t nothing but a thang”.

Keith Urban is an amazing guitar player, fantastic singer and I’d stand in the rain all day for another performance like this one.

Ripcord: Keith Urban at Boots & Hearts 2017

Classic Set of the Year

Midnight Oil at Budweiser Stage, Toronto (August 25, 2017)

In the category of bands, I forgot how much I loved, I give you Midnight Oil.

Following two amazing opening bands (The Living End and Matthew Good), Midnight Oil turned up at the Budweiser Stage on a warm August night, and blew it up!

The energy level was intense, the messages were genuine and the music brought it all together. They played all of their hits and everyone sang along, including me. Peter Garrett moves and sings like a man in his 20’s and the band’s lyrics are just as relevant today as the day they were written. In addition to being my classic set of the year, they’re also my Aussie set of the year.

Midnight Oil, Matthew Good and The Living End at Toronto’s Budweiser Stage

Thank you to the artists, the teams that help bring us together, and thank you to our readers. Thank you all for supporting us and thank you for filling my life with music. I’m looking forward to 2018 and more highlights.

Last Bullet, Uforia and Break the Trend at Brampton’s Rose Theatre

SounDrive Records Presents: Drivewire

On Saturday night, after weeks of anticipation, we got to see Last Bullet, Uforia and Break the Trend take the stage at Brampton’s Rose Theatre for the final installment of Drivewire 2017.

It was an interesting atmosphere for a rock show. I would say they took the “All Ages” thing very literally. There were babes in strollers, kids breakdancing, white-haired men and women dancing and yes, headbanging. It was pretty cool. A good portion of the audience, at least early on in the evening, were family and friends of the bands and there is no support quite like family.

In case you were wondering, I can tell you that Brampton rocks and SounDrive Records will be back next year with three events instead of two!

If you missed this show, you can see Last Bullet on January 27th at The Horseshoe Tavern with one of our favourites, Crown Lands. Get your tickets here. 

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Photos of Last Bullet

Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Bryan Fontez - Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre

Photos of Uforia

Uforia at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Michael Ursini- Uforia at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Dylan Piercey - Uforia at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Adam Brik- Uforia at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Daniel Salij - Uforia at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Uforia at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre

Photos of Break the Trend

Break the Trend at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre John Fournier - Break the Trend at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Alex Lajambe - Break the Trend at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Lucas Mullins - Break the Trend at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Break the Trend at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Break the Trend at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre

Goodnight, Sunrise at The Bovine Photo Review

On Friday night Goodnight, Sunrise played the opening slot at Toronto’s Bovine Sex Club. It was everything I imagined and so much more.

It was warm inside and crowded for 9:15. The full room was pushing up against the front of the stage and the energy was palpable. There were plenty of friends and fans up front making it feel super familiar and comfortable.

I was expecting the band to be good, but what I got was great. There was way more intensity in the set than I’d anticipated and I guess the lesson here is to forget expectations and to go into shows with an open mind.

My favourite moment had to be when Goodnight, Sunrise started playing Remember Now. I love the official video but this was a performance at a completely other level.

Thanks so much to the band for the invite, it was truly a pleasure.

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Goodnight, Sunrise at The Bovine Sex Club in Toronto Goodnight, Sunrise at The Bovine Sex Club in Toronto Goodnight, Sunrise at The Bovine Sex Club in Toronto Goodnight, Sunrise at The Bovine Sex Club in Toronto - David Kochberg Goodnight, Sunrise at The Bovine Sex Club in Toronto Goodnight, Sunrise at The Bovine Sex Club in Toronto - Joel Goodnight, Sunrise at The Bovine Sex Club in Toronto - Paul Weaver Goodnight, Sunrise at The Bovine Sex Club in Toronto - Vanessa Vakharia Goodnight, Sunrise at The Bovine Sex Club in Toronto - David Kochberg Goodnight, Sunrise at The Bovine Sex Club in Toronto- Vanessa Vakharia Goodnight, Sunrise at The Bovine Sex Club in Toronto - David Kochberg Goodnight, Sunrise at The Bovine Sex Club in Toronto - David Kochberg Goodnight, Sunrise at The Bovine Sex Club in Toronto

5 Quick Questions with Uforia: DRIVEWIRE Edition

Uforia are set to take the stage on December 9th as part of SounDrive Records DRIVEWIRE Day 2. The Alt-hard rock Toronto-based band is made up of Michael Ursini on lead vocals and guitar, Adam Brik on lead guitar and vocals, Daniel Salij on bass and vocals and Dylan Piercey on drums.

For the purpose of helping us to hone in on what you can expect, they list Royal Blood, Billy Talent, Our Lady Peace, Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hendrix, The Mars Volta, Sum 41, Green Day, Rush, Incubus, Floyd, Zeppelin, Boston, The Foo Fighters as influences on their Facebook page and after listening to their music, I can definitely hear those influences and more.

UFORIA is: Songs you wake up the next day humming. Howling guitar duets echoing a lost era. New noises that tear your face off. Killer vocals, killer harmonies. Happy words, sad words. Wild young musicians pounding out a heavy, sometimes-simple, sometimes-complex orchestration of power-rhythms, riffs, beautiful chord changes and melodies – and it feels like a party. (Uforia Facebook)

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about this performance. Let’s get to the Q&A!

Questions and Answers with Uforia

Q. In 50 words or so, can you tell everyone what to expect from your music and your live show?

A. Songs you wake up the next day humming. New noises that tear your face off. Killer vocals, killer harmonies. Happy words, sad words. Wild young musicians pounding out a heavy, sometimes-simple, sometimes-complex orchestration of power-rhythms, riffs, beautiful chord changes and melodies – and it feels like a party.

Q. Can you tell us about your influences?

A. Our influences come from a variety of heavy, melodic rock, punk & alternative. Bands like Billy Talent, Incubus, Royal Blood, Foo Fighters, Chili Peppers, Sum 41, Green Day, System of a Down… just to name a few. We all love classic rock as well.

Q. Do you have any Pre-show rituals?

A. Before every show, we like to get into a huddle and mouth the first song of our set. Dylan (drummer) will beatbox, Mike (vocals) will sing the lyrics, Dan & Adam will sing their guitar parts.

Each of us have a series of stretches and physical warm-ups as well. Mike likes to take a swig of honey before he sings.

Q. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

A. Keep practicing & don’t let egos get in the way.

Q. How did you hear about DRIVEWIRE?

A. Drivewire found us


You can find Uforia all over the internet.

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5 Quick Questions with Break the Trend: DRIVEWIRE Edition

As we get closer to SounDrive‘s DRIVEWIRE day 2, at Brampton’s gorgeous Rose Theatre, we wanted to help you get to know the bands. In this edition, we bring you 5 Quick Questions with Break the Trend.

If the name looks familiar, it might be because we recently reviewed their album Casualties recently, you can check out that post for even more details about the band.

Most importantly, we’re pleased to share a little more about the band with you!

Questions and Answers with Break the Trend

Q. In 50 words or so, can you tell everyone what to expect from your music and your live show?

A. You can expect a genuine rock and roll experience with tons of feeling. Nothing electronic, all raw and powerful emotion straight from our hearts to yours.

Q. Can you tell us about your influences?

A. Our influences vary quite wildly…. Billy Talent to the Eagles to Stevie Wonder to Guns N Roses to Paramore.

Q. Do you have any Pre-show rituals?

A. Before every show we do an ” energy circle” to get pumped up. It sounds exciting, but in reality it’s four dudes standing in a circle humming at first then crescendoing into profanity.

Q. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

A. “Continue to perfect your craft, and stay humble.”

Q. How did you hear about DRIVEWIRE?

A. We heard about Drivewire because our record label, SounDrive Records is putting it on…… we’d love to give a more exciting answer, but the facts are the facts!

You can find Break the Trend all over the internet.

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Beauty Community: The Elwins, Jukebox the Ghost and Fxrrvst

Sunday night is typically a quiet, settle in and get ready for the week ahead kind of night, unless you’re a music fan. Last night this was especially true if you were a fan of The Elwins, Jukebox The Ghost and/or Fxrrvst.

As soon as I arrived at The Mod Club I could tell it was going to be an amazing night. The front of the stage was lined up with fans waiting for the music to start and when Fxrrvst hit the stage, the crowd surged forward. Matt Fuentes and Holly Forrest joined on stage by their session guys Lucas Muccilliby on bass and Chris Savage on drums, filled the venue with their fun, catchy, melodic indie rock vibe.

I have nothing but great things to say about this band, they were super tight and I loved their sound. They’ve come a long way from the sounds they started out with, Holly’s punk music and Matt’s folk music. The duo has come together and has created something awesome.

If you haven’t heard them yet, I strongly urge you to check them out. They’re going places and I’m glad I was there to witness a part of their journey.

Fxrrvst at the Mod Club all members on stage blue background

Up next, in the middle slot were Washington-based Indie/Pop/Rock band Jukebox the Ghost. Let me be very clear when I say, there were a lot of Jukebox fans at The Mod Club. They filled the floor, they danced, they sang, they jumped up and down and they felt the music. It was beautiful to watch.

With Ben Thornewill on piano, Tommy Siegel on guitar, and Jesse Kristin on drums they guys took the stage and belted out song after song. They played songs that their fans knew and they treated them to some brand new music while promising to come back in the spring with a new album. All very good things! One of my favourite moments was when they intro’d their new song called Boring which they told us was about getting old. Funny stuff. I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on their amazing harmonies. Their voices come together and create this beautifully layered sound. This was blatantly clear when they came together, and with the help of the audience killed Bohemian Rhapsody.

This was my first time seeing Jukebox the Ghost, it definitely won’t be my last.

Jukebox the Ghost at the Mod ClubWithout delay, the stagehands quickly made the changes to prepare for The Elwins to take the stage. It was quick and painless and when the band came out, the crowd cheered.

The Elwins at the Mod ClubPlaying songs from their new album Beauty Community and favourites from Play for Keeps, the band brought everything they had. It was everything anyone could have asked for. They played with enthusiasm and joy and the room mirrored the emotions back. Their sound was crystal clear and they were technically perfect. If reactions from the crowd are any indicator, they had the entire room in the palm of their hands.

The guys have been touring since mid-October and they’re almost ready to wrap this tour, with their last date in St. Catharines on December 9th. If you’re in the area, there are still a few dates left.

Note: Turns out Sunday night was the first time all four The Elwins Moms were in the house at the same time, they look adorable!

Photos of The Elwins

The Elwins at the Mod Club The Elwins at the Mod Club The Elwins at the Mod Club The Elwins at the Mod Club The Elwins at the Mod Club blue lights Matthew in the spotlight The Elwins at the Mod Club The Elwins at the Mod Club Travis Stokl under the green lights The Elwins at the Mod Club Francesco Figliomeni The Elwins at the Mod Club Feurd The Elwins at the Mod Club Matthew Sweeney The Elwins - Matthew Sweeney at the Mod Club The Elwins at the Mod Club full band shot with the crowd in the foreground

More Photos of Jukebox the Ghost

Jukebox the Ghost at the Mod Club - Jesse Kristin and Ben Thornewill Jukebox the Ghost at the Mod Club - Ben Thornewill Jukebox the Ghost at the Mod Club - Tommy Siegel Jukebox the Ghost at the Mod Club - Jesse Kristin Jukebox the Ghost at the Mod Club - Ben Thornewill Jukebox the Ghost at the Mod Club - Tommy Siegel Jukebox the Ghost at the Mod Club - Jesse Kristin

More Photos of Fxrrvst

Fxrrvst at the Mod Club Fxrrvst at the Mod Club Holly Forrest Fxrrvst at the Mod Club Matthew Fuentes Fxrrvst at the Mod Club Holly Forrest Fxrrvst at the Mod Club Matthew Fuentes Fxrrvst at the Mod Club Holly Forrest Fxrrvst at the Mod Club Holly Forrest Fxrrvst bass player at the Mod Club Fxrrvst drummer at the Mod Club

5 Quick Questions with Last Bullet: DRIVEWIRE Edition

It’s almost time for round two of SounDrive Records DRIVEWIRE and we’re happy to present to you, 5 Quick Questions with Last Bullet!

Last Bullet are a Toronto-based five-piece hard rock band made up of Bryan Fontez – frontman, Brenden Armstrong – guitar, Michael Silva – rhythm guitar, Will Shannon – bass, and Chris Galaz on drums. They’ve got a stellar reputation in Toronto as the hardest rocking band around and we’re looking forward to seeing their legendary live show.

We’ll be up front on Saturday night when they take the stage at Brampton’s beautiful Rose Theatre.

Questions and Answers with Last Bullet

Q. In 50 words or so, can you tell everyone what to expect from your music and your live show?

A. Heavy, aggressive, sexual, intense, high energy, filthy, nasty, dark, passionate, ass-shaking, fist-pumping, leather wearing, beer drinking, badass rock n roll music.

Q. Can you tell us about your influences?

A. We’re influenced by Rock bands and artists from all over the spectrum, but our music predominantly takes cues from bands like Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Black Sabbath among many others.

Q. Do you have any Pre-show rituals?

A. Warming up and drinking water lol. We don’t really have any weird or crazy rituals beyond whipping out our instruments and voices to get the fingers, body and heart going before we hit the stage so that we’re prepared to put on the best show we can for our fans.

Q. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

A. 50% of success is just showing up.

Q. How did you hear about DRIVEWIRE?

A. We discovered DRIVEWIRE upon being booked for our Brampton show this December 9th!

You can find the Last Bullet all over the internet and you can get tickets for DRIVEWIRE here!

Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube / Spotify

No Matter Where You Go, There You Are: 1971 Interview

A little over a week ago I received an email from 1971. Or to be more exact, it was from “whatwas1971”. I started to read the email, but I had to stop. I was in public and I was starting to cry. Not so cool. Later that night, when I was alone, I pulled up the email again and slowly read the first paragraph again.

“In February 2017 our bassist, founding member, and friend Cameron Glen Cranston suddenly passed away in Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. He was 25 years old.” (whatwas1971)

After I finished reading the email I clicked on the link for their newly released video Anxiety (In the Depths of Northwestern Ontario) and fell in love with it. The music is haunting, dark and moody, and the video footage which was put together from their last tour spins a wonderful story of friendship and camaraderie. I’m sad that there won’t be more of this music.

I needed to share their story with you. 1971 were Garrett Iverson, Jory Strachan, Cameron Cranston and Tanner Neil.

Cameron left behind a lot of people who loved him. He was close to attaining his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science at the University of Winnipeg and he was an organ donor.

Music was his passion and he loved the time he spent playing with his band, 1971. They travelled to both coasts on several occasions, playing small clubs and private parties. It truly was the time of their lives! They made so many special memories that will live on forever. (yourlifemoments)

I’ll let the surviving members tell you their story. Thanks to Garrett, Jory and Tanner for answering my questions, I know it wasn’t easy.

1971 Anxiety video driving down a foggy roadQuestions and Answers with 1971

Q: Could you tell us a little bit about the history of the band, how you met and came together and anything else you think our readers might like to know?

1971 GI: We all grew up with an interest in punk rock and music in general. Cam and Tanner went to the same school and were best friends. They had a band called The Tossing Frogs. I remember seeing them play at the high school Jory and I went to. They were very much a garage/grunge band and no one was doing that kind of stuff at our age in our town that I knew of at that time. I was blown away! Jory played in a few bands before him and I started playing music. But we knew each other beforehand.

I remember running into Jory at a party and we talked about how much we were really into Attack In Black at the time and we’ve been playing music together pretty much ever since. Jory and I played music with Cam at separate times. Cam and I both worked at Safeway before we ever really did jam. I would run into him in the hallways at school and we would always talk about jamming. But we never would end up actually setting up a date or time! Eventually, one day we got off work at the same exact time and I saw him in his car. He popped his head out of the window shouting “Garrett get in!” “let’s go get your amp!”. Eventually, Cam, Jory and I got together to start this band called 1971. Tanner didn’t come in and play until later on. But he hung out with us since the start of the band and we always felt that he was a part of it. We always talked about how one day he would come on the road with us and eventually that’s exactly what happened!

Q: Facebook lists your hometown as Kenora but also says that you’re currently in Winnipeg, what are you doing in Winnipeg?

1971 JS: We moved to Winnipeg in 2012. Kenora is a small town and we wanted to have the opportunity to play more and move on from our hometown, try something new, live in a city. I started studying at the University of Winnipeg. Garrett went to Winnipeg Tech to study carpentry and Cran eventually started studying at the U of W as well. I’m the only one living in Winnipeg currently.

1971 Garrett Iverson, Jory Strachan, Cameron Cranston, Tanner Neil by the waterQ: Please tell us about Cameron and your decision not to go on without him?

1971 JS: There wasn’t really a question of whether we could continue without him or not. He was our best friend, our mentor. We just knew it wouldn’t be right.

Q: Please talk us through the process of putting together the EP and the vinyl release?

1971 JS: We got back from a month or so tour of Eastern Canada in September of 2016 with plans of recording a full-length that fall/winter. We applied for some grants and recorded demos of Anxiety and The Manipulator for em. We took a little break after that. We found out we actually received a decent chunk of funding late November but didn’t get back to work on the stuff until January. We already had all the songs written before that tour so we were doing some pre-production.

After Cran passed it took a week or so before we even thought about what we were going to do, other than break up. Cran always wanted us to release some vinyl (which was the plan for that album) so we thought we should put out the last material we had and do some vinyl. Honor a dying wish.

A huge group of us (the three of us and other close friends) drove in, flew in, etc. and lived at Cran and Janine’s house in Kenora and hid from the world the month immediately after his death. Closer to the end of that period and after his funeral we spent a little bit of time in Winnipeg and finished the songs.

Our engineer J Riley Hill of Mortfell Recording really helped out in mixing the songs and taking them from demos to recordings we were really happy with.

Cran had recorded a short video of a guitar song he was working on, only weeks before his death, called Etinohah, we put on the EP as well.

When we brought the idea back to Manitoba Film and Music, who were one of the funders of the proposed album, they agreed to continue honouring the grant despite the drastic changes to the project. We’re very grateful for that.

We ended up releasing the vinyl ourselves but our friends at Art of the Uncarved Block were interested in releasing a cassette of the project.

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster but we’re really appreciative of the support and the interest we’ve been receiving in anticipation of the release.

Q: How can people get their hands on these?

1971: You can order the vinyl from our website, and cassettes from

Shot from the 1971 Anxiety video guy bent down in the parking lotQ: Can you tell us about the video for Anxiety (In the Depths of Northwestern Ontario)?

1971 TN: Something I’m really thankful for is the amount of the footage we managed to capture on tour. The video for Anxiety is made up entirely of video from the last tour, mainly from the time between shows – the endless hours on the Trans-Canada, the wonderful people we met along the way, the gorgeous and sometimes hostile Canadian landscape – beautifully edited by Ryan Steel and Jory. The response to the video in the lead-up to the vinyl release has been really nice, if bittersweet. If nothing else, I think of it as a memento of the best time of my life. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Q: What are you all doing now?

1971 JS: Tanner currently lives in Vancouver with his partner Emily, and Garrett moved back to Kenora and is living with Janine, Cran’s partner of 9, plus, years. I live in Winnipeg still. We have fairly busy lives. I run a small local booking company with my friend George called Yes Wave and are working on some stuff for this coming summer, and I’m currently playing in a few bands.

Garrett and I started a new band called Rust Owl that’s also, in a way, a dedication to Cran, and I play in the Lucas Roger Band.

Garrett and Janine started a band called Twig and Garrett’s currently recording some more solo stuff.

Tanner has some really nice guitar music up on his Bandcamp and “tunediggler” on SoundCloud and is doing screen printing.

Q: Is there anything else you want to share with our readers?

1971 TN: These final releases and shows I think will be a fitting tribute to our best friend. I want to acknowledge all of the work that Jory and Garrett put into this, and I’m looking forward to sharing the stage with them again.

1971 JS: Likewise. It’ll be bittersweet. Thanks for sharing this time with us.

You can find 1971 here – Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

No Matter Where You Go, There You Are – 1971

1971’s final installment No Matter Where You Go, There You Are featuring the last recordings before Cam Cranston’s passing will be available on 7” vinyl, cassette and digital download December 1, 2017. The EP includes the tracks Anxiety (In the Depths of Northwestern Ontario), The Manipulator and Etinohah.

Pre-Order from Bandcamp or Art of the Uncarved Block. (1971canada)

Remember Now: Goodnight, Sunrise Video Release

Goodnight, Sunrise, the Toronto indie-rock trio, has just released a new video and we really like it.

The band was founded in 2011 by Vanessa Vakharia and David Kochberg who both played in the Toronto-based band The Big Deal. They’ve released 3 EPs (Fragments, D/V 1: Deaf Ears and D/V 2: Bridgeburner) and 2 albums (Create/Destroy/Create and Falling Awake), had a few lineup changes along the way, but the two of them has been a constant. Add Paul Weaver on drums to the mix and you’ve got today’s current Goodnight, Sunrise.

A little background for those of you who don’t know. Dave and Vanessa started out as friends, became a couple about 2 years into the band and recently (this summer) broke up. The song Remember Now pays homage to the friendship while remembering the pain and sadness that comes with a breakup. What they’ve been able to do is put the band, the music and the love first, to move through it and create something new. Something whole.

The video, directed by Ryan Brough, is a compilation of live performances and candid behind the scenes shots. And like the music, it’s energetic and engaging. I love the way their voices fit together, I like the driving feel and really like how well it tells the story.

Goodnight, Sunrise enlisted the help of producer Derek Hoffman (The Elwins, The Flatliners) with aim of giving the song a “joyful optimistic energy”. Mission accomplished.

If you like what you hear you can see them live soon.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Nov 24 – Guelph @ DSTRCT
Dec 1 – Windsor @ Phog Lounge
Dec 2 – Uxbridge @ Wixan’s Bridge
Dec 8 – Toronto @ Bovine Sex Club
Dec 9 – Montreal @ L’Escogriffe 

Facebook Twitter / Instagram

Press play and watch the video for Remember Now.

The Hype: Hoodie Allen, Myles Parrish and Luke Christopher

At Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto

On a rainy, but warm November Saturday night, Hoodie Allen came to Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theatre and the crowd went wild!

Hoodie Allen, aka  Steven Markowitz, brought along a few friends for good measure, and Myles Parrish and Luke Christopher were the perfect warm-up for the Long Island, New York alt-hip-hop singer.

The first performer up was Myles Parrish who showed up with his DJ and immediately got the crowd jumping, waving their hands and singing along.

The 25-year-old is a seasoned performer and I marvelled at his ability to pull the audience in from the outset. The music comes across as fun and bouncy and Myles stepped it up when he asked the crowd how they felt about 1956 and then proceeded to twist and do a little hand shuffle. It was fun well received. And make no mistake there were definitely Myles Parrish fans in the crowd, everyone up front was singing along.

Myles Parrish - The Phoenix - Toronto Myles Parrish - The Phoenix - Toronto
Luke Christopher took the stage at 8:40 and won me over. He’s got the best dimples and his tone is deep and rich and when he sang his hit Lot to Learn everyone in the place agreed that if he was the question, they’d be the answer.

The 24-year-old from LA kept up a dizzying pace and covered the stage and engaged with the crowd making everyone happy. He was charming and his lyrics were inviting and entertaining.

Luke Christopher - The Phoenix - Toronto Luke Christopher - The Phoenix - Toronto

There was a small gap in the scheduled performances and audience waited patiently for the headliner. The second Hoodie Allen stepped foot on stage, his fans went wild. There was singing, screaming, ladies throwing their undergarments at the rapper and he ate it up.

Note: I have to admit that I was asked, with a gesture from the singer, to pass him a bra which hadn’t quite made it to the stage. That’s a first for me.

Hoodie Allen - The Phoenix - Toronto Hoodie Allen - The Phoenix - Toronto
Hoodie Allen talked about his return to Toronto and promised the fans that he’d be singing more songs than any other show and who doesn’t love that!

Hip-hop-pop is alive and well in Toronto.

We’ve got more photos for you, of all of the rappers below

Hoodie Allen

Luke Christopher

Myles Parrish

18 Ends: Petric EP Review

Petric’s brand new EP, 18 Ends, will be released on November 17th. We’ve had the pleasure of listening to it this week, what can we tell you? Simply that we love it and we think you will too.

We’ve been fans of the SteelHead Music band from day one and we’re going to break it down and let you know what to expect from this EP and we’re also going to include all the links including the pre-order link at the bottom.

Transcona, Manitoba brothers, Tom and Jason Petric have been in and out of the studio for most the past year and their six-track EP gets a top grade in our books.

There are a couple of familiar tracks including Play It Safe which was released as a single on April 17th, 2017 and the title track, 18 Ends, which was released on September 13th, 2017. Both tracks are terrific indicators of what to expect from the rest of the EP. We’ll tell you, that you can expect great stories, catchy choruses, beautiful harmonies, and amazing musicianship.

Let’s get to it and talk about the four brand-spanking new tracks!

Sometimes we see things differently and everything isn’t always obvious. On track two, Love And Rust gives us some great examples of this like, “Maybe you see a dashboard full of dust, I see love and rust”. This song has a great beat and helps me to think things from someone else’s point of view. I have to say, I hope we get a video for this track, I’m picturing a very old truck and a pretty girl riding shotgun.

Slowing things down with track three, It Should Be Me, the guys show us their tender side. This story is one we all know, falling for someone who isn’t yours, someone you can’t have, trying to get them out of your head and failing miserably. It’s completely relatable and we really like this one.

Track five, Never Met You, tells the story of randomness, serendipity, destiny or fate and it tells it in a sweet way that makes us think about meeting that special person and all the things that go into making that happen. It left me feeling hopeful and positive.

The last track on the EP is Can’t Say No, and it does a great job convincing me that the guys have found some pretty special love in their lives and that we’re all benefiting from awesome songs like this one.

Note: Congratulations to Petric on their recent MCMA Award win for Group or Duo of the Year and to go along with that, they’ve also passed the 3 million impressions mark on Spotify!

If you’ve ever had the chance to meet Jason and Tom you’ll know that they’re the nicest, kindest, most polite country boys you could hope for. They’re super active on social media and they truly appreciate their fans. Got something to ask or something nice to say, send them a message!

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube

Petric, 18 Ends Tracklist

1. 18 Ends
2. Love and Rust
3. It Should Be Me
4. Play It Safe
5. Never Met You
6. Can’t Say No

You can pre-order on iTunes today using this link!

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