Trackside Music Festival 2018 Headliner Announcement: Dierks Bentley & Dustin Lynch

Trackside Music Festival, London’s biggest Canada Day party, is coming back strong in 2018 – and they’re starting with news of their headliners.

The two day festival, held at London’s Western Fair District, has a history of bringing big country stars and homegrown talent to their stages, and in 2018 they’ll continue that tradition with Dierks Bentley and Dustin Lynch taking their turns as headliners on June 30 and July 1.

These two country stars are at the top of their game right now, and fans that make it out to Trackside are going to be in for a treat when they get there. We’ve seen first hand just how entertaining Dierks Bentley can be, and we’ve been hearing stories about Dustin Lynch’s performances for the last couple of years.

Dierks Bentley BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

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To have the chance to see both of them on back-to-back days, plus the rest of the Trackside Music Festival lineup that we’re excited to see, is going to be fantastic!

Get yourself ready with a couple of live performance videos from the 2018 Trackside headliners – and stay tuned for more info when it becomes available!

Tickets for Trackside Music Festival 2018 go on sale Friday, December 1 – CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley Boots andHearts

Dustin Lynch

Movember 2017: Musicians and Moustaches!

Movember is a charity that has been important to me for years, and as we wind down on our 8th official Movember as fundraising, moustache growing, event hosting participants, we wanted to say a little thank you to those who continue to support this great cause.

Men are facing a health crisis that isn’t being talked about. They are dying too young, before their time. We’re taking action and we need your help. –

To help us celebrate Movember, and to show that everyone can Mo, we got a little help from friends in music. Check out their awesome/hilarious/fun Movember moustaches and share your favourites.

And, if you would like to donate to help support Men’s Health Initiatives,’s Movember page is available right here: Movember 2017!

Check out these fantastic and fun pics, and if you’re in Toronto on Thursday, November 30 – join us for our 8th Annual Movember Challenge Karaoke Fundraiser!

Danielle Bourjeaurd

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Drew Gregory

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The Royal Foundry

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The Commotions

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Renegade Station

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Thank you again to all of the artists for their photos and participation. We love it!

Four Chords and the Truth: Marc Jordan, Tim Hicks, Damhnait Doyle, Andrea Ramolo, Bill Bell & Friends

Thursday night in Toronto we visited one of our favourite venues to listen to the stories and songs of five songwriters at Four Chords and the Truth. And while we were there, we were reminded of something…

As much as we love and believe in the power of concerts and big crowds, the quiet and ability to hear a pin drop while honest, raw, and vulnerable stories are sung is magical, and powerful on a whole other level.

Four Chords and the Truth is a quarterly event, bringing songwriters to the beautiful stage of The Dakota Tavern to share their stories, sing their songs, and offer an up close and personal connection to the music lovers in the audience. On Thursday night we had the pleasure and honour of watching and listening as Marc Jordan, Tim Hicks, Andrea Ramolo, Bill Bell, Damhnait Doyle, and special guests, shared the warmly lit stage and put their musical hearts on their sleeves for more than two hours of stripped down, vulnerable, and honest storytelling and singing.

Sadly, the event creator, and regular host of Four Chords and the Truth, Andrea England was sick and unable to stay on stage Thursday night, but in her place Damhnait Doyle shepherded us all through three rounds of songs and stories and laughs.

1 – Marc Jordan: This

Marc Jordan, he of more than 40 years in the music industry as a singer and songwriter, proved himself to be a charming, funny, and captivating storyteller on Thursday night.

And as he played This, released by Rod Stewart in 1995, Jordan proved himself to be a strong, steady, and present performer, connecting with the quiet audience from start to finish.

2 – Tim Hicks: Forever Rebels

Hicks’ current single, Forever Rebels symbolizes his own journey to making his dreams come true, and passes that message and wish onto listeners as well.

The Dakota Tavern may only be a couple of miles from the stage Tim Hicks played covers on for years, but Thursday night he was a long way from there as the Canadian country music star with 10 Top 10 singles and fans from coast to coast.

3 – Andrea Ramolo: Hey, Hey, Hey

Andrea was raw and honest in her music and storytelling at Four Chords and the Truth. She talked about the depression that followed a breakup, and the friends and songwriting that helped her get through it.

And she shared songs that took her back to that place, which is as strong a thing as anyone can do – revisiting a dark time, in a room full of strangers, and opening yourself up to feel those things all over again.

4 – Bill Bell w/ Justin Nozuka: Soulless Man

Bill Bell has a heck of a resume, playing, writing, and performing with big names all over Canada and the world. And on Thursday night he was humble and gracious, sharing the stage on each of his songs.

Bell and Justin Nozuka played a vulnerable and almost heartbreaking version of Soulless Man that filled the room with feelings and sound as if the two were connected.

Damhnait Doyle at The Dakota - Four Chords and the Truth

5 – Damhnait Doyle: Better Life

As undeniably powerful as any other song of the night, Better Life offers a powerful account of the sacrifice, life long impact, and love that goes into the decision to offer a baby up for adoption to give it a better chance in life.

It felt real and true and didn’t sugarcoat the reasons, feelings, or reality of the situation, and that’s what made it matter.

6 – Marc Jordan: Marina Del Rey

Released in 1978, Marina Del Rey sits near the beginning of Marc’s career, and his life in California. He told The Dakota Tavern crowd about driving down the highway when he arrived on the US west coast, and remembering the sign and the rest is musical history.

7 – Tim Hicks: Worry About Me

Tim Hicks told the crowd that he and Deric Ruttan wrote this song for that one dude who always says he doesn’t like country music. There’s one at every show and every party, and so they decided to put something together for that guy.

The song is fun, we dug it, and it would fit well in Hicks catalog.

8 – Andrea Ramolo: You’re Everywhere

Andrea told the room that You’re Everywhere was a 10 minute write, which isn’t her usual process. But, in that post-breakup time she told us all about earlier, there came a moment when everything needed to flood out – and it did, and it became this song.

9 – Bill Bell w/ Tom Cochrane: Crawl

Canadian legend Tom Cochrane joined Bill Bell on his second song of the night, and the duo played and sang Crawl, the story of a 17 year old girl who was abused and down… until she got away.

To see the room find another level of attention to give when Cochrane sat down was amazing, and to be just a few feet away as Bill and Tom sang the 1996 single from Ragged Ass Road was something special.

10 – Damhnait Doyle: I Can See You

Written in direct response to the current state of affairs in the public when it comes to politics, particularly in the United States, Doyle’s new song is unafraid to take shots at those who hide behind their religion as a way to avoid taking a stand and doing what’s right.

It’s poignant and relevant and well done.

11 – Marc Jordan: Little Lambs

If you want your heart to break, if you want to think about the most horrible thing, if (in the words of Damhnait Doyle) you want to hear the best song you wish would end half way through, Little Lambs is for you.

This dagger to the heart tells the story of orphans, taken to and taken in by the church, and hurt and abused and forgotten… it will hurt you if you’re open to it.

12 – Tim Hicks: Throw A Ball

Hicks told a story about his son being upset that daddy wrote songs for mommy and his sister, but not him, so the country star sat down with him in mind. The result is a sweet song about playing catch with his dad, and his son, connecting his life between generations and experiences.

Truthfully, it broke me. As a baseball kid who lost my dad last year, and as a guy who is getting ready to be a first time dad next year, Throw A Ball hit me hard, in the saddest and sweetest and most emotional way of the night.

13 – Andrea Ramolo: Hold Me

In an attempt to lighten the mood from her previous songs, Andrea played Hold Me, a song inspired by the music of the 50s and 60s, and written as she was pushing herself to explore major keys in her creative process. It’s still sharing the same sadness… but it’s a different vibe, and it works.

14 – Bill Bell w/ Justine Giles: I Won’t Give Up

On his final song of the night, Bill Bell welcomed Justine Giles to the stage, and the duo sang a duetted rendition of Jason Mraz’s 2012 hit, I Won’t Give Up.

The pair sang the song well, with heart and feeling, and let it all hang out as they took their turns, and came together. A hit is a hit is a hit. Remember that.

15 – Marc Jordan w/ everyone: Rhythm Of My Heart
The most well-known song of the night came last, as Damhnait Doyle gave up her last turn to let Marc Jordan play the piano and sing, as everyone else joined in.

Written by Marc and John Capek, originally recorded in 1986 by René Shuman, and made popular by Rod Stewart in 1991, this song is a classic, and the entire room knew the chorus. The singing wasn’t loud and obnoxious, but you could see the lips moving, and you could feel the love in the room.

It was a great end to a great evening. And we will be back for the next round of Four Chords and the Truth.

More Photos from Four Chords and the Truth – November 23, 2017

Andrea England, Bill Bell, Damhnait Doyle and Tim Hicks at The Dakota - Four Chords and the Truth

Andrea England, Four Chords and the Truth

Justin Nozuka, Bill Bell and Andrea Ramolo at The Dakota - Four Chords and the Truth

Justin Nozuka with Bill Bell

Tom Cochrane at The Dakota - Four Chords and the Truth Tim Hicks at The Dakota - Four Chords and the Truth Bill Bell, Andrea Ramolo and Tim Hicks at The Dakota - Four Chords and the Truth Marc Jordan at The Dakota - Four Chords and the Truth Damhnait Doyle at The Dakota - Four Chords and the Truth Andrea Ramolo, Tim Hicks and Marc Jordan at The Dakota - Four Chords and the Truth Bill Bell at The Dakota - Four Chords and the Truth Andrea Ramolo and Tim Hicks at The Dakota - Four Chords and the Truth Andrea Ramolo and Tim Hicks at The Dakota Four Chords and the Truth Andrea England, Damhnait Doyle and Tim Hicks at The Dakota Four Chords and the Truth Marc Jordan, Tim Hicks, Andrea Ramolo, Bill Bell and Damhnait Doyle at The Dakota - Four Chords and the Truth

Darling, Let’s Go Out Tonight: JJ Shiplett with Sam Cash, Toronto

Wednesday night may not be the most traditional of times to hit a club for live music, but Toronto turned out with gusto for JJ Shiplett and Sam Cash at The Rivoli.

Almost exactly a year after we caught JJ on back-to-back nights in Toronto and Oshawa, he was on the small stage of a big city club again to share his songs and soul with the crowd. And with local boy, Sam Cash opening the show and setting the tempo, things were in good shape from the get go.

Sam Cash at Toronto's Rivoli-

Cash, the Toronto singer/songwriter, took the stage solo, with just his microphone and guitars to sing to the Wednesday night audience. And as he played through his set of new and unreleased songs, he showed that he’s, without doubt, got the kind of songwriting chops that we’re always happy to discover.

Playing songs like Driveway Moment, Stay In Touch, Love You Through Worse, and Wear It Well, I was struck by the realization that this is music that I could sit and drink good whiskey and think to.

Near the end of his set, Cash paid tribute to one of his heroes, Gord Downie. He told the crowd about his lifelong connection to the Canadian legend, from his childhood spending New Year’s Eve at Downie’s house parties, to his adulthood as a musician himself. And he told us about an email he sent to Gord after his cancer diagnosis, telling him that he was an inspiration and applauding his work. Sam also told us about Gord Downie’s reply, thanking Sam for his kind words and ending with a simple phrase that he will keep with him always, “Stay you, Sam. It makes people happy.”. It was a sweet story, an emotional moment, and Sam Cash followed it up with a cover of Gord Downie’s Chancellor – and it was good.

We’re hoping that the songs we heard Wednesday night make it to an album soon, because as much as we liked them, we believe others people will too.

JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli

When JJ Shiplett took the stage to open his set, the crowd responded as though it was a Friday night in the city, holding nothing back in showing their appreciation for the Calgary singer/songwriter.

And from the first song we were hit with a reminder that Shiplett has one of the most distinct and rich voices in Canadian music today.

Playing songs from his 2017 debut album, Something To Believe In, JJ and the band held the attention and affection of the crowd, listening to them sing along, thanking them for their cheers, and making jokes and engaging as the show went on.

And when he stripped it down in the middle of the set to play Loaded Like A Freight Train, a cover of Springsteen’s I’m On Fire, and his brand new Christmas single, Maybe This Christmas (written by the great Ron Sexsmith), all eyes and ears were focused on the man in the middle of the stage, giving everything he had.

While JJ Shiplett may not be a country radio staple, it’s clear that he has fans who are excited to hear him sing his songs at every opportunity. At one point in the evening there was a back and forth between the singer and his front row fans, playfully debating the length of time since he was last in Toronto to play. The fans remembered, they were sure of it, and when the show ended we know they were already getting themselves ready for the next time they’ll get to see JJ live on stage.

Note: Before the show we got a quick hello with JJ as he stopped at a table beside us to sign t-shirts that eager fans had bought at the merch table. A small crowd quickly formed around him, with excited faces and chatter as each of them waited for their turn to say hello and get a signature on their gear.

JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli

We’ve been writing about, listening to, and watching JJ Shiplett play for a couple of years now, and each time we do, we end up telling new people to check him out. And we aren’t the only ones. Recently, Andrew Hyatt mentioned JJ as one of the artists he thinks people should be paying more attention to during a round of 5 Quick Questions… and he’s 100% correct.

The Wednesday night set ended with a rousing rendition of Something To Believe In and JJ and the band leaving the stage… which lead to cheers and calls from the crowd for more. So JJ came back, solo to give the Toronto fans one more song, covering Arcade Fire’s Wake Up with the help of the voices in the room. He went out on top.

If you still haven’t discovered JJ Shiplett, we highly recommend that you listen to Something To Believe In and Maybe This Christmas… and get yourself a ticket to see the live show when it rolls into a venue near you.

JJ Shiplett Setlist, The Rivoli, Toronto

🎤 Darling, Let’s Go Out Tonight
🎤 Am I Dear?
🎤 Unknown Legend (Neil Young)
🎤 Oh No Girl
🎤 Seeking Shelter
🎤 Always For You
🎤 Waters
🎤 Loaded Like A Freight Train
🎤 I’m On Fire (Bruce Springsteen)
🎤 Maybe This Christmas
🎤 House On A River
🎤 Higher Ground
🎤 Something To Believe In
🎤 Wake Up (Arcade Fire)

Check out more photos from Wednesday night at The Rivoli with JJ Shiplett and Sam Cash.

JJ Shiplett

JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli JJ Shiplett at Toronto's Rivoli

Sam Cash

Sam Cash at Toronto's Rivoli- Sam Cash at Toronto's Rivoli- Sam Cash at Toronto's Rivoli- Sam Cash at Toronto's Rivoli- Sam Cash at Toronto's Rivoli-

We’re All In This Together: Stopping Bad Concert Behaviour

Last week, shitty behaviour at two concerts, half a world apart, turned into internet stories featuring two Canadian musicians with a lesson that needs to be learned by music fans of all genres in all cities.

On Tuesday, November 14, Dallas Smith’s Side Effects Tour took over the Encana Events Centre in Dawson Creek, BC – and in Smith’s words, here’s what happened.

Tonight I got to watch girls and guys punching, pulling hair, groping girls ect ect. Disgusting Dawson Creek. Most fans were great. Others ruined it. Grow the f**k up.

And on Wednesday, November 15, at Sydney’s Marquee nightclub a similar incident was recorded by a fan at Drake’s show in Australia. From the stage Drake called out a male fan for groping women in the crowd.

That’s two incidents, on opposite sides of the globe, 24 hours apart. This isn’t about Dawson Creek, it isn’t about Sydney, it’s about shitty behaviour and assault at concerts.

What followed for Smith was a Twitter storm that was picked up by news outlets, radio station websites and more. And, in my eyes, most problematically, there was push back and defensiveness where there should have been support and action. People with voices, big and small, were more interested in defending themselves and a city than dealing with the problem.

One of those responses, defensive in nature and ignoring the problem, came from Dawson Creek Mayor, Dale Bumstead who posted these words on Facebook…

My heart, my stomach, my body hurts when someone makes a discouraging comment about our city. It hurts even more when people in our community feel the opportunity to join in and share in the statement. You cannot underestimate the importance of your reputation. An event that impacts the Cities reputation can have long lasting effects. Maybe a significant economic opportunity is lost because a business leader reads the media reports and says “shouldn’t go near that city” Maybe another major event like U17 says better stay away from there. Maybe a new Doctor says, not there I heard they …….
These can all have a direct and significant impact on each and everyone of us.
Reputation IS everything.
We work hard day in and day out to build our communities reputation as a community that has a great quality of life.
Very sad day for me right now [crying face emoji]

I get it. We can all understand defensiveness and standing up our city. Hell, that’s his job. But where was the acceptance that something bad happened in his city? Where was the support for the victims of the reported hair pulling, fighting, and sexual assault? Where was the community when some of its members needed it most?

Now, I’m not here to put the Mayor on blast. And I’m not even here to call out Dawson Creek – because this isn’t about Dawson Creek, and it’s not about country music. Just like it isn’t about Sydney and hip-hop. It’s about understanding that, as communities, we need to care about each other. We need to look out for each other. And when someone does something shitty at a show, or in any setting, we need to hold them accountable, not circle the wagons to defend ourselves and make ourselves feel better and look innocent.

I’m a straight cis white male, so I’m trying to stay in my lane here. And I can tell you, from personal experience, that there are times when I see a post online that generalizes the behaviours of straight white men and my instinct is to think or say “not me, not all men”. Defensiveness: I get it. But then I realize that those posts are rooted in deeply personal experiences by the people that write and share them – and I know that someone who looks a lot like me was the reason that the post exists. So it may not have anything to do with me directly, but in a way, it does.

Let’s throw an example together.

After the concerts in Dawson Creek and Sydney, at least one woman went home and told her friends or family, or herself in the mirror that she had been assaulted. And when she describes who assaulted her, it’s going to be a male country music or hip-hop fan in Dawson Creek or Sydney. She’s not saying that all male country music fans in Dawson Creek or all male hip-hop fans in Sydney assaulted her. She’s not vilifying all males, country music fans, hip-hop fans or people in those communities – but the truth remains that someone that fits that description assaulted her.

Here’s where you come in. Do you…

A) Say, “Don’t blame all men because one guy acted shitty”
B) Say, “Don’t blame all country music and hip-hop fans because one of them acted shitty”
C) Say, “Don’t blame all of Dawson Creek and Sydney because one concert goer acted shitty”
D) Say, “That’s terrible, I hate that it happened, we need to be better and do our best to make sure it never happens again in Dawson Creek or Sydney or anywhere else.”

If your gut answer is A, B, or C, you’re not a bad person. But if you don’t ever get to D because you’re so busy digging your heels in on any or all of the other answers, you’re ignoring the actual problem, you’re ignoring the assault that happened, and you’re excusing the actions of the shitty male country music fan in Dawson Creek and the shitty male hip-hop fan in Sydney.

You can change male to female. You can change country music and hip-hop to rock or pop. You can change Dawson Creek and Sydney to Toronto or Melbourne. The example holds up.

Assault at concerts and festivals happens. If you’ve been to enough shows you may have witnessed it. Sometimes it’s a fight in the crowd between two guys who run into each other and a drink gets spilled. Sometimes it’s a fight between two women for the same reason. Sometimes it’s a guy groping a woman and thinking that he can get away with it. Sometimes it’s worse. The sad truth is, the incidents in Dawson Creek and Sydney weren’t isolated.

And if it’s ever going to get better, we need to start taking responsibility for these actions and each other, not deflecting to make ourselves feel innocent or persecuted for someone else’s shitty actions.

Unless you are a person who has acted shitty and assaulted someone at a concert, you shouldn’t feel attacked by anyone calling out that kind of behaviour. If you are against shitty behaviour but feeling defensive, you should probably ask yourself why you’re more concerned with yourself right now instead of a person that was assaulted. And if you care about people who are assaulted but are still feeling defensive, you should care more about them then the reputation of your community – especially in the immediate aftermath.

We are all really good at worrying about ourselves. We are all really good at not wanting to look bad. We are all really good at distancing ourselves from problematic issues that happen in our communities. What we need to be better at is not running away from a problem so we can feel good about ourselves, or hide from a problem to avoid feeling bad about ourselves. We all need to be better at identifying problematic behaviour in our communities and working to eradicate that behaviour.

As music fans, we all belong to communities. In Toronto I can identify faces at country shows, rock shows, pop shows, hip-hop shows… we see the same people at different venues for different artists, there to watch music because they love music. And when a country fan or a rock and roll fan does something shady or shitty at one of those shows, it falls on the Toronto community of that fandom to stand with each other, protect each other, and support each other. The moment one of those communities throws its hands in the air and says “it’s not our problem that one fan did a bad thing” – it’s all gone to shit and the word community means nothing.

We are all stronger as a community. We are all better as a community. We are all together as a community. But if we don’t act like it… it doesn’t matter.

Music fans across all genres need to know that this kind of thing happens, and that it’s not okay. We need to know that the people who carry out these reprehensible acts of violence and assault should be punished and held accountable by law. We need to stand together and ensure that we don’t shrug our shoulders and say “there’s nothing we can do”.

It shouldn’t be on entertainers to call this behaviour out from the stage or on Twitter. And while it can be helpful, and certainly respectable when they do, it should be on us.

If you ever witness someone physically or verbally assaulting a fan at a concert or festival, take action. If you don’t feel comfortable confronting the assault, go get security. If you do feel comfortable confronting the assault, be careful – and have someone else go get security. If you witness an assault and the person who committed the act has left the area, be there to support the victim – and have someone get security. And if you’re at a concert with someone committing any kind of assault – call them on it, make them stop, don’t turn a blind eye.

We know it’s not all concert goers. But one is too many. And we all need to stick together and do the right thing to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

When we stand together, we are strong. When we turn our backs on the people in our communities in their times of need, we are weak.

We need to be strong.

The Hype: Hoodie Allen, Myles Parrish and Luke Christopher

At Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto

On a rainy, but warm November Saturday night, Hoodie Allen came to Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theatre and the crowd went wild!

Hoodie Allen, aka  Steven Markowitz, brought along a few friends for good measure, and Myles Parrish and Luke Christopher were the perfect warm-up for the Long Island, New York alt-hip-hop singer.

The first performer up was Myles Parrish who showed up with his DJ and immediately got the crowd jumping, waving their hands and singing along.

The 25-year-old is a seasoned performer and I marvelled at his ability to pull the audience in from the outset. The music comes across as fun and bouncy and Myles stepped it up when he asked the crowd how they felt about 1956 and then proceeded to twist and do a little hand shuffle. It was fun well received. And make no mistake there were definitely Myles Parrish fans in the crowd, everyone up front was singing along.

Myles Parrish - The Phoenix - Toronto Myles Parrish - The Phoenix - Toronto
Luke Christopher took the stage at 8:40 and won me over. He’s got the best dimples and his tone is deep and rich and when he sang his hit Lot to Learn everyone in the place agreed that if he was the question, they’d be the answer.

The 24-year-old from LA kept up a dizzying pace and covered the stage and engaged with the crowd making everyone happy. He was charming and his lyrics were inviting and entertaining.

Luke Christopher - The Phoenix - Toronto Luke Christopher - The Phoenix - Toronto

There was a small gap in the scheduled performances and audience waited patiently for the headliner. The second Hoodie Allen stepped foot on stage, his fans went wild. There was singing, screaming, ladies throwing their undergarments at the rapper and he ate it up.

Note: I have to admit that I was asked, with a gesture from the singer, to pass him a bra which hadn’t quite made it to the stage. That’s a first for me.

Hoodie Allen - The Phoenix - Toronto Hoodie Allen - The Phoenix - Toronto
Hoodie Allen talked about his return to Toronto and promised the fans that he’d be singing more songs than any other show and who doesn’t love that!

Hip-hop-pop is alive and well in Toronto.

We’ve got more photos for you, of all of the rappers below

Hoodie Allen

Luke Christopher

Myles Parrish

Raging Bull: One Bad Son with Crown Lands and Fallen Heirs at The Phoenix, Toronto

Thursday nights are good for rock and roll, so when One Bad Son showed up at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto with Crown Lands and Fallen Heirs, we knew it was going to be a good night.

The Saskatchewan rock and rollers, with a brand new album, Made In The Name Of Rock N Roll, have been touring and playing for live crowds all over Canada for years – and it’s easy to see that the crowds have grown, the energy has jumped, and they’ve truly come into their own. On Thursday night they proved all of that in Toronto.

The evening started with Toronto’s own, Fallen Heirs. These five dudes hit the stage and were 100% rock and roll from the jump. There was no easing into the night, they plugged in, turned up volume and opened the show with a bang.

The early crowd was behind them, as the band played and stalked the stage. There was no lack of showmanship, lead singer Tim Shaw worked the crowd with the support of Jay, Matt, Ryan, and Philly Dee behind him. As their set wore on it became clear to see why Fallen Heirs has opened for bands like Buckcherry, Scott Weiland (RIP), Age Of Electric, and now One Bad Son.

If you like local rock and roll, look for Fallen Heirs on a bill in Toronto – and if you’re not in the city, look for them on tour – more dates are coming in 2018.

Next on the stage, as the precursor to the main event, Oshawa, ON’s Crown Lands took over and kept the rock and roll party going without missing a beat.

The young rockers have been putting in work, playing shows and earning fans, many of whom were at The Phoenix wearing band merch as they sang and rocked along to songs like Misery and Mountain from their 2017 EP, Rise Over Run. On drums, Cody delivered with force, wowing people in the crowd that knew what to expect, but still wanted to soak it in.

And not to be outdone, Kevin covered every inch of the stage with his guitar. Putting on a show for the crowd, making sure to get everyone involved, and pairing with Cody to pump out as much volume as two dudes can.

We’ve had a few chances to see Crown Lands in the last couple of years – and as one of the most promising young Canadian rock and roll acts we’ve seen recently, we can tell you confidently that we’re sure we are all going to have a lot more chances to see them soon.

When it was time for the stars of the show to take the stage, Toronto was ready. With drinks and hands in the air, the voices got loud to welcome One Bad Son to the stage, and they delivered.

These four dudes, more than a decade into their career, know what they’re doing when they plug in. And from the moment they opened their set with Made In The Name Of Rock N Roll, they were all in.

The more they played, the louder the Toronto crowd got. And the louder the crowd got, the more energy the band shared back with them. It was a wonderful transaction to watch and be a part of.

Note: One of our favourite moments of the One Bad Son set, and night as a whole, came when Shane, Hicks, KD, and Steve paid tribute to Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip by playing a small sample of Wheat Kings at the end of The Promise. Gord’s legacy lives on in his fans, even the rock stars.

One Bad Son proved throughout their set that they are a legit headlining Canadian rock and roll outfit. The sound, set, and execution was tight – giving us exactly what we were hoping to see. And the music, including tracks like Rise Up, Scream For Me, and the band’s first #1 hit, Raging Bull all sounded great and connected with the live audience.

Live rock and roll should be heard and felt. And on Thursday night in Toronto we felt like we had been rocked.

Mission accomplished.

Check out more photos from the One Bad Son show at The Phoenix Concert Theatre!

One Bad Son

Crown Lands

Fallen Heirs

New Music Spotlight: Serena Ryder, David James, KPT, The Lovelocks, Bülow, and Taylor Swift

We love sharing new music with the world. Across genres, from indie artists and well known stars, new songs have the ability to grab you by the ears and take you away… even if it’s just for three minutes.

Today we’ve got a mix of genres, some artists that you may or may not know, and five songs (and a special bonus, sixth) that we think are definitely worth a listen.

Ready? Let’s do this!

The Music

Artist: Serena Ryder
Hometown: Millbrook, ON
Genre: Pop/Rock
Related Artists: Sarah Harmer, Jann Arden, Chantal Kreviazuk
Single: Ice Age
Notes: With Serena Ryder’s recognizable voice and sound shining throughout the song, Ice Age‘s video shows a withdrawn elderly woman who is reinvigorated when music causes a flood of long-lost memories to return to her. It’s a message of the power of music, and we dig it.
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: David James
Hometown: Winnipeg, MB
Genre: Country
Related Artists: Jojo Mason, Dan Davidson, Chad Brownlee
Single: Sun Set On It
Notes: If you want to have a laugh, hit play on this video from David James. Sun Set On It is a whole lot of fun on its own – and this no frills, zero pretension, smile on everyone’s faces, music video is a perfectly put together, good timin’ companion.
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: KPT
Hometown: MLPS.
Genre: Dark Electronic
Related Artists: Die Antwoord, Justice, The Orb
Single: Sequel
Notes: The video for Sequel is straight-up cinema. Watch it with your attention on the screen as the music hits and the visuals take over your screen. If you really want it to have its full effect, turn the lights off first.
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Soundcloud

Artist: The Lovelocks – Staycation
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Genre: Country
Related Artists: Jessica Mitchell, Jess Moskaluke, Meghan Patrick
Single: Staycation
Notes: The Lovelocks are back with something a little different than fans are most used to from the Toronto country duo. Staycation could be a breakthrough radio and mainstream track for Ali and Zoe, and if it is, it will be well earned. Have a listen today and have yourself a little staycation.
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: Bülow
Hometown: Worldwide
Genre: Pop/Electronic
Related Artists: Blitz//Berlin, ROMES, Ria Mae
Single: Not A Love Song
Notes: If you want new everything… here you go. Bülow, the teenage pop breakthrough, offers a fresh sound, fresh voice, and a sound that’s going to get stuck somewhere in your head. Get ready for it. And more where this came from.
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple


Artist: Taylor Swift
Hometown: Reading, PA
Genre: Pop/Country
Related Artists: Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez
Single: New Year’s Day
Notes: New Year’s Day is the 15th and final track on Swift’s new album, reputation, and is the closest to the country Taylor that her early fans remember. The ballad fits perfectly with her very first single, Tim McGraw, and now that it’s been released to country radio, we’ll all have a chance to see how the multi-genre star performs in her original setting.
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

18 Ends: Petric EP Review

Petric’s brand new EP, 18 Ends, will be released on November 17th. We’ve had the pleasure of listening to it this week, what can we tell you? Simply that we love it and we think you will too.

We’ve been fans of the SteelHead Music band from day one and we’re going to break it down and let you know what to expect from this EP and we’re also going to include all the links including the pre-order link at the bottom.

Transcona, Manitoba brothers, Tom and Jason Petric have been in and out of the studio for most the past year and their six-track EP gets a top grade in our books.

There are a couple of familiar tracks including Play It Safe which was released as a single on April 17th, 2017 and the title track, 18 Ends, which was released on September 13th, 2017. Both tracks are terrific indicators of what to expect from the rest of the EP. We’ll tell you, that you can expect great stories, catchy choruses, beautiful harmonies, and amazing musicianship.

Let’s get to it and talk about the four brand-spanking new tracks!

Sometimes we see things differently and everything isn’t always obvious. On track two, Love And Rust gives us some great examples of this like, “Maybe you see a dashboard full of dust, I see love and rust”. This song has a great beat and helps me to think things from someone else’s point of view. I have to say, I hope we get a video for this track, I’m picturing a very old truck and a pretty girl riding shotgun.

Slowing things down with track three, It Should Be Me, the guys show us their tender side. This story is one we all know, falling for someone who isn’t yours, someone you can’t have, trying to get them out of your head and failing miserably. It’s completely relatable and we really like this one.

Track five, Never Met You, tells the story of randomness, serendipity, destiny or fate and it tells it in a sweet way that makes us think about meeting that special person and all the things that go into making that happen. It left me feeling hopeful and positive.

The last track on the EP is Can’t Say No, and it does a great job convincing me that the guys have found some pretty special love in their lives and that we’re all benefiting from awesome songs like this one.

Note: Congratulations to Petric on their recent MCMA Award win for Group or Duo of the Year and to go along with that, they’ve also passed the 3 million impressions mark on Spotify!

If you’ve ever had the chance to meet Jason and Tom you’ll know that they’re the nicest, kindest, most polite country boys you could hope for. They’re super active on social media and they truly appreciate their fans. Got something to ask or something nice to say, send them a message!

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube

Petric, 18 Ends Tracklist

1. 18 Ends
2. Love and Rust
3. It Should Be Me
4. Play It Safe
5. Never Met You
6. Can’t Say No

You can pre-order on iTunes today using this link!

Boots & Hearts 2018 Lineup Announcement #1: Florida Georgia Line, Alan Jackson, Thomas Rhett, and more

Boots and Hearts is one of the biggest weekends on our calendar every summer. We’ve been at each of the first six festivals, and are looking forward to lucky number seven in 2018.

And now we know who to start getting excited for as B&H have announced their first round of performers, including three headliners that will take the main stage and run the show at Burl’s Creek.

We don’t know which night each Florida Georgia Line, Alan Jackson, and Thomas Rhett will take the stage, but we’ll be ready to share that info with y’all when it becomes available.

Now, let’s have a look at the first six names on the Boots and Hearts 2018 artist roster…

Florida Georgia Line

Back again after a Sunday night gig as headliners, Florida Georgia Line, will hit the Boots and Hearts stage in front of tens of thousands of fans who should be in a party mood.

Yes, this is Florida Georgia Line, so there will be a whole bunch of people who complain about their return to the festival… but the truth is that Tyler and BK are headlining stars who know how to command a crowd, have a list of radio hits, and put on a show.

If we’re lucky (fingers crossed) we’ll hear the entire crowd singing along to H.O.L.Y. like we did in Toronto in 2016. It was an amazing live music moment, and we’d love to try to duplicate it at B&H 2018.

Florida Georgia Line Boots and Hearts 2015

Alan Jackson

I’m not entirely sure that I’ve processed this news to its complete extent yet. True story.

Alan Jackson is one of the country music stars that shaped my fandom when I was young. I listened and learned and sang along… and as when he starts singing Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow, Don’t Rock The Jukebox, and Chattahoochee, I’ll be the adult feeling like a kid who’s singing along as loud as I can.

This is huge. Really big. I’m excited.

Thomas Rhett

In our Boots & Hearts 2018 predictions post I included Thomas Rhett as the bonus name… and we nailed it!

Rhett’s Life Changes album will give him an expanded live library, and his showmanship and entertainment value are sure to get the crowd going. We know he loves to dance, and we’re sure we’ll see it on Crash And Burn, and we can’t wait to hear new songs like Smooth Like Summer and Sixteen this August.

We said we wanted to see Thomas Rhett in a headlining role – and here he is.

Thomas Rhett Boots and Hearts 2015

Billy Currington

Currington has 11 US Country Airplay #1 hits, and six other songs that made it into the Top 5 on the country music charts. He’s been making music that’s been hitting country radio since 2003, and we’re finally going to see the Georgia native at Boots and Hearts this year.

We can’t wait to sing along to Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right, People Are Crazy, and the Sam Hunt penned, We Are Tonight. It’s gonna be fun!

Dallas Smith

One of the biggest country music stars in Canada is coming back to Canada’s biggest country music festival… and it’s going to be good.

We’ve seen Dallas Smith headline Thursday night’s kick off party, we’ve seen him main stage as the evening crowd poured in, we’ve seen him play arenas and amphitheatre stages – and this dude rocks every stage.

Related: Side Effects Tour: Dallas Smith, The Cadillac Three and Friends Rock Oshawa

Be ready for the hits, high energy, and the chance to give some Canadian love to Dallas Smith next summer!

Dallas Smith CNE 2015

Brett Young

Here’s another we got right in the prediction post… and man we’re happy about it. Brett Young is an emerging star and he’s got a ton of talent.

He’s going to get up on that stage, and he’s going to kill with songs like Sleep Without You, In Case You Didn’t Know, and Like I Loved You. Be ready for it to get loud and happy and give you goosebumps when the country music loving crowd starts singing along.

Stay tuned for more names to be added to the Boots and Hearts 2018 lineup – and if you’re wondering who else we predicted for next year, check out our 15 Boots & Hearts 2018 Artist Predictions.

5 Things We Hope To Get From The Spice Girls Reunion!

In 1998 The Spice Girls told us to Stop (thank you very much), and pop music lovers did exactly as they were instructed. And 20 years later, all five of the original Girl Power pop stars from the UK look to be back for a reunion that will make Millennials flash back to their school days.

Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, Mel B, Mel C, Victoria Beckham were once five of the biggest stars and celebrities in the world. They had hit singles, toured everywhere to sold out crowds, inspired young girls and women alike, and even made their own feature movie that remains a cult classic. To think about them coming back to the spotlight as a complete group, even if it’s for a limited engagement, is pretty outstanding when it comes to the nostalgia driven ways of entertainment.

We don’t know exactly what to expect from Spice World 2.0, but we now what we’re hoping to get from Baby, Ginger, Scary, Sporty, and Posh in 2018…


We know this sounds super obvious, but if there’s going to be a Spice Girls reunion, we hope there are new songs to go along with the classic and beloved library from the original run of the group. There’s a new album rumoured as part of the reunion… so we should get what we want here.

If these five women are going to give it a shot, the best thing we can hope for is to have them release new music, and watch it climb the charts.


The Spice Girls knew how to have a good time. Whether they were dancing in the middle of the street, or running around through a mansion making a mess of things and enjoying life, they had fun.

We can only hope that the 2018 version of the Spice Girls has the same silly will to make everyone smile while they do what they do.


Baby, Ginger, Sporty, Scary, and Posh were sassy women, and we loved it. Part of their super power was being boss, and they nailed it in that role.

We’re hoping to see more hands held up in faces, sarcastic jokes, cocky attitude, and awesomeness as the Spice Girls comes back to us after being too long gone.

Sex Appeal

These five women were sexy in the late 90s, and they’re sexy now. They always rocked what was comfortable to each of them, bringing sexy to their own personalities in the best way.

There was no one sexy look that these five women had to squeeze into, they were allowed to be themselves, and let their sex appeal shine through. We’re hopeful that the more mature and experienced versions of Emma, Geri, Mel B., Mel C, and Victoria do the same in 2018.

Girl Power

The world has always and will always need strong, smart women – and the Spice Girls can be just that. Yes, they have fun and are silly, but they are also bosses, and making the decision to come back together as a unit is powerful.

We hope they can help to influence and empower a new generation of girls and women the way they did in the 90s. It was an amazing and special thing that we might not give enough credit to now.

Note: There are currently reports online that Victoria Beckham will not be included in the 2018 Spice Girls reunion… but we’re still hoping that we get all give women when things shake out.


Country Music’s Sexiest Men, 2017

The internet is buzzing with rumours that Blake Shelton will be named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2017.

We aren’t here to tell you that they made the wrong choice, but we are here to put a spotlight on some of the other sexy men in country music.

In the last couple of years we’ve had the chance to see these men perform on stage, and as great as they are with the microphone in their hands, they elicit a whole lot of cheers for their look up there on stage.

Have a look at our list and pics of Blake Shelton and our 10 more sexy country music men, and leave a comment to tell us who you think is tops OR who you think we missed.

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton-Country Thunder 2017 Blake Shelton is one of the biggest stars in the world today. Between his regular appearances at the top of the country music charts and his seat in the spinning chair on The Voice, he’s everywhere. And as the 41 year old Oklahoman adds more salt and pepper to his look, the sexier he seems to get.

Luke Bryan

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Luke Bryan What do we need to say to share the point that Luke Bryan is sexy?! The dude has women pawing at him so much he’s had to make rules about it. When he rotates his hips, it turns into gifs. This Georgia daddy has got to be on every ‘sexy men in country music’ list.

Brett Eldredge

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Brett Eldredge Boots and Hearts 2017 - Brett EldredgeThis rising star is smooth as silk and dapper as hell. Whether he’s on stage with a couple buttons undone, or he’s in a tux on the way to an awards show, he shines. The eyes, the smile, the voice, and the laugh… they add up for Brett Eldredge.

Dallas Smith

Dallas Smith CNE 2015Dallas Smith-Country Thunder 2017This Canadian country music rockstar has it all going for him. Give him some ripped jeans, roll up the sleeves to see the ink, and give him a little stubble of a beard if you’re into that sort of thing. Dallas Smith is legit.

Dylan Scott

Dylan Scott BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016 Dylan Scott BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016This country boy has muscles to spare, looking like he could lift a truck if he wanted to. And Dylan Scott‘s eyes – staring right to your soul. Dang it, he’s got Mmm, Mmm, Mmm all wrapped up.

Mark Wystrach

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Midland Boots and Hearts 2017 - MidlandAs the lead man of Midland, Mark Wystrach is turning heads. If you didn’t already know, you could probably also guess that he’s had a career as a model. He’s chiseled and has the look and we could probably forgive him if he had a Drinkin’ Problem.

Chad Brownlee

Chad Brownlee - CNE 2017 Boots and Hearts 2017 - Chad BrownleeAnother good Canadian boy, this hockey player turned country star has it in spades. Chad Brownlee knows how to work the stage, the ladies scream for him every time we see him, and when he sings sweetly, it’s everything you dream about.

Chris Lane

Chris Lane-Trackside_Fest Chris Lane Sugar BeachChris Lane is a 33 year old from North Carolina, sharing a laid back cool that drips with sexy. And with his twin brother Cory on the drums, it’s double trouble when this country boy takes the stage in front of a crowd.

Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016 Sam. Hunt. This quarterback turned country superstar drives women wild, and put tears in their eyes when he proposed to his fiancée. On award show carpets and on stage, Sam Hunt is sexy as hell.

Jake Owen

Jake Owen BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016Barefoot Jake has that Florida beach cool sexy going on. Long hair or short, Jake is sexy – and when he pushes that sweaty hair back and does his thing… he nails it!

Andrew Hyatt

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Andrew Hyatt Andrew Hyatt in the shower - Side Effects Tour - OshawaAndrew Hyatt loves to work with his hands, he’s got a great beard, and this newly minted top 10 charting rising country star from Sudbury is picking up new crushes in every city he visits.

New Music Spotlight: Few Miles South, Emily Kohne, NO LIARS, Band of Rascals and Keith Urban

We’re all over the map with our latest New Music Spotlight, figuratively and genre-wise. This time we’ve got country, folk, punk, and rock from artists from the southern states, Northern Ontario, Western Canada and Nashville by way of Australia.

Take a listen and if you’re feeling the music, click through the links and show our New Music Spotlight artists some love.

Let’s do this!

The Music

Artist: Few Miles South
Hometown: Southern Georgia / Los Angeles, USA
Genre: Country
Related: (influenced by) Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, The Allman Brothers, and Sturgill Simpson.
Single: On Down The Road
Notes: Upbeat, old-school country feel, lots of steel guitar
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: Emily Kohne
Hometown: Thunder Bay
Genre: Folk / Jazz influenced Indie Pop
Related Artists: Fiest, Phoebe Bridges
Single: Open Road
Notes: Gorgeous piano and guitar mixed with a deep rich voice creating the perfect combination. Emily is a multi-instrumentalist whose voice gets in your head and sticks there.
Links: Web / Facebook / YouTube / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Emily Kohne cover art + spotify link

Artist: NO LIARS
Hometown: Victoria, BC
Genre: Punk
Related Artists: Midwest, Farewell Letter, Our Darkest Day
Single: Animal
Notes: I may or may not have listened to this song on repeat for an hour. I totally did.
From their bio – “Fusing elements of post punk, emo, and melodic hardcore, the songs erupt with raw emotion, featuring dynamic vocals, blistering tempos, and unrelenting grooves. They draw influence from other edgy, melodically driven bands such as Alexisonfire, Refused, At The Drive In, and A Wilhelm Scream.”
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: Band of Rascals
Hometown: Vancouver Island
Genre: Rock
Related: The Graveltones, Reignwolf, Charlie Patton’s War
Single: Holler
Notes: Sam Trainor’s vocals are spot on, the music is driving, the video is fun to watch. What more could you ask for?
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: Keith Urban
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Genre: Country
Related: Dierks Bentley, Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw
Single: Female
Notes: Debuted at the 2017 CMA Awards, this song is a message to all of us. In his classic style, Keith Urban delivers the message we all need to hear.
Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

reputation: Taylor Swift Album Review

In case you missed it, Taylor Swift dropped a monster 15 track record on Friday, officially beginning the reputation era.

It’s impossible not to know that this album was coming, or that it’s here. T.Swift is a star as bright as we have in music. And whether you wish you were part of her squad or not, you know that she’s got a million eyes and ears on her.

The 27 year old singer shows off her pop life on all 15 songs on reputation. From the songwriting to the production, there’s no country here. And while many fans of her early work will still bitch about the music she makes now, and pine over the music they loved, the Swifties that are still by her side are in on this album. And so am I.

Whether it’s …Ready For It?, End Game (ft. Ed Sheeran and Future), Getaway Car, or King Of My Heart, I find myself jamming along in my chair and confirming that Taylor Swift is a hit maker, and I’m here for it now and already can’t wait to see what she does next.

Note: Congratulations to Taylor on her Country Music Association award win for writing Song Of The Year, Better Man, performed by Little Big Town. Not a bad addition to a big week!

If you’ve been on the internet at all anytime after Friday’s release (especially on Buzzfeed Music) you’ve seen the think pieces and reactions and 98 thoughts people have had listening to reputation.

And because the internet can’t help but love and hate Taylor Swift, there are a lot of hot takes and theories about this record. We haven’t talked to T.Swizzle about the songs here, but there’s a lot of sex and drinking – and while this doesn’t feel like a concept album dedicated to those themes, it’s a pop record that isn’t shying away from either subject, and clearly embraces them.

Taylor also continues to do what she does, writing and singing about her life, the headlines, the behind-the-scenes, and the carefully decided details that she’s willing to share. We know that this is the way it’s always been. We know that it’s going to cause raised eyebrows. And we definitely know that it’s going to cause theories like ‘Dress is about Ed Sheeran’ from fans, because it feels like every story must be a true story.

Note: I’d like to take a quick second to applaud Taylor for putting 15 songs on reputation. We’re so used to shorter EPs now, and even 10 track full albums, that this feels like special bonus of music that we didn’t know we were actually going to get.

As every album I love does, reputation has one song that I can’t stop listening to…

Don’t Blame Me is a killer track and wins the album for me. From the first time I listened through the album, track four slapped me in the face in the best way. From the beats to the vocals, the lyrics, and the moment at the three minute mark where the music’s gone and we hear “Lord save me, my drug is my baby, I’ll be usin’ for the rest of my life” as strong as she’s ever been – damn, it wins!

It’s a huge bummer that reputation is not yet available on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify – however, it’s coming, we’re sure. And reputation is available for purchase, which, we recommend.

Not everyone is going to love this album. That’s the reality of pop music and the polarizing figure that is Taylor Swift. BUT, if you like Taylor, and you’re looking for 15 songs that will contribute 56 minutes to your day’s soundtrack – we recommend you check it out.

Taylor Swift, Reputation Tracklist

1. …Ready For It?
2. End Game (ft. Ed Sheeran & Future)
3. I Did Something Bad
4. Don’t Blame Me
5. Delicate
6. Look What You Made Me Do
7. So It Goes…
8. Gorgeous
9. Getaway Car
10. King Of My Heart
11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied
12. Dress
13. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
14. Call It What You Want
15. New Year’s Day

Liar: Shae Dupuy Single Release Q&A and Contest

Hot on the heels of her Indie Week 2017 performance at The Dakota Tavern in Toronto, Shae Dupuy has a new single ready for the world.

Fans may feel familiar with Liar, but Shae is excited to release the version of the song that she’s been envisioning since it was written. As a bonus track on her 2016 EP, Brave, the acoustic version of Liar connected with fans and became her most streamed song on Spotify – and now she’s hoping to connect with them again.

We caught up with Shae for a quick Q&A – that we used to ask about the single… and what’s next. Thanks to her for playing along, check it out!

We’ve also teamed up with Shae Dupuy for a contest. Use the widget below to earn up to 8 entries for your chance to be the winner of a Shae Dupuy prize pack. Good luck!

AND, right below the last question we’ve got Liar lined up and ready for you. Just hit play!

Q: What made you want to go back to this song to record and release it again?

SD: Liar was one of my favourite songs off the last project but we never released it to radio or as a single, because it was just meant to be an acoustic bonus track off of the EP. The response we received was more than we expected and I knew then that I had to re-record this song. After the year I’ve had, now just feels like the perfect time for it.

Q: Does it still feel like the same story and bring the same feelings, or has it evolved?

SD: I think the emotions and sentiment is still there but I do feel like the song has grown with this new version.

Indie Week 2017 - Wednesday - Shae Dupuy at The Dakota Tavern

Q: What feelings do you have when you release new music?

SD: It’s always a lot of nerves mixed with excitement. I put a lot of time, effort and myself into my songs, so putting them out into the world is always a bit scary.

Q: Is there anything you can share about new music coming for fans?

SD: There’s a lot of new music being written and recorded, but it won’t be released for a little while. So, if fans wanna hear the new stuff they’ll have to come on out to see some shows! Keep any eye on my socials for all upcoming shows!

Indie Week 2017 - Wednesday - Shae Dupuy at The Dakota Tavern Indie Week 2017 - Wednesday - Shae Dupuy at The Dakota Tavern Indie Week 2017 - Wednesday - Shae Dupuy at The Dakota Tavern

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