The Sky Is A Neighborhood: Foo Fighters Carpool Karaoke!

The Foo Fighters, 20+ year rock and roll vets, platinum selling artists, Wembley Stadium filling performers, Grammy winning stars… carpool karaoke guests.

In promotion of their brand new album, Concrete & Gold, the Foo Fighters jumped in a van with The Late Late Show’s James Corden for 12 minutes and 52 seconds of Carpool Karaoke, music, questions, answers, and laughs – with a surprise pit stop for an even more surprising live performance.

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Favourite Moments included…

“He’s the guy from Nirvana?!”

“A lot of words in that song”

– Harmonies on Best Of You

– The Guitar Center

– The Live Jam

Watch the video, sing along loud, go listen to the new Foos album – and try not to air drum as the big hits kick in!

Carpool Karaoke Track List

1) All My Life (0:39)

2) Best Of You (2:37)

3) Learn To Fly (4:42)

4) The Sky Is A Neighborhood (7:10)

5) Never Gonna Give You Up (10:32)

CMT Canada: Thanks for the Memories

When I was a teen I used to turn on CMT Canada to watch videos by Shania Twain, Paul Brandt, Terri Clark, and other Canadian country artists who were making their name in the business. I learned the songs, the names, and the faces of the genre, and I became more entrenched in my fandom.

Over the years, with the advent of the internet and platforms like YouTube, Vevo, and Facebook, music videos in all genres have been consumed online at a much higher rate than they’ve been consumed on TV. We all know this, we watch new videos premiering on websites (CMT included) and share links with our friends so they can watch them too.

However, CMT Canada continued to show country music videos, by homegrown artists and the biggest American stars, in blocks of programming, and on the CMT Top 20 Countdown with hosts Casey Clark and then Paul McGuire. And behind the scenes, CMT Canada contributed valuable monetary support to aid in the production of music videos by Canadian country artists.

Paul McGuire with Madeline Merlo, Canadian Country Music Week 2016

And now, it’s all changing. And we’re sad. Corus Entertainment and CMT Canada have announced that as of August 27, 2017, country music videos will no longer be included in the network’s programming. None.

As country music fans, we’re sad that the artists we admire and root for won’t have a nationally broadcasted outlet for their music videos. We’re sad to see the end of the CMT Top 20 Countdown. And we’re sad that we won’t discover any new country artists through CMT.

On a more personal note, we’re sad for the people we’ve come to know and work with from CMT. We have always had a good relationship with the staff at the network, and we hope for nothing but the biggest success for them moving forward.

Some outlets may see this as a void that needs to be filled, but they can’t replace a television network. Yes, there may be new content opportunities for online entities, but all of us would be foolish to think that we can replace the former industry giant.

In an email response to a comment request from, MDM Recordings President, Mike Denney said, “I am sad and disappointed that the one and only dedicated national Country Music broadcast partner we had supporting Canadian Country talent is now gone. What is even more upsetting to me is that this is happening while the Country Music genre is enjoying the most broad-based interest and success we have ever seen.”

Denney’s right. The talent and momentum of Canadian Country Musicians right now is the best it’s been in a long, long time. We’ve seen successes like Dallas Smith and his four #1 hits, James Barker Band rocketing to the top of the charts, and a loaded crop of female stars including Jess Moskaluke, Madeline Merlo, Meghan Patrick, Jessica Mitchell, Kira Isabella, and more. And now, their biggest partner/ally/supporter on television is pulling the plug on their relationship.

CMT Music Fest - Kira Isabella

Kira Isabella at CMT Music Fest, 2016

CMT will still be required to contribute to the production of music videos in Canada… but they will no longer be restricted to country music videos. And with all of the other changes the network has been permitted to make through the CRTC, we won’t be surprised when that funding stops flowing as well.

This won’t sink country music in Canada. It won’t prevent new stars from being discovered or even new music videos from being produced. But this is a sad announcement for the Canadian country music community.

CMT Music Fest

The Complicated Love Life Of Oliver Queen – Season 3 CW’s Arrow

Felicity SmirkOkay, so season 3 hasn’t really been big for Oliver Queen’s love life… so instead of focusing on the Green Arrow, we’re going to focus on Felicity Smoak!

There are 3 options for Felicity right now in her budding love life. They are all flawed, but they could all work.

And because we all (I’m choosing to speak for everyone here) want to see Felicity smiling and happy, we want to see one of these 3 options work out for our favourite IT Wonder Girl.

Make sure to vote for your favourite in the poll at the bottom of the post!

Felicity and Oliver
Felicity and Oliver Kiss

These 2 love each other. It’s plain to see and it’s adorable and heartbreaking to watch them together.

Ollie has decided that he can’t be with her because it isn’t safe for her… or has he? If you’re caught up on season 3 you know that he’s had his moments of second thought (with Digg’s pushing) – but as of right now Ollicity isn’t looking like it’s going to happen right now.

Felicity and Ray Palmer
Felicity and Ray Kiss

When season 3 started we had no idea what kind of chemistry Felicity and Ray Palmer would have when they appeared on the screen together.

But now that we’ve seen them it’s pretty clear that there’s some sort of connection. Ray value’s Felicity for what she can do as a professional, without risking her life – and he’s attracted to her.

And it looks like she’s attracted to him too… there’s that whole salmon ladder thing going on, just like in the Arrow Cave.  Before the special crossover event it looked like this was starting to heat up. Now we wait to see where it goes.

Felicity and Barry Allen
Felicity and Barry Kiss

Yes, Barry lives in Central City which would make this a long distance relationship. But is it really a long distance relationship when Barry can run 600 mph to come see her any time he wants?!

Again, if you’re caught up you know that Barry and Felicity have decided that they should try the dating thing because he loves Iris and she loves Oliver… but there’s no denying that they are cute together. And that kiss was pretty great. Although it seems that Felicity looks pretty great kissing every boy.

Now it’s time for you to be heard.

Felicity Smiling 1

3 years ago

5 Reasons I’m Excited for Arrow Season 3

Arrow Season 3 Premiere BannerArrow is just days away from returning to my TV and I can’t friggin’ wait!

I’ve written before about the show and Ollie and the women and the fact that I love the DC character and everything that comes with him. So nobody should be surprised that I’m hyped for the debut of season 3 and the new and returning awesomeness that’s going to come with it.

It was hard to narrow it down to 5 things that I’m really excited for – so there are some honourable mentions we need to sort out:

More Suicide Squad!
Arrow Season 3 Suicide SquadThis has a chance to be really cool with impact scenes and episodes featuring Amanda Waller and her band of bad guys contracted to do “good”. PLUS we might just get another tease of Harley Quinn if we’re lucky.
More Diggle!
Diggle has been one of the most important pieces of Arrow since day 1… and here’s hoping that doesn’t change any time soon. When Diggle’s involved things are a little more sassy and a lot more fun.
Black CanaryThe Future of the Canary!
The door has been opened for Laurel to become more of a fixture in the crime fighting scene… maybe even as the Canary. BUT, Sara will be back – and she is the Canary!
Thea’s Evolution!
Thea has gone of with Malcolm Merlyn and it’s very reasonable to think that she’ll be trained as a fighter and maybe even an assassin. The question is, does she come after Roy?

And now for the big reasons… in no particular order.

More Olicity!
Word is that Ollie is going to ask Felicity out on a proper date thinking that things are calmed down and he knows that she’s a great girl that has all kinds of love for him. But smart money is on continued tension and Will They? Won’t They? moments all season long.

The fan girls LOVE this relationship and will blow up Twitter every chance they get if they think that Ollie and Felicity are going to get together. Where do you think the whole Olicity thing came from?!

The Introduction of Ra’s al Ghul!
Ra's al Ghul Arrow Season 3One of the most infamous bad guys in the DC universe is coming to The CW this season and he’s going to bring trouble. Last season we were introduced to his daughter Nyssa, but this season we get The Man himself – and all signs point to him being harder to bring down.

I’m looking forward to the possibility that the Suicide Squad may be brought in to help in the fight – and perhaps even Malcolm Merlyn will have a stake in taking on his one time mentor and leader.

Roy Harper as Arsenal!
Roy Harper Arsenal Arrow Season 3Roy’s journey to becoming part Team Arrow is complete – and he’s moving past his mask and red hoodie to a whole new costume and full-time vigilante work in season 3.

Odds are there will be an undercurrent of “where’s Thea?” in Roy’s storyline – and even a chance that they meet in a dark alley somewhere with weapons drawn and a lot of screaming and maybe even shots fired.

The Introduction of The Atom!
Brandon Routh The Atom Arrow Season 3Brandon Routh is back in the DC universe as The Atom in Arrow Season 3. I’m guessing that we’ll be introduced first to Ray Palmer in the boardroom and then, some time later, when things get sticky, The Atom will make his way onto the scene and be awesome!

The real question for me is, why is he there and how long will it take for Ollie and the gang to figure that out and decide if Palmer can truly be trusted.

A Bigger Badder Arrow!
?????Oliver Queen has spent 2 seasons as The Arrow in Starling City and things have never really calmed down for him. With experience comes intelligence – but there will also be emotion which makes Ollie and The Arrow so compelling to me.

There will be questions about who Oliver should or shouldn’t date… Felicity, Laurel, Sara – and probably others. There will be confrontation when it comes to Thea, Malcolm, Ra’s al Ghul, and certainly more. The Flash crossover could leave Ollie with a mess to clean up at home as well.

And as we progress in the series The Arrow will have to step up his game and be bigger, badder, and better than ever to make sure that nobody fails this city!

Look for Arrow on The CW or CTV depending on your location – it all starts Wednesday, October 8th!

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My 6 Must Haves When I’m Sick

Man ColdI’m sick. It sucks.

What started Sunday morning as a little bit of a head cold turned into a stuffed up face on Monday and a “someone’s sitting on my chest” cold by Tuesday morning. So here I am, in my pjs, working from home in all of my social media guy glory.

Truth be told – I’m a bit of a man-baby when I get sick. I try to be comfortable and relax and all that jazz… and here’s what I’m using to do just that.

mug of teaEven just a good old fashioned cup of Tetley makes my throat feel better – makes me feel calmer and warm and fuzzy on the inside. I love the kettle boiling and the bag in the mug and the sipping and the rest.

If you’ve got it, use honey rather than sugar. And if you’re sick like I am, try to avoid the milk.


It’s a cliche – but that’s okay. Yesterday I went out and got Pho from the place down the street. It was warm and delicious and exactly what I needed. Hell, I ate it twice, reheating the broth in a pot on the stove so I could have it for both lunch and dinner.

Today I’m going a little more college chic with Mr. Noodles and hot sauce to get myself comforted and cleaned out.

It works.

NeoCitranThe lemony fresh scent and taste of this classic cold remedy comes in handy at night when I feel like it’s going to be tough to get some sleep. Remember to check the box when you’re buying yours – you don’t want to get the bedtime formula if you’re going into the office for the day!

Extra Strength Tylenol Cold Pills
I picked up these bad boys on Sunday and I’m glad I did. The daytime pills helped me get through Monday while the cold was still in my head, and the nighttime pills have been a great help to getting some sleep every night.

I’m not sure that I was supposed to mix NeoCitran with a nighttime pill – but at least I didn’t take 2 – and I certainly got a nice sleep.

Rogers on Demand
As I’m writing this I’ve got Gotham on the TV in the background. Yes, it premiered Monday night on CTV, but I figured it was worth a re-watch with Rogers on Demand while I’m waiting for Arrow and The Flash to premiere.

There’s also a chance that I’ll order Batman: Assault on Arkham and give it a watch.

Netflix and PhoThank goodness for Netflix!

Last night I sat down with my pho and pulled up the Netflix and hit play on Pretty Little Liars. Yes, Pretty Little Liars… no shame here. As a dude who loved Dawson’s Creek you shouldn’t really be surprised by that.

And outside of PLL there are all the movies such to watch (recent watches include The Wolf of Wall Street, Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive, Justice League Unlimited) and I’m willing to bet that you can find something to make yourself feel comfy and cozy and whatnot too.

Here’s hoping that you don’t end up with what I’ve got and you’re happily working away at your regular day-to-day schedule.

And just in case this cold doesn’t leave me alone soon – I’d be happy to have your suggestions!

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Making The Most Of A Rainy Day

Rainy days happen. There isn’t anything you can do about it. But if it isn’t a work day and you’re plans to go out to the park or farmer’s market have been trashed, your day doesn’t have to be a bust.

To help you out we’ve put together a list of ideas that can keep everyone busy, entertained, relaxed or some combination of those 3.

Good luck.

Board Games
Monopoly Board
‣  Monopoly: Fun for the whole family. Until that 1 person gets way ahead and starts acting like a jerk and the guy with 2 properties, no railroads and no money starts getting really upset.
‣ Scrabble: A smart game, so make sure everyone has had their coffee before you break out the tiles. And keep a dictionary handy for challenges!
‣ Sorry: Just remember that Sorry can get messy if someone feels like they’re getting ganged up on unfairly. You’ve been warned.
‣  Life: Go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, make money, spend money, drive around in that car. Good luck!
‣  Anything but Battleship: I’ve never liked that game.

Uno Deck‣  Uno: Great for big groups. Keep things light hearted with lots of jokes because someone is going to be really upset when they end up being told to pick up 32 cards.
Euchre: If you’ve got a group of 4, go for it! Just be careful of the pair that have played a lot together, they can be sneaky!
‣  Poker: Bet pretzels or money, whichever you’re comfortable with. Bonus points if everyone has a hat, hoodie, sunglasses or some combo of the 3.
‣  Crazy Eights: A family classic. Pick up those cards!
‣  Solitaire: If you’re home alone you can still play card!

The Gospel According to Disney
‣  The Gospel According to Disney: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust [Mark I. Pinsky] An interesting work at Disney’s classic animated films. Broken into 2 time periods, 1) Walt Disney & 2) Michael Eisner. The morals, religion and themes of the stories tell a bigger story about the social times each one came from.
Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball [RA Dickey] I’m reading this book right now and I promise that if you have any interest in baseball, know who RA Dickey is, or just want to read a great story about a man who struggles with HUGE things on his way to happiness, you won’t be disappointed.
‣  Moneyball [Michael Lewis] Yes, before Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, this was a book about the way the Oakland A’s and Billy Beane were changing the way people at the top thought about baseball.
‣  The Celestine Prophecy [James Redfield] This book probably changed me more than any other when I was a teen. A story of finding yourself, faith, zen, questions and answers. This isn’t about religion, so don’t get squirmy if you’re not into that kind of thing.
‣  Any Batman comic books. Really, you can’t go wrong. Enjoy!

Orange is the New Black Poster
‣  Orange is the New Black: Season 2 is available now in case you haven’t been online anywhere and weren’t already aware. In fact, I should be watching it right now instead of writing this post.
‣  Friday Night Lights: I didn’t get into this series until this winter, and I was definitely missing out. Texas forever. Tim Riggins for President. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.
‣  Nashville: Another show that I’m watching right now. Season 1 was a blast and season 2 is shaping up to be even better. If you love country music, drama, attractive people, or the music business you owe it to yourself to check this baby out.
‣  Archer: I’m not sure what to say about Archer. If you’ve heard of it you’ve probably watched it. But if you’ve only watched occasionally on TV, you can do one better and watch every episode of seasons 1-4.
‣  Dawson’s Creek: Maybe my all-time favourite television show. The entire thing is on Netflix, from Pacey’s fling with Ms. Jacobs to the finale and the most gratifying pay-off to a love triangle ever!

Nap on the Couch
‣  Couch: A great option for rainy days. Fall asleep watching TV or reading and wake up later.
Bed: No need to explain here. We all know your bed is comfy.
‣  Floor: Sometimes a nice cool tile floor or fluffy carpet are the best place to lay down for a quick relax and recharge session.
‣  Comfy Chair: If you’ve got an awesome recliner and you aren’t napping in it, you’re doing it wrong.
‣  Bathtub: Keep the bath water low to avoid accidents. Then light a couple candles, turn on some music, turn off the lights and relax!

There you have it, 25 things you can do on a rainy day. I hope that something on this list clicks for you the next time your picnic gets washed out.

4 years ago

CW’s The Flash… Coming This Fall

The Flash LogoI’ll admit it, I’m fully in excited mode now.

The CW has officially picked up The Flash and put it on the 2014 fall schedule, it looks like Tuesday nights at 8pm as the lead in to Supernatural.

With the #dontblink preview that aired on Wednesday night during the Arrow season 2 finale my excitement grew. Flash Arrow GIF 2

And when the 5 minute preview landed on Thursday, I hit “All In” on the scale of being ready for this thing to be on the air.

Here are some of the things that I noticed and am hyped for…

Tom Cavanagh as Harison Wells. 
Tom Cavanagh as Harison Wells - The FlashIn my 1st post about The Flash I guessed that Wells would be the 1st person to know Barry’s secret. From the extended trailer it looks like I’m right… with Caitlin Snow and Ramon Cisco coming in at the same time on the S.T.A.R. Labs team.

I also didn’t expect to see Tom Cavanagh in a wheelchair when he first appeared on my screen. That one took me by surprise and makes me wonder if he has motives in all of this that centre on him walking again.

Iris West is Really Pretty.
Iris West - The FlashIt seems that Barry and his lifelong crush Iris have some chemistry – which probably means that we’re going to get a will they/ won’t they storyline woven into the show. It will likely be along the same lines as Oliver and Felicity on Arrow, but with Barry doing the pining for the girl of this dreams. And as a CW show we shouldn’t expect anything less.

The real questions will come with the relationship between The Flash and Iris’ father, Detective Joe West.

Team Flash is Going to be Awesome.
The Flash Logo TVThe 2 science geeks that Barry has on his team along with Harison Wells are going to be an interesting team for the Flash. We have met them already in the crossover episodes and in the preview. And more than just how fun they are on screen, the potential that they bring to the series and the CW/DC Universe.

Caitlin Snow is based on Killer Frost, there’s a chance that this character could be really deep and long-term interesting. She also gets the Felicity role of super smart sidekick without a mask that the fans will likely fall in love with.

Cisco Ramon is the street name of the DC hero known as Vibe. While he’s certainly not the muscle that Diggle is for Oliver. With the introduction of metahumans into the world, there’s a strong chance that at some point (probably not in season 1, be patient) that Ramon will become Vibe.
Barry Allen - Caitlin Snow - Cisco Ramon - The FlashI don’t know how season 1 is going to play out with Barry and his team… but I do expect that The Flash is going to be a lot of fun to watch.

Be ready to see Barry visit Oliver for advice early in the season, as we see in the trailer – and for something to happen with he and Felicity that either puts an end to their flirting, or makes things even more unclear moving forward.

There are at least 4 months to go before The Flash comes to TV… and I can’t wait!


The Flash – Extended Trailer

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Before Batman, There Was Gotham

FOX's Gotham TV Series BannerWar is coming to Gotham…

It started in a dark alley when 2 gunshots rang out into the night and Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne fell. But before young Bruce Wayne grew up to be The Batman, the seedy underbelly of Gotham City began its descent into darkness.

That’s where FOX’s new TV series Gotham comes in. If you were hoping for a weekly Batman show (which many people were) you might not be happy about this (and a lot of people aren’t) but the cast of characters and the stories that the showrunners are going to be able to tell from the DC Universe’s greatest city have a ton of potential to be very entertaining.

Gotham Jim Gordon and Harvey BullockIn the 2 minute extended preview trailer that FOX released Monday we are introduced to Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and his grizzled partner Detective Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue). We can see from the start that this is a city that has problems with crime and that sets a great base for that this series can become. We also meet the young Master Bruce, wrapped in a blanket and in shock over the murder of his parents. This may be the most important moment in Bruce’s life. But for the purpose of this show, it’s just the start of the relationship between Gordon and the orphaned Wayne.

As we aren’t dealing with a grown up Bruce/Batman, we also aren’t dealing with grown up super-villains like we usually do when Gotham City is involved. Gotham Selina Kyle Catwoman PreviewWe do know that Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin), Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Ivy Pepper (Poison Ivy) and Edward Nygma (The Riddler) are present and on track to grow into the characters that we know from the legend of The Dark Knight. And while we wait for these delinquents to become the criminals we know, Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) seemingly runs the city’s underworld from her nightclub.

Of the young criminals it’s Selina Kyle that most interests me. Also an orphan, she and Bruce are likely to meet and bond, with her street smarts and charm used to play him, earn his trust and set the stage for the rest of their lives working together/fighting each other, depending on the story you read.

Gotham Detective Jim Gordon PreviewHere’s why I’m ready to love this show… I love the idea of Detective Jim Gordon as a hero for the same reasons I love The Batman. He’s just a man who has an overwhelming urge to fight crime and bring justice to Gotham City. He’ll deal with the moral dilemmas that come with being a cop in a dirty town. He will have to make choices that he doesn’t want to make. He will have to do whatever it takes to protect himself and his family (fiancée Barbara Kean) from the dangers that present themselves.

After watching the trailer my co-worker Brian opined that Gotham looks more like Arrow than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. And that’s a good thing. If Gotham can tell the character driven stories the way that Arrow has, this will be a successful show. We don’t need superpowers to tell heroic tales.

FOX has officially ordered the first season of Gotham and it will be part of the fall TV schedule. Get yourself ready for a new crime drama, set in a dark city filled with characters that you already know… but don’t know yet.

I’m excited. Bring on the darkness. 

Gotham Detective Jim Gordon

Gotham’s Detective Jim Gordon

Gotham's Selina Kyle/ Catwoman

Gotham’s Selina Kyle/ Catwoman

Gotham's Oswald Cobblepot/ The Penguin

Gotham’s Oswald Cobblepot/ The Penguin

Gotham's Detective Harvey Bullock

Gotham’s Detective Harvey Bullock

Gotham's Alfred Pennyworth

Gotham’s Alfred Pennyworth

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Friday Night Lights – A Final Look

Friday Night Lights Cast
After binge watching for a few weeks I have finally finished the 5 seasons of critically acclaimed and super freaking awesome TV series Friday Night Lights.

In the middle of season 3 I wrote a review that got into characters and loving the show and why I was hooked at that point. I was loving the show a lot. That didn’t change through seasons 4 and 5.

Today though I’m not going to write another 3000 word review of the show. Instead I’m going to give away some awards and ask some unanswered questions that the show left me with after the Taylors made their big move to the east coast.

*SPOILER ALERT* This show ended 3 years ago, and I just threw 1 spoiler at you, a lot more are coming.

Friday Night Questions

What happened to Santiago?
Santiago Friday Night LightsRemember, the kid that Lyla rescued from juvie and Buddy took in and got on the football team. Well he disappeared when Buddy’s ex-wife took the 2 small kids to Cali and Lyla moved in over the summer between season 2 and 3. With no parents around to take care of him, an uncle who hasn’t been around in almost a year, and friends who don’t know a life other than gang activity, I’m worried that this young man didn’t have a good life after his short stint with the Panthers. Here’s hoping that I’m wrong and he didn’t end up back in jail or worse thanks to the gang life that he was so used to living.

Who caught the damn ball?
Hastings Ruckle East Dillon Lions
I have no beef with how season 5 and the series ended. The transition shot from the final play of the State Championship to the Coach’s new team’s practice in Philly was beautifully done. But I do want to know how that play ended. We know a Lion caught the pass because Jess, the boys and coach Taylor all have new rings. My best guess is that Hastings Ruckle pulled down that 63 yard pass. As a football player he was built for that Hail Mary play. Hell, he called for the jump ball in his first game on the team.
Final Score: East Dillon Lions 28 – Hudgins Hawks 26.

Why not Luke?
Luke Cafferty East Dillon LionsCoach Taylor was able to get Tim Riggins a scholarship offer to San Antonio State after a high school career that included a State Championship – and a host of disciplinary action and life mishaps. BUT, clean-cut 2-way stud player Luke Cafferty who has 1 dust-up on his record (that fight with Vince that he took the blame for) and a State Championship of his own, only got 1 division 3 offer. There is a chance that Luke played ball for Army at college, but maybe he needed a highlight reel like Riggins had.

Did Julie Drop Out?
Julie Taylor Friday Night LightsIn the final scenes of the series we see Julie and Matt together in the Chicago apartment, engaged and happy shacking up. But Julie promised her parents that she would finish school. So did she transfer? Is this scene a week before classes start and she goes back to school? Did she break another promise to her parents and drop out? I’m leaning to transfer since Matty is pretty much the best guy ever and wouldn’t be okay with her dropping out of school and sacrificing her future. It’s fair to say that Matt Saracen is the best thing that ever happened to Julie… whether she wanted to admit it or not.

Did Tim and Tyra make it work?
I really hope the answer to this question is yes. More on that coming up.

Friday Night Awards

Most Valuable Player
Vince Howard East Dillon LionsMatt Saracen Dillon PanthersEast Dillon Lions: Vince Howard
Dillon Panthers: Matt Saracen
Vince put up the numbers, is a better athlete and ended the series on the fast track to another run at a State Championship and division 1 scholarship… but Matty Saracen was the heart of the Dillon Panthers and showed true leadership and the ability to make the most out of an opportunity that landed at his feet. That boy took lemons and made lemonade when the cards were stacked against him.

Most Likely to Succeed
Matt Saracen Dillon PanthersLandry Clarke Dillon PanthersTie – Matt Saracen & Landry Clarke
We know that Matty has his job at the art gallery in Chicago and has already received a couple promotions. He’s got a good head on his shoulders, loves Julie with all his heart and has the ability to persevere. The only concern is Julie’s immaturity and the bumps in the road that could come in that relationship. Meanwhile, Landry is smart, articulate, talented and headed to a great education at Rice. He has a supportive family and if he ever finds a girl that loves him as much as he loves her, he’ll be all set.

Most Likely to be drafted to the NFL
Vince Howard East Dillon LionsVince Howard
Vince’s physical talents are unparalleled on Friday Night Lights. He sets up really well as the new breed of QB we see in the pro game. He has also started to learn how to be a leader and hard worker which will help him grow through his college career and land him on draft boards across the league when his draft year comes up. Think Cam Newton with the added, “He didn’t even start playing organized football until his sophomore year of high school.” storyline thrown in for TV announcers.

The Joey and Pacey Award for Favourite Couple
Tim and TyraTim Riggins & Tyra Collette
In the 3rd episode of season 1, when Tim skips the pancake supper and Tyra finds him hitting beer cans with a golf club I looked at the 2 of them arguing and her challenging him and thought to myself, “these 2 are my new Pacey and Joey”. And while Tim had Lyla and Tyra had Landry – there was always going to be Tim and Tyra in some way. So when brunette Tyra showed back up in season 5 I was excited. And when he kissed her I was more excited. And when this exchange happened I had the same kind of feeling I had when the camera panned left to right to show Pacey on the couch with Joey.

Tyra: Tim, I’ve been in love with you since I was five years old. And being here with you… is the greatest feeling I’ve had in a really long time.
Tim: Me too.
Tyra: It scares the hell outta me. I have dreams Tim.
Tim: I know you do. I have dreams too. I’m gonna build a house exactly where we’re sittin’. I will get a job. And I’m never gonna do anything illegal for the rest of my life. Guaranteed. Maybe one day our dreams can merge together.

We know that Tim has started building his house when the series ends, and Tyra is at school. And while we don’t know if they end up together for the long haul, I sure hope they do.

Tim and Tyra Kiss 1
Tim and Tyra Kiss 2
Tim and Tyra Kiss 3
It’s fair to say that Friday Night Lights was a great television show. The writing, acting and action were all above average. The football always looked real. The feelings that the show was able to develop with their fans were real. And the stories that they told were able to connect with teens and parents and everyone in between.

Someday I know I’ll go back and watch FNL again. But for now I’m just happy that I didn’t miss it forever just because I missed it the first time around.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!

4 years ago

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose – I Love Friday Night Lights

Dillon Panthers Team Photo

A little while ago I started watching a show on Netflix that I didn’t watch a single episode of during its original 5 season run. And when people found out that I hadn’t watched it my Twitter stream filled up with messages telling me how much I would love it and how great it was and that they were excited for me and jealous that I got to experience it fresh from the start.

This show has sports and teen drama and small town life and everything that I fall for when it comes to a story.

I didn’t watch Friday Night Lights when it was on the air.

But I sure am glad that I’m watching it now.

Dillon Panthers Helmet Logo Friday Night LightsLet me admit this, I have an addictive personality and a penchant for being overly empathetic and sensitive when it comes to fictional characters and their stories. I’m a sucker for well written and crafted personalities and the progression that takes them from beginning to end. I fall hard when there’s a reason. I get chills in the big moments of fake football games. I feel sad when characters are in trouble. I get mad when people are assholes and innocents are impacted by their selfishness.

I feel all of these things for a  TV show.

I also need to disclose the fact that I haven’t yet finished the series. I am currently cued up to watch episode 10 of season 3. And while that means I still have 2 and a half seasons to go, I had to start writing.

I was never QB1 when I was a kid. We didn’t even have a football team. But I was a teenager in a town where everyone knew everyone. Every student and teacher and mother and father had access to all the information and gossip they could want. And I lived a pretty visible life in that small town. That was my reality. And Friday Night Light’s Dillon, Texas reminds me of that.

I’m finding that when I feel connected or emotional about the characters or the storyline, that I also feel conflicted. When I step back from the screen I realize that I’m closer in age to Coach Taylor than I am to Matt Saracen or Tim Riggins. I know that I’m past my own childhood and whatever it was that I went through or dealt with. I’m a grown man.

Matt Saracen and Grandma Friday Night LightsBut when I see Matt Saracen dealing with his grandmother as she struggles with dementia I am reminded of my own life and my ex-girlfriend’s grandmother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s when we were dating in my early 20s. I watched a strong family agonize over the medications and appointments and best steps for her care. I saw her on good days and on bad days and held my breath in wonder when she remembered to call me on my birthday and held back tears when she forgot her granddaughter’s name. I can not imagine trying to deal with that on my own at the age of 17 or 18.

I lived with my gran and gramp when I was 18 and 19 and I thank God that (while they weren’t the picture of health) they didn’t need me like that and I didn’t have that responsibility.

When Brian “Smash” Williams came back from his knee injury, humbled and scared and unsure of what he was going to do, I wanted to see him succeed. When the dude from the Alamo Freeze offered Smash the regional manager’s position I remembered being at Wendy’s in my early 20s with no plan, no money, and feeling like there was a chance I could just keep working there and moving up the ladder. I knew it wasn’t my future. I knew I had to do something bigger with my life. So did he.

And when that boy told his mother that he got into college and I saw the look on her face I was reminded of the way it felt telling my mom I was going to college and how proud she was of me. To this day one of the best feelings in my world is knowing that my mom is proud of me.

And Landry Clark. Damn. If you tell me that you watched season 1 of Friday Night Lights and said to yourself at any time, “I bet Landry becomes a really important piece of this show and joins the football team and actually gets Tyra Collette.” I would probably tell you that you’re lying. I find myself identifying with different characters at different times in this show. And when I look at Landry and his high school love life, I am reminded of being the guy that always wondered why he didn’t get the girl.

Tim Riggins Friday Night LightsThen there’s Tim Riggins.

The screw-up football player who doesn’t have parents to raise him or guide him, just his less-than-perfect older brother. The teenager who drinks too much beer. Likes too many girls. Skips too many classes. Makes too many mistakes. But loves his friends with all of his heart and shows signs of wanting to be better.

I am hooked on this character and wanting him to succeed. I shake my head when he does something absolutely stupid like getting drunk and skipping meetings with college recruiters. I root for him when he tries to do the right thing like talk his best friend out of sketchy stem cell surgery in Mexico. I feel bad for him when he’s dragged down by people he loves like when Billy recruits him to steal a ton of copper wire. I’m scared for him when he’s in a tough spot like when he’s feeding ferrets for a meth dealer. And I cheer for him every single time he steps on to the football field.

Tyra Collette Friday Night LightsBack to Tyra. The writers and producers and everyone involved nailed that one. She is another character who has gone further than I ever would have imagined. Her arc has taken her from white trash girlfriend of a screw-up football player to sexual assault victim to teenager full of potential and everywhere in between. And when she cries, it breaks my heart.

Combining her with Julie Taylor and Lyla Garrity gives this show a great range of female characters that have to deal with their relationships with their parents (3 girls, 3 different family dynamics) and love lives (what a teenage mess) and futures (I still don’t know, don’t spoil it for me) in their small town lives. I probably don’t identify with these 3 characters as much as I do with Saracen, Riggins, Smash, Jason Street or Landry because I’m not a woman. But I do feel for them in their moments of hardship and cheer for them in their moments of triumph.

Side note: I LOVED watching Tyra play volleyball. I love that sport and played it a lot in high school.

I’m over 1000 words into this post and I haven’t even talked about Coach and Mrs. Taylor. So here we go.

Coach and Mrs TaylorThe relationship between Eric and Tami Taylor is strong but intense. It has ups and downs. It has arguments and misunderstandings and making up and making each other better. It is fictional and scripted and made for TV, but it’s not all smiles and fake and unbelievable. And I love it for that.

I also love that they are the kind of people and the kind of parents that I would like to think that I can be some day. Whether it’s dealing with their own daughter or helping a kid who is stranded hours away or mentoring young men who are desperate to figure out their future – they do it with dedication and concern and love.

These people love the kids in their lives, regardless of their last name, past, mistakes or parents. But they aren’t soft. I appreciate the way Coach Taylor holds his players responsible through extra work and stiff guidelines and an expectation of commitment, responsibility and team as family.

For years I’ve thought about coaching baseball some day. And while it wouldn’t be the same as high school football in Texas, I do hope that I could be the kind of leader and mentor that Coach Taylor is for his Panthers.

I love all of these characters and they way they have been developed. I love this show and the stories that it has told and how it has handled them.

And as a football fan I have to give some love to the production team in charge of filming the practices and games. It does not look like TV football in a cheesy way. It just looks like football.

It’s safe to say that within the next week or so I am going to finish watching the last 2+ seasons of Friday Night Lights. That’s the pace that I’m on. And I’m sure that when I do I will be sad that it’s over while also looking back at a great job done capturing my imagination and attention telling these stories with the background of football.

If you’ve seen the show and know what I’m talking about with this praise, let me know.

But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t leave comments or send me tweets talking about the show if there’s a chance you’re talking about something I haven’t seen yet.

I know it’s been a long time since the show ended and spoiler rules shouldn’t apply. But I’m asking nicely.

Thank you.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!

Friday Night Lights Cast Photo

4 years ago

CW’s The Flash… Coming Soon

The Flash Banner

This Fall the CW will give us the next in their line of superhero television series with The Flash. Following the success of Arrow, it’s a no-brainer that they bring Barry Allen to the small screen once a week for the world to see.

Barry Allen 1Arrow fans have already met Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in his 2 episode arc this season. And we have seen the “accident” that brings The Flash to Central City. We also know that he has a big crush on Felicity, and that she returns those same feelings for the crime scene tech and soon to be speedy hero.

But what we don’t know yet is if Felicity will jump ship to join Barry in his new pursuit of justice in the red suit and lightning bolt.

And even though they would make a cute couple, my gut feeling is no. At least not on a permanent basis. For 2 reasons:

1) Felicity also has some deep-seeded feelings for Oliver (that go way deeper than her crush on Barry) and works too well on that team to leave. Barry and Felicity

2) Ira West.

Candice PattonIra West (Candice Patton) is described as Barry’s childhood friend and lifelong crush, which gives The Flash the awkward romantic storyline that it needs to get season 1 going. If we see Felicity I imagine it will be in the first few episodes only and she’ll go home when she realizes that Barry loves Ira in a way that he doesn’t love her. The Barry/Ira relationship could take a while to play out, and I have a gut feeling that unlike Oliver/Laurel, there will be a reveal of The Flash’s real identity. Whether they get together or not, this is going to be the first relationship that needs to play out long form in the series.

Jesse L Martin Detective WestWe also know that Barry will have a potential ally (or enemy) on the police force in the form of Ira’s father, Detective West (Jesse L. Martin) who has been as close to a father as Barry has had since his own was accused of and convicted for murdering his mother. But because we know that secret identities can not be revealed to the police right away, there could be some weird friction between these two. We also already know that Martin is good at playing a cop from his days on Law & Order, so this casting could be the most perfect in the whole series.

Tom Cavanagh Harison Wells The FlashMy best guess for first person to know Barry Allen’s secret is Harison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), the S.T.A.R. Labs physicist responsible for creating the particle accelerator that blew up and gave Barry his speed. I am a big fan of Cavanagh as an actor, and can’t wait to see how this all plays out. It makes sense that Barry will look for someone to try to explain what has happened to him, and who better than a top notch physicist to help him figure it all out. I expect to see a lot of lab time with these 2 characters running tests and discovering just what The Flash is able to do with his new super power.

Barry Allen Flash Transformation

I will fully admit that I am not as excited for The Flash as I was for Arrow, but I am excited. Any new DC stories that make it to the screen and are done well are alright by me. I know that I’ll be tuning in to watch, and I hope that I am not disappointed when I start to see flashes of red across my screen as Barry Allen starts saving the day and building his rogues gallery. This show could be a whole lot of fun, so be prepared to buckle up and enjoy the ride!

The Flash... Coming Soon

Update: Today (March 11, 2014) a full body image of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in the Flash suit has been released online. Have a look and tell us what you think!

The Flash Full Suit View

4 years ago

The Walking Dead Season 4, What’s Coming Next?


It’s sucky and sad that we have to wait until Sunday, February 9, 2014 for the next new episode of The Walking Dead.

However, the mid-season break does give us an opportunity to look back at what has happened and opine about what may happen moving forward.

There certainly are a lot of questions rolling around in my head.

But before we get to that, let’s take a look at some of the crazy shit that we’ve seen already in The Walking Dead Season 4.

☞ A significant percentage of the prison population was wiped out by that mysterious illness that rolled through. It was a plot point that allowed for a smaller number of people to need to flee when the real danger came.

Carol, The Walking Dead Season 4☞ Carol is on the road by herself. She has a car and supplies and weapons. With the separation of the group after the prison incident there’s a chance that Carol meets back up with some of them. There’s also a chance that she doesn’t and stars in a spin-off series on AMC.

☞ That little girl Molly has turned totally bad-ass-apocalypse-survivor. She’s the girl Carl at this point with all the not following the plan and carrying a gun and coldly shooting at walkers and saving lives. She doesn’t have a childhood left. It’s gone. And she doesn’t seem particularly concerned with anything other than being a useful member of the group.

☞ Tyreese has gone through a breakdown that may or may not be over. I have a feeling that the shoot-out has snapped him back into a “do what you’ve got to do to survive” mode. Look for his personality to fit his big body in the new episodes.

RIP Hershel, The Walking Dead Season 4☞ We’ve had to say good-bye to Hershel and The Governor. Hershel’s death was by far the most emotional in quite a while. Andrea and Lori both did things resulted in mixed feelings from the fans. T-Dog was loved, but it still wasn’t the same. Dale was a good man and when he died, that was sad. But Hershel, he was the salt of the earth. The father and grandfather. The spiritual and moral compass. His death hit like a ton of bricks.

☞ As for The Gov… well, a lot of people wanted to see that coming. The way it went down worked for me. So many people held grudges against the man that the combo-kill was a worthy ending to his life. Rick gave him all he had, Michonne gave him the katana with the kind of emotion that makes your blood boil and Lilly finished him off with the rage that a grieving mother and pissed off girlfriend can’t deny.

☞ Rick and Carl have been split from the group and believe that they have lost baby Judith to either walkers or enemies. It’s a big difference from the farming life that they were living at the start of the season and sets up an interesting 2nd half of season 4 for the Grimes men.

Rick and Carl Season 4 episode 1 and episode 8

The next half of this season is going to set up season 5 and beyond. There’s a chance that we lose more group members in the process. There’s a chance that those losses come in the form of deaths and separation from the pack.

☞ I do want to know what happened to Beth. She may not be the most central character on the show but there’s no way that Maggie can go on without her. If they aren’t together now, every move that Maggie makes will be made with 1 motivation, find and save her sister.

☞ How will Rick deal with losing Judith? He and Carl are on their own now in a situation that looks awfully familiar to Morgan and Duane… other than the fact that Carl can handle himself. If Rick doesn’t have his head on straight it will fall on Carl to protect and provide for the pair until they meet up with friends again.

☞ Will Daryl take on even more of a leadership role now? I understand that the council was working as well as possible. But with Hershel’s death, the mess that everyone’s in and the scrambling nature of the group, I think that’s fallen by the wayside.

☞ What’s Michonne’s mood going to be like? She desperately wanted her revenge on The Governor and she got it. She was becoming a stronger member of the group and now things have blown up. Will she be able to focus herself on the people that need her? I think so.

☞ Is Judith really dead? I don’t think so. I think there’s a twist there. As cold as Molly is, I don’t think that she would have abandoned the baby in the middle of the prison courtyard. My gut feeling is that Beth has her. She’s been her babysitter this whole time and takes that responsibility pretty seriously.

We’ve got 62 days to wait to see what happens next… and that’s a long time to wait for people that love this show. I trust that it’s going to be worth it.

Carl Shooting Walkers, The Walking Dead Season 4Daryl and MichonneDaryl, The Walking Dead Season 4

4 years ago

The Complicated Love Life Of Oliver Queen – Season 2 CW’s Arrow

Arrow Header BannerSeason 2 of Arrow is now deeply under way and the question of who Ollie is going to end up with is still unanswered. In fact, it’s even more complicated than it was in season 1.

In February I wrote the 1st edition of this post and had 4 options listed: Laurel Lance, Felicity Smoke, Helena Bertinelli and McKenna Hall. In season 2 we seem to have lost Helena and McKenna… but we’ve added 2 new love interest possibilities.

But before we get to them, let’s revisit our holdovers.

Oliver and Laurel:Ollie and Laurel - Arrow Season 2

Ollie and Laurel have been the star-crossed lovers presented to us since the beginning of the series. He loved her, he wronged her, he fought to get back from the island because he missed her. Hell, he risked everything by calling her from that com tower in season 1.

But now Laurel is broken. Losing Tommy and blaming herself has taken her to a dark place. The drinking, the meds, the depression… it’s not good. There is a chance the Ollie thinks he can save her. That he still loves her (I believe he does), but I’m not sure that they are meant to be the couple that we once thought they were going to be.

I don’t really think that this is a couple that will work out long term.

But they could end up in a fling again before this is all said and done.

Ollie and Laurel Kiss - Arrow

Oliver and Felicity:Ollie and Felicity - Arrow Season 2

Felicity’s feelings for Ollie are becoming more and more transparent with every episode. It’s at the point now where Oliver has had to tell her that he can’t be with anyone he cares about because of the danger that would come with that.

However, the more time they spend together, the more she helps him and learns him and supports him emotionally and outside of the “Arrow Cave” the more chance there is that these 2 end up in love.

I know that there is a lot of support for this couple in the fan community, but I’m not sure that it’s going to happen – even as a fling.

I do think that there’s a chance that we’re going to see a really passionate kiss between the Ollie and Felicity, probably during a mission and the reaction on her face will show the deep, deep feelings that she has for him. And then it will change when she realizes that it wasn’t real… or that it doesn’t mean she’s going to get what she really hopes for.

Ollie and Felicity - Arrow Season 2

And now the newcomers…
Oliver and Isabel Rochev:Ollie and Isabel - Arrow Season 2

Isabel is very much Ollie’s match in female form. She’s admitted as much. She’s a little bit broken on the inside. She has trouble with feelings and interpersonal relationships so she gets way into her work.

That ability to be disconnected from “real life” might be what leads to more hook-ups as this season moves on. It might even lead to some sort of pseudo relationship – but I wouldn’t really count on that.

Ms. Rochev probably isn’t going anywhere any time soon. And she is likely to get nosy.

This could end badly.

Ollie and Isabel - Arrow Season 2

Oliver and Sara Lance:Ollie and Sara - Arrow Season 2

The Green Arrow story has Oliver and The Black Canary together… and apart and together. It’s a messy, complicated relationship. Kind of like Ollie and Sara.

The issue with their relationship on this show is Laurel. That’s a new wrinkle in the lore. It’s also the reason that I don’t think that Oliver and Sara will be together.

Unless Laurel leaves.

And there’s the rub.

Ollie and Sara probably belong together. They understand each other. They have a unique history. They can take care of each other. They might even be able to save each other from their demons.

For the sake of the story and the legend and DC’s Green Arrow – I hope these 2 end up together some day.

Just don’t expect it to happen in season 2.

Ollie and Sara - Arrow Season 2

4 years ago

The Walking Dead Season 4 – Tonight on AMC!

The Walking Dead Season 4 Facebook Cover Photo

It’s back…

After months of waiting the countdown is over and there will finally be zombies back on AMC when The Walking Dead Season 4 premieres tonight at 9pm.

There are a lot of questions coming into the new season… a lot of them come from the season preview trailer.

When does the Governor come back?

Is someone hitting the prison from the inside?

Who’s the first of the group to die?

Is Rick still crazy?

How is Daryl coping with the loss of Merle?

Where did Hershel’s new leg come from?

And that’s just the start.

I’ve been checking out the AMC website for photos and such that wouldn’t spoil the 1st episode or the season for me – but still get me excited for the action. You can find their entire selection here… But here are some that I’ve pulled to share with you the easy way.

Hershel and Rick The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview
Tyreese TWD Season 4 Preview
Daryl and Carol The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview

Glenn and Maggie The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview

Now, I want to know a couple things based on these photos… Where the heck did Hershel get a new leg? Was there a prosthetic in Woodbury? Did someone try some experimental surgery? How hard was the rehab of learning to walk again? Is Hershel combat ready again?

Is Tyreese taking a lead role in the protection of the group? Is he mentally capable of dealing with the leadership needs in the shit storm that is coming? Can he take it without breaking down? He doesn’t like the hard, bad, mean decisions like the ones the Governor made in Season 3. Will Rick’s calls be easier to stomach in Season 4?

Will Daryl and Carol finally tell each other that they are awesome and be in love already? She clearly makes him a better human and he makes her feel good instead of bad like Ed did for so long in her life. Geez, what a no-brainer.

And are Glenn and Maggie having a baby or is that just a hug? Will Judith have a little boyfriend by the end of the season/start of 5? Is Beth going to turn into the busiest babysitter in the post-Zombie Apocalypse era?

We know that the group is much, much larger now. That means that the need for supplies has grown and we can see from the photos and videos that there is some farming going on and I’m sure more runs are being taken to search the area.

But it also means they are easier to hit and hurt. And that’s where the early conflict will come from. People will die. That’s how this show works. And it looks like Rick is going to play a little bit of detective to try and figure out who dunnit and how. The why could be a lot of things. My top guess is someone loyal to the Governor trying to take everyone down from the inside.

I don’t know about you, but I sure am ready for this season of TV zombie killing to start.

Enjoy it kids.

And before you go, here are some more pics courtesy of and The Walking Dead’s Facebook Page
Glenn and Maggie The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview
Daryl and Michonne The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview
Michonne The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview
Rick and Carl The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview
Rick and Fence Walkers The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview
Rick and Fence Walkers The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview
The Walking Dead Cast
The Walking Dead Cast

4 years ago

40 Days and 40 Nights: The Walking Dead Season 4 Countdown

The Walking Dead Season 4 - AMC October 13
There are 40 days and nights remaining until AMC premieres The Walking Dead’s 4th season and ends that wait that has lasted since the season 3 finale aired on March 31, 2013. It’s been 5 long months. And we have more than 1 more to go. But, I have faith that it’s going to be worth it when the walkers and the group (along with their many new members) return to TV screens this fall.

Warning: If you aren’t caught up on The Walking Dead’s first 3 seasons, stop reading now and come back when you’re ready. This post does include spoilers.

Walkers in the Field The Walking Dead Season 4
We can see here that there will be no shortage of walkers. They will be everywhere. I don’t know if the larger group is making more noise and drawing them in. Or if the scent has wafted over time. Or heck, maybe the walkers just wandered over. Either way, they’ve got to be defended against and killed. From The Walking Dead Season 4 trailer (Comic-Con 2013) we know that at some point there is a walker situation in the prison that needs to be investigated and will likely cause casualties.

That’s sad. But to be expected. And will likely give us some tense moments before some violent moments and then some “I’m not crying, I just have something in my eye” moments.  I am not at all ready to make any predictions about who lives and who dies. But I do I have an observation based on the next image…

Daryl, Carol, Glenn, Herschel and Sasha Meeting The Walking Dead Season 4
So, observation time: In this photo of Carol, Daryl, Sasha, Glenn and Herschel sitting around having some sort of meeting it’s pretty clear to see the old farmer with 2 legs and 2 feet and 2 boots. So there’s either a little mix-up in the frames that ended up in the trailer OR Herschel got himself a prosthetic leg when the Woodbury move took place. If Herschel does have a new leg will he be suddenly more helpful and less of a liability as the group defends the prison against walkers and, presumably, The Governor or some other human threat at some point in the season.

Also, this image of 5 people having a meeting of the minds does not include Rick or Tyreese or Carl which makes me wonder what they’re talking about, what’s happened that brought them to this point and where does this meeting lead them?

Michonne and Maggie The Walking Dead Season 4
And now, some photos of some of our favourite characters. With the death of Andrea and the progression of Michonne in season 3 (especially episode 12 “Clear” when she bonds with Carl) I expect her to be “all in” with the group this season. I don’t know if she’s hurt in the image with Maggie shown above, but either way, it shows that she’s willing to be close with her and that is a good sign. Her skills and strengths are no doubt a significant piece of the group’s chance for survival.

Daryl and Carol The Walking Dead Season 4
It’s very, very, very fair to say that Daryl is the fan favourite on The Walking Dead. Everyone loves this character and his growth and bad-ass edge from the first 3 seasons. One of the questions that needs to be answered in season 4 is how much of a leader can Daryl be? If Rick does take a step back, will he take a step up. He has the skills and he’s matured and he is strong of will – 3 things that people want to stand behind. But does he want that mantle?  Time will tell.

I’m also curious to see if Carol and Daryl become a couple at some point in the season. Will it take a tense and emotional moment to bring them together, or will the evolution of their relationship just take them there? I don’t think that the audience will complain if they come together as I think they will.

Rick and Carl The Walking Dead Season 4
The last image is one of Rick and Carl. Seeing them together in the pig pen is important. It gives the immediate impression that perhaps father and son have smoothed things over. Maybe they’ve gotten back on the same page. Maybe they’ve got some mutual respect. Who knows. What we do know is that they are both going to be needed to feed the pigs and to help protect the group from the coming threats.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I’ve got The Walking Dead Season 4 trailer from Comic-Con – it’s right here for you. And if you want more from your favourite zombie infested TV show, check out the AMC website.

Get ready, there will be more goodies coming as The Walking Dead Season 4 gets closer.

4 years ago
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