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WayHome is Pressing Pause

If you’re like us, you were already thinking about next year’s WayHome Music & Arts Festival. Did we wonder what was up when a “Save The Date” wasn’t displayed at the end of the festival? We did.

Today we received a press release that read “Republic Live will push pause on the 2018 edition of WayHome Music & Arts – Republic Live, producers of WayHome Music & Arts have announced that the 2018 edition will be put on hold.

However, it seems clear that this won’t be the end for the 3 year old festival, because also included in the release were the comforting words, “this isn’t goodbye, just see you later.
WayHome - Light Sculptures WayHome Stage Night

The most intriguing thing about the release for us, was the indication of more things to come –  “a series of concerts and events throughout the summer of 2018, and [we] will continue to expand on the functionality of the privately owned Burl’s Creek Event Grounds venue.”

Republic Live’s CFO, David Cuddy added “The custom-designed 600+ acre site is beyond comparison to others in this area. We have a huge opportunity to develop music and other events at Burl’s Creek and will focus on these prospects over the next year and into the future.”

WayHome 2017 - PUP crowd

While we’re sad that we won’t have a 2018 WayHome Festival, we’re excited to see what fun things Republic Live has in store for us.

The first three years of WayHome included headlining performances by Neil Young and Promise of the Real, Kendrick Lamar and Sam Smith,The Killers, Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, Flume, Imagine Dragons and the rare appearance of Frank Ocean. We also saw stand out performances by Arkells, Hozier, Vance Joy, Cage The ElephantSt. Vincent and more.

See all of our 2015, 2016, and 2017 WayHome coverage here.

Crowded Places: BANKS at WayHome 2017

BANKS came north to Canada from Orange County to put on a show at WayHome 2017. With her dancers joining her, killer black boots, and a voice that sticks with you – she put on the kind of show you tell your friends about.

The singer/songwriter was on my list of sets I wanted to see, because I had a feeling that there was going to be something special. And while it wasn’t fireworks or confetti, the movement matched with the songs in the set were definitely worth seeing live.

If I were to try to sum it up, I guess it would look like this…

Badass, was the California songstress as she took over the WayHome main stage on Sunday.
Attacking and attracting the senses of the assembled crowd, with her voice, movement, wardrobe, and supporting red clad dancers.
Dancing, singing and love took over the Burl’s Creek field as the set moved the fans.
And with every song and move, BANKS reminded us why we were so excited to see her name on the 2017 lineup.
She continues to build her show, build her name, build her setlist, and build a fanbase that follows her.
See her for yourself the next time you have a chance. Be ready for a good time, and a ton of talent.

Mermaid: Skott at WayHome 2017

Soaked in the Sunday sun, Skott hit the WayHome 2017 main stage for her first North American festival AND first Canadian concert appearance.

As the Swedish songstress worked the stage, an afternoon crowd gathered, sitting and standing, and even singing along (which caught Skott off-guard, we learned later on when we caught up to chat) to her music. The vibe and groove moved through the WayHomies, and the set served as an excellent intro to more music on the last day of the festival.

After Skott was finished on stage and had a chance to catch her breath, we sat down with her (in front of a backdrop that conveniently mirrored the Swedish flag’s colours) to talk about her career, music origins, and what’s coming next.

We found out that Skott grew up with very traditional folk music, not knowing the world of pop or electronic songs. But, when she was 13 and moved to a new school with new friends – that all changed.

Think back to the music in the video games of your youth, the sounds and beats that meshed so well with the action on screen. Those sounds clicked for Skott and captivated her. Before long, she was creating her own music for the video games that her friends were coding. That was the start.

After that original experiment, Skott added lyrics and singing to her music – and that is what brings us to now. With videos released for Glitter & Gloss and Mermaid, and more than 20+ million Spotify streams, she is learning the business of music 1 step at a time, and she credits her band for helping her.

We asked Skott about her music and career and the music that she’s digging right now. She told us that MØ is making music that she digs, and that she’s excited to play with her this fall. She also told us that she probably doesn’t expose herself to as much as we would think – opting instead to listen to listen to more instrumental works when she emerges from the studio she compares to a cave.

Skott was gracious, thoughtful, analytical and soft spoken during our sit down. But on stage, this is an artist with a ton of voice, range, presence, and the potential to further her career and play bigger stages with bigger crowds and more recognition.

Keep an eye on Skott. And if you get the chance, catch her on tour with Phantogram this summer/fall!

Telefone: Noname at WayHome 2017

Chicago Hip-Hop artist and poet, Noname (Fatimah Warner), hit the WayHome main stage on Friday afternoon under the hot summer sun… and she slayed.

Noname’s critically acclaimed, and fan loved, 2016 mixtape, Telefone, celebrated it’s 1 year release anniversary on July 31 – making the WayHome performance a 3 days early celebration of that debut feat.

Take a look at the pics from the set, and stay tuned, you’re going to hear more from Noname in the future!

WayHome 2017 - No Name

Boyfriend: Tegan and Sara at WayHome 2017

As the sun set on Sunday night at WayHome 2017, Canadian favourites, Juno Award winners – and super talented women, Tegan and Sara hit the WayBright stage. The pre-headlining set (the last of the festival on the WayBright stage) was a highlight of the weekend, with thousands of music fans packed in for the show.

From the stage, the music, enthusiasm, and energy flowed. And in the audience, there was dancing, singing, and a celebration of music, love and all things good in the world. For an hour those feelings and that love spread across the fields in Oro-Medonte… we loved it.

Tegan and Sara were charming and funny and gracious on stage… and they dropped a little nugget – announcing that they will be touring this fall/winter (2017) and will hit the stage in Toronto to play the songs and spread the love again.

We’re still waiting for the official announcement, but it’s safe to say the upcoming Toronto Tegan and Sara show is going to land sometime between November 17 and December 24, 2017. Stay tuned for that!

And if you have a chance to see these two shining examples of acceptance and talent and humour and Canadian-ness in any city, on any stop of their tour – DO IT!

Click here for the dates: Tegan and Sara on Tour!

Tegan and Sara WayHome 2017 Setlist

★  Back In Your Head
★  How Come You Don’t Want Me
★  I Couldn’t Be Your Friend
★  Goodbye, Goodbye
★  Drove Me Wild
★  Shock To Your System
★  Alligator
★  Northshore
★  Living Room
★  Call It Off
★  Nineteen
★  Hang On To The Night
★  U-Turn
★  Boyfriend
★  Closer

Lights Out: Royal Blood at WayHome 2017

Saturday at WayHome was packed with dynamic rock and roll duos… and Royal Blood were part of that action on the WayBright stage!

The twosome from Brighton in the UK were at home and on fire in front of the Canadian fans, pumping out a ton of sound out of the speakers – more sound than you might think two dudes could rock out with in the summer sun.

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Big ups to Mike and Ben for their rock and roll show, and for giving the WayHome fans a chance and a reason to dance, sing, and cheer with tracks including, Lights Out, Come On Over, and I Only Lie When I Love You.

Freeze Me: Death From Above at WayHome 2017

Death From Above are back to their original name… and they’re still banging out loud rock and roll music like they always have. And their set on the main stage at WayHome 2017 was a ringing example of that fact.

With heavy hitting punch, right from the jump, Death From Above had the fans active and engaged – including a raucous bunch in an awesome mosh pit right in front of the stage. There were hands up, bodies moving, and crowd surfing bodies taking in, and becoming part of, the action.

Sebastien and Jesse pumped out their brand of rock to the sunny field of the WayHome main stage, giving their eager fans a taste of Always On, Trainwreck 1979, Right On, Frankenstein!, Freeze Me, and more as the Toronto duo produced a whole lot of sound… especially considering it’s just the two of them!

If you’ve ever wondered if Death From Above has still got it, they do. And if you’re wondering if you should go see them live in 2017, you should!

WayHome 2017: Day 1 Photo Highlights, Rannie

WayHome 2017 kicked off on Friday with live music on three stages – and a whole lot of dancing. From 2 o’clock in the afternoon til just after 1am on Saturday morning, the music played!

Check out my favourite photos from the day, including shots of festival goers, Belle Game, Phantogram, Dashboard Confessional, Foster The People, Flume, and more – and stay tuned because more WayHome coverage is coming!

WayHome 2017 Day 1 Highlights

Belle Game

WayHome 2017 - Belle Game


WayHome 2017 - No Name

The Naked And Famous

WayHome 2017 - The Naked and Famous

Dashboard Confessional

WayHome 2017 - Dashboard Confessional


WayHome 2017 - Phantogram

Foster The People

WayHome 2017 - Foster The People

The Shins

WayHome 2017 - Shins


WayHome 2017

WayHome 2017 - Tribe shot WayHome 2017 - Love Yourself

Friday Night Dance Party: Flume at WayHome 2017

The WayHome mainstage had its first electronic headliner on Friday night as Flume hit the stage with his dance inspiring set and turned the night into a full fledged party. People of all genders, races, and ages came together in the field at Burl’s Creek Event Grounds with no inhibitions, no worries, and to dance like no one was watching. And it was awesome.

With a light show to match the beats of his set, the Aussie performer/producer worked over the crowd from On Top at the start of his set to Free at the end. And at all points in between, he addressed the WayHome faithful, encouraging them to get their hands up and participate in the music as it washed over them.

For over an hour we saw girls on shoulders, felt the bass beat into our chests and through our feet, and long before the 75 minute set was over, we understood why WayHome brought 25 year old, Harley Edward Streten to play the main stage on the first night of the festival.

Check out more of Rannie’s photos from set, and hit play to listen to On Top and Free from Flume’s extensive library of dancy hits.

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