5 Things We Hope To Get From The Spice Girls Reunion!

In 1998 The Spice Girls told us to Stop (thank you very much), and pop music lovers did exactly as they were instructed. And 20 years later, all five of the original Girl Power pop stars from the UK look to be back for a reunion that will make Millennials flash back to their school days.

Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, Mel B, Mel C, Victoria Beckham were once five of the biggest stars and celebrities in the world. They had hit singles, toured everywhere to sold out crowds, inspired young girls and women alike, and even made their own feature movie that remains a cult classic. To think about them coming back to the spotlight as a complete group, even if it’s for a limited engagement, is pretty outstanding when it comes to the nostalgia driven ways of entertainment.

We don’t know exactly what to expect from Spice World 2.0, but we now what we’re hoping to get from Baby, Ginger, Scary, Sporty, and Posh in 2018…


We know this sounds super obvious, but if there’s going to be a Spice Girls reunion, we hope there are new songs to go along with the classic and beloved library from the original run of the group. There’s a new album rumoured as part of the reunion… so we should get what we want here.

If these five women are going to give it a shot, the best thing we can hope for is to have them release new music, and watch it climb the charts.


The Spice Girls knew how to have a good time. Whether they were dancing in the middle of the street, or running around through a mansion making a mess of things and enjoying life, they had fun.

We can only hope that the 2018 version of the Spice Girls has the same silly will to make everyone smile while they do what they do.


Baby, Ginger, Sporty, Scary, and Posh were sassy women, and we loved it. Part of their super power was being boss, and they nailed it in that role.

We’re hoping to see more hands held up in faces, sarcastic jokes, cocky attitude, and awesomeness as the Spice Girls comes back to us after being too long gone.

Sex Appeal

These five women were sexy in the late 90s, and they’re sexy now. They always rocked what was comfortable to each of them, bringing sexy to their own personalities in the best way.

There was no one sexy look that these five women had to squeeze into, they were allowed to be themselves, and let their sex appeal shine through. We’re hopeful that the more mature and experienced versions of Emma, Geri, Mel B., Mel C, and Victoria do the same in 2018.

Girl Power

The world has always and will always need strong, smart women – and the Spice Girls can be just that. Yes, they have fun and are silly, but they are also bosses, and making the decision to come back together as a unit is powerful.

We hope they can help to influence and empower a new generation of girls and women the way they did in the 90s. It was an amazing and special thing that we might not give enough credit to now.

Note: There are currently reports online that Victoria Beckham will not be included in the 2018 Spice Girls reunion… but we’re still hoping that we get all give women when things shake out.


reputation: Taylor Swift Album Review

In case you missed it, Taylor Swift dropped a monster 15 track record on Friday, officially beginning the reputation era.

It’s impossible not to know that this album was coming, or that it’s here. T.Swift is a star as bright as we have in music. And whether you wish you were part of her squad or not, you know that she’s got a million eyes and ears on her.

The 27 year old singer shows off her pop life on all 15 songs on reputation. From the songwriting to the production, there’s no country here. And while many fans of her early work will still bitch about the music she makes now, and pine over the music they loved, the Swifties that are still by her side are in on this album. And so am I.

Whether it’s …Ready For It?, End Game (ft. Ed Sheeran and Future), Getaway Car, or King Of My Heart, I find myself jamming along in my chair and confirming that Taylor Swift is a hit maker, and I’m here for it now and already can’t wait to see what she does next.

Note: Congratulations to Taylor on her Country Music Association award win for writing Song Of The Year, Better Man, performed by Little Big Town. Not a bad addition to a big week!

If you’ve been on the internet at all anytime after Friday’s release (especially on Buzzfeed Music) you’ve seen the think pieces and reactions and 98 thoughts people have had listening to reputation.

And because the internet can’t help but love and hate Taylor Swift, there are a lot of hot takes and theories about this record. We haven’t talked to T.Swizzle about the songs here, but there’s a lot of sex and drinking – and while this doesn’t feel like a concept album dedicated to those themes, it’s a pop record that isn’t shying away from either subject, and clearly embraces them.

Taylor also continues to do what she does, writing and singing about her life, the headlines, the behind-the-scenes, and the carefully decided details that she’s willing to share. We know that this is the way it’s always been. We know that it’s going to cause raised eyebrows. And we definitely know that it’s going to cause theories like ‘Dress is about Ed Sheeran’ from fans, because it feels like every story must be a true story.

Note: I’d like to take a quick second to applaud Taylor for putting 15 songs on reputation. We’re so used to shorter EPs now, and even 10 track full albums, that this feels like special bonus of music that we didn’t know we were actually going to get.

As every album I love does, reputation has one song that I can’t stop listening to…

Don’t Blame Me is a killer track and wins the album for me. From the first time I listened through the album, track four slapped me in the face in the best way. From the beats to the vocals, the lyrics, and the moment at the three minute mark where the music’s gone and we hear “Lord save me, my drug is my baby, I’ll be usin’ for the rest of my life” as strong as she’s ever been – damn, it wins!

It’s a huge bummer that reputation is not yet available on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify – however, it’s coming, we’re sure. And reputation is available for purchase, which, we recommend.

Not everyone is going to love this album. That’s the reality of pop music and the polarizing figure that is Taylor Swift. BUT, if you like Taylor, and you’re looking for 15 songs that will contribute 56 minutes to your day’s soundtrack – we recommend you check it out.

Taylor Swift, Reputation Tracklist

1. …Ready For It?
2. End Game (ft. Ed Sheeran & Future)
3. I Did Something Bad
4. Don’t Blame Me
5. Delicate
6. Look What You Made Me Do
7. So It Goes…
8. Gorgeous
9. Getaway Car
10. King Of My Heart
11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied
12. Dress
13. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
14. Call It What You Want
15. New Year’s Day

Indie Week 2017 Independent Women: Supermarket, presented by M88 Entertainment Group

M88 Entertainment Group LogoPresented by M88 Entertainment Group

Indie Week continued on Thursday night as we hit the Supermarket to see more talented women show Toronto music fans what they’ve got.

The M88 Entertainment Group showcase had a stacked bill which had us stopping in to check out Amanda Jordan, Alessia Cohle, and Alexis Lynn. It was fantastic to see more women on stage, and experiencing their sets.

As a sponsor of Indie Week, and the showcase organizers, M88 continued to show their support for emerging talent. We’ve seen it at events like this before, and we know that artists like Alessia Cohle have greatly benefitted from the branding, development, strategy, and management services that they offer to up and coming artists. They’re tag line is pretty clear, “We focus on the business, so you can focus on the music.”.

Amanda Jordan started the show, working with her guitar player to fill the room with music and start grabbing the attention of the assembled Indie Week crowd.

The Smith Falls, ON native was strong and smooth on stage, with a sweet voice and seemed to be effortless as she displayed all the little nuances that makes a live vocal performance special.

Amanda worked through her set of originals and covers, playing her 2014 single, Lettin’ It Go Tonight, as well as more recently tracks including Driving In The Dark, Unknow You, You Fit Me Better, and Kinda Like A Guy Like You, which Amanda performed for the first time in front of a live crowd.

It was great to hear Amanda’s versions of Miranda Lambert’s heartbreaking Tin Man, as well as Rascal Flatts more upbeat, I Like The Sound Of That. The two covers were a good balance, and rounded out the set well.

We’re not sure what’s coming next for Amanda, but we won’t at all be surprised if we start seeing and hearing more from her in the near future.

Alessia Cohle hit the stage next, bringing a full band and her own mix of originals and covers to the Supermarket crowd for Indie Week.

The Mississauga, On native came prepared to show off her voice, and her ability to perform on stage. Her energy was palpable, and it was easy to see the growth and strength that has come over the last couple of years since we were first introduced to the country singer.

Alessia played a selection of songs from her 2016 album, Talk To Me, as well as her brand new EP, Wanderlust, which was released on November 3.

Songs like the two title tracks, along with How Bad, Two Steps Ahead, and More all helped to show off the sound and vibe that Cohle is cultivating in her young career, and they offer a look into where she may be headed in the future.

Her choices of covers on the evening were a lot of fun too. With Kelsea Ballerini’s Love Me Like You Mean It, Lady Antebellum’s You Look Good, Elle King’s Ex’s And Oh’s, Carrie Underwood’s Smoke Break, Dusty Springfield’s Son Of A Preacher Man, and Maren Morris’s My Church all hitting their mark and encouraging the Thursday night audience to sing along.

Look for Alessia to hit a lot of stages in the next few months to play her new material, and then be ready for what comes next after that.

Alexis Lynn, all the way from Vancouver, BC was our last Indie Week act of the evening. The teenaged singer/songwriter brought her pop/R&B vibe to the stage and showed off what she’s got in a strong way.

Already tabbed as a top 20 under 20 talent in the 2016 CBC Searchlight Contest, the 18 year old showed all of the confidence you’d ever hope to see from a teenager on stage. And while she admitted that she’s most comfortable on the keys, she stripped it down to play her own acoustic guitar and didn’t miss a beat.

Alexis Lynn told the Toronto crowd that she’s working towards an EP release sometime soon, and to be honest, it won’t be soon enough. The power and smoothness in her voice was attention grabbing, and when she announced that she was going to play a cover by one of her favourites, nobody should have been surprised when she started singing Alicia Keys’ Fallin’.

Original songs like Same Girl, That Kiss, Even Friends, and I Love You I Do, all worked to show off what she’s got ready to share with the musical world. And her closing number, Promises, did an excellent job of wrapping things up in style.

Alexis Lynn, along with her guitar/keys/beats player Caesar, brought a groove that people danced and bobbed and rocked to from start to finish.

She’s one to watch.

Check out some more photos from Thursday night at Indie Week, and stay tuned for more live music coverage!

Amanda Jordan

Alessia Cohle

Alexis Lynn

Music’s Best Moustaches, presented by the Moustache Growers Union Local 416647

Presented by the Moustache Growers Union Local 416647

We have always been big fans and big supporters of Movember!

This year, thereviewsarein is participating to help raise awareness and funds to support men’s health initiatives as part of the Moustache Growers Union Local 416647… and we’re excited for the rest of the month.

To help celebrate, we’ve got some fun content coming that we’ll share with you all soon. But for today, we’re reaching into the internet archives to shout out 10 amazing moustaches from the world of music.

Many of these mustachioed men are no longer with us – but we remember them, their music, and their facial hair fondly.

We haven’t put them in order, because they’re too good to rank. But we welcome you to leave a comment telling us which moustache you like best!

Jimi Hendrix

The Beatles


Freddie Mercury

Lionel Richie

Jesse Hughes

Alan Jackson

George Michael


Kix Brooks

Love Rebellion: Schyler London Q&A and Jabra Contest

Schyler London is ready to share her music with the world, and the release of her debut EP, Love Rebellion is the first step.

Schyler’s seven song offering comes from a love for music and belief that it can change the world for people that need it. London says, “This world can be a mean place and all I want to do (through my music) is be able to give someone a little breakthrough of light, when all they can see is the dark.”. And with tracks like Beautiful leading the way, she’s on the right track.

To celebrate the release of Schyler London’s EP, we caught up with her for a little Q&A session, and we’re offering a sweet giveaway to you. Check out Schyler’s answers to our questions, and enter for your chance to win a pair of Jabra Halo Free Bluetooth earphones. These bad boys are comfortable as heck with three wearing styles to give you a perfect fit – and they’ll let you take your calls wherever you are, helping you to stay on top of your day with music, and the people you need to connect with.

Thanks to Schyler for taking the time to talk. Check it out – then watch the video for Beautiful, listen to all of the Love Rebellion EP and enter the contest!

Q) How does it feel to have these songs on Love Rebellion out to share with the world?

Schyler) It’s been amazing. Unreal. I can’t even believe this happening. It’s a dream come true and I’m excited to share these songs.

Q) Are there any artists that have inspired your musical style and performance as you’ve started your career?

Schyler) Rihanna. I love how fearless she is.

Q) Is there an overarching message that you think flows through these songs or what you want to share when you make music?

Schyler) I want people to feel stronger after listening to these songs. I want them to feel that they aren’t alone, and they can get through whatever is going on. Empowered would be a great word.

Q) What is your favourite thing about the music making process, from recording, release day, videos, live performances… anything.

Schyler) I love being in the studio. It’s my favourite place. I also love the whole video process. It’s so interesting, and like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.

Q) If you were on a long drive and could only listen to one album on repeat without changing it, what album would you choose?

Schyler) Rihanna’s first album (Music Of The Sun).

Ready to enter that contest we mentioned? Here you go!

It’s easy, use the widget, earn up to 9 entries, and you could be the winner of these awesome Jabra Halo Free Bluetooth® Earphones

New Music Spotlight: Terra Lightfoot, Brett Kissel, Barney Bentall, Domeno and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

In our latest installment of the New Music Spotlight, we’re bringing you new music from Terra Lightfoot, Brett Kissel, Barney Bentall, Domeno and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Give them a listen and let us know what you think. And if you’re an artist who has new music coming up, get in touch!

Let’s do this!

The Music

The Music

Artist: Terra Lightfoot
Hometown: Waterdown, ON
Genre: Roots Rock
Related Artists: Joel Plaskett, Matt Mays, Amelia Curran
Single: Paradise
Notes: Paradise is the lead single from Terra’s upcoming album New Mistakes, which will be out on October 13th on the Sonic Unyon label.

“On stages in France, the UK and across Canada, Lightfoot has performed alongside heavyweights like Emmylou Harris, Ron Sexsmith, Gordon Lightfoot, Blue Rodeo, The Rheostatics, Grace Potter, The Both, Built to Spill, Sloan, Arkells, Basia Bulat, Albert Lee, James Burton, The Sadies, Steve Strongman, Monster Truck and Daniel Lanois.”

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify

Artist: Brett Kissel
Hometown: Flat Lake, AB
Genre: Country
Related Artists: Chad Brownlee, Dean Brody, Dallas Smith, Jojo Mason
Single: We Were That Song
Notes: This song is classic Brett Kissel, making us want to sing along. The live performance was shot at Toronto’s Dakota Tavern.  The song is catchy and fun with a great story. Brett is on tour and you can find tour dates here. 

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify

Artist: Barney Bentall
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Genre: Rock
Related Artists: Tom Cochrane, Blue Rodeo, The Odds
Single: The Miner (featuring Dustin Bentall)
Notes: Mark October 10th on your calendars, Barney is releasing his next studio recording The Drifter and The Preacher via True North Records. Want to get a preview of the album and maybe hear some favourites? Tickets are on sale for his October 12th performance at Toronto’s Dakota Tavern and you can get them here. Not in Toronto? Tour dates here!

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify

Artist: Domeno
Hometown: Montreal, QC
Genre: Dance/Pop
Related Artists: Dirty Ducks, Arston, Paris & Simo
Single: Lies (featuring Zagata)
Notes: Performing worldwide, Domeno has caught the attention of David Guetta, Tiesto Hardwell and more. Lies was released under Elisa Recordings/ Mama’s Boy Music Group / Believe Digital. Domeno has a fun energy and this track is a great collaboration with Zagata.

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify

Artist: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Rock
Related Artists:
Single: Little Thing Gone Wild
Notes: New music from BRMC. This is the first release from their upcoming studio album, Wrong Creatures. January 12th is the release date for the new LP, but the band heads out on a world tour on October 23. Tour dates here!

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify

10 More Awesome Country Covers: Part 5

I love country covers of pop songs. It’s proof of the quality and versatility of the song, it’s fun as hell to sing along to, and when it’s live and the crowd is into it – it can be a big highlight on the night.

So, here we are with the fifth edition of 10 more awesome country covers, featuring some of our favourite new covers, and some that we’ve pulled from a few years ago.

This list also includes a country cover of a pop song… by the artist that recorded the pop song. AND, a pop cover of a country song that we love.

So, check ’em out one by one, sing along, and stay tuned for more awesome country covers part 6.

Listen to the tracks, enjoy, and leave a comment telling us which country cover you like best.

10 More Awesome Country Covers

10 More Awesome Country Covers: Part 2

10 More Awesome Country Covers: Part 3

10 More Awesome Country Covers: Part 4

Brett Young – Hallelujah

Thomas Rhett – Cold Water

Kira Isabella – Missing You

Dylan Scott – Closer

Cam – Uptown Funk

Johnson Crook – Listen to the Music

Leaving Thomas – Dance With Somebody

The Lovelocks – Time After Time

Jess Moskaluke – Starships

Miley Cyrus – See You Again

Bonus Pop Cover of a Country Song: Haim – That Don’t Impress Me Much

Mermaid: Skott at WayHome 2017

Soaked in the Sunday sun, Skott hit the WayHome 2017 main stage for her first North American festival AND first Canadian concert appearance.

As the Swedish songstress worked the stage, an afternoon crowd gathered, sitting and standing, and even singing along (which caught Skott off-guard, we learned later on when we caught up to chat) to her music. The vibe and groove moved through the WayHomies, and the set served as an excellent intro to more music on the last day of the festival.

After Skott was finished on stage and had a chance to catch her breath, we sat down with her (in front of a backdrop that conveniently mirrored the Swedish flag’s colours) to talk about her career, music origins, and what’s coming next.

We found out that Skott grew up with very traditional folk music, not knowing the world of pop or electronic songs. But, when she was 13 and moved to a new school with new friends – that all changed.

Think back to the music in the video games of your youth, the sounds and beats that meshed so well with the action on screen. Those sounds clicked for Skott and captivated her. Before long, she was creating her own music for the video games that her friends were coding. That was the start.

After that original experiment, Skott added lyrics and singing to her music – and that is what brings us to now. With videos released for Glitter & Gloss and Mermaid, and more than 20+ million Spotify streams, she is learning the business of music 1 step at a time, and she credits her band for helping her.

We asked Skott about her music and career and the music that she’s digging right now. She told us that MØ is making music that she digs, and that she’s excited to play with her this fall. She also told us that she probably doesn’t expose herself to as much as we would think – opting instead to listen to listen to more instrumental works when she emerges from the studio she compares to a cave.

Skott was gracious, thoughtful, analytical and soft spoken during our sit down. But on stage, this is an artist with a ton of voice, range, presence, and the potential to further her career and play bigger stages with bigger crowds and more recognition.

Keep an eye on Skott. And if you get the chance, catch her on tour with Phantogram this summer/fall!

Boyfriend: Tegan and Sara at WayHome 2017

As the sun set on Sunday night at WayHome 2017, Canadian favourites, Juno Award winners – and super talented women, Tegan and Sara hit the WayBright stage. The pre-headlining set (the last of the festival on the WayBright stage) was a highlight of the weekend, with thousands of music fans packed in for the show.

From the stage, the music, enthusiasm, and energy flowed. And in the audience, there was dancing, singing, and a celebration of music, love and all things good in the world. For an hour those feelings and that love spread across the fields in Oro-Medonte… we loved it.

Tegan and Sara were charming and funny and gracious on stage… and they dropped a little nugget – announcing that they will be touring this fall/winter (2017) and will hit the stage in Toronto to play the songs and spread the love again.

We’re still waiting for the official announcement, but it’s safe to say the upcoming Toronto Tegan and Sara show is going to land sometime between November 17 and December 24, 2017. Stay tuned for that!

And if you have a chance to see these two shining examples of acceptance and talent and humour and Canadian-ness in any city, on any stop of their tour – DO IT!

Click here for the dates: Tegan and Sara on Tour!

Tegan and Sara WayHome 2017 Setlist

★  Back In Your Head
★  How Come You Don’t Want Me
★  I Couldn’t Be Your Friend
★  Goodbye, Goodbye
★  Drove Me Wild
★  Shock To Your System
★  Alligator
★  Northshore
★  Living Room
★  Call It Off
★  Nineteen
★  Hang On To The Night
★  U-Turn
★  Boyfriend
★  Closer

Lay It On Me: Vance Joy at WayHome 2017

Two years after his first appearance at WayHome, Vance Joy returned – and this time he took over the main stage to the delight of thousands of fans in the Oro-Medonte field.

We saw James Keogh play his set in 2015 on the WayBright stage as music fans were first coming to know the Aussie sensation. Before the T.Swift tour, and just as Fire And The Flood was reaching fans, we fell for what he’s got. And this weekend at WayHome 2017, we fell for it all over again.

WayHome 2017 - Vance Joy

Related: Fire and the Flood: Vance Joy at WayHome 2015

As soon as Vance Joy came on stage, the crowd popped. There were cheers and screams and all kinds of love. And when the music started and Mess Is Mine came through the speakers, the singing in the crowd started as well, and it rarely stopped for the next hour.

As the sun shone and more fans came to the stage, the set continued with the songs that Vance Joy fans have listened to, learned, and memorized over the last few years. There were hands in the air and dancing, and on stage, there was a million dollar smile to go along with that sweet sweet voice that makes Vance Joy a star.

Our favourite sing along moment came near the end of the set when Fire And The Flood rang through the rows with the energy and love that live music provides. It was a great moment and a great reminder of why we love concerts and festivals and singer/songwriters.

WayHome 2017 - Vance Joy

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Joy is a star, there’s not arguing it or denying it. And he’s got the kind of talent that continues to translate to records and radio – which is why we expect to be seeing more of him in the future. And you should too.

Vance Joy WayHome 2017 Setlist

★ Mess Is Mine
★ From Afar
★ Wasted Time
★ Red Eye
★ Lay It On Me
★ Call If You Need Me
★ Georgia
★ Best That I Can
★ Take Your Time
★ Fire And The Flood
★ You Can Call Me Al/Cheerleader (Paul Simon/Omi)
★ Riptide

WayHome 2017 - Vance Joy WayHome 2017 - Vance JoyWayHome 2017 - Vance Joy WayHome 2017 - Vance Joy WayHome 2017 - Vance Joy WayHome 2017 - Vance Joy WayHome 2017 - Vance Joy WayHome 2017 - Vance Joy WayHome 2017 - Vance Joy WayHome 2017 - Vance JoyWayHome 2017 - Vance Joy

Calgary Stampede 2017: Jonathan Roy Photo Review

I’ve been waiting to see his guy perform for awhile!!! So much talent from Jonathan Roy at the 2017 Calgary Stampede!

Check out the photos from Jonathan’s set on the Coca-Cola stage – and get yourself tickets to see him the next chance you get!

Jonathan Roy at the 2017 Calgary Stampede

Calgary Stampede 2017: Marianas Trench Photo Review

Marianas Trench never disappoints, and that was the case again this year at the Calgary Stampede on the Coca-Cola Stage!

Josh, Matt, Mike and Ian were at the top of their game. Have a look at some of our favourite photos, and go see them live when you have the chance.

Marianas Trench at the 2017 Calgary Stampede

Calgary Hearts Live: iHeartRadio WestFest Review

On Saturday, July 8, 2017, Calgary hosted one of the biggest and hottest parties of the summer; Virgin Radio and The Source presented Calgary’s first ever iHeart Radio WestFest at Shaw Millennium Park!

Featuring performances by Scott Helman, Ria Mae, Hedley, Fifth Harmony, Iggy Azalea, Massari, Midland, Ruth B, Noah Cyrus, Virginia to Vegas and so much more, this was the place to be!

I have to say, we have been super lucky with the beautiful weather for Calgary’s festival season this summer, Saturday’s temperatures stayed between 30-33 all day/night. The hot temperatures though didn’t stop the crowd from dancing and enjoying all the acts throughout the day.

Note: See photos of Iggy Azalea, Fifth Harmony, Hedley, Ria Mae, Scott Helman, and Noah Cyrus at the bottom of this post!

Everyone loved the cold drinks, treats, complimentary merchandise and blasting of water into the crowd during artist changes. iHeart had many activities going on during set breaks to keep everyone of all ages entertained and hydrated.

I don’t even know where to start with the incredible lineup, speaking to a bunch of fans throughout the day the most anticipated acts were Iggy Azalea, Fifth Harmony and Hedley. For myself I couldn’t wait for those three acts as well.

Iggy had the crowd screaming and cheering from start to finish, she had everyone on their feet dancing and singing the whole time, I even caught myself dancing a little bit! She has constantly peaked among the top five of several worldwide charts and continuously climbing and collaborating with the best in the industry.

Related: iHeartRadio WestFest: Iggy Azalea Full Photo Review

Up next was one of the most popular female groups who placed third in the second season of the American televised singing competition X Factor, Fifth Harmony. These ladies are full of girl power! They have achieved triple platinum certification and reached the top ten in thirteen countries with their hit songs Boss, Sledgehammer and Worth It. All four of their voices are very unique and powerful; they all compliment one another so well in singing/performing on stage. The energy these ladies brought to stage will forever be unforgettable, from the choreography and atmosphere they definitely grabbed the attention from everyone.

Related: iHeartRadio WestFest: Fifth Harmony Full Photo Review

One of my favourite artists, Hedley never fails to entertain; I wish I could have the energy that Jacob has when he performs. Saturday night I was especially excited to see Hedley perform, as it was the 10th time I’ve photographed them. What I love so much about Hedley is how happy and positive everyone is. The amount of strangers I saw hugging, dancing and laughing together is the biggest reason why I love concert photography so much. Whether it was a sad song or a happy uplifting song everyone was appreciating the meanings behind Hedley’s songs and connecting with one another!

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I cannot wait for more festivals this summer and seeing the crowd unite with one another, this is going to be a summer full of unforgettable memories!!

Thank you iHeart Radio for creating a wonderful festival!

Iggy Azalea at iHeartRadio WestFest

Ria Mae at iHeartRadio WestFest

Fifth Harmony at iHeartRadio WestFest

Scott Helman at iHeartRadio WestFest

Hedley at iHeartRadio WestFest

Noah Cyrus at iHeartRadio WestFest

iHeartRadio WestFest: Fifth Harmony Photo Review

On Saturday, July 8 in Calgary, Fifth Harmony took the stage at iHeartRadio WestFest and danced, dazzled, and sang their way into hearts from the front row to the back.

Check out the photos from Fifth Harmony’s set, and share your favourites with your friends!

Fifth Harmony at iHeartRadio WestFest

iHeartRadio WestFest: Hedley Photo Review

On Saturday, July 8 in Calgary, Canadian good time boys and pop/rock radio and stage stars Hedley hit iHeartRadio WestFest and did what they do best… rocked the stage.

Check out the photos from Hedley’s set, and share your favourites with your friends!

Hedley at iHeartRadio WestFest

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