Casualties: Break The Trend Album Review

It’s been two years since North Bay-based band Break The Trend released their three-song EP Talk is Cheap. In that time, bass player Pat Pharand left but they’ve continued to record music. On September 8th the band released their first full-length album, Casualties and we’ve been listening to it all week.

Before we dive into the music I wanted to quickly note how much I liked the cover art. Fortin Images has created a moody, dystopian eye-catching cover which is beautiful and disturbing at the same time. The amazing orange colour paired with the smoky gas masked clad individual is pretty memorable.

Break The Trend, Casualties Tracklist

1. Fight Another Day
2. Casualties
3. Control
4. Fight Your Reality
5. Machine
6. Cocaine
7. Stratosphere
8. Hey Darlin’

With eight tracks, Casualties comes in at just under 33 minutes and takes us through an emotional journey of survival, betrayal, addiction and more. My favourite tracks are Fight Your Reality and Fight Another Day, Cocaine and Hey Darlin’.

Finishing the record with the song, Hey Darlin’, a previously released track, was a great idea. It’s an energetic, positive, upbeat party track to end the album and it’s already grabbed the band some radio play. It’s the story of attraction, the dances we do when something is new and the promise of something to come. It’s got great guitars and a super catchy chorus.

Overall I like it, it’s got a positive message to keep going, the lyrics are relatable and it makes me want to move my head along while I’m listening. All good things.

Break The Trend are John Fournier on lead vocals and guitar, Alex Lajambe on percussion and vocals and Lucas Mullins on lead guitar. The guys have spent some time in many of our favourite Toronto haunts like The Horseshoe Tavern, The Bovine and Lee’s Palace where they’ll be performing on September 21st – it’s $7.00 at the door.

Break The Trend Casualties

Break The Trend - photo by Fortin Images

Photo Credit: Fortin Images from BTT’s Facebook Page

Iron & Ashes: Andrew Hyatt Album Review and Q&A

Sometimes it’s hard not to write about artists and albums without using tired adjectives and metaphors. Sometimes it’s easy to just lean on previously printed sentiment and move on. But sometimes it isn’t easy, sometimes there’s more to the story, and more to the music.

It really feels like this is one of those times.

Andrew Hyatt isn’t new to the country music scene in Ontario or Canada. Country fans know him from his radio singles, That’s How I’m Living, MGR (Me And A Girl And A Radio), and his most recent release, the CMT featured, She Ain’t You. Those who have listened know that Andrew is the real deal, that he’s got the voice to back up the songs and the songs to connect with listeners. And those who have seen him on stage know that he’s not a studio creation.

And now, with the release of his debut full-length album, Iron & Ashes, Andrew Hyatt seems ready to show more people, open more eyes, and put himself in a brighter spotlight.

The disc (or download, or stream) offers 12 tracks, moving smoothly from top to bottom, and telling stories that are all too relatable. Hyatt isn’t just singing about girls and beer and pickup trucks. He’s not just selling promises of good times and sunshine. He’s telling stories that feel real. These are songs that will allow you to close your eyes and either remember a time in your life, or create a movie in your head of what this thing might look like. This album is complete, not just because it features 12 tracks and not four, but because it completes a journey, it takes its time with you, and it gives you everything it’s got. Yes, it would be awesome if there were another six songs tacked on the end, but nobody is going to feel cheated when the acoustic cut of She Ain’t You finishes playing.

We’ve had the chance recently to talk to, and about, Andrew more than once. We saw him live twice during Canadian Music Week, where he poured it all out, sweating and singing and slaying on stage – and we gladly told stories about those sets. We also had the opportunity to help feature Andrew Hyatt as the Country Music Association of Ontario’s Artist of the Month for May 2017. Telling a little bit more about where he’s from, the work he’s put in, and how far we think he can go.

But this post isn’t about that. It’s about telling you that Andrew Hyatt has a collection of songs on Iron & Ashes that deserve to be heard, played, replayed, sung along to, and listened to in silence. There’s no wrong way to consume this record. It isn’t one dimensional. Like we said, it connects.

Iron & Ashes Tracklist

1. That’s How I’m Living
2. MGR (Me And A Girl And A Radio)
3. She Ain’t You – Band Version
4. Girl I Do
5. Can’t Win ‘Em All
6. Goodbye Gone
7. Running On Empty
8. We Only Kiss On Sundays
9. Most Of Me
10. On Me
11. Laid Back Easy
12. She Ain’t You

We don’t grade albums, we don’t give out stars, we don’t put our thumbs up or down – but we do recommend music that we like, and that we think you’ll like.

This is that music. It passes our subjective tests, and we believe that it’s worthy of your time and attention.

We also think that Andrew Hyatt is a star in the making, a name that you’re going to get used to hearing, and a good dude on top of that.

We had the chance to catch up with Mr. Hyatt to ask him about the album, playing live, and cover bands – and while we didn’t ask him to rank himself as a social thinker, deep drinker, good time chaser or, good love maker, we may have to the next time we catch him.

Thanks to Andrew for his time and his answers. Check out the Q&A now, and hit play on the stream to listen to Iron & Ashes.

Trust us.

Q. If you could use 1 word to describe the feeling of Iron & Ashes
coming out, what would it be?

AH. Thankful

Q. Did you have a goal or theme in mind when you were writing the songs
for the album?

AH. I had been going through a lot of changes in my personal life and I really needed to write it down.

There was a quote by Leo Tolstoy that says: “truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.”

That sort of set me in the direction of writing the record and how refining life can be uncomfortable but worth it.

Q. She Ain’t You grabbed a lot of people’s attention. What do you think
it is about that song that connects with people?

AH. Honestly it’s relatable. I got really vulnerable and honest on that song.. people connect because they’ve all lived it.

Q. What is your favourite thing about playing a stripped down set?

AH. I love being able to tell the stories and let people in a little more on the intimacy of the songs.

Q. What is your favourite thing about playing a set with the full band?

AH. The energy of standing in stage with some of your best friends is amazing. Before shows, no matter how tired we are we always remind each other that at 65 (if we make it) we will be wishing for it !

Q. If you were going to front a cover band, who would you be covering?

AH. I’d be in an Alan Jackson cover band just so I could grow a duster and water ski in jeans!

Note: If you don’t know what Andrew’s talking about, click this link ->

Q. In 25 words or less, describe what Iron & Ashes is to you as an album?

AH. Most of this record I was given the opportunity to just make music and put it out… it’s scary but I’m proud of the end result.

And proud he should be.

Listen to Andrew Hyatt’s Iron & Ashes now…

Drinkin’ Problem: Midland Comes North to Toronto

On a quiet Tuesday in Toronto, with much of the music community still hungover from Canadian Music Week, three dudes from Texas made their first visit to Canada and played a showcase at the Dakota Tavern.

Midland, all the way from small town Dripping Springs, TX, hit the small stage in front of fans and industry and showed everyone why they’re being pegged as fast risers and the next big thing.

Mark Wystrach, Jess Carson, and Cameron Duddy make up the band. Writing, singing, and playing together, these guys are legit. They strum and pick and croon together, offering harmonies that reminded us of Alabama in their smoothness, richness, and quality. Don’t get us wrong, they aren’t Alabama 2.0, that’s not their sound, but they are sweet, sweet, sweet to listen to.

Their debut EP, Midland, was released in October 2016, and features 5 tracks that do an excellent job of introducing the band to fans of country music. They also hooked up with Spotify at SXSW 2016, which turned into the Spotify Sessions playlist that was released in January of this year.

Note: The boys quickly became familiar with Toronto and Canada press, hitting three TV outlets on their day in the city, before even thinking about getting to the Dakota for a cold beer and their stage time.

Having taken a listen to the Spotify Sessions, I felt like I had a heads up for what has going to come in the stripped down live show… and maybe I did, but my expectations were still quickly blown away. To see three guys so locked in, in such a small and intimate setting, was awesome. To hear their voices play off of, and join each other, was fantastic. And to remember that we’re going to have the chance to watch them do it again, bigger and louder, at Boots & Hearts 2017, was the bonus.

We heard Midland move through tracks we’ve heard including, Check Cashing Country (hit play on the video clip), This Old Heart, Burn Out, and Champagne For The Pain… and we were treated to Altitude Adjustment, which is a wonderfully cheeky love song to the state of Colorado, and their legalized weed.

Midland: Check Cashing Country

We also heard Mark, Jess, and Cameron roll through Fourteen Gears, Gator Boys, and their current Canadian country charts top 40 single, Drinkin’ Problem. And through each one of those songs we nodded and tapped our toes and sang along when we felt like we had a handle on the words. It was the small venue gig coming through with the moments and memories that all music fans dream of.

It also needs to be noted that Midland are funny. All three of the hatted performers took their turns hitting punch lines, taking shots at eachother and themselves, and generally having a good time as entertainers. There were laughs and whistles in the crowd, and they were all well deserved.

Country music fans are starting to learn a little about Midland now through their radio play and press… and soon, sooner rather than later, they’re going to know a whole lot more about who they are and what they can do on stage and in the studio.

Stay tuned – you’re going to like it!

CMW 2017: SiriusXM House w/ High Valley, Jess Moskaluke & Madeline Merlo

Saturday night at Canadian Music Week is a big one. Big shows, big crowds, and the unofficial end to a week jam-packed full of music. So it should come as no surprise that the country music show at The Great Hall was busy, loud, and pumping out fantastic music that everyone in the room was into.

The SiriusXM House lineup of Madeline Merlo, Jess Moskaluke, and High Valley brought a heap of hits, energy, and star power to the stage. Canadian country fans know their music, buy their albums, and see them on tour whenever they come through town. So it was no surprise to hear cheers and sing-alongs through the night.

What was an awesome surprise was hearing brand new, unreleased music from both Madeline and Jess. We’ve been lucky, as fans, to hear everything these two women have released to date, and all of their fans are going to be lucky to hear these new songs… because they were good, and a lot of fun.

And while it was no surprise at all, High Valley was awesome. But more on that coming up.

The first on stage, and very clearly ready to put on a show and get the Saturday party started, was Madeline Merlo.

With her energy up, a big smile on her face, and the band ready to go, Madeline started with Honey Jack, which is always a good choice for her. The crowd, full of energy, just as much as Madeline on stage, sang along to the radio hit and set the tone for what was to come.

And what came, was awesome. Brand new music, including Fresh Out and Flamingo Motel, which will be her next radio single, was awesome to hear. The upbeat track is a lot of fun, and got feet moving and heads nodding and people excited for what’s next from the Maple Ridge, BC artist.

We already knew that Madeline was good, Canadian country fans already knew, but the strength in her voice and performance on Saturday night at CMW was as much confirmation as we’d ever hope to see. She killed it and proved that her name belongs in the conversation with any of the top female artists that anyone can think of or name or want to see and hear.

Job well done!

Madeline Merlo, CMW 2017 Set List

✰ Honey Jack
✰ Whatcha Wanna Do About It
✰ Motel Flamingo
✰ Over And Over
✰ Fresh Out
✰ Sinking Like A Stone
✰ Summer Made Me Do It
✰ Neon Love
✰ War Paint

Jess Moskaluke, the 2014, 2015, and 2016 CCMA Female Artist of the Year and 2017 Juno Winner for Country Album of the Year hit the stage in the middle of the show.

Adored by the crowd, and her fans from coast-to-coast, Moskaluke hit the stage and got a full buy in from the Toronto audience at The Great Hall. They loved her. Loved her voice. Loved her band. Loved her energy and willingness to give everything she had in her show.

And her voice… in top shape, and impressing the hell out of everyone, was sweet and powerful and exactly we could have hoped to hear. But the best thing we heard from her was that there will be a new album in 2017.

That’s right, Jess Moskaluke will release a new album, full of new music, in 2017!

To see where Jess is now, from where she started and where she was when we first met and featured her with a Q&A. She’s amazing. She’s talented. And she deserves every single bit of success that finds its way to her.

High fives and hugs.

Jess Moskaluke, CMW 2017 Set List

✰ Night We Won’t Forget
✰ Used
✰ Save Some Of That Whiskey
✰ Kiss Me Quiet
✰ Good For You
✰ Kill Your Love
✰ Take Me Home
✰ Elevator
✰ Lightning Bolt
✰ Drive Me Away
✰ Cheap Wine & Cigarettes

Brad and Curtis Rempel, the farm boy brothers from Alberta that are High Valley, closed the show and were the main event headliners that we knew they were.

These guys are the real deal, earning a reputation for themselves in the United States the way they have in Canada since we first heard songs like On The Combine and I Will Stand By You.

On stage on Saturday night, High Valley hit the ground running. They were there for the Toronto crowd, and were clearly prepared for a big night. The crowd was prepared too, they were loud (like really loud), and they sang along (like really loud), and it was easy to see that these brothers were loved.

And even early in the set, before they’d had a chance to get to some of their biggest hits, there was an energy spike when they turned County Line into Fishin’ In The Dark, just for a minute.

We’ve seen High Valley a few times over the last few years, and we will continue to see them whenever we have the chance. They are that fun to watch. They are that good on stage. And album by album, they continue to put out music that we can get into – and that country fans in Canada, the United States and beyond can get into as well.

High Valley, CMW 2017 Set List

✰ Dear Life
✰ Come On Down
✰ Rescue You
✰ County Line
✰ Be My Baby Tonight
✰ Young Forever
✰ Every Week’s Got A Friday
✰ Roads We’ve Never Taken
✰ Father’s Love
✰ I’ll Fly Away
✰ Love You For A Long Time
✰ She’s With Me
✰ Make You Mine
✰ I Be U Be

More photos from SiriusXM House, Canadian Music Week 2017!

CMW 2017: Game On, James Barker Band Release Party with Andrew Hyatt, Dan Davidson and Friends

Friday nights are good for parties. Country music is good for parties. Canadian Music Week is good for parties. Now, go ahead and put all three of those things together and you’ve got yourself a red hot night, and we were there.

On Friday at Boots & Bourbon Saloon on Queen Street East, we hung out with artists, industry, and a heap of fans as 5 acts hit the stage, headlined by the James Barker Band as they celebrated the release of their brand new EP, Game On. The room was packed. There was excitement and positivity and adrenaline in the air… and on stage there were smiles and laughs and sweat and songs from start to finish.

In sports it’s common to hear someone say that they need to leave it all on the field/ice/court/whatever. On Friday night it was the same deal, everyone that performed, from Dani Strong to The Reklaws to Dan Davidson to Andrew Hyatt to JBB at the end, left it all on stage. And we saw it and appreciated the hell out of it.

Side Note: There were some awesome entertainers in the room to check out this show… we think we saw all of them, but maybe we missed a couple. Here’s our list: Jess Moskaluke, Washboard Union, Leah Daniels, Kris Barclay, Ben Hudson, Karli June, Vanessa Marie Carter.

Dani Strong kicked off the show, in her Maple Leafs t-shirt, openly cheering for the home team to pull out a win. She was excited, entertaining, and exactly what we know her to be on stage. Dani is one of the happiest and funniest performers we know. This woman loves to play, and as the opener she did a fantastic job of greeting the early crowd and setting the tone for the night.

We recommend checking Dani Strong out in person and online – where you might just catch her playing and singing in the bathroom on a pretty regular basis.

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Following Dani, much to our personal delight, were The Reklaws.

Stuart and Jenna have been on our radar since day 1. And it was exciting for us to see them on stage with new songs, strong voices, an energetic performance, and the same charisma we know and love.

It had been a while since we’d seen the sibling singers, so it was extra special to see the growth in their game. And to be able to talk to both of them, and find out just how excited they are about the new music was the cherry on top. With their label (Universal) behind them, and the crowd response to their set on the Boots & Bourbon stage, we’re sure that we’ll be seeing and hearing more from The Reklaws sooner rather than later.

High five, hugs and good jobs to Jenna and Stuart.

In the middle of the bill, all the way from Alberta, was Dan Davidson. And he made his presence felt and earned a warm welcome from Toronto country music fans.

With radio hits like Found and Barn Burner to share, Davidson brought sing alongs to the crowd and looked like he absolutely loved every minute of the action. With his full band firing on all cylinders, the sound pumped perfectly through the speakers and moved through the room. People danced and sang and cheered – and it was certainly a momentum builder at the mid-way point of the party.

Side Note: We were lucky enough to see half of Nice Horse up on stage singing with Davidson. They sounded great, added to the show, and made us want to see all of them doing their own thing on the spotlight.

The energy that Dan Davidson brings to the stage is undeniable, and his experience with Tupelo Honey shines through in his performances. But it’s also pretty clear that he’s found a home in Canadian country music… and that you’ll be hearing a whole lot more of him before long!

Second to last, in the “get y’all ready for the headliner” slot, was a late add to the party plans. Andrew Hyatt, fresh off his killer performance at The Phoenix on Tuesday night, hit the Boots & Bourbon stage like a force of nature.

Side Note: I talked to Andrew about the set on Saturday night and he told me that it felt like the old punk shows that he went to as a teen. The crowd brought it, and he felt like he should have been looking for a rafter to hang from.

The crowd was on fire, Hyatt’s band The Good Intentions were loud, tight, and locked in, and Andrew poured his heart and a gallon of sweat into his set. The Sudbury native pulled the Toronto crowd in and gave them what they wanted and all he had. With MGR (Me And A Girl And A Radio), Livin’ The Dream, Love Drunk to get folks singing along, there was no denying the power and fun of the set.

Side Note: Hyatt also gave us a surprise by bringing up Alee to sing her top 20 hit, and their co-write, Moonshine. It was a fun moment, and it’s a great song.

And when Hyatt got to his newest release, She Ain’t You, there were goosebumps in the room. The power of the lyrics, the feelings, and how he presented it all in one piece were outstanding and impossible for me to quantify because I am all in on this song.

With a new album coming in May, and a summer that looks to be full of stage time, Andrew Hyatt is going to make noise. Be ready for it.

Rounding out the night, celebrating the release of their debut, and blowing the roof off of the joint, was James Barker Band.

The boys were on fire – excited about the day, excited about the show, and full of everything we’ve come to know about them. These dudes like to play music, they have fun doing it, and it’s plastered all over their faces.

From the right side of the stage to the left we watched 5 play, sing, and smile their way through their set. And the fans on the floor were all in, singing along to radio hits Just Sayin’, Chills, and Lawn Chair Lazy – as well as a pretty sweet little cover of George Thorogood’s Keep Your Hands To Yourself.

Since winning the Emerging Artist Showcase at Boots & Hearts in 2015 there has been no stopping these guys. And with the release of the Game On EP, upcoming tour dates all over the country, and the backing of their label (Universal) there is no telling just how high the ceiling is for the James Barker Band.

Side Note: It’s been cool to see the evolution in the boys since their big win as well. From the get-go they had talent that we could all see, but the last year and a half has given them a chance to get tighter, smoother, and has turned them into the kind of live performers that country music fans are going to line up to see for a long time.

Seriously, seeing these guys in 2017 at Boots & Bourbon for Canadian Music Week may have been the last chance Toronto had to get that up close and personal.

And they enjoyed it!

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CMW 2017: Aussie Night Out ft. Silver Love Club, Bad Pony and Friends

If anything can help you forget about a rainy April night, it’s a party. And if there’s anyone that knows how to eff up a party, it’s the Aussies.

So on a rainy Thursday night in Toronto, we hit the newly opened, and very sharp looking, The Hideout on College St., we hit the Aussie Night Showcase and watched the night turn into a super fun time with music and dancing and drinks and more.

There were 10 acts on the bill for the Canadian Music Week event… but because CMW is what it is, we saw 6 acts of the night and wanna tell you all about them.

1) Aeora

With her keys, Mac, and mic, Aeora hit the stage for her first show in Canada – and first show outside of Australia. As she sang and moved through her set, we could hear the power in her voice, available whenever she reached for it. And it was easy to recognize the smoothness and ease that she works with.

Tracks in the set like Medicine, Up To You, and Bossy (her new single) had a lot of vibe we could get into. Beats that were a lot of fun. And while Aeora told us that she was feeling some nerves, she worked through them and performed wonderfully. Here’s hoping we see her back at CMW again in 2018.
Aussie Night Out Aeora Aussie Night Out Aeora

2) Alice Ivy

Constant sound and motion – that’s what we got from Alice Ivy. This set was another Canadian debut, and from the very first note, Alice was putting in work!

Heavy on the beats and the fun, this is Aussie music that you can’t help but want to move and dance and shake your ass to. In fact, if you were looking for music to dance to at about 1am, we would be happy to recommend Alice Ivy to you. Trust, it’s a good time. And, when you need a break to catch your breath, just watch how great it is when she bounces all over the stage, works her guitar, and makes the music happen. It’s pretty great.
Aussie Night Out Alice Ivy Aussie Night Out Alice Ivy

3) Quivers

Another North American debut, Quivers plugged in and were the first full band performance of the night. The sound was bigger, filled the room, and got us ready for what was coming up later in the show.

The quartet was fun to listen to, providing catchy/ poppy/ harmonized vocals that came from a fantastic mix of the 2 male and female voices up on the stage. As they played on we got to hear their single, Pigeons, and when the set ended, we wanted more. More to hear and groove on and enjoy throughout the night.
Aussie Night Out - Quivers Aussie Night Out Quivers

4) Eliza & The Delusionals

Fourth act of the night, fourth Canadian debut, Eliza & the Delusionals took the stage as a 3-piece (though they usually aren’t) and gave it all they had.

We instantly heard the loudest guitar of the show to that point, and were impressed at how tight and loud and fun and into it they were. All the way from Brisbane to Toronto, songs like Outside and Salt (the band’s newest single) made us want more. Made us want to see them take a bigger stage with the whole band, and sharing the energy and sound that they’ve shown us they have to give.

We’re in – we’d recommend that you get in too.
Aussie Night Out - Eliza and the Delusionals Aussie Night Out - Eliza and the Delusionals

5) Bad Pony

These 5 dudes took the stage, filled it with bodies, instruments, and sound… and we loved it. Bad Pony are a lot of fun. They play hard. They had harmonies that were both surprising and impressive. And more than anything, they rocked and rolled and entertained the hell out of the crowd at The Hideout.

Their set looks like organized chaos. There are so many things going on at the same time. Always someone bouncing, rocking, and putting on the kind of show that you can’t help but love if you love live music.

Bad Pony have been touring the US on the strength of their single, Deficiency, which we heard them blast through the speakers – and if this short set was any indication of what they can do with more time, we hope they’re back in Toronto soon to show us what they’ve got up their sleeves.
Aussie Night Out - Bad Pony Aussie Night Out - Bad Pony

6) Silver Love Club

This was our second chance of the week to catch Silver Love Club on stage… and it was worth the repeat.

From start to finish our boys put on a show that was all kinds of good. They put out a heap of volume, and energy to match it. Mikey, as a lead singer, does everything that a frontman should, with all kinds of live rock and roll sound in his voice he moved from song to song without missing a step. And supported by some killer guitar work from Romeo, sweet sweet bass lines from Alvin, and enthusiastic drum work from Neel, Silver Love Club made the crowd happy.

Their new single Ghost Town highlighted the set. Showing off a political edge pointed at Australian government, it pulls no punches and, as we’ve been told, is just the start of the kind of message and music these boys are ready to push out and share with their folks back home, and their fans here in Canada as well.

We already knew we were into Silver Love Club, we’re doubling down now. Get on and enjoy the ride.
Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club

Aussie Night Out Aeora Aussie Night Out Aeora
Aussie Night Out Alice Ivy Aussie Night Out Alice Ivy Aussie Night Out Alice Ivy
Aussie Night Out Quivers Aussie Night Out QuiversELIZA AND THE DELUSIONALS
Aussie Night Out - Eliza and the Delusionals Aussie Night Out - Eliza and the DelusionalsBAD PONY
Aussie Night Out - Bad Pony Aussie Night Out - Bad Pony Aussie Night Out - Bad PonySILVER LOVE CLUB
Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club Aussie Night Out Silver Love Club

CMW 2017: Livin’ The Dream with Drake White, Alee, Andrew Hyatt and Friends

The road to Boots & Hearts 2017 made at stop in Toronto during Canadian Music Week, and we were there to take it in – and enjoy the party at the Boots & Hearts + KX Country Hot Shots Concert Series.

Country music fans started walking through the doors as soon as they opened. They made their way to the bar, the taco stand (the fish tacos with a touch of hot sauce were fantastic btw), and the stage to get ready for a night full of action.

With 5 talented acts on the bill, there was no shortage of singalong, shake-along, and snap-along moments.

The night’s lineup played out like this…

☞ Kris Barclay
☞ Kendra Kay
☞ Andrew Hyatt
☞ Alee
☞ Drake White and the Big Fire

That opening slot, the one that Kris Barclay grabbed hold of with both hands, can be a tricky one. People are excited, but they’re already thinking about the headliner. People are ready to party, but they haven’t even finished their first drink yet. And still, Mr. Barclay made it his mission to get things started with a bang – and he killed it.

The energy pumped into his cover of Queen’s classic Fat Bottomed Girls, the sweetness in Good Wine, Old Vinyl & You gave everyone in the room a look at what Kris Barclay has to offer and what he can bring to the table – and what we’ll be looking for as his career moves forward.

With a Manitoba Country Music Association (MCMA) award for Female Artist Of The Year under her belt, Kendra Kay came into Toronto as a new face and voice to some, but not new to the game. Accompanied by her band in a plugged in, but stripped down set, Kay kept the party going with a mix of covers and originals that the Toronto CMW crowd got into.

Her cover of Here For The Party was a strong way to introduce herself to the crowd, and her own tracks, I Take My Country and Swinging Door did plenty to showcase her talent as a singer and a performer.

And, before the set was through, Kendra introduced the crowd to her upcoming single, My Way, which comes to radio and your ears in May. You’re going to like it. Trust us.

Right in the middle of the lineup, our listening and party pleasure – Andrew Hyatt took the stage and gave us exactly what we didn’t know we were hoping for from him.

We caught Andrew’s sound check and had were surprised to see so many dudes with guitars on stage with him. It was awesome – and certainly made the wait for his set exciting. And when he hit the stage, with his full band, plugged in and ready to go, it was time for a party!

From That’s How I’m Livin’ to Love Drunk to MGR (Me And A Girl And A Radio), Hyatt kept his energy at a 10, enjoying the hell out of the stage, his guitar, and the sound that his packed stage of instruments and instrumentalists were pushing through the speakers.

But before he was done for the night, Andrew showed off a song that’s been in our heads, on our minds, and all over the internet lately. She Ain’t You is already making an impact. It’s haunting, heartbreaking, beautifully crafted and performed… and while I have stopped myself from saying this a few times, I believe it could and should be for Andrew Hyatt what Workin’ On Whiskey was for Jessica Mitchell in 2016.

Following Hyatt, and keeping the energy up, was Edmonton’s Alee. With her guitar strapped on, Alee brough the crowd to her with sound and stunning look. Bad Habit, the title track to her brand new album (look for Bad Habit on Friday, April 21, 2017) made an instant impression. And performances of her current single When I Do, and one of my favourite all-time songs, Strawberry Wine did what they should have – made a whole lot of people very happy.

There are two notes in my book from the show that I feel need to be shared almost exactly as they’re scibbled down…

1) Smooth & sweet. Sassy when she wants to be.
2) She’s really, really good.

That’s what I wrote – and when Alee sang Moonshine, a track that I could easily put on playlists all day long, I felt as happy as I did during any point in the night.

Be ready for that new album, Alee is going places.

Last on the bill, in the headliner slot, and 100% worth the wait, was Drake White and the Big Fire!

All the way from Alabama to Canadian Music Week, Drake White lit the place up. As he was introduced and the Big Fire took the stage, the crowd got loud and as excited as they would have for any headliner. And when the music started, they sang and cheered from start to finish.

Tracks like That Don’t Cost A Dime, Story, and Heartbeat had the room buzzing – and had me looking at Drake White and thinking to myself, this is what an Alabama singer/songwriter would look like in a dream.

Drake White is an entertainer. He’s a performer. And he’s the real deal. Ask anyone who’s seen him and they’ll tell you that you need to see him the next time you have a chance. He’s a storyteller and a singer, he’s involved with the crowd, and he truly looks like he’s loving every minute of it.

And speaking of loving things… any time a country artist wants to share excellent covers of George Michael’s Faith and 4 Non Blonde’s What’s Up, I’m ready to love it, and I did.

Add in the chance to watch, sway, and sing along to Back To Free, Take Me As I Am, Makin’ Me Look Good Again, and Livin’ The Dream, and it’s fair to say that Drake White and the Big Fire were headliners in every sense of the word, and deserve every chance they get to play for as many people as they can shove into a room.

We can’t wait to see him at Boots & Hearts 2017!


To Bring You My Heart: The Katherines Album Review & Feature

The Katherines are always looking for a silver lining… and right now they’ve found one. With the release of their debut album, To Bring You My Heart (604 Records), these three young women from Vancouver are introducing themselves to the musical world with gusto.

To Bring You My Heart (TBYMH) travels through its 13 song tracklist. Offering driving music and vocals, dance party style anthems, and more layers than you’ll catch on your first listen. In fact, when I asked the girls what they would tell everyone to think about before they hit lay on the album, they keyed in on the layers and details of the record. Just beneath the surface, there and waiting for your ears, are strings and backing vocals and the kind of artistic minutia that rounds out all of the dimensions on the album.

When I sat down with The Katherines before their Toronto album release show at the Drake Underground we also talked about musical influences, current favourites, and a host of other topics that included, but were not limited to…

🍒 Navigating social media as artists, and as women.
🍒 The current political/social landscape giving artists an important opportunity to speak.
🍒 #2107Goals

Starting with the social media, The Katherines made it clear that they love the outreach and interaction with listeners and fans that social channels provide. But they also feel pressure to keep their feed from being more than just pretty selfies on a Tuesday or updates on how many cups of tea they’ve had today (4 btw, is the number of cups of tea Kaitlyn owned up to pre-show).

On the sociopolitical landscape we talked about artists and people of all kinds being the ones that will bring about change. We didn’t dive deep into policy, but we all agreed that the newly elected head of state south of the border (and the reality TV star/business man running for a leadership position in Canada) is only a symptom of what’s happening right now… and that’s why voices need to be heard!


A photo posted by The Katherines (@katherinesband) on

I asked the ladies to imagine themselves in December 2017 and to tell me what they’d like to look back on the year and see. Their #2017Goals include a cross Canada tour opening for an act that they both enjoy and admire. It would be their first coast-to-coast tour, and would also give them a chance to see the country for the first time. There’s also new music to be written, with a new perspective compared to the one that appears on TBYMH. Canadian Music Week (Toronto, April 18-23, 2017) is also on The Katherines’ to-do list, and we’re excited to hear more about that in the coming weeks.

I asked Kate, Kaitlyn, and Lauren about the music they love and has influenced them, and names like Neil Young, The Eagles, KD Lang, Leonard Cohen – and more contemporary acts like Mother, Mother, The Killers, Banks, Arkells and Coldplay were all mentioned with admiration and respect for the music they make and the live shows they put on.

With their first album, The Katherines have shown that they aren’t a one trick pony. They combine choral backgrounds, operatic influence, strings, rock and roll, and be careful you don’t spill your drink dancing vibes into one really fun package. The 13 tracks truly offer an opportunity for you to listen to a common narrative with tweaks to presentation – and gives 13 opportunities to connect to the music.

Having listened to the album and seen them live to play it, we can see the silver lining The Katherines have found. And we encourage them to hang onto it!

The Katherines’ To Bring You My Heart Tracklist

1. Cherry Lips
2. Ultra Violet
3. Better Off Now
4. Primitive
5. Heart On The Table
6. Minefield
7. T.B.Y.M.H
8. Blank Page
9. KiDS
10. You
11. Wrong Side Of The Bed
12. Tomorrow
13. Replay

The @katherinesband merch game is on point! #bandmerch #bandtshirt #thekatherines #girlpower

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Something To Believe In: JJ Shiplett Album Review

In July 2016, JJ Shiplett released The EP, featuring four songs that instantly captured us and landed in our personal high rotation. And now, six month later, JJ has 11 tracks packaged together on his debut full-length album, Something To Believe In.

And at the risk of being corny, JJ’s sound is certainly something to believe in. Besides listening to Something To Believe In, Higher Ground, Always For You, and Darling, Let’s Go Out Tonight throughout the second half of last year, we also saw Mr. Shiplett live three time in the year. In May, at Canadian Music Week, and in late November on his tour (Trish saw him in Toronto and I saw him in Oshawa) we were entertained and pulled into the songs, the sound, and the personality of this red headed Canadian singer and songwriter.

JJ’s music isn’t the traditional country that you’re used to hearing on the radio (on iTunes The EP is listed as Rock, but he’s a CMT Canada fav). But it certainly deserves to be played from coast-to-coast. What he brings to the table is a rootsy, country/rock/folk vibe that offers itself to a singalong  either around a campfire, or with all of the energy that a packed Dakota Tavern can muster. Trust us on that last one, we’ve seen it and been part of it ourselves.

Related: 5 Quick Questions with JJ Shiplett

On the Something To Believe In album (recorded in Toronto and Nashville), JJ Shiplett offers that melded and welcoming vibe from start to finish. Like any good album that grabs us, it moves from one place to the next, offering tracks that will pull you in and connect on a “grab you by the feels” level (Always For You, Sorrow) as well as songs that give you a chance to tap your toes and have a little dance (Am I Dear, Seeking Shelter).

And, if you’re looking for a little honky tonkin’ vibe that you can share with your wicked cool grandparents that hit the hottest barn parties back in the day, we highly encourage you to turn on Higher Ground and turn it up.

For all of the things that we can say about this album, song by song, here’s the meat and potatoes of it: Something To Believe In is an album that is going to end up on our playlists for all 12 months of 2017. The songs that Shiplett has written and presented on this album connect, entertain, and we like it. 

We’ve called him Canada’s most talented redhead. We’ve seen him live and binged his recordings. We’ve sat and talked to him on sunny roof top patios and in sports bar booths. And after the hangouts, live shows, and listening sessions, here’s what we’ll tell you – JJ Shiplett is the real deal and you should be preparing yourself to hear his name and his voice for years to come.

And when you have the chance, and we hope you will, get a ticket and see the live show. Because whether he’s opening for someone like Johnny Reid or playing his own tour with openers like Johnson Crook, JJ Shiplett is going to give you something to believe in.

JJ Shiplett’s Something To Believe In Tracklist

  1. Something To Believe In
  2. Sorrow
  3. Higher Ground
  4. Darling, Let’s Go Out Tonight
  5. Waters
  6. Oh No Girl
  7. Seeking Shelter
  8. Loaded Like A Freight Train
  9. Am I Dear
  10. House On A River
  11. 11. Always For You

Whiskey: Joey Landreth Album Review

Joey Landreth has a Juno Award, a heap of critical acclaim for this guitar skills, and a brand new solo album that you should really listen to.

Whiskey, is a seven song record from the younger of The Bros. Landreth, and offers a chance to feature Joey’s good (like really good) guitar work and his often underrated voice. Both shine from start to finish – including on the title track which kicks off the album on an excellent note that will pull you in.

It’s both a blessing and a curse to listen to Joey’s album end after seven songs. On the one hand, all seven tracks are well written, played and produce. There is no filler, and no swings and misses. On the other hand, we could really go for about 5 more songs showcasing Joey’s guitar and voice.

We knew coming in that Whiskey was probably going to be something that we liked. The Bros. Landreth’s Let It Lie was on my list of most played albums in 2016, and having seen Joey live at a MusiCounts event in Toronto last January, and listened to the six Undercover Bros. covers on Spotify, I knew what I was getting into.

Note: Joey is also super handsome, and added to his talent, it’s almost unfair really.

If you’ve got some guitar rock (and not just loud chords banging through a song, but really good playing) love in you – and you’ve got some thoughtful, connectable, and even folky lyric love in you, I am highly recommending that you listen to Joey Landreth’s Whiskey.

From start to finish, Whiskey to Remember, these seven songs hit their mark. They flow and they weave and they really just sound good. It’s put it on and enjoy music. It’s sit around the campfire music. It’s Prairie born and raised music. It’s Canadian. It’s good.


Joey Landreth’s Whiskey Tracklist

1. Whiskey
2. Hard As I Can
3. Gone Girl
4. Time Served
5. Still Feel Gone
6. Better Together
7. Remember

New World Alphabet: USS Album Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of USS aka Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker. The band is made up of the unique combination of vocalist, guitarist, and erhu player Ashley Buchholz (aka Ash Boo-Schultz) and turntablist/hype man Jason “Human Kebab” Parsons. The boys started their careers in the west end of Toronto, in one of my favourite neighbourhoods, Parkdale.

In August 2016 we were treated to a teaser track from the new album. During it’s first week of release, Work Shoes was the #1 added track in modern rock, alternative and all rock in Canada. This amazing reception of the lead track, set up the band’s next announcement: #SixInThe6ix. A Tour put together in partnership with Toronto’s 102.1 The Edge and Live Nation, it was a series of six  shows in six of Toronto’s best live music venues.

Like many Toronto-based bands, USS has had a little help from the folks at The Cameron House getting started. It seemed fitting that the first of the scheduled six performances would be at The Cameron House starting on November 14th. Followed by shows on November 15th at The Mod Club, on the 16th at The Opera House (this was the secret location in the lead up), on the 17th at The Rivoli, on the 18th at  Adelaide Hall and the boys finished out the tour on November 19th at The Danforth Music Hall.

USSFlash forward to January 13th, new release day and their full length album, New World Alphabet is out! The album is a great mix of songs with that distinct USS sound. I feel like these songs have a more mature feel. You can’t stop them from working their way into your brain in that classic USS way. Catchy choruses, thoughtful, provoking verses. I’m a fan.

This is the fifth studio album from USS and it was produced by award-winning Tawgs Salter. Travis has worked with Josh Groban, Lights, Lenka, Chantal Kreviazuk, Fefe Dobson, Midway State and USS and it looks like the pairing of Tawgs with USS is a great one!

Let me finish up by saying, if you haven’t seen USS live, you’re missing out. They put on an amazing live show!!! The guys headed out on tour January 12th across Canada with support from REPARTEE, Said the Whale and Youngblood. They’ll be heading to a theatre near you. Check their tour dates here!

USS New World Alphabet Track Listing


USS New World Alphabet coverNew World Alphabet is here!

Listen to #USSNWA:

iTunes –

Google –

Amazon –

Spotify –

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Black: Dierks Bentley Video Release

Have you seen it yet? Dierks Bentley has just released a video for the title track Black. This is the third single off the album Black and it’s very different. Somewhere on a Beach was fun, upbeat with a hip-hop feel and Different for Girls offers up an understanding, kind feeling, featuring uber talented Elle King. Both hit the number one spot and I’d be surprised if Black didn’t climb right up the chart too.

Dark and sultry the video was shot in Iceland and it features his wife Cassidy. Married for over 10 years this is the first time Dierks’ wife has appeared on screen and once you see her, you’ll wonder why it took so long. Turns out she’s shy and we’re glad Dierks managed to coax her into the video. Cassidy Bentley was born Cassidy Black and she’s been the inspiration for many of Dierks’ songs.

Check it out!

Dierks is on tour now, check out the dates here!

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The Weight Of These Wings: Miranda Lambert Album Review

In a country music landscape currently being filled with four song EPs and 10 song albums, Miranda Lambert just said fuck it and released a 24 track double album that may well define her career. But not in the way that a lot of radio fans and listeners were expecting.

The Weight Of These Wings is Lambert’s seventh studio album (including her self-released/ self-titled 2001 debut), and follows five consecutive platinum records that all went to #1. It comes as Lambert holds a seven year run as the Academy of Country Music’s Female Vocalist of the Year Award. And it comes less than a year and a half after her divorce from ex-husband Blake Shelton.

A single listen to this beefy double album isn’t enough to get a feel for what it truly offers. But it is was enough to come up with these thoughts…

1) This album feels personal. And not just in a “these are the pages of my diary, laid open for you to read” kind of way.

2) This album feels personal in a defiant way. In a “you wanted to know what the last two years of my life have felt like, here you fucking go” kind of way.

3) It really doesn’t feel like this record was written, recorded, or released for radio. Yes, Vice went to #2 on the singles chart, and We Should Be Friends has been released as the second single. But overall, from 24 tracks, it doesn’t shout RADIO HIT to me.

4) This album should clean up in award season.


From the start of disc one, Miranda Lambert has released a record that shows us more of her than I ever expected to see. On previous records we’d had glimpses of emotion and heartbreak, but The Weight Of These Wings drips with it. It’s a super-saturation that is unavoidable and connects in ways that most singers would have to think long and hard about.

In fact, most people don’t have it in them to share the things that Miranda Lambert has shared with their own best friends.

Songs like You Wouldn’t Know Me, Tin Man, and Six Degrees Of Separation are more than we should have expected – even if we wanted it.

And while it’s easy to listen to Vice on repeat, the emotional content and connection that The Weight Of These Wings provides can make it hard to listen to all 24 tracks on repeat if you are really listening. Even if you want to.

To this point, as I’m writing this post, I’ve listened to the full album four times in less than 24 hours. And I will listen to it again… because I want to.


I highly suggest that you listen to it too. Take the time to listen to the stories she’s telling. Feel the vulnerability and defiance and artistry that comes through the speakers. And when you’re done, I would invite you to sit in silence and think about everything that you’ve just heard.

It might not be easy. Especially if you find any way to connect to any piece of the material. But trust me, if you really want to get it, to do more than just enjoy the sounds, it’s worth it.

This album may not have been written for radio. But it was written for country music fans. Do yourself a favour and hit play to listen to it now. And when the music hits you in the heart or the gut or that part of your brain that triggers memories and feelings, leave a comment to tell us what you think of what Miranda Lambert has done with The Weight Of These Wings.


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Shae Dupuy: Brave Q&A and Review

Last week I got the chance to spend some time hanging around the Gibson Guitar Lounge with Shae Dupuy. The reason for the hangout? Shae’s got a brand new EP out, it’s called Brave, it was released on October 28th and it’s outstanding!

Brave‘s seven tracks include two previously released singles, Tin Man and Drink About It and five brand new tracks all written in Nashville. Jason Barry and Jeff Johnson, two of Canada’s top producer/writers had a hand in shaping Shae’s sound this time around. My favourite track is Homewrecker, a track Shae wrote when she was 16. This EP gives us country music but there are hints of pop and rock, it gives us stories and it gives us a more mature Shae Dupuy.

We asked Shae some questions about the album, here we go!

Shae Dupuy Gibson Guitar LoungeQ) How does it feel to be releasing Brave to the world, having put so much time and work and pieces of you into it?

A) It’s SO exciting but a little nerve wracking! There’s been so much work that has gone into it and now that it’s here it feels a little surreal be finally able to share it with everyone. I just really hope people love it as much as I do!

Q) Your first EP (Breakdown) came out just over two years ago, what was the process like over that time to work on these new songs – from writing to recording and now the release of Brave?

A) I spent a lot more time of this EP than the last one. The last EP was recorded within a couple of days, but this time around I recorded the songs over a span of months and worked with multiple producers. I didn’t spend as much time writing and experimenting on the last EP as I did with this project. This time around I’m also older and have a bit more of an idea of who I am and what I want to say with my music. I think that made a huge difference in the whole process of the project.

Are there people you want to shout out that you worked with on the EP but might not get any love from the general public?

A) All the producers, musicians, songwriters and my team that I worked with through the course of the project. A lot of people don’t realize how many people it takes to put together big projects like this! I worked very closely with a lot of people over the course of this year and none of it would have been possible without them.

Shae Dupuy Gibson Guitar LoungeQ) We got to hang out with you in London during Canadian Country Music Week. What was the weekend like for you?

A) It was so busy and I felt like I was running around from place to place every few hours. I had the best time but it’s definitely a marathon of a weekend.

Q) If you could book yourself on tour with any two other Canadian country artists, who would you want to hit the road with?

A) I’d love to tour with Wes Mack or Dallas Smith. I look up to both of those guys a lot and getting to tour with them would be so much fun. I’ve seen them both of them perform multiple times and it’s always an amazing show. I would love to work alongside them. Plus I’ve known Wes for a few years and we get along really well so getting to go out and tour with him would be an absolute blast.

Q) In 50 words or so, tell country music fans what they can expect when they sit down to listen to Brave.

A) I hope they’re going to be surprised by the newer stuff and the sounds we experimented with. There is something on the EP for everyone! Whether you like things a little bit edgy, fun and upbeat or super stripped down, there’s a lot of different sides to my songwriting and myself on this project.
My final thoughts, thanks to Shae and Dave Kirby for making my photoshoot sound so lovely and go buy this album!

You can find Shae Dupuy at these fine internet locations:
Facebook: shaedupuy
Twitter: @shaedupuy
Instagram: @shaedupuy
YouTube: officialshaedupuy
iTunes: ShaeDupuy
Spotify: ShaeDupuy
Amazon Music: ShaeDupuy
Google Play: ShaeDupuy
Shae Dupuy Gibson Guitar Lounge
Shae Dupuy Gibson Guitar Lounge Shae Dupuy Gibson Guitar Lounge Shae Dupuy Gibson Guitar LoungeShae Dupuy Gibson Guitar LoungeShae Dupuy Gibson Guitar Lounge

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CMW 2016 Preview: Ivory Hours, Morning Light Review and Q&A

I’ve spent the last week listening almost non-stop to Ivory Hours, Morning Light and I have to admit I’m having a very hard time picking a favourite track. If you pressed me really hard, I’d have to say the lead track Dreamer is my fav.

The London, ON pop-rock trio has put together an amazingly cohesive album. It has great flow, a saucy feel and it makes me want to dance. It makes me feel, and isn’t that point? The bottom line, I love this album.

Morning Light was co-produced by Dan Brodbeck (The Cranberries, Dolores O’Riordan) and mastered by Joao Carvalho (Lights, Stars) and the sound is new and fresh.

I had the chance to do a Q&A with Luke from Ivory hours and ask him about the album, what the band is listening to and when we can expect new music. Check it out!

Ivory Hours Morning Light Track List

Ivory Hours

photo credit – Devan Laye

1. Dreamer
2. I Won’t
3. Warpaint
4. The Priest
5. Habit
6. Animal
7. Like Them
8. Sleep Alone
9. The Young and Beautiful
10. Morning Light

Q. Could you tell us a little bit about the band itself? How it started, how you ended up with this lineup?

A. The band was located in Vancouver for its first year, we were playing more intricate folk rock. When I moved back to Ontario and linked up with Chris & Thom, I shifted the focus towards pop music. I met Chris at a blues night here in London and Thom through our mutual friend & drum teacher Renato.

Q. Morning Light is the first full-length album, can we talk a little bit about the writing and recording process?

A. It was incredibly fast…the sessions occurred over three weeks but only consisted of about 7 days in the studio. It was our first time working with a producer (Dan Brodbeck) and the music really benefited from an outside ear. We were in a rush to get the album out by summer so a number of the songs (including Warpaint) were written right before recording began.

Ivory Hours Morning Light Album Cover

cover art – Francis Martin

Q. I love the cover art, what can you tell me about it?

A. It was done by our friend Francis Martin; he’s an amazing local artist who runs a gallery & studio out of Watford, Ontario. I was trying to figure out what to do with the cover when he sent me a drawing he’d worked on after he participated in one of our video shoots. I thought it was fantastic so we had him do the rest of the album & lyric booklet as well!

Q. How did winning 98.1 Free FM’s “Under The Covers”, The Edge’s “Next Best Thing” and then Canada’s Walk of Fame Emerging Artist Mentorship Program contests change the band?

A. Each were different experiences but incredibly helpful to the band. The Free FM contest allowed us to put out our first studio EP (Mary) which was a huge stepping stone for us. The Edge & CWOF both offered incredible exposure and allowed us to finance a cross-country tour, in addition to setting us up for our first mainstream radio play.

Q. The next month looks pretty busy with a bunch of dates in Ontario including CMW. How’s it feel to be headlining a CMW show at The Horseshoe?

A. Awesome! The Shoe is one of our favourite Toronto venues. It’s a hotspot during the festival so we’re quite excited for our showcase.

Q. iTunes says people who bought your music also bought Walk Off The Earth, Bedouin Soundclash, Lights and Matthew Good Band, do any of those associations surprise you?

A. Matthew Good Band would be the most surprising, but whoever’s buying seems to enjoy Canadian artists!

Ivory Hours

<small.via Facebook

Q. Next are a couple questions we like to ask bands, what’s the last song you listened to and what’s your favourite thing to do that isn’t music related?

A. Luke: Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis)
     Thom: Hedonistic Me (Born Ruffians)
     Chris: Lingus (Snarky Puppy)

Since we started doing music videos I’ve become really interested in film, I’ve probably spent more time in theatres in the last year than the rest of my life combined.

Q. When can we expect new music?

A. Let’s hope for fall! Working on tons of new material right now so we hope to be in the studio by summer.

I really like these guys and I’m looking forward to seeing them live. They’ve got lots of dates coming up in Ontario and you should put their CMW headlining date at The Horseshoe Tavern on May 5th on your must see list.

Big thanks to Luke for taking the time to answer our questions and for getting Thom and Chris to play along. Don’t miss Ivory Hours all ages show at The Mod Club on April 22nd!

Ivory Hours are Luke Roes – (Vocals, Guitar) Chris Levesque – (Bass) Thomas Perquin – (Drums) and you can find them at these fine internet locations:

Facebook: IvoryHours
Twitter: ivoryhours
Instagram: ivoryhours
Soundcloud: ivoryhours
iTunes: ivoryhours
YouTube: ivoryhours

Ivory Hours

photo credit – Devan Laye

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