Raging Bull: One Bad Son with Crown Lands and Fallen Heirs at The Phoenix, Toronto

Thursday nights are good for rock and roll, so when One Bad Son showed up at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto with Crown Lands and Fallen Heirs, we knew it was going to be a good night.

The Saskatchewan rock and rollers, with a brand new album, Made In The Name Of Rock N Roll, have been touring and playing for live crowds all over Canada for years – and it’s easy to see that the crowds have grown, the energy has jumped, and they’ve truly come into their own. On Thursday night they proved all of that in Toronto.

The evening started with Toronto’s own, Fallen Heirs. These five dudes hit the stage and were 100% rock and roll from the jump. There was no easing into the night, they plugged in, turned up volume and opened the show with a bang.

The early crowd was behind them, as the band played and stalked the stage. There was no lack of showmanship, lead singer Tim Shaw worked the crowd with the support of Jay, Matt, Ryan, and Philly Dee behind him. As their set wore on it became clear to see why Fallen Heirs has opened for bands like Buckcherry, Scott Weiland (RIP), Age Of Electric, and now One Bad Son.

If you like local rock and roll, look for Fallen Heirs on a bill in Toronto – and if you’re not in the city, look for them on tour – more dates are coming in 2018.

Next on the stage, as the precursor to the main event, Oshawa, ON’s Crown Lands took over and kept the rock and roll party going without missing a beat.

The young rockers have been putting in work, playing shows and earning fans, many of whom were at The Phoenix wearing band merch as they sang and rocked along to songs like Misery and Mountain from their 2017 EP, Rise Over Run. On drums, Cody delivered with force, wowing people in the crowd that knew what to expect, but still wanted to soak it in.

And not to be outdone, Kevin covered every inch of the stage with his guitar. Putting on a show for the crowd, making sure to get everyone involved, and pairing with Cody to pump out as much volume as two dudes can.

We’ve had a few chances to see Crown Lands in the last couple of years – and as one of the most promising young Canadian rock and roll acts we’ve seen recently, we can tell you confidently that we’re sure we are all going to have a lot more chances to see them soon.

When it was time for the stars of the show to take the stage, Toronto was ready. With drinks and hands in the air, the voices got loud to welcome One Bad Son to the stage, and they delivered.

These four dudes, more than a decade into their career, know what they’re doing when they plug in. And from the moment they opened their set with Made In The Name Of Rock N Roll, they were all in.

The more they played, the louder the Toronto crowd got. And the louder the crowd got, the more energy the band shared back with them. It was a wonderful transaction to watch and be a part of.

Note: One of our favourite moments of the One Bad Son set, and night as a whole, came when Shane, Hicks, KD, and Steve paid tribute to Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip by playing a small sample of Wheat Kings at the end of The Promise. Gord’s legacy lives on in his fans, even the rock stars.

One Bad Son proved throughout their set that they are a legit headlining Canadian rock and roll outfit. The sound, set, and execution was tight – giving us exactly what we were hoping to see. And the music, including tracks like Rise Up, Scream For Me, and the band’s first #1 hit, Raging Bull all sounded great and connected with the live audience.

Live rock and roll should be heard and felt. And on Thursday night in Toronto we felt like we had been rocked.

Mission accomplished.

Check out more photos from the One Bad Son show at The Phoenix Concert Theatre!

One Bad Son

Crown Lands

Fallen Heirs

Music’s Best Moustaches, presented by the Moustache Growers Union Local 416647

Presented by the Moustache Growers Union Local 416647

We have always been big fans and big supporters of Movember!

This year, thereviewsarein is participating to help raise awareness and funds to support men’s health initiatives as part of the Moustache Growers Union Local 416647… and we’re excited for the rest of the month.

To help celebrate, we’ve got some fun content coming that we’ll share with you all soon. But for today, we’re reaching into the internet archives to shout out 10 amazing moustaches from the world of music.

Many of these mustachioed men are no longer with us – but we remember them, their music, and their facial hair fondly.

We haven’t put them in order, because they’re too good to rank. But we welcome you to leave a comment telling us which moustache you like best!

Jimi Hendrix

The Beatles


Freddie Mercury

Lionel Richie

Jesse Hughes

Alan Jackson

George Michael


Kix Brooks

Bloodthirsty: Mikey Manville Video Release

In the spirit of Hallowe’en, we’re bringing you Mikey Manville’s freshly released video for Bloodthirsty from his brand new LP, Nocturne Only.

The video is an interesting journey where Mikey plays himself and the devil. We’re big fans of the video treatment. Check it out!

The haunting melodies play perfectly into the campy 70’s horror feel and filmmaker Brett Pedersen has done a great job of capturing the essence of Bloodthirsty.

Shot in a recently excavated quarry and a cabin deserted in the woods of Northern Ontario the video is spooky and yet fun to watch and lays out the perfect story.

The video for Bloodthirsty was filmed over 2 days and nights in Temagami and it helps us to explore the theme of good and evil. We’re fans and we hope you like it too!

A little background for you, in case you didn’t know. Mikey Manville is the frontman for rock trio The Manvils and we’re pretty excited that he’s branched out with this side project.

“Recorded in Chicago at Akred’s Clodock Recording Parlour, and completed in an 1870’s hunting lodge-converted studio in Redwood City, California with producer John Akred, Manville’s tunes hold compelling stories mixed with care. The helping hands of drummer Scott Moore (Mezodigm), Ryan Dahle (Mounties/Limblifter), Megan Bradfield (Limblifter), and Pat Steward (Odds/Bryan Adams) have helped shape the melody-driven sonic landscape of Nocturne Only.”

Tickets are available at the door for Mikey Manville’s video and vinyl release show at The Cadillac Lounge – 1296 Queen St. West, in Toronto on October 31. Doors are at 8:00 pm with the opening band taking the stage at 9:00 pm. Mikey will be joined by Joan Smith (Little Foot Long Foot) & The Manvils so don’t miss it.

Note: A limited run of 45 RPM, 180g vinyl of Nocturne Only will be released on October 31 via Fab Distribution.

Something Like a Storm: Matthew Good Album Review

Coquitlam born solo artist, Matthew Good has released his eighth studio album, Something Like a Storm. Technically, if you count the albums released with The Matthew Good Band, it’s sixteen, but who’s counting. The singer/songwriter debuted much of the album live on YouTube on the night before the official release. Joined by Alan Cross, Matthew sang and talked about his history, the album, the songs, the writing process and more. Check out the video below, it’s pretty awesome.

It seems like the process of releasing albums has changed and we were given a video for Bad Guys Win in April of 2017, followed by a video for Decades in July, with two additional tracks on Spotify, Days Come Down and the title track Something Like a Storm. There’s a lot of tease and I was thrilled to be able to see Matthew performing some of the new tunes this summer at the Budweiser Stage. 
Matthew Good - Budweiser Stage 2017

Something Like a Storm is honest and pure Matthew Good. And I’m just going to say it, it’s not fun or lighthearted. I’m completely okay with that. The world is a scary place right now and that’s reflected in the songs.

These are not negatives, I really like this album. I like the songs, and I like the messages. I like the strings at the start of the title track, they’re dramatic and enticing, and the drums in Bad Guys Win are so good!

Matthew has been making records for over 20 years and while the process may have changed, the end result is still something Matthew Good fans can look forward to.

The album is out now, go buy one!
Matthew Good - Budweiser Stage 2017Note: I have to say that I love the way Matthew Good is able to joke about and talk about mental health issues.
Matthew Good - Budweiser Stage 2017

Matthew Good: Something Like A Storm Tracklist

1. Bad Guys Win
2. Decades
3. Men at the Door
4. There The First Time
5. Days Come Down
6. Something Like a Storm
7. She’s Got You Where She Wants You
8. This Is Night
9. Bullets in a Briefcase

In Memoriam: Gord Downie Legacy, Influence, and Top 10

Gord Downie was an artist, activist, and great Canadian. His legacy and legend will be remembered for the music he made, the political and social change he sought, and the way he touched music fans from coast-to-coast, across generations, and with a reach that can not be understated.

After a brave, public, and well-documented fight against cancer (glioblastoma), Downie died on October 17, 2017, leaving his family (including four children), his bandmates, friends, and countless fans to remember the man they knew and loved.

If you ever had the chance to see Gord Downie on stage, doing what he loved, you got a look at something special. Whether he was touring with The Tragically Hip, playing his own solo music, collaborating with The Sadies, or any number of other appearances he made during his long and fruitful career, he was the one to watch. To see him dance and move and feel the lyrics and music was almost hypnotic. There were always moments of magic hidden in plain sight when Downie was doing his thing.

photo: Mike Homer

Note: I will admit to sometimes being frustrated when trying to sing along to my favourite songs from The Tragically Hip when Gord was singing them live. The way he transformed them into something more than the record version was hard for me to understand and explain – but having seen more live music now, I get it. And he owned it.

To explain the influence that Gord Downie has had on musicians in Canada is probably a fool’s errand. There are too many. There’s too much. There is just no way to list everyone that took something from the lyric writing, performing, passion, and perseverance that the man, his bandmates, and his career. We see glimpses of Downie when we watch Max Kerman fronting the Arkells, and we can hear Hip-like cadence and feel in singer/songwriter tracks and new rock hits from all across Canada. We’re confident in saying that isn’t going to change any time soon.

And to the general public, the influence is real as well. The work that Downie did to help put Indigenous rights into the light will not be forgotten. And the songs. My God, the songs he sang will continue to be sung.

Walk into any karaoke bar and wait a little while, you’re likely to hear a song from The Hip. And if you want even higher odds, go find a campfire anywhere in Canada – if there’s an acoustic guitar we can almost guarantee that someone is going to strum Wheat Kings or Bobcaygeon.

Campfire Guitar

On August 20, 2016, when The Tragically Hip played the K-Rock Centre in Kingston, ON to wrap their tour, a nation stopped to watch. The CBC reported that nearly 12 million viewers took in the feed. In Toronto, the CNE bandshell stage schedule was adjusted so they could show the concert on a big screen. Across the country there were viewing parties filled with family, friends, and fans. And together we watched as a real life musical hero to so many stood tall, sang, dripped with sweat, cried, and pour every ounce of what he had into the show that we won’t be able to forget.

At home, I cried. I watched and I sang and I sat in silence and I cried as the band played through a monster set and Downie sang with everything he had in him. It was beautiful.

Canadian movie lovers will remember Downie as well from his appearances in films like One Week (2008) and even his quick cameo with the rest of The Hip in Men With Brooms (2002). This clip from One Week is sobering, and will be one of the non-concert performance moments that I remember most of his career…

With the Order of Canada, a star on the Walk of Fame, Canadian Music Hall of Fame status, awards for his music, and recognition for his work outside of it, Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip achieved more than most – and just as much as he deserved.

We all knew this day was coming. This shouldn’t have surprised us. But still, it feels like I’ve been blindsided by the news. Maybe I thought there was still time. Maybe Downie’s relentless fight and work in the face of what was coming tricked me. Either way, this hurts.

Canada lost a legend when Gord Downie died. But his stories, his legacy, his inspiration and influence will live on and be remembered.

Rest easy Mr. Downie. Thank you for everything.

Gord Downie Cheers

Joshua’s Top 10 Tracks, The Tragically Hip

★ Wheat Kings
★ Bobcaygeon
★ Ahead By A Century
★ Courage
★ Grace, Too
★ Cordelia
★ Little Bones
★ Fiddler’s Green
★ Blow At High Dough
★ Gift Shop

Late Show: The Beaches Album Review

Toronto rock and roll quartet, The Beaches, have released their much anticipated full-length debut album, Late Show, and fans of the band have reason to rejoice.

Named for their neighbourhood in the east end of the city, the band has been putting in work on stage for the last four years, building their GRL BND brand, and earning new fans from their hometown and beyond. The WayHome and Canadian Music Week alumni have wowed us at The Phoenix and The Horseshoe, and haven’t slowed down or let up since they started this ball rolling.

With Late Show, Jordan, Kylie, Eliza, and Leandra have shown that they are ready for the late night spotlight, mixing their enthusiasm for what they do with experience-honed writing and musicianship that leads them from track to track.

While I was listening to the album I found myself thinking about Haim and The Darcys, and when the last song finished, Spotify immediately rolled into the Arkells, and that worked too. This is a collection of songs that fans will be able to slide into playlists seamlessly, and with ease.

Songs like Money, Gold, Turn Me On, the title track all lend themselves to a party if you want it – and will translate from the album to the stage as these rocking women plug in and turn up the volume. Which leads me to this recommendation, when you press play on The Beaches record, turn it up.

The youth, attitude, energy and ability that The Beaches combine on this album should be celebrated. There is no jaded rock star shit here. There’s no “been there done that” drag. This is a rock and roll album that puts forth everything that we want from rock and roll. We can feel the drums and guitar. The bass holds the rhythm we need. And on vocals, the 12 songs on the album all pull their weight and earn their plays.

Note: For what it’s worth, my early favourite track (based on repeated listens) is Walk Like That. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is I keep coming back for… but trust me, I keep coming back for more.

These four rockers come together to form a tight band, with an authentic sound. They play for themselves, they are themselves, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Find tickets to a show when The Beaches are near you… and be ready for a good time.

The Beaches, Late Show Tracklist

1. Back Of My Heart
2. Money
3. Moment
4. Let Me Touch
5. T-Shirt
6. Turn Me On
7. Gold
8. Highway 6
9. Late Show
10. Keeper
11. Walk Like That
12. Sweet Life

Made In The Name Of Rock N Roll: One Bad Son Album Review

Saskatoon rock and rollers, One Bad Son, are back with new music, releasing their fifth album, Made In The Name Of Rock N Roll to the world.

The boys from the Canadian Prairies have been hard at work their entire careers playing, writing, and recording, and the excitement that they share with their fans for this release is palpable. The upcoming tour to support the album release is another chance for Shane, Adam, and Kurt to get in front of Canadian rock fans and show off their energy and music – and will take them from Vancouver to the eastern end of Ontario with 25 live dates along the way. The tour kicks off in Red Deer, AB on October 17, and you can check out all of the upcoming dates HERE.

One Bad Son - Julian Taylor Showcase - CMW2017

Made In The Name Of Rock N Roll is a straight ahead, no tricks, ‘get into it’ rock and roll record. The 10 songs, starting with the title track, play together like an album should, without any hiccups or moments that make you think you’ve stumbled onto another album by accident. It’s a cohesion that has gone missing on many albums since the digital revolution, but One Bad Son has clearly made the effort to make it a priority on this album.

From top to bottom there is no shortage of rock and roll firepower here. With Shane Volk’s voice at the front, and a wall of music behind him, lead by Adam Hicks’ guitar and Kurt Dahl’s drums, there is a fullness to the sound, and a completeness to the songs as they play. With Raging Bull (the band’s #1 BDS Mainstream Rock Radio Hit) leading the way, there are new fan favourites to be discovered on this album to go along with tracks like Retribution Blues and Psycho Killer from previous releases.

One Bad Son Hicks Socan Award 2017

While everyone will find the songs that they jam out to hardest in their car or at home alone, I can tell you that Hurricane and the new single, Scream For Me are my choices for increased volume and rocking. I’m also a big fan of The Promise, a four minute jam that lends itself perfectly to my love of rock and roll love songs that are begging for live sing-alongs and foot stomping. Check it.

Note: After the opening riff to Flying High, I really want to hear One Bad Son cover Hurts So Good.

Coming a full three years after the release of their last record, Black Buffalo, these new songs have been a long time coming for fans and for the band. And nobody is going to be disappointed.

So, if you’re in the mood for rock and roll, hit play on Made In The Name Of Rock N Roll and turn it up!

One Bad Son, Made In The Name Of Rock N Roll Tracklist

1. Made In The Name Of Rock N Roll
2. Raging Bull
3. Hurricane
4. The Promise
5. Like A Weapon
6. Rise Up
7. Scream For Me
8. True Romance
9. Streets Are Red
10. Flying High

One Bad Son - Julian Taylor Showcase - CMW2017

One Bad Son - Julian Taylor Showcase - CMW2017One Bad Son - Julian Taylor Showcase - CMW2017One Bad Son - Julian Taylor Showcase - CMW2017One Bad Son - Julian Taylor Showcase - CMW2017

The Party: Max Webster Box Set Release Q&A

Max Webster. The late 70’s. A high school gym with low lighting. There may have been some shenanigans. At this point, I’m not 100% sure this memory is even real… but I’m pretty sure Max Webster played my high school dance. And of course the memory is awesome.

Fast forward to today and ole Label Group has released Max Webster’s – The Party. A Canadian box set to rival all box sets. The Party is being released on both vinyl and CD.  The set contains 8 albums or CDs and it has newly re-mastered albums, exclusive unreleased live and studio songs, plus the long-out-of-print Kim Mitchell self-titled EP and a comprehensive booklet packed with rare photos and memorabilia. All the Max Webster you could possibly want and more.

In anticipation of the release, we chatted with Mike Tilka, Max Webster’s original bassist about the box set, memories, and who he’s listening to right now. Thanks again to Mike, he’s a funny and talented guy.


Q) We’re really excited about the upcoming The Party release on September 29, 2017, we’re wondering, why now?

MT) I assume it had to do with Anthem selling off their label masters to ole Media a while ago and the new label deciding they needed a plan to get their new investments working for them. Good timing, because if they had waited any longer we would have to go to our gigs & interviews with walkers (or not at all!). Also, our original audience would all be needing hearing aids just to enjoy the product.

Q) Do you have a favourite Max Webster track?

MT) “Gravity” — great tune. It was challenging to perform live — just try playing & singing that chorus at the same time. A fun deal all around!

Q) Would you mind sharing a tour memory with our readers?

MT) Of course not, but remember “what happens on the road stays on the road” or is that Vegas? When you are young and have a purpose as exciting as playing new music, touring is fantastic! Just walking into the Fillmore in San Francisco, knowing you are going to play there that evening is an amazing buzz. Lots of those moments when on tour.

Q) What differences will we hear on the newly remastered versions?

MT) Louder – more bottom! Mastering techniques have changed in the last ten years so things should sound better.

Q) Can you share with us anything about the previously unreleased tracks?

MT) Ten years ago, Q107 had a 30th birthday party at the Docks and Max did a reunion gig to help celebrate. A great night with lots of crazy fans. Kim and I mixed “Let Go The Line” from that show. It is one of the bootleg tracks for the Box Set.

Q) Name 3 bands that you’re currently listening to?

MT) I have been listening to Left a new CD by Monkey House, Don Breithaupt’s fabulous ode to Steely Dan – great tunes, amazing players, etc. One of my favourite guitar players, Kim Mitchell, is featured on one of the tracks. He does a great job but you will never be able to convince him of that. I got into Ryan Adams recently. His songwriting is wonderfully simple and understated. Nice voice as well. I am going through all his solo and band CD’s.

The new self-titled Odd Cue CD is also on my current playlist. It is my new project with guitarist Shane Cloutier, a fabulous singer/songwriter. We plan to release it this October so watch for it. Exciting stuff. In addition to these, lately I have been listening to: Jeff Beck’s LIVE+, Hamilton, Drug Plan, Avishai Cohen’s CD Continuo – the list never ends!

Q) For me, as a fan from day one (and owner of the original vinyls), I’m thrilled to see the vinyl box set included in the re-release, tell us about the extras that come along with the vinyl set.

MT) There are a bunch of new/old photos and great cover-art. Also, there is a “Bootleg” record with some live tracks and demos never released before. Not sure if the used drum-sticks and guitar picks made it to the package.

Q) Is there any chance we’ll see a live reunion performance?

MT) I’m in, but I really don’t know if there is a chance of another live reunion gig. Kim would be the one to ask.

Thanks to Mike for taking the time to answer our questions and we’re definitely hoping for that reunion gig. You can get your copy of The Party here: Vinyl or CD

Twitter: @olemajorlyindie
Instagram: @olemajorlyindie
Facebook: @oleismajorlyindie

The Sky Is A Neighborhood: Foo Fighters Carpool Karaoke!

The Foo Fighters, 20+ year rock and roll vets, platinum selling artists, Wembley Stadium filling performers, Grammy winning stars… carpool karaoke guests.

In promotion of their brand new album, Concrete & Gold, the Foo Fighters jumped in a van with The Late Late Show’s James Corden for 12 minutes and 52 seconds of Carpool Karaoke, music, questions, answers, and laughs – with a surprise pit stop for an even more surprising live performance.

Related: Concrete and Gold: Foo Fighters Album Review

Favourite Moments included…

“He’s the guy from Nirvana?!”

“A lot of words in that song”

– Harmonies on Best Of You

– The Guitar Center

– The Live Jam

Watch the video, sing along loud, go listen to the new Foos album – and try not to air drum as the big hits kick in!

Carpool Karaoke Track List

1) All My Life (0:39)

2) Best Of You (2:37)

3) Learn To Fly (4:42)

4) The Sky Is A Neighborhood (7:10)

5) Never Gonna Give You Up (10:32)

New Music Spotlight: Terra Lightfoot, Brett Kissel, Barney Bentall, Domeno and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

In our latest installment of the New Music Spotlight, we’re bringing you new music from Terra Lightfoot, Brett Kissel, Barney Bentall, Domeno and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Give them a listen and let us know what you think. And if you’re an artist who has new music coming up, get in touch!

Let’s do this!

The Music

The Music

Artist: Terra Lightfoot
Hometown: Waterdown, ON
Genre: Roots Rock
Related Artists: Joel Plaskett, Matt Mays, Amelia Curran
Single: Paradise
Notes: Paradise is the lead single from Terra’s upcoming album New Mistakes, which will be out on October 13th on the Sonic Unyon label.

“On stages in France, the UK and across Canada, Lightfoot has performed alongside heavyweights like Emmylou Harris, Ron Sexsmith, Gordon Lightfoot, Blue Rodeo, The Rheostatics, Grace Potter, The Both, Built to Spill, Sloan, Arkells, Basia Bulat, Albert Lee, James Burton, The Sadies, Steve Strongman, Monster Truck and Daniel Lanois.”

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify

Artist: Brett Kissel
Hometown: Flat Lake, AB
Genre: Country
Related Artists: Chad Brownlee, Dean Brody, Dallas Smith, Jojo Mason
Single: We Were That Song
Notes: This song is classic Brett Kissel, making us want to sing along. The live performance was shot at Toronto’s Dakota Tavern.  The song is catchy and fun with a great story. Brett is on tour and you can find tour dates here. 

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify

Artist: Barney Bentall
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Genre: Rock
Related Artists: Tom Cochrane, Blue Rodeo, The Odds
Single: The Miner (featuring Dustin Bentall)
Notes: Mark October 10th on your calendars, Barney is releasing his next studio recording The Drifter and The Preacher via True North Records. Want to get a preview of the album and maybe hear some favourites? Tickets are on sale for his October 12th performance at Toronto’s Dakota Tavern and you can get them here. Not in Toronto? Tour dates here!

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify

Artist: Domeno
Hometown: Montreal, QC
Genre: Dance/Pop
Related Artists: Dirty Ducks, Arston, Paris & Simo
Single: Lies (featuring Zagata)
Notes: Performing worldwide, Domeno has caught the attention of David Guetta, Tiesto Hardwell and more. Lies was released under Elisa Recordings/ Mama’s Boy Music Group / Believe Digital. Domeno has a fun energy and this track is a great collaboration with Zagata.

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify

Artist: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Rock
Related Artists:
Single: Little Thing Gone Wild
Notes: New music from BRMC. This is the first release from their upcoming studio album, Wrong Creatures. January 12th is the release date for the new LP, but the band heads out on a world tour on October 23. Tour dates here!

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify

Casualties: Break The Trend Album Review

It’s been two years since North Bay-based band Break The Trend released their three-song EP Talk is Cheap. In that time, bass player Pat Pharand left but they’ve continued to record music. On September 8th the band released their first full-length album, Casualties and we’ve been listening to it all week.

Before we dive into the music I wanted to quickly note how much I liked the cover art. Fortin Images has created a moody, dystopian eye-catching cover which is beautiful and disturbing at the same time. The amazing orange colour paired with the smoky gas masked clad individual is pretty memorable.

Break The Trend, Casualties Tracklist

1. Fight Another Day
2. Casualties
3. Control
4. Fight Your Reality
5. Machine
6. Cocaine
7. Stratosphere
8. Hey Darlin’

With eight tracks, Casualties comes in at just under 33 minutes and takes us through an emotional journey of survival, betrayal, addiction and more. My favourite tracks are Fight Your Reality and Fight Another Day, Cocaine and Hey Darlin’.

Finishing the record with the song, Hey Darlin’, a previously released track, was a great idea. It’s an energetic, positive, upbeat party track to end the album and it’s already grabbed the band some radio play. It’s the story of attraction, the dances we do when something is new and the promise of something to come. It’s got great guitars and a super catchy chorus.

Overall I like it, it’s got a positive message to keep going, the lyrics are relatable and it makes me want to move my head along while I’m listening. All good things.

Break The Trend are John Fournier on lead vocals and guitar, Alex Lajambe on percussion and vocals and Lucas Mullins on lead guitar. The guys have spent some time in many of our favourite Toronto haunts like The Horseshoe Tavern, The Bovine and Lee’s Palace where they’ll be performing on September 21st – it’s $7.00 at the door.

Break The Trend Casualties

Break The Trend - photo by Fortin Images

Photo Credit: Fortin Images from BTT’s Facebook Page

Concrete and Gold: Foo Fighters Album Review

For the first time in almost three years, the Foo Fighters are back with a brand new full-length studio album of rock and roll.

With Concrete and Gold, Dave Grohl et al have put forth another strong argument against the “rock and roll is dead” trope that we hear all too often. And through the 11 tracks on the album we get a full taste of everything we love about the band, their music, and a reminder that after more than 20 years since Grohl recorded the band’s self-titled debut album, they remain as relevant and rocking as ever.

For more than 45 minutes, Concrete and Gold is a journey of guitar riffs, heavy drum work, melodies, screams, and more. T-Shirt, the one minute and 23 second opener reminds me of Queen… which is a new comparison to make for me with the Foos, but to me, it’s there. And from then on, it’s Foo Fighters playing like you know they can, expect them to, and enjoy every.

Fans are already familiar with the first two singles from the album, (number one single) Run, and The Sky Is A Neighborhood, and now that the album has been released, it won’t be long until friends of the Foos will be singing along to the entire tracklist, and not just those two offerings.

Note: The Sky Is A Neighborhood already has nearly 6.5 million views on YouTube after only 3 weeks. That’s impressive. Also, we really dig this Rolling Stone interview about the vid – Dave Grohl Talks Directing Kids, Neil DeGrasse Tyson Influence for New Foo Fighters Video

This record sounds big, it plays big, and it makes me (and should make all Foo Fighters fans) want to be in a big crowd to see the band play it live. It will interesting to see how the band handles things like the saxophone, choral vocals, and other studio aspects of the record when they do take it on the road (and hopefully make it back to Canada), but having seen the band play live (supporting Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace in 2008), I have no doubt that they’ll do it justice and bring it to life every night on every stage.

With all that talk about big sound, this should also be kept in mind… It can be too easy to listen to this record, or any rock record, and overlook the ability of songwriters like Dave Grohl to create a track like Happy Ever After (Zero Hour). And we shouldn’t do that. The guitars don’t ring, the drums don’t bang, and there won’t be moshing and fist pumping action like there will be from other tracks on Concrete and Gold, but this is Grohl’s Beatles influence shining through. And while I may be projecting that because we’ve all heard Grohl talk about how much he loves the British legends, again, to me it’s there.

It’s a track like that, mixed in with Run, La Dee Da, and Make It Right that completes this album and gives it depth. This is not a one-note album. Understand that going in. Enjoy the hell out of it on repeat. And leave a comment telling us your favourite track on Concrete and Gold.

Foo Fighters, Concrete and Gold Tracklist

1. T-Shirt
2. Run
3. Make It Right
4. The Sky Is A Neighborhood
5. La Dee Da
6. Dirty Water
7. Arrows
8. Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)
9. Sunday Rain
10. The Line
11. Concrete And Gold

Love the Foo Fighters and want some Dave Grohl story time? Check out this animated short: Foo Fighters – The Making of Concrete and Gold

Steve Fest 2017: NLP, Zebra And The Bandit, Johnny Nocash and More

On Sunday night I attended my first Steve Fest. This year’s edition was held at Toronto’s Hard Luck Bar and included NLP, Zebra And The Bandit, Johnny Nocash & The Celtic Outlaws, Dawn Valley, Her Majesty the King, and The Curse Within.

Additional bands which hit the stage before we arrived included This Is A Crisis,  Words Like Wildfire, Hashmarks, Jen Marks, Cole Hermer, Part Nerd and Microfierce.  Now as I alluded to above, this wasn’t the first Steve Fest. Originally held in Steve Prince’s backyard, Steve Fest brought together live performances in Steve’s backyard in the name of celebrating Steve’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Steve.

You might be wondering who is this Steve Prince? Well, he’s a family friend, an Edge 102.1 intern and a guy who knows a few people in the Toronto music scene.

Steve definitely took it up a notch this year and we’re happy that we were there to see it happen. Bands took to the stage some time after 5:00 pm and went well past midnight, not bad for a Sunday night. A great mix of music and the first time we’d seen any metal music live in a long time. It’s been too long. The music was all over the map and included metal, rock, country, punk and more.

We’ve included links above to the band’s pages, check ’em out and check out our super dark photos from the dark depths of Hard Luck Bar.

The Curse Within

Her Majesty The King

Dawn Valley

Johnny Nocash and The Celtic Outlaws

Zebra And The Bandit


Young Offenders: Constantines at WayHome 2017

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new Constantines album, and to be honest we were thrilled that they were included in this year’s WayHome lineup.  And based on the WayHome crowd’s response, we were not alone.

Checking out their social media accounts it’s hard to get a feel for what’s going on but watching the band up on stage, there’s little doubt that the guys still have that “thing” that we fell in love with.

We could talk about nostalgia but instead, we’re going to talk about great energy levels, strong vocals and technically tight musicianship. Constantines took the WayBright stage on Friday at 6:30 PM and the crowd continued to build throughout the set. Fans gathered up near the stage and littered the lawn. They sang along and danced to some fan favourites including Arizona, Shower of Stones and Young Offenders.

We got a full out rock and roll smoke show, complete with overhead guitar playing and intensity and we loved it. The guys all looked pretty happy and comfortable up there. We can only hope that this means there’s new music coming.

WayHome 2017 - Constatines
WayHome 2017 - Constatines
WayHome 2017 - Constatines
WayHome 2017 - ConstatinesWayHome 2017 - Constatines

WayHome 2017 - Constatines
WayHome 2017 - Constatines
WayHome 2017 - Constatines
WayHome 2017 - Constatines
WayHome 2017 - Constatines

WayHome 2017 - Constatines
WayHome 2017 - Constatines
WayHome 2017 - Constatines
WayHome 2017 - Constatines
WayHome 2017 - Constatines
WayHome 2017 - Constatines
WayHome 2017 - Constatines
WayHome 2017 - Constatines

Whole Wide World: Cage The Elephant at WayHome 2017

All the way from Bowling Green, Kentucky/ Nashville, Tennessee – Cage The Elephant came to WayHome and hit the main stage with all of the power that we could have hoped for and expected!

High energy, enthusiasm, fun, fire, and confetti highlighted the Cage The Elephant set as the evening turned to night and the sun went down on Saturday at the festival. From moment 1, the band was firing on all cylinders. Guitarist Brad Shultz took it upon himself to jump down from the stage and make his way into the crowd almost immediately. And the crowd freaking loved it. There were cheers as loud as we’d heard all day for the band and their set.

As the band played through their set, featuring songs including; In One Ear, Too Late to Say Goodbye, Cold Cold Cold, Whole Wide World, Come A Little Closer, Mess Around, and more, the assembled WayHome main stage crowd sang and danced and loved every single moment of the action.

And it turns out that love was the point of it all. During the set, front man Matt Shultz looked out into the crowd and told everyone that he was there because he wanted “to take this night and celebrate love.“, it was great to hear, and awesome to feel.

If you want to jump, dance, sing, and sweat – get yourself a ticket to see Cage The Elephant as soon as you have the chance. And if you want a taste of what you’re in for, check out these pics.

WayHome 2017 - Cage The Elephant WayHome 2017 - Cage The Elephant WayHome 2017 - Cage The ElephantWayHome 2017 - Cage The ElephantWayHome 2017 - Cage The ElephantWayHome 2017 - Cage The ElephantWayHome 2017 - Cage The ElephantWayHome 2017 - Cage The ElephantWayHome 2017 - Cage The ElephantWayHome 2017 - Cage The Elephant

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