Kill Your Love: Jess Moskaluke Green Room Interview, Toronto

Jess Moskaluke, three time Canadian Country Music Association award winner for Female Artist of the Year, Juno winner for Country Album of the Year (2017, Kiss Me Quiet), and one of Canada’s biggest country stars, has new music to share with the world, and is making the rounds to tell her stories.

We caught up with Jess in Toronto, in the green room before her CBC Music First Play performance, to talk about her new EP, writing with new collaborators, awesome feelings on stage, and more.

The new album, Past The Past, is scheduled to be released on November 3, and it seems like it can’t come soon enough for the Saskatchewan native. She told us that it feels like the music has been done forever, and that she’s excited to share it with country music fans. She also told us that it’s been nice to start folding in new songs on stage, allowing her and the band to freshen up the setlist and have some new fun in the show.

While we had Jess for a few minutes we also jumped into a quick round of 5 Quick Questions. Hit play and find out what album she is listening to on repeat, her favourite Shania jam, her late night fast food go to, and more…

We asked Jess about writing with new people on this album, and as we talked she realized that there were more and more new minds on this set of songs. She told us that there’s a comfort that grows between collaborators, and that adding new people to that process of creativity and creation can be both exciting and sometimes can make her a little nervous.

On Past The Past she had a little of that when she wrote with Neil Mason from The Cadillac Three. Neil’s reputation and success are well known in the industry, and when you hear Right When Ya Left, you’ll see how that session turned out.

Spoiler: It went well.

Before we were done chatting with Jess Moskaluke we asked about the feeling that she gets when she’s on stage and the fans are singing along and singing back to her. It was hard for her to put into words what it is. She told us that it’s one of those things that you really only know after you’ve felt it for yourself.

When we asked if she remembers the first time it happened she wasn’t able to pinpoint it, but she remembers when Cheap Wine And Cigarettes became that songs and she could see people in the crowd at shows singing along with her.

We’ve asked other artists this exact question before, and Jess’s answer lines up with theirs. And we’re sure she’d agree with Chad Brownlee, who told us that when he stops getting that awesome feeling when everyone sings with and to him, it’ll be time to hang ‘em up.

Big thanks to Jess Moskaluke for hanging out with us pre-show, and for letting us invite some contest winners to see her perform at the CBC.

Keep your eyes out for video from the night. And stay tuned for a Past The Past album review and your chance to listen, coming soon!

Jess Moskaluke, CBC Music First Play Setlist

Drive Me Away*
Night We Won’t Forget
Good Lovin’
Kiss Me Quiet
Good For You
Kill Your Love*
Right When Ya Left*
Strong As I’ve Ever Been
Past The Past*
Parachute (Chris Stapleton cover)
Save Some Of That Whiskey*
Take Me Home
Cheap Wine And Cigarettes

*songs from Past The Past

Past The Past: Jess Moskaluke CBC Music First Play Contest

Since Jess Moskaluke first hit our radar in early 2014 we’ve been all in on the Saskatchewan singer. And now that she’s prepping to release a new EP, Past The Past, we’re as excited as ever for what’s next in her career.

Related: Jess Moskaluke Boots & Hearts Preview Interview, 2014

As an early celebration of the November 3, 2017 release of Mosakluke’s new music, the CCMA and Juno award winning country star will be performing a selection of songs live and in person at the CBC in Toronto on Monday, October 16, 2017 – and we’re hooking fans up with tickets!

Note: As an extra bonus, Jess will have a Q&A session at the event, so if you win you could have the chance to ask your best question!

That’s right, we have five (5) pairs of tickets to give away to Jess Moskaluke fans in the Toronto area to be part of this exclusive CBC Music First Play event. The crowd will be small, the music will be new, the energy will be amazing. And the winners of this contest will be able to count themselves as lucky to be in the room!

Use the widget in this post to earn up to 10 entries for your chance to be a winner. Keep these points in mind…

1) Follow the instructions for each entry type to make sure that your entries count.
2) Pay special attention to the instructions for the Leave A Comment entry.
3) Email signups are worth two (2) entries… don’t miss that bonus opportunity.
4) Make sure you enter with an email that you check often – because that’s how you’ll be contacted if you win!

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Jess Moskaluke

Denise Donlon – Fearless As Possible [Interview]

Fearless as Possible CoverOver the holidays I got my hands on a copy of Fearless As Possible (Under the Circumstances): A Memoir, written by one of my favourite people, Denise Donlon.

To be clear, I don’t know Denise personally, but I feel like we grew up together. From the early days at MuchMusic through her Sony Music and CBC days, including her humanitarian work, Denise went where no other woman had gone before and succeeded. I’ve watched her and admired her courage, ingenuity and determination.

Last week I had the pleasure of talking to Denise. I have to admit, going into the interview I was intimidated, but from the second I picked up the phone everything was fine. It was like talking to an old friend. Before getting to my questions we chatted briefly about life, the holidays, Donald Trump (and what that might mean for the world), and Michelle Obama and how much we were going to miss her.

Diving in I wanted to know what Denise thought when the idea of the book was first proposed. Her first thought was “Of Course!”. She initially thought it would be a celebrity story book. With such a huge number of stories to choose from the question quickly became, how to narrow it down. Her criteria? The story either had to be funny, or it had to have taught her something, or it had to illustrate a point. But, the book took its own path and it wanted to be more. At the end of the day, even though the book was written chronologically, it’s also thematic and ends up being about leadership, feminism, humanitarianism, the times when she felt happiest and most fulfilled, and when she was able to use her power and position for good.

I think this is the best thing about the book. Don’t get me wrong, I love the celebrity stories and the history, but Denise gives us a true peek into her life. I think my favourite part of the book is her description of her husband Murray McLauchlan‘s heart surgery. It’s scary and touching. It reminds us that we’re all vulnerable and that music and friends have great healing properties.CCMA Awards 2016 Murray McLauchlan and Denise Donlon Green CarpetThe main thing that struck home for me was the honesty and her ability to express in words the things we all feel. The Imposter Syndrome is something many of us deal with and Denise touches on in this in the book. I asked her if today she felt like a successful author, after a quick pause and a laugh she answered, “No”. Her book is out, the reviews are good, but there’s still that little voice in her head, she calls it “the troll”, who’s just waiting for a bad review. I can 100% relate.

It was a lot of work, the book took two years to write and she was careful with the project. She’s glad people are reading it, and she’s very glad that young women are reading it. She’s hoping it inspires young women to dust themselves off when they fall down and get back up. We talked a little more about it and how you can use that voice in your head to stay humble and appreciate the good things when they come.

When I asked Denise about downtime, she’s said she’s hoping to spend more time outdoors. She’s a big fan of kayaking, walking, bird watching, spending time at the cottage and yoga. She loves taking time in nature or just being aware of oneself on a yoga mat. These are the places where fresh ideas come up.
FEARLESS-AS-POSSIBLE-UNDER-THE-CIRCUMSTANCES-Written-by-Denise-DonlonSo what’s next for Denise Donlon? Right now she’s thinking about another War Child trip and she joked she may just have to grow up and find a job. I responded that it looked to me like things seemed to find her and I would be surprised if that didn’t continue. We talked a bit about the fact that, at the age of 60, corporations may not be ready to take the time to start something new because it takes time for any employee to show value. Add to that the fact that she’s gotten to a place where she hopes to find something where she’s able to make a positive contribution. She’s got a ton of experience and a great network. I’m sure we’ll being seeing more of her very soon.

We love to ask people about music, it’s what we do. I asked Denise how she listens to her music and who the last five artists/bands were that she listened to. She’s an old school listener and she likes her music on CDs and they’ve just unloaded their Christmas music from the 5 CD player at home. She still finds new music via streaming services but if she likes it, she’ll buy the CD. She loves whole albums and if she likes an artist she wants to hear an album from beginning to end. I’d love to get a look at her collection!

Who was on her list? Theloneous Monk – Live in San Francisco, John Mayer – Born and Raised, Annie Lennox – Diva, Arkells – Morning Report and The Strumbellas – Hope. I love that she rounded out this list with a couple of Canadian artists and one of my all-time favourites, Arkells.

It was truly a pleasure chatting with Denise and I’m highly recommending everyone read this book. It’s a fun, touching, inspiring read.

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Five Out of Ten: Beth Moore Album Release Celebration! [Interview]

Beth Moore is a talented singer/songwriter from the Niagara region of Ontario that is mostly known for wine and waterfalls – but someday maybe we’ll be adding Beth to that list.

Beth Moore CoffeeWith the release of her sophomore album, Five Out of Ten, this week, Moore has found herself busy with shows (a recent tour of Balzac’s coffee shops sounds like it was a really fun time) and radio love, including Top 20 action on CBC Radio 2 thanks to the support of listeners and fans.

I’ve had a chance to sit down with the album over the last couple days, and it truly does deliver. Described as indie/pop folk on her FB page, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. From the 1st single, OK OK, to the track that supplies the album’s title, Say That Again, Beth is right on track.

With the album available now, and the Toronto release party coming up next week, we caught up with Beth Moore for a little Q&A action to talk about the record, writing, raisins and more.

Check it out!

Beth Moore Five Out of Ten Album CoverQ. Your 1st album, The Road, came out in 2011 – how does it feel to have new music out again 4 years later with the release of Five Out of Ten?

A. 4 years, wow. Well, I don’t think I even realized it’d been that long. I spent the last two or so really focusing on 5/10 so it’s all a bit of a blur. Either way, it feels great to have new music out and to finally be able to share the project with everyone. The response has been incredible and makes all those long days in the studio without coffee (bad for the voice) totally worth it. I hope my third album doesn’t take four years to get out, but I’m glad we took our time on this one!

Q. And how cool is it to hear OK OK getting love from CBC Radio 2 and the fans?

Beth Moore Twitter Profile PhotoA. SO GOOD! wow, my friends and fans have been insanely awesome. My social media absolutely exploded with support. The day OK OK first played on CBC2 my car broke down and I was a little bummed out, but then the song was on the Radio, and then I heard it was in the running for top 20 and I all but forgot about the car, I could have run across the country for all I cared, I was so happy!! I remember saying to my brother “Is this real life? This is happening?” and he goes “No, your real life is you have no car, but this is cool”. The day it hit the radio was so good, I would have felt weird if something bad hadn’t happened, in a weird way it made the day seem more real. I’m still on a bit of a high from all of it!

Q. Tell us a little bit about your process. When you write, when you work out a song – how does it happen for you?

Beth Moore red toqueA. It’s very stream of consciousness, if I don’t record the whole writing session I will usually forget the stream of things flowing out. When I write with Rob Szabo he makes me sit in front of the mic the whole time. There have been many times where someone says ‘I like what you were playing, do that again’ and I can’t remember it at all. I’m all about the lyrics too, everything else kind of moves around what I’m trying to say.

Q. You’ve recorded some pretty cool covers for YouTube, if you had to pick 1 cover to have in your set every show, what song would it be?

A. I’m pretty sure I play ‘Blood and Wine’ by Dustin Kensrue at every single show and have for the last 6 years. I used to have a cover up online of me doing it and when I met Dustin in LA he knew who I was. I thought maybe I was slightly famous in a very small part of California or something, but he was just one of the 26 people who saw that video.

Q. Your Facebook page lists your interests as, “coffee, kickboxing, hot yoga, raisins, adventures”… so we want to know: What is your favourite recipe with raisins in it?

Beth Moore Sunmaid Raisins

actual photo Beth sent us!

A. raisins. period. I will eat them anywhere, anyhow, any day, anytime. This is weird, but for dinner tonight I had Red Kidney Beans and raisins… I have to buy the mini sunmaid boxes or else I’ll eat the whole bag in one day. One year for halloween I was even the sunmaid raisin lady. I was in Waterloo trying to hand out boxes of raisins to drunk students and they kept throwing them back at me. I guess not everyone likes them as much as I do! You have to admit, I looked just like her!

Q. Awesome dream time… If you could pick 2 acts (that you haven’t played with before) to go out on a tour with, who would you choose?

A. That’s tough. Ray Lamontagne and Ryan Adams.

Q. In 50 words or less (or more) tell music lovers what they can expect when they listen to Five Out of Ten.

A. A wild adventure! you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may even dance a little!

Thanks to Beth for playing along. We can’t wait to see her at The Drake for her album release show on April 11th. If you’re in Toronto you should probably come out and say hi and have a drink and enjoy the show too.

Either way, find Beth Moore online at these fine locations…

Website: bethmooremusic.com
Facebook: Beth Moore Music
Twitter: @bethmooremusic
Instagram: @bethmooremusic
YouTube: Beth Moore
iTunes: Beth Moore
Beth Moore Five Out of Ten Album Release The Drake Toronto

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How I Got Hooked On Coronation Street!

Coronation Street SignIt’s been on the air since 1960… but I’ve only been watching for the last couple years so I still don’t know all the history – and truth be told, I probably never will.

And still, I’m hooked on the goings on of Coronation Street!

It started innocently enough, by being in the same room as Trish when she was watching on the CBC. That’s it.

Over time though I found myself keeping track of what the characters were doing or who they were doing or who was killing people or lying or cheating or trying their best to be good or make a new life. It’s a complicated situation over there – well a bunch of complicated situations. And from what I gather, it always has been.

In fact, and I realize that this is kinda nuts, last night I got stuck in the Wiki rabbit hole chasing info on characters and The Rovers and old stories and history. There’s so damn much I’ll never get through it all! I’ll never know it all! And part of me says, “forget it, you’re too far behind, stop watching now and save yourself the headache.” but then I watch for another week and I can’t wait to see how the next loose end is going to be tied up.

Truth be told, I’ve got an addictive personality, so it’s no real surprise that I got hooked.

But it’s SO EASY to get hooked on the damn show!

There are kids and teens and twenty-somethings and parents and old timers and scandal for all of them. There’s never a boring day and there’s never a day that you can afford to miss.

And because the CBC knows this, you can watch the whole week on Sunday mornings. It’s 2 and a half hours that you won’t want to move from the couch, but if you need to catch up – it’s the way to go (in a non-streaming, “old fashioned” kinda way) to get your fix.

Coronation Street CastTo pick favourite characters I have to lean towards the funnier and less mean spirited.

1) Lloyd

2) Steve

3) Tina

4) Rita

5) Roy

Those 5 aren’t really in any order – but Lloyd and Steve go together as the best bromance and best comic relief on the street. Tina and Rita may not be prefect, but they don’t make me want to throw things at the screen. And Roy is awesome, that’s just the way it is.

And on the least favourite side I’ve got:

1) Tracy

2) Norris

3) Gail

4) Karl

5) Kirsty

These 5 have a combination of mean, whiny, entitled, nuts, violent, cruel, awful, rude, nosy, trouble-making and anger inducing going on. There is rarely, rarely, rarely a moment when they are on screen and not doing something that makes me want to stop watching the show – so good from them doing their job so well.

In the end the team that creates Coronation Street keeps coming up with more stories and twists and turns and ups and downs and fights and loves and that’s what will keep me watching.

Don’t judge me… please.

I can’t help it.Corontation Street Rooftops

5 years ago
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