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Candyland: Love and Theft at Boots & Hearts 2017

You could be forgiven for forgetting that it was Thursday when you looked out into the crowd during Love and Theft’s main stage set at Boots & Hearts. Thousands of excited country fans gathered in the field in front of the stage to celebrate the Coors Banquet Kick Off Party – and sing along to some of the duo’s biggest hits.

Eric Gunderson and Stephen Barker Liles took turns singing lead (as they do) and keeping the fans engaged throughout their set. They compliment each other perfectly in energy and solid, sweet harmonies that we could listen to all night. And with the band tight and on point, the sound from Love and Theft certainly didn’t show any cracks.

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Love and Theft

Thousands of voices sang along to Whiskey On My Breath, Angel Eyes, and covers of David Lee Murphy’s Dust On The Bottle, and Tom Petty’s Free Falling – and they sounded great. We also saw couples dancing sweetly, friends dancing like no one was watching (we were), hands in the air, and girls on shoulders as the songs rang out through the speakers. Forget the short day, kick off party thing, this was a proper main stage festival set, by two dude that know what’s up – and a band that killed it right along with them.

At one point, we were told that Eric and Stephen hadn’t been to Canada in a while because of some border permission issues, but now that those are all cleared up, they were happy to be at Boots & Hearts. Here’s hoping those permission issues don’t happen again.

Word on the internet is that Candyland will be the lead single to a fourth album from Love and Theft, and if we didn’t have to wait too long for that, we’d be happy. And if we don’t have to wait too long to see them live on stage again too, we’d be even happier.

Love and Theft, Boots & Hearts 2017 Setlist

🍬 Can’t Wait For The Weekend
🍬 Let’s Get Drunk And Make Friends
🍬 Dust On The Bottle
🍬 Candyland
🍬 Runnin’ Out Of Air
🍬 Runaway
🍬 Love Wins
🍬 Free Falling
🍬 Whiskey On My Breath
🍬 Night That You’ll Never Forget
🍬 Angel Eyes

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Love and Theft Boots and Hearts 2017 - Love and Theft Boots and Hearts 2017 - Love and Theft Boots and Hearts 2017 - Love and Theft Boots and Hearts 2017 - Love and Theft Boots and Hearts 2017 - Love and Theft Boots and Hearts 2017 - Love and Theft Boots and Hearts 2017 - Love and Theft Boots and Hearts 2017 - Love and Theft

Boots & Hearts 2014 Victoria Day Mix Tape

Boots and Hearts Mix TapeLong weekend Sundays are great. There’s no pressure to get everything on your to-do list done. You don’t have to turn life off and go to bed at a respectable hour.

And you can drink some beers and listen to some great music. That’s what I’m suggesting today.

If you don’t drink beer, that’s ok. Grab a cider, rye and coke, vodka cranberry, rum cooler, glass of wine, whatever the heck you like!

To help with the music part I’ve got a little playlist with artists from Boots & Hearts 2014! Check out the mix of new singles and old classics and sing along to everything you know.

Have a great day folks. And if you’re off tomorrow, enjoy!

Luke Bryan: Play It Again

Blake Shelton: Doin’ What She Likes

Toby Keith: Whiskey Girl

Jess Moskaluke: Cheap Wine And Cigarettes

Paul Brandt: Alberta Bound

The Road Hammers: Mud

Sawyer Brown: Drive Me Wild

Hunter Hayes: I Want Crazy

Danielle Bradbury: Young In America

David Lee Murphy: Dust On The Bottle

Dan + Shay: 19 You And Me

Tim Hicks: Hell Raisin’ Good Time

Deric Ruttan: Take The Week Off

Gord Bamford: When Your Lips Are So Close

Lee Brice: I Don’t Dance

The Reklaws: Kiss Kiss

Tyler Farr: Whiskey In My Water

Jordon McIntosh: That Girl

Sam Hunt: House Party

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Boots & Heart 2014 Line Up Announcement, March 3

Boots and Hearts 2014 Website BannerBoots & Hearts took to their social media channels last week and told everyone to be ready for a big announcement. And so we waited.

And then this morning it came.

11 new names were added to the 2014 Boots & Hearts lineup which brings us to a total of 20 acts + The Reklaws who won the 2013  Sirius XM Emerging Artist contest.

2013’s lineup had 33 artists listed, which means that we will probably get 1 more major announcement before the final list of names is available for July 31 to August 3 in Bowmanville, ON.

Here are today’s 11 new additions in alphabetical order:

Boot and Hearts Field Logo⋆ Chris Stapleton
⋆ Dan + Shay
⋆ Danielle Bradbery*
⋆ David Lee Murphy
⋆ Deric Ruttan*
⋆ Jess Moskaluke
⋆ Jordan McIntosh
⋆ Paul Brandt
⋆ Sam Hunt
⋆ Sawyer Brown
⋆ Tyler Farr

*2 more correct predictions from earlier this year!

The announcement was made with this video, introducing all of the acts, 1 at a time, along with the 9 previously announced acts… again in alphabetical order:

⋆Blake Shelton
Toby Keith, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton Boots & Hearts 2014⋆Gord Bamford
⋆Hunter Hayes
⋆Lee Brice
⋆Luke Bryan
⋆Neal McCoy
⋆The Road Hammers
⋆Tim Hicks
⋆Toby Keith

Have a look.

We’re still 5 months away from congregating out in the sticks to listen to country music for 4 days, but the excitement was started.

Stay tuned for pre-festival features on artists we’ll be seeing and other country acts that we could be seeing on the Boots & Hearts stages.

Work Hard, Play Harder, Be Awesome.

Boots and Hearts Lineup Announcement March 3, 2014

Boots and Hearts Lineup Announcement March 3, 2014

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