Tyler Childers Ticket Giveaway: The Drake Hotel – October 25, 2017

We’ve got another contest for you!!!

On October 25th Tyler Childers will be playing a sold-out show at The Drake in Toronto. Didn’t get your tickets in time? Well, you’re in luck, Collective Concerts have given us a pair of tickets to give away and they could be yours.

Tyler Childers is a Kentucky based singer/songwriter who is taking the country music world by storm. Taking his time to put together his first album, Tyler has created an amazing story that rings true infused with the sound of the deep south. Working with Grammy award winners Sturgill Simpson and David Ferguson, Tyler has crafted a musical masterpiece.

We’re thrilled that he’s bringing his Purgatory tour to Toronto and did we mention this is a sold out show?

Joining Tyler will be William Matheny. William is a West Virginia storyteller with a brand new solo album. Constellations is an alt-country/rock album with a story to tell and we’re interested in hearing how the story ends.

So if you’re looking for amazing country music in the heart of the city, this could be your show.  Here’s a link to the Facebook event page – Tyler Childers at The Drake Hotel.

And now, contest details.

Use the form below to earn up to 9 entries, and add to your chances by tagging a friend on the contest post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We’ll be giving double points for all social entries – and we’ll email you if you’re the winner.

Tyler Childers shot by David McClister Promo Photo

Photo by David McClister

Dean Brody: Beautiful Freakshow Q&A, Review and Contest!

With his sixth studio album Dean Brody is doing something familiar… making changes. The Canadian star, fresh off of wins at the Canadian Country Music Association Awards for Single, Songwriter, Video, and Top Selling Canadian Single of the Year, Brody isn’t content to rest on his success or the status quo of his sound.

dean-brody-beautiful-freakshowBeautiful Freakshow (release date: October 21, 2016) is a new evolution in the BC native’s songwriting career, and it’s one that should both intrigue and excite his fans from coast to coast. Already fans have embraced Bush Party, pushing it to #12 on the country charts this summer. And the reaction to Time, which Brody performed at the 2016 CCMA awards show, has been as positive as we expected from the moment we heard it.

Note: We’ve got a Q&A in this post… and Dean told us about taking chances, his songwriting, and the Canadian musician he’d most like to work with next. And if we gave you 10 guesses, we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t get it!

If you’ve seen Dean Brody live, watched or read an interview with him, or even just listened to his songs on the radio, you’ve got some sense of what he brings to the table. He’s a songwriter first, never thinking at the start of his career that he’d be singing his songs on his own records. He’s a humble, giving, thoughtful man, embodying all the good things we think of when we imagine a Canadian. And he’s the kind of performer that you can’t wait to see again, even moments after he’s left the stage.

We’ve been fortunate enough to speak with Dean in the past, to see him live, and to preview Beautiful Freakshow before its release to the world. And as we said, it’s a record that takes chances. The title track features a rap vocal from Halifax native Shevy Price, and while it may cause some fans to hop on their “that’s not country” horse, we have a feeling it’s going to do a lot more of the opposite. Fans of Dean (and country radio) are going to have an opportunity to embrace the song, and if that means they have to look themselves in the mirror and embrace someone like Sam Hunt when maybe they haven’t before – all the better in our opinion!

Pre-order Beautiful Freakshow on iTunes now!

Here’s the deal… this is a solid album. A fun album. An album that we’ve listened to more than a couple times over the last few days, and will be listening to again and again. All 10 tracks offer something to fans that they can sink their teeth into, tap their toes to, and sing along to. We know that Dean pours himself into his music, and we also know that he loves what he does. And being able to see that shine through again on another record is pretty damn cool.

In fact, we like the album so much (really, truly) that we’ve partnered with Open Road Recordings to give away 3 CD copies of Dean Brody’s Beautiful Freakshow!


That’s right… right after you finish reading this Q&A you can use the widget to earn up to 7 entries for your chance to be a winner. Remember to read the directions and make sure your entries are being received!

NOW, check out Dean’s answers to our questions… and feel free to tweet @DeanBrody if you have any followup questions to ask.

Q) You’ve said in the past that songwriting is very important to you. Do you feel like you’ve grown with your songwriting on this record, and was it a conscious decision to push yourself into new territory?

A) I think I’m evolving as a songwriter, I’m not sure if that is growth or just change. I’ve always had trouble sitting in one place for too long, creatively speaking. I do love experimenting with sounds and vibes. So Beautiful Freakshow naturally runs a wide spectrum musically. Lyrically, I still try and tell the country story and celebrate the rural way of living.

Q) You’re no stranger to taking chances on your records now. Do you feel more comfortable with the things you tried on Beautiful Freakshow, or is it still a “hope for the best” feeling?

A) I’m very comfortable taking chances these days. In the past it freaked me out a little but hindsight is a great thing. My biggest risks have turned out to be some of my fans favourite tunes.

Q) Bush Party has been a strong start, and Time is starting to make its way to fans now, how do you feel the reception to the new music has been so far?

A) It’s been awesome! I think all artists feel somewhat self-conscious and vulnerable when they put their music it there, especially if you’ve written stuff alone. So when our fans receive it and love it- it’s SO encouraging. Like a sigh of relief!

Q) You brought Alan Doyle (who everyone loves) back to work on another song with Soggy Bottom Summer for this record. Is there anything specific you enjoy about working with Alan?

A) I think what I appreciate the most about Alan is his love of music and his openness to sharing his gift with others. I think the politics of music, for him, are a non-issue. And he’s just a really cool dude. Down to earth. Authentic. It’s why he’s so beloved by Canadians. And his latest album is just brilliant. Have to throw that in there. You have to hear it.

CCMA Awards 2016 Dean Brody Green Carpet

Q) You’ve also got Shevy Price and Sarah Blackwood on new songs… is there anyone in Canadian music that you’d love to tag to work on the next album?

A) This won’t be popular with a lot of folks but the melodies and shit that come out of Justin Bieber is something any musician can respect. I think it’d be interesting to get inside another chaotic artist’s mind for a song. There, I said it. Musically, he’s an interesting cat.

Q) What do you hope country music fans take away from the experience of listening to Beautiful Freakshow?

A) I hope the album inspires fun, a thoughtful moment or two, and just something people can listen to as they go about their lives. I hope I can connect with them. I love sharing music, that’s what the musical experience is all about for me – sharing a moment in time together.

dean-brody-ccma-win-and-trophy-2016Dean Brody - CNE Bandshell 2016

1 year ago

The Lovelocks: Born To Love Tour Q&A and Contest!

Two of our favourite women in Canadian country music are getting ready to hit the road on their first headlining tour in Western Canada… and it’s pretty darn exciting!

The Lovelocks (Ali Raney and Zoë Sparrow) have been working hard over the last few years, releasing two EPs and playing for all kinds of crowds across the country. But this time it’s different. This time they’re at the top of the list, with the spotlight shining brightly on their talent, and we know they’re going to be great.

There are eight dates on the tour, which means eight cities are going to enjoy the Born To Love Tour. We’re a little jealous to be honest with you.

Click here for dates and tickets!

To celebrate the tour we talked to Ali and Zoë about road life and have a sweet Q&A to share with you… but that’s not all.

the-lovelocks-tshirt-2016We’re also happy to be working with The Lovelocks and the MDM Recordings team to give away 2 CDs (The Lovelocks – EP and Born To Love) and a t-shirt from the band!

So, check out the Q&A with Ali and Zoë and then use the widget to earn up to 7 entries for your chance to win our #BornToLoveTour prize pack!

Ok ladies help us out here, we need some Lovelocks road life advice…

Q) What is the most important thing to pack for the road other than clothes and toiletries?

A) It’s important to pack a few small comforts from home when you’re living out of a suitcase! A few of our favourite things to stay close to home on the road would include: cozy slippers, a good book, that old comfy sweatshirt you’ve had since high school, and a favourite mid-afternoon treat. For Ali’s treat, it’s her earl grey cream loose leaf tea, and for Zoë it’s her LaraBars. And let’s not forget a few extra guitar and fiddle strings and batteries for any on-stage mishaps!

Q) Do you bring your own pillows or blankets with you when you hit the road?

A) Sadly we have to keep things compact when we’re on the road because not only are we flying/driving with our personal luggage, we’re also carrying a TON of gear. Unfortunately, pillows and blankets don’t make the cut.

Q) Who packs more for tour trips… Ali or Zoë?

A) The great thing about being in a band with your best friend is that you can sort of pack together. Usually we bring one suitcase each, and then we stuff another bag full of our shoes and accessories, which we tend to share. It keeps our own suitcases small, but maximizes the amount of stuff we can bring at the same time. DOUBLE FIST PUMP!

CCMA Awards 2016 The Lovelocks Green Carpet

Q) What is the 1 album you can put on to listen to on repeat on a long drive between cities and venues?

A) It’s all about the classics on the road! A little Johnny Cash, Dixie Chicks or that live Alison Krauss & Union Station record are all great for long drives!

Q) When you’re on tour, what is your favourite food to grab to treat yourself with?

A) Any sit-down, catch-your-breath, non-fast food meal that reminds you of a home-cooked meal is always a treat. It’s rare to actually eat a proper meal, so these are the moments that make you the happiest on the road!

Q) What is the best thing about hitting the road to play?

A) Seeing all that our beautiful country has to offer and meeting fans from coast-to-coast! There’s nothing like it 🙂

And, not gonna lie, we have a pretty good time road trippin’ together. We only get into a bit of trouble!

The Lovelocks Mod Club CD Release 2016

Q) What is the hardest part about hitting the road to play?

A) Definitely missing our friends and family back home, but we are lucky to live in an era where technology makes it so much easier to keep in daily touch while we’re on the road.

Q) We’ve seen the live show, it’s a whole lot of fun… in 50 words can you tell everyone what they can expect from a live show with The Lovelocks?

A) We are a female roots country duo that sings about all sides of love – the good, the bad and the ugly. Soaring vocals, killer harmonies, rootsy instrumentation with signature fiddle licks, and a high energy stage presence are key ingredients to our live show! You’ll also get the inside scoop with tales from the road and stories behind the songs! Come on out to the #BornToLoveTour and bring some friends along – the more, the merrier!

Please read the directions carefully to make sure that all of your entries are confirmed and count!



ps. If you still haven’t checked out The Lovelocks’ latest single, Time After Time, watch the video now!

The Lovelocks Born To Love Album Art

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Tim Hicks Shake These Walls Release & Signed CD Giveaway!

Tim Hicks is no stranger to Canadian country music fans. Since he first hit radio with Get By in 2012, we’ve been hearing his good timin’, boot stompin’ brand of country loud and clear.

And now Tim is back!

Tim Hicks Shake These Walls Album CoverThat’s right baby, Tim Hicks’ brand new record, Shake These Walls drops on Friday, September 9, 2016 – right in the middle of Canadian country music’s biggest weekend of the year. Coincidence? We doubt it.

We’ve had the chance to listen to all 10 songs a few times (not willing to admit how many) over the last couple weeks, and we can tell you that if you’re a fan of what Tim did on Throw Down and 5:01, you’re not going to want to miss this.

After listening, it’s safe to say that Hicks didn’t rest on what he’s done on the first two albums, and we really think that the fans are going to dig it.

Hell we know people already dig it because Stompin’ Ground is all over the radio these days because people keep requesting it!

ALSO, Tim Hicks will be playing live at the Canadian Country Music Association Awards on Sunday, September 11 with Colin James (where he’s also nominated for Interactive Artist of the Year)… and if you’re ever heard Mr. James play the guitar, you know that’s going to be something special.

AND, because we’re so high on this album, and because Tim himself is so excited for you to hear it… we’re giving it away!

That’s right, use the widget in this post to earn up to 6 entries, and you could win 1 of 5 signed copies of Shake These Walls!

We’ll be emailing winners from London on Friday, so if you don’t hear from us – get out and buy your copy. And if you really can’t wait, buy a copy and then you can use the CD you win in the car or at work or give it as a gift!

Tim Hicks, Shake These Walls Track List

1. Shake These Walls
2. Slow Burn
3. Stompin’ Ground
4. Slide Over
5. We Came Up
6. Let’s Just Drink
7. Don’t Make It A Love Song
8. The Night Gets Us
9. Too Fast
10. Forever Rebels

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Strut Social House Invite Giveaway: London, ON Sept. 9-11, 2016!

Hey country music lovers, this one’s for you!!!

We’ll be in London, ON from September 8 to 11 for Canadian country music’s biggest weekend of the year – and we want to meet you. Hell, we don’t just want to meet you, we want to invite you to hang out at THE premium spot all weekend long.

Here’s the breakdown…

Strut-Logo-Social-GS-16HiResWin the chance to join in the spirit of all things country, cowboys and homestyle cookin’, during a three-day gathering with Canada’s top country music talent, media influencers and industry movers and shakers at Strut Entertainment’s Strut Social House presented by hmv Canada.

Hosted at London, ON’s hottest rooftop patio, the Lone Star Texas Grill, the invite only Strut Social House is a VIP mainstay where invited guests can drop by any time during the 3 days to refresh, relax and network during the jam-packed September 9 – 11 weekend of festivities. Each day CMT Canada’s Chevy Top 20 Countdown will be on site conducting artist interviews and on Friday September 9 AM980 / The Andrew Lawton Show will be live on location between 1pm – 3pm for a live remote broadcast.

Gibson guitars and Epiphone guitars will be on site showcasing their never before seen acoustic series and Mike Ford photography hosts a portrait studio for select nominees. Each day there will be contesting and giveaways and there will be an “Odds And Ends” table onsite where guests can purchase fantastic products and gifts at rock bottom prices with all proceeds going to MusiCounts.

For emerging Ontario country artists there will be a “demo drop box” where artists can drop their press kits and music to be delivered to the Country Music Association Of Ontario (CMAO) team for consideration for inclusion in their Artist of the Month program.

Guests can also enjoy mouthwatering southern-style food and beverages in a relaxed environment while networking and enjoying the daily program of activities.

So, if you’re coming to London, ON to check out the country music parties, showcases, concerts, carpet walks and awards – you can add the Strut Social House to your list of things to do – and your list of places to relax with a drink – if you win.

Use the form to earn up to 6 entries – and we’ll email you if you’re the winner.

Note: This is a 19+ event and the winner and guest must be of Ontario legal drinking age to claim the prize and attend the Strut Social House.

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Boots & Hearts 2016 Ticket and Camping Giveaway!

It’s Back!!!

Boots & Hearts is coming back for its 5th year or country music and partying… and we couldn’t be any more excited.

Blake Shelton Boots and Hearts 2014We want you to be excited too. Excited to see Tim McGraw and Blake Shelton and Sam Hunt and Jake Owen and Cam and all of the performers scheduled to hit the stage… every year this festival gets bigger and better. It’s the truth… even if we get a little rain now and then.

If you’ve been to B&H in any of the first 4 years you know how great these 4 days are going to be. And if you haven’t been, you’ve been missing out.

And this year, as we gear up for BH5 we want to help 1 of you have the time of your life!!!



We’re giving away 4 General Admission Passes + 1 Camping Site for your group!

Right now that’s a value of more than $1150, not a bad prize to get your hands on. All you have to do is use the widget to earn up to 6 entries (follow the instructions) and it could be you gathering up your friends to enjoy 3 days and 4 nights of awesome country music and party at Burl’s Creek from August 4 to 7, 2016!

So enter now, and share with your friends, because if they win, they’re going to need take you as a reward!

Note: Pay attention when you’re entering. To earn an entry for a comment you must enter your comment in the section below as well as checking off the box and entering your name. To follow on Twitter or send a tweet you must follow the instructions and confirm through the widget.

Good luck!

Work Hard. Play Harder. Be Awesome!


2 years ago

WayHome 2016 Ticket and Camping Giveaway!

As winter rolls on in Ontario we find ourselves daydreaming about hot, sunny summer days filled with live music, food trucks, beer, and WayHomies

And after seeing 35,000 people load into the Burl’s Creek Event Grounds in 2015, we know that we aren’t alone in those little dreams!

WAYHOME!So, today we’re SUPER HAPPY to announce that we’re giving away 4 General Admission passes + 1 camping site to the 2016 edition of the WayHome Music & Arts Festival in Oro, Ontario.

Yup, that’s right. With the help of our friends at the festival, we want to hook up 4 live music fans and give you a chance to make some summer memories with Arcade Fire, The Killers, LCD Soundsystem, Nathaniel Rateliff, Arkells, and the other 65 acts in the lineup this year.

Entry is easy, just use the widget in this post to earn up to 6 entries, and make sure you tell your friends to enter too – because if they win, they’re going to need someone to take with them!

Note: Pay attention when you’re entering. To earn an entry for a comment you must enter your comment in the section below as well as checking off the box and entering your name. To follow on Twitter or send a tweet you must follow the instructions and confirm through the widget.

Last year was a ton of fun, and if we’ve learned anything from the team at Republic Live, this year is going to be bigger and better.

Here’s wishing you all good luck, and that we see you at WayHome this July 22, 23, 24!

Walk the Moon Shut Up and Dance WayHome 2015


2 years ago

CONTEST: CMAO 2015 Spring Tune-Up Conference & Swag!

Congrats to our CMAO Conference and Prize Pack winner, Liz Morgan!

Thanks to our friends at the Country Music Association of Ontario (CMAO) we have a great prize pack to give away!!!


HmvLogo-HiRes-Prcs-Pink 2

  • 1 Country Music CD prize pack including CDs from Jason Blaine, Deric Ruttan, The Road Hammers, and Tim Hicks!
  • 2 delegate passes to the CMAO conference (May 24 & 25) at the Delta Hotel Markham
  • HMV $20 gift card

prize pack does not include travel, accommodations, or tickets to the CMAO Awards show, sorry guys. 

Total value of the prize pack is over $300 and we can’t wait to give it to someone!

You already know that the music on those discs is awesome, and a great reason to enter, and $20 to spend at HMV is a nice little cherry on top – but what about the conference?

The 2015 Spring Tune-Up Conference is going to be awesome! Have a look at some of things you’ll be able to check out…


TimHicks_501Day 1 – Sunday, May 24th

– Sharp Thoughts From A Sharp Mind: In Conversation With Derrick Ross

– Show Us The Money! The Dollars And Sense Of Funding // Moderator: Beverly Mahood

– Are We Engaged Yet? Getting More Bang With Your Marketing Buck

– Rhyme And Publishment: Getting Your Music To Sync

– The ‘New Faces, Going Places’ Industry Showcases  // Hosted By: Michelle Wright

Day 2 – Monday, May 25th

Jason Blaineeverything i love CD COVER– ‘A‘ ‘G‘ood ‘M‘orning To You! Have Your Say In The CMAO // AGM Breakfast

– The Write Stuff – SOCAN Songwriters Super Session // featuring: Deric Ruttan, Victoria Banks & more!

– The Formula Reformed: Artists Share Their Personal Recipes For Success // Featuring: Jess Moskaluke & Chad Brownlee

Full details, including times and industry speakers confirmed for each R2I panel, can be seen on the CMAO website.

Deric Ruttan Take The Week OffJust look at that list of sessions that you could be part of. Names like Beverly Mahood, Michelle Wright, Victoria Banks, Jess Moskaluke and Chad Brownlee pretty much tell you that these 2 days are going to be packed full of fun and some really smart country music industry people sharing their thoughts and experiences.

PLUS, Deric Ruttan in a songwriters session?! Dude just wrote Mine Would Be You and Blake Shelton took it all the way to the top!

If you love country music, if you’re trying to make a life out of country music, or if you just want to learn more about the music industry from people who truly do know what they’re doing – the CMAO Conference really should be on your list of things to do.

TheRoadHammers_WheelsSo, enter the contest using the widget below (make sure to follow the instructions on the entries) and tell your friends to enter too – because if they win they’re going to need someone to bring with them!

Remember that this takes place in Markham, Ontario on May 24th and 25th. So if you live too far away to attend, pass the link on to your country loving friends who are a little closer.

We promise more contests are coming for everyone!


3 years ago

Ticket Giveaway: Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts – Canadian Music Week 2015!

Congrats to our winner, Jade Towle and her guest! And thank you to everyone who entered. Stay tuned for more contests and giveaways in the future!

Thanks to our fine friends at Jim Beam, we’re giving away 2 general admission passes to see Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club in Toronto!

Show Details:

– Date: Thursday, May 7, 2015
– Time: Doors open at 7pm
– More: Jim Beam presents the Canadian Music Week Mod Club takeover featuring Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts.
– Even More: Supporting acts include, Josh Beech, Stuck on Planet Earth, and The Luke Austin Band.

Set Times:

8pm The Luke Austin Band
9pm Stuck on Planet Earth
10pm Josh Beech
11pm Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts

Want to win? It’s all social!

– Click below to send a tweet – that’s an entry.
Check out our Facebook Page and leave a comment on the Scott Weiland Contest post – that’s an entry.
Follow us on Twitter and leave a comment on this post with your handle – that’s an entry.

Winner will be announced Thursday morning at 10am!

Claiming your prize:

– At 10am this post will be updated with the winner’s name and Twitter handle, if applicable.
– If the winner comes from Twitter, we will tweet at them from @thereviewsarein
– Once confirmed, the winner(s) will have to meet us at the venue to claim their prize and enter the concert. Those details will be worked out between us and the winners.

Good Luck!

[tweetthis]I’m entered to win 2 tickets to see Scott Weiland, Thursday night with @thereviewsarein #MakeHistory #CMW2015[/tweetthis]

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Whitney Rose, CD Release Party: Heartbreaker of the Year [Photos]

Last night we took the short trip to the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern to see Whitney Rose celebrate the release of her 2nd album, Heartbreaker of the Year.

Whitney put on a great show, harnessing her nervous energy and excitement to lead the full house through a collection of her new songs, tracks from her self-titled debut album, and classic country covers. With what is quickly becoming trademark humility and a smile, Miss Rose held the crowd in the palm of her hand and truly looked like she enjoyed every minute of it.

We’d like to thank Whitney for always being great to us. And we’d like to share her music with you…

So we’re giving away 1 CD copy of Heartbreaker of the Year.

And now, without any further ado, a collection of photos from the Whitney Rose “Heartbreaker of the Year” CD Release Show at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto.

Whitney Rose Horseshoe CD Release Toronto

Whitney Rose Horseshoe CD Release in song 1

Whitney Rose Horseshoe CD Release in song 2

Whitney Rose Horseshoe CD Release in song 3

Whitney Rose Horseshoe Heartbreaker of the Year CD Release

Whitney Rose Horseshoe CD Release Feature

Whitney Rose Horseshoe CD Release ft Raul Malo

Whitney Rose Horseshoe Tavern CD Release

Whitney Rose Horseshoe CD Release ft Nichol Richardson

3 years ago

CD Giveaway: Chad Brownlee, Jess Moskaluke & Bobby Wills!

Congratulations to our MDM Recordings, Chad Brownlee, Jess Moskaluke, and Bobby Wills CD Giveaway Winner, Joey George – we can’t wait for you to get your CDs!

Last week we caught the When The Lights Go Down Tour  stop in Toronto at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club – and this week we’re celebrating the 3 Canadian artists on that tour by giving away 7 CDs by Chad Brownlee, Jess Mosklauke, and Bobby Wills!

Here’s the deal… Chad, Jess and Bobby are all making records these days with MDM Recordings – and MDM has given us 7 CDs to give away to 1 awesome country music fan in Canada.

The CDs You Can Win!

Chad Brownlee The Fighters Album CoverChad Brownlee

Chad Brownlee (2010)
Take Me Or Leave Me (2012)
The Fighters (2014)

Jess Moskaluke Light Up The Night Album CoverJess Moskaluke

Catch Me If You Can, The EP (2012)
Light Up The Night (2014)

Bobby Wills Crazy Enough Album CoverBobby Wills

If It Was That Easy (2012)
Crazy Enough (2014)

Here’s how we’re going to do it! The contest will run from tonight (Tuesday, March 24, 2015) to next Monday (March 30, 2015) at 8pm EDT.

The contest widget is right under this paragraph. It gives you the chance to enter up to 6 times for your chance to win. You can leave a comment on this post telling us your fav song by Chad Brownlee, Jess Moskaluke or Bobby Wills. You can follow @thereviewsarein and @MDMRecordings on Twitter. You can tweet the link to this post. You can visit TheReviewsAreIn and MDM Recordings on Facebook. It’s that easy.


Note for Tweeters: Before you hit submit on your entries you must click the highlighted text in the box to send your tweets/follow on Twitter.

Note for Commenters: Leave your comment in the section at the bottom of your post, not in the widget. Enter your name, hit the button and leave your comment below.

Remember to share with your friends and family so they have a chance to win too. These are some really fun albums that add up to 4 hours of awesome Canadian country music.

Good luck to everyone. A winner will be emailed Monday, March 30 after 8pm when the contest closes!

3 years ago

Hey – Wanna Go to NXNE 2011? Let Me Send You!

Good morning boys and girls.

It is with great pleasure and a huge smile on my face that I am writing to you this morning. You see, after much hinting and working and waiting I can now tell you that I have TWO 5-day North by Northeast 2011 wristbands to give away.

side note: NXNE charges taxes and service fees totaling $11.30 for all tickets – including the free ones. But it’s better than paying $61.30!

This is the 17th year for NXNE and by all accounts it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. There are over 650 bands on the bill and more than 40 films set for screenings. And you get access to all of them with your 5-day wristband.

Now, there are a few steps that we need to follow to get you entered to win, but nothing that will require blood, sweat or tears. Unless you don’t have AC in which case you may be sweating because it’s getting pretty hot in Toronto.

Step 1. Read this blog.

Step 2. Click the link here

Step 3. Register at (red button in the upper right corner)

Step 4. Verify your account using the email that comes to you.

Step 5. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post telling me why you want to go to NXNE 2011 and which email address you used to sign-up at

It’s as easy as that. No jokes. 2 lucky winners will be picked at random by me and a group of my peers who won’t be entered in the contest.

Make your answer stand out. Tell me why you should be the winner.

If you have never checked out North by Northeast do yourself a solid and be there. If you’ve been going every year for as long as you can remember, you know exactly why you want to go back.

If you’ve already got your tickets, enter anyway. And tell your friends.

I wanna be a giver my friends. Help me be a giver!

Be awesome. Good luck.

7 years ago
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