Calgary Hearts Live: iHeartRadio WestFest Review

On Saturday, July 8, 2017, Calgary hosted one of the biggest and hottest parties of the summer; Virgin Radio and The Source presented Calgary’s first ever iHeart Radio WestFest at Shaw Millennium Park!

Featuring performances by Scott Helman, Ria Mae, Hedley, Fifth Harmony, Iggy Azalea, Massari, Midland, Ruth B, Noah Cyrus, Virginia to Vegas and so much more, this was the place to be!

I have to say, we have been super lucky with the beautiful weather for Calgary’s festival season this summer, Saturday’s temperatures stayed between 30-33 all day/night. The hot temperatures though didn’t stop the crowd from dancing and enjoying all the acts throughout the day.

Note: See photos of Iggy Azalea, Fifth Harmony, Hedley, Ria Mae, Scott Helman, and Noah Cyrus at the bottom of this post!

Everyone loved the cold drinks, treats, complimentary merchandise and blasting of water into the crowd during artist changes. iHeart had many activities going on during set breaks to keep everyone of all ages entertained and hydrated.

I don’t even know where to start with the incredible lineup, speaking to a bunch of fans throughout the day the most anticipated acts were Iggy Azalea, Fifth Harmony and Hedley. For myself I couldn’t wait for those three acts as well.

Iggy had the crowd screaming and cheering from start to finish, she had everyone on their feet dancing and singing the whole time, I even caught myself dancing a little bit! She has constantly peaked among the top five of several worldwide charts and continuously climbing and collaborating with the best in the industry.

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Up next was one of the most popular female groups who placed third in the second season of the American televised singing competition X Factor, Fifth Harmony. These ladies are full of girl power! They have achieved triple platinum certification and reached the top ten in thirteen countries with their hit songs Boss, Sledgehammer and Worth It. All four of their voices are very unique and powerful; they all compliment one another so well in singing/performing on stage. The energy these ladies brought to stage will forever be unforgettable, from the choreography and atmosphere they definitely grabbed the attention from everyone.

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One of my favourite artists, Hedley never fails to entertain; I wish I could have the energy that Jacob has when he performs. Saturday night I was especially excited to see Hedley perform, as it was the 10th time I’ve photographed them. What I love so much about Hedley is how happy and positive everyone is. The amount of strangers I saw hugging, dancing and laughing together is the biggest reason why I love concert photography so much. Whether it was a sad song or a happy uplifting song everyone was appreciating the meanings behind Hedley’s songs and connecting with one another!

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I cannot wait for more festivals this summer and seeing the crowd unite with one another, this is going to be a summer full of unforgettable memories!!

Thank you iHeart Radio for creating a wonderful festival!

Iggy Azalea at iHeartRadio WestFest

Ria Mae at iHeartRadio WestFest

Fifth Harmony at iHeartRadio WestFest

Scott Helman at iHeartRadio WestFest

Hedley at iHeartRadio WestFest

Noah Cyrus at iHeartRadio WestFest

iHeartRadio WestFest: Hedley Photo Review

On Saturday, July 8 in Calgary, Canadian good time boys and pop/rock radio and stage stars Hedley hit iHeartRadio WestFest and did what they do best… rocked the stage.

Check out the photos from Hedley’s set, and share your favourites with your friends!

Hedley at iHeartRadio WestFest

2016 Queen’s Plate Concert Photo Review!

The 157th running of the Queen’s Plate at Woodbine Racetrack brought more than just horse racing excitement to Toronto, it also brought a heap of musical talent and cheering fans to the track!

We were there to take in the action and have shots of Hedley, The Strumbellas, and Matt Good. Check them out and stay tuned for more pics coming soon of the great looking racing fans and the Queen’s Plate!


Queensplate-3Queensplate-2The Queen's Plate 2016 - Hedley-7650The Queen's Plate 2016 - Hedley-7544The Queen's Plate 2016 - Hedley-7431The Queen's Plate 2016 - Hedley-7399The Queen's Plate 2016 - Hedley-7424The Queen's Plate 2016 - Hedley-7349The Queen's Plate 2016 - Hedley-7347The Queen's Plate 2016 - Hedley-7604The Queen's Plate 2016 - Hedley-7451The Queen's Plate 2016 - Hedley-7584The Queen's Plate 2016 - Hedley-7589The Queen's Plate 2016 - Hedley-7375The Queen's Plate 2016 - Hedley-7381Queensplate-3Queensplate-2

The Strumbellas

The Queen's Plate 2016 - The Strumbellas-6924The Queen's Plate 2016 - The Strumbellas-6915The Queen's Plate 2016 - The Strumbellas-6985The Queen's Plate 2016 - The Strumbellas-6964The Queen's Plate 2016 - The Strumbellas-6977The Queen's Plate 2016 - The Strumbellas-6895The Queen's Plate 2016 - The Strumbellas-6908The Queen's Plate 2016 - The Strumbellas-6921The Queen's Plate 2016 - The Strumbellas-6931The Queen's Plate 2016 - The Strumbellas-6943The Queen's Plate 2016 - The Strumbellas-6950The Queen's Plate 2016 - The Strumbellas-6913The Queen's Plate 2016 - The Strumbellas-7009The Queen's Plate 2016 - The Strumbellas-6941

Matt Good

The-Queens-Plate-2016-Matt-Good-7108-1The-Queens-Plate-2016-Matt-Good-7135-1The-Queens-Plate-2016-Matt-Good-7129-1The-Queens-Plate-2016-Matt-Good-7148-1The-Queens-Plate-2016-Matt-Good-7087-1The-Queens-Plate-2016-Matt-Good-7096-1The-Queens-Plate-2016-Matt-Good-7234-1The Queen's Plate 2016 - Hedley-7342The Queen's Plate 2016 - Hedley-7481

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