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That’s My Jam: Jojo Mason at the 2017 Port Perry Fair

A couple hundred small town country music fans got the best deal of the Labour Day long weekend when they paid $12 to hang out at the Port Perry Fair, and got a Jojo Mason concert as the cherry on top.

The Canadian Country Music Association 2017 Rising Star Award nominee hit the stage after Jesse Slack warmed up the crowd, and the demolition derby was complete out on the fairgrounds. It was the same small town fall fair experience that generations have embraced and passed down to their children… but this time there was a special little something for the Port Perry fair goers.

Earlier in the afternoon, before the demolition derby and live music action, we had the chance to catch up with Jojo. It had been almost a full year since we last got to chat with the It’s All Good singer at Canadian Country Music Week 2016… and we’re hoping it won’t be that long again. We talked about his CCMA nomination, and what it’s going to feel like when they call his name and flash his face up on the screen. Jojo admitted that he’s not sure how he’ll react, but he’s excited for the weekend.

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We also asked about his summer, and Mason told us about his busy June and July, with shows all over the place, for crowds that showed him all the love he could have hoped for. And while August slowed down, there was still work to do, including new songwriting.

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During his set, Jojo Mason was fun, funny, and engaging with the crowd. He made them smile and laugh, and he made them sing and dance. His stage presence was the same at the small town fall fair that it would have been in an arena or theatre. And along with his band, the sound on stage was strong and smooth from start to finish.

Peterborough’s Jesse Slack was also strong as the show’s opener. His selection of covers and originals were an excellent start to the live music. The crowd filed into their seats and the standing and sitting areas to the sides. And before the set was over Jesse had done his job, warming things up and making sure that the country music fans at the fair would be looking for him again in the future.

Note: During our hang, we talked CFL football with Jojo for a few minutes, and his love for the Saskatchewan Roughriders is clear. So, if you ever see your dude out and about in a watermelon helmet or green face paint, don’t be alarmed, he’s just in Green Rider mode.

From Red Dress to It’s All Good, Jojo Mason put on an honest to goodness headlining show in Port Perry, Ontario. His 15 song set was revved up and it was slowed down. There were intimate moments when Jojo shared parts of his story, and there were laugh out loud moments when he egged on one super enthusiastic member of the crowd who just wanted to dance. And whether he walks away with a trophy from the 2017 Canadian Country Music Association Awards in Saskatoon or not, Jojo Mason is a rising star. You can be sure of that.

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As Jojo’s set ended and he walked off the stage while the band played their outro, a group of three teenagers ran over to the small fence that separated Mason from the crowd. And in a moment that once again showed how good of a dude he is, Jojo leaned over the fence, gave hugs to all three, and then promised to meet them again over at the merch tent in a few minutes. It was an awesome end to the rising star’s stop in small town Ontario.

Jojo Mason Setlist, Port Perry Fair 2017

🎡 Red Dress
🎡 Wagon Wheel
🎡 Edge Of The Night
🎡 Sweet Love
🎡 That’s My Jam/ No Diggity
🎡 Something To Wrap My Heart Around
🎡 I’m Yours
🎡 Endless Summer/ One Love
🎡 I Was Made For You
🎡 Free Fallin’
🎡 That’s Gonna Get You Kissed
🎡 Good Kinda Love
🎡 Under The Rainbow
🎡 Chicken Fried
🎡 It’s All Good

Jojo Mason at the 2017 Port Perry Fair

Jesse Slack at the 2017 Port Perry Fair

CCMA Awards 2016: Saturday Night w/ Doc Walker, Jesse Slack & Johnson Crook Photo Review

On Saturday we were pulling double duty covering both the Canadian Country Music Association‘s First 2016 Awards Ceremony and the Outdoor Stage. Night after night, the crowd at the Country Music Week’s outdoor stage continued to grow and by Saturday evening the Talbot Street/Covent Market space was jammed with concert goers.

Opening up was Johnson Crook, followed by Jesse Slack and fan favourite, Doc Walker.

First up from Toronto was one of our favourites, Johnson Crook. The boys look happy and right at home playing on the big stage!
johnson-crook-ccma-16 johnson-crook-ccma-12 johnson-crook-ccma-10 johnson-crook-ccma-8 johnson-crook-ccma-7 johnson-crook-ccma-6 johnson-crook-ccma-3 johnson-crook-ccma-1Next up was Jesse Slack, we’ve been following Jesse but this is our first time seeing live. We like what we see!
jesse-slack-ccma-1 jesse-slack-ccma-2 jesse-slack-ccma-3 jesse-slack-ccma-4 jesse-slack-ccma-5 jesse-slack-ccma-6
It’s been a while but kids, Doc Walker is back!
doc-walker-ccma-1 doc-walker-ccma-4 doc-walker-ccma-5 doc-walker-ccma-6 doc-walker-ccma-7 doc-walker-ccma-8 doc-walker-ccma-12 doc-walker-ccma-13 doc-walker-ccma-14 doc-walker-ccma-15
We hear that Dead Flowers were awesome and you can check out The London Free Press’ coverage here!

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