Kaitlin Kozell

Giddy Up: Budweiser County Fair Toronto!

In the heart of the city, country took over. The Budweiser County Fair brought country music, BBQ, beer and more to King Street West, and country fans were there to soak it all in while they soaked up the sun.

The two day festival featured a list of rising stars on stage, and paired with the food, drinks, games, line dancing, pie eating, bull riding, and general good times, we’re calling it a win for Toronto and the live music scene in the city.

We were at the County Fair on Saturday, and to say there was a lot going on would be an understatement…

Line dancing lessons popped up between sets all day, with beginner, and more advanced dances being taught to the crowd. It was awesome to see the combination of men and women, in everything from flip-flops to broken in cowboy boots.

The mechanical bull was a hot spot all day, with some entertaining rides – and a contest that saw male and female winners take home tickets to Boots & Hearts 2017.

Budweiser County Fair Toronto

The pie eating contest was a hot mess of cherry pie filling and crust all over contestants, the table, and the ground… but it was also awesome.

There were well deserved lineups for food, including the pig roast by Chef Kevin Castonguay and the hot dogs from Chef Stephen Payne.

And the live music from MacArthur Clark, Kaitlin Kozell, Jesse Gold, The Reklaws, and Emily Reid was on point!

MacArthur Clark took the stage first with a stripped down set of tunes that showed off his rich voice. With sweet, sad, true, and real notes that come from good singer/songwriter music.

The Peterborough, ON native is strong on stage, and songs like Blinded rang through the early afternoon crowd with the kind of soul that MacArthur Clark is known for to their fans. And, the cover of Cash’s Ring Of Fire was an excellent end to the set, offering a personal take on the classic song, and a dedication to Travis Berlenbach’s dad made it extra special.

Budweiser County Fair Toronto Budweiser County Fair Toronto

Kaitlin Kozell took the stage after a break for line dancing and festival fun. And along with her band, they filled the King Street West space with the country sound we’ve heard from her at events like Boots & Hearts and Steak Stock in the past.

Songs like Highway 28 and Right As Rain gave the crowd a taste of who the singer is and what she does. Kaitlin’s crowd work was also great, with a great highlight leading into Incognito. Her request for a little help from the crowd if the form of a baseball cap lead to one dude tossing her his Detroit Tigers lid, which probably looked better on her than it did on him.

Kaitlin Kozell is one to keep your eye on… trust us.

Budweiser County Fair TorontoBudweiser County Fair Toronto

After another break for line dancing, food, games, and the search for shade, Natasha Zimbaro hit the County Fair stage, accompanied by her band and some awesome silver balloons displaying her initials.

Natasha’s energy was a perfect fit for the late afternoon crowd, with some pep in her step, and her songs, she let her strong voice and solid performing chops show everyone what she has to offer.

Tracks like Cardboard Box (now available at CMT Canada) and Obvious, as well as her covers of Rascal Flatts’ Riot and Mötley Crue’s Home Sweet Home, rang across the space, and made new fans out of the Toronto country fans.

Budweiser County Fair Toronto Budweiser County Fair TorontoBudweiser County Fair Toronto

As afternoon turned to evening, Jesse Gold took the County Fair stage, and the combination of his guitar picking + his accompanying guitar picking + and the songs he brings to the stage, he put on a show worth seeing.

The vibe reminds us of a Jack Johnson or Ed Sheeran – acoustic picking, sweet words, and the kind of music that you’re very comfortable listening to. The Electric/Acoustic hybrid on the stripped down set brought an interesting and appreciated feel, and songs like Lake Girl, and Chris Stapleton’s I Was Wrong were the hook Gold needed to grab our attention and make us take note that we’ll be seeing more of him in the future.

Jesse Gold Budweiser County Fair TorontoBudweiser County Fair Toronto Jesse Gold Budweiser County Fair Toronto

As the dinner hour passed, the beers continued to flow, and the pie eating and bull riding contests were wrapped – The Reklaws prepared for their turn on the stage.

The Hometown Kids, duo had been seen at the County Fair all day in their position as hosts, but in new outfits, with amped up energy, and their entertaining vibes turned up to 11, Jenna and Stuart hit the stage with their band, and put on the kind of show that we were hoping for.

The downtown Toronto crowd was given everything they hoped for as the brother/sister act rang through their set of originals and covers, allowing even the most casual of country fans to get in on the action.

The Reklaws Budweiser County Fair Toronto

We got to hear The Reklaws jam out to originals, Wish You Were Beer, Boys Don’t Cry, Last Call, and their current single, Hometown Kids – and they sounded great doing it. And when they dipped into their bag of tricks for covers of Shaggy’s Angel, The Steve Miller Band’s The Joker, Rihanna’s Four Five Seconds, Sum 41’s In Too Deep, and Kip Moore’s Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck – there were jumps and sways and singing along all throughout the County Fair.

And with an awesome little acoustic medley that had everyone singing along, the Budweiser County Fair got to hear Stuart and Jenna slip together clips of Snapback (Old Dominion), Better Man (Little Big Town), Body Like A Back Road (Sam Hunt), My Church (Maren Morris), and H.O.L.Y. (Florida Georgia Line). We love a good medley, we love country music, and we loved this little addition to the set.

We know we’re going to see The Reklaws again soon, you will too.

And we’re already looking forward to next year when the Budweiser County Fair comes back to Toronto. See you there.

The Reklaws Budweiser County Fair Toronto Stuart Walker The Reklaws Budweiser County Fair Toronto Jenna Walker The Reklaws Budweiser County Fair Toronto

More Photos from Budweiser County Fair, Toronto – 2017!

Budweiser County Fair Toronto Backup DJ Budweiser County Fair TorontoBudweiser County Fair TorontoBudweiser County Fair TorontoBudweiser County Fair TorontoBudweiser County Fair TorontoBudweiser County Fair Toronto Budweiser County Fair TorontoKaitlin Kozell mechanical bull Budweiser County Fair Toronto Budweiser County Fair Toronto Budweiser County Fair TorontoJesse Gold Budweiser County Fair Toronto Budweiser County Fair TorontoBudweiser County Fair TorontoBudweiser County Fair TorontoBudweiser County Fair Toronto The Reklaws Stuart Walker The Reklaws Budweiser County Fair Toronto Jenna Walker The Reklaws Budweiser County Fair TorontoBudweiser County Fair Toronto Budweiser County Fair Toronto Jenna Walker The Reklaws Budweiser County Fair TorontoBudweiser County Fair Toronto

Cowboy Up: Budweiser County Fair is Coming to Toronto

For the last few years we’ve been talking about Toronto’s emergence as a country music hot spot. And now, the city is getting their own country music festival when the Budweiser County Fair comes to 525 King Street West, July 14 and 15, 2017.

The County Fair is offering a full experience, including:

Carnival Games And Prizes
Succulent BBQ Eats From 6 Of Toronto’s Hottest Chefs
The County Fair Mechanical Bull Championships
Carnival Food Classics
Drink Samplings
Tomorrow’s Stars Of Country Music
Line Dancing Lessons And Coyote Ugly Dancers

Don’t have your tickets for the fair yet? Stop wasting time and get them now: Budweiser County Fair Tickets!

2017 Budweiser County Fair Lineup and Schedule

Friday, July 14th

6:00pm – Jade Eagleson
7:00pm – Vanessa Marie Carter

Vanessa Marie Carter The Ranch

8:30pm – Johnson Crook

Johnson Crook at The Dakota Tavern

10:00pm – Andrew Hyatt

CMT Music Fest - Andrew Hyatt

Saturday, July 15th

2:00pm – MacArthur Clark
3:30pm – Kaitlin Kozell

Kaitlin Kozell BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

5:00pm – Natasha Zimbaro
6:30pm – Jesse Gold
8:30pm – The Reklaws

The Reklaws Boots and Hearts 2015

10:00pm – Emily Reid

via YouTube

Do you remember that line about Succulent BBQ Eats From 6 Of Toronto’s Hottest Chefs? Well, it’s legit.

Via thecountyfair.ca, The Budweiser County Fair has rounded up 6 of the city’s well renowned chefs to showcase their unique style in a fire fuelled BBQ experience. Satisfy your cravings and indulge in some succulent BBQ eats and local fare. From heat to sweet, this is one tasty experience you don’t want to miss out on!

Steve Gonzalez
Executive Chef, Baro Restaurant
Kevin Castonguay
Executive Chef & Founder, Provisions
Elisa Corrigan
Executive Chef & Owner, The Green Wood Restaurant
Matt Blondin
Chef & Owner, OMAW Restaurant
Stephen Payne
Executive Chef & Owner, Kung Fu Dawg
Nate Middleton
Executive Chef, Home of the Brave

We don’t know exactly what’s going to be on the menu(s), but given the pedigree of the chefs coming to party… we’re damn sure that things are going to get tasty!

Note: Please remember to grab a napkin, good BBQ gets messy, and this should be good.

All in all, this 2-day country party in the heart of downtown looks like it’s going to be a blast. From the afterwork excitement of Friday night, to the all-day festivities of Saturday, there will be feet stompin’, drinks pourin’, and good country singin’.

Check out the promo video, get your plaid and boots ready, and we’ll see you at the Budweiser County Fair in downtown Toronto!

Boots & Hearts 2016 Photo Review: Aaron Pritchett, The Reklaws & Kaitlin Kozell

Boots & Hearts was full of amazing country talent in 2016… some of it well known to Canadian audiences, some of it well known to the B&H crowd, and some of it on the cusp of breaking through.

And we put together three artists that check off those tiers in one photo review right here!

Check out the photos of Aaron Pritchett, The Reklaws, and Kaitlin Kozell – three artists who hit the Boots and Hearts stage and showed the country music fans assembled in the summer heat that they know how to work a stage, and can sing their boots off!

Aaron Pritchett

Aaron Pritchett BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016Aaron Pritchett BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016Aaron Pritchett BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016Aaron Pritchett BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016Aaron Pritchett BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016Aaron Pritchett BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016Aaron Pritchett BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016Aaron Pritchett BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016Aaron Pritchett BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016Aaron Pritchett BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

The Reklaws

The Reklaws BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016The Reklaws BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016The Reklaws BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016The Reklaws BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016The Reklaws BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

Kaitlin Kozell

Kaitlin Kozell BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016Kaitlin Kozell BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016Kaitlin Kozell BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016Kaitlin Kozell BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016Kaitlin Kozell BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

1 year ago

Boots and Hearts 2016 Playlist

We’ve put together our Boots and Hearts 2016 Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure.

With over thirty artists on the #BH5 lineup (we’ve included the emerging artists who were on Spotify), we’ve got you covered for just over six hours!

There are a couple of artists who, are not on Spotify, we’ve listed them separately and we’re sure you’re going to like them, so make sure you scroll through the post.

*EDIT* Johnson Crook’s first single, Minnedosa  is now up on Spotify. We’ve updated our playlist to include it!

If you haven’t got your tickets yet, here’s the link and we’ll see you there!

Did we miss your favourite track? Let us know and we’ll add it!

2 years ago

Boots & Hearts 2016 Daily Lineup Announcement!

They’re Here!!!

After months of waiting, weeks of speculation, and more patience than we generally have, the Boots & Hearts 2016 daily lineups have been announced.

We don’t have stage assignments or set times yet, but we promise we will share them with you as soon as we do.

For now we can start planning our must-sees for each day of B&H year 5… and dreaming about the set lists we hope we’ll hear.

Get ready, August is coming!

Boots and Hearts 2016 Thursday Kickoff PartyThursday, August 4, 2016

★ Jake Owen
★ Emerson Drive
★ Tebey
★ Meghan Patrick
★ Johnson Crook

Remember, this is a short day, 1 stage event for the Coors Banquet Kick Off Party, so don’t be concerned about the shorter list of artists here.

Jake Owen is a great name to headline this party, he’s a summer lovin’, beachin’, bare footin’, good time waiting to happen – and with support from 4 Canadian acts we really dig, it’s shaping up to be a good night!

Boots and Hearts 2016 Friday LineupFriday, August 5, 2016

★ Dierks Bentley
★ Sam Hunt
★ Cam
★ Tim Hicks
★ Chase Bryant
★ Autumn Hill
★ The Dungarees
★ The Reklaws
★ David James
★ Cory Marquardt
★ Lindsay Broughton
★ Brea Lawrenson

Man, what a way to spend a Friday in August!

Bentley showed us how awesome he was on the main stage in Bowmanville, Sam Hunt was been on fire since he played in 2014, and Cam is one the most anticipated sets of the weekend for sure. Plus, we LOVE the Canadian acts getting some time and know that Tim Hicks, Autumn Hill, The Reklaws, David James, Cory Marquardt, Lindsay Broughton, and Brea Lawrenson will make us all proud!

Boots and Hearts 2016 Saturday LineupSaturday, August 6, 2016

★ Blake Shelton
★ Dean Brody
★ Aaron Pritchett
★ Alan Doyle & The Gypsies
★ Raquel Cole
★ Madeline Merlo
★ Jojo Mason
★ Macarthur Clark
★ SiriusXM Emerging Artist Showcase

Blake! What more do you need?

But really, with Dean Brody as support, clearly a list of artists that aren’t to be messed with, this is going to be a really fun day of country music.

And don’t sleep in because the Emerging Artist Showcase is a perfect place to scout new talent. Just look at Tim Hicks, Tebey, Wes Mack, Runaway Angel, Trinity Bradshaw, Johnson Crook, Eric Ethridge, and the James Barker Band as some of the examples we’ve seen in the last few years!

Boots and Hearts 2016 Sunday LineupSunday, August 7, 2016

★ Tim McGraw
★ Chase Rice
★ Diamond Rio
★ Jason Blaine
★ Dylan Scott
★ Lindsay Ell
★ River Town Saints
★ Jason Benoit
★ Jordan McIntosh
★ James Barker Band
★ Kaitlin Kozell

It’s the last day of the festival, but don’t be sad. Sunday is going to rock!

Tim McGraw returns after his year 1 headlining performance at Boots & Hearts, and it’s a set we will not miss. Add Chase Rice, Diamond Rio (bucket list!), Dylan Scott (emerging star), and even more awesome Canadian talent with Jason Blaine, Lindsay Ell, River Town Saints, Jason Benoit, Jordan McIntosh, James Barker Band, and Kaitlin Kozell and we promise you will wish this festival had a Monday night because you won’t want the music to stop!

Blake Shelton Boots and Hearts 2014dierks-bentley-at-boots-and-hearts-2013Sam Hunt Wheels Up Tour Toronto 2015Tim Hicks -7769Dean Brody-7163Madeline Merlo Bright Lights Big City Toronto The PhoenixMeghan Patrick Boots and Hearts KX Hot Shots Showcase CMW 2016 Photo Credit Ray Williams - @APerfectPixelBSOMF Tebey Sound of Music Festival-6491River Town Saints CMW 2016 Boots and BourbonJohnson Crook The Horseshoe 2016Dylan Scott Boots and Hearts 2015 2jason-blaine-at-boots-and-hearts-2013jordan-mcintosh-boots-and-hearts-2014-wm-0994

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Boots & Hearts 2016 Lineup Announcement #3 – Jake Owen, Dean Brody, Diamond Rio, Dylan Scott and More!

It’s a big morning for country music fans in Ontario with 16 new names added to the 2016 Boots & Hearts lineup!

There are personal highlights for me (DIAMOND RIO!!!) and some big names that people have been waiting to see on the B&H stage, plus acts that we’ve seen before and are very happy to see returning to the Boots & Hearts stages.

We’re also excited to see emerging talent represented on this list, and while the Republic Live team has always shown us that they’re willing to give young artists a chance, it’s still awesome to see every year.

So, let’s take a look at some of the highlights and what we think we can expect from these fine country music acts.

❤️Jake Owen
Jake Owen CMT AwardsJake is an artist that I am very very happy to see on this list. I can not wait to see him on stage in either jeans or board shorts, swaying and singing, and generally making sure we’re all having a good time. My guess is that this is a set that’s going to happen as the sun is getting ready to go down on us at Burl’s Creek, and we can’t wait for that barefoot blue jean night.

❤️Dean Brody
Dean-Brody-Boots-and-Bourbon-Toronto-2015 SLIDERMr. Brody is one of our favs here on the blog. We talked to him last summer while he was on his lunch break at the sawmill (building his own house) and watched him kill it pre-game with the Blue Jays. It’s always a good time when he takes the stage, and the Boots & Hearts crowd has always shown that they love him. Here’s hoping we get some whistle and ukulele this August!

❤️Diamond Rio
Diamond RioI LOVE Diamond Rio, I have since I was a boy, and I am thrilled to see them announced for B&H 2016. I’ve predicted them before, and here we are… I can not wait to hear tracks like One More Day, Meet In The Middle, Norma Jean Riley, How Your Love Makes Me Feel, and more! Don’t mind me if I’m singing along to every single song in this set.

❤️Chase Bryant
Chase BryantChase Bryant is an artist on the rise… he’s only 22, but already making a name for himself on the country music scene, and that’s why he’s on this list today. Chase has two Top 20 singles already, and we won’t be surprised if there are 1 or 2 more before he gets to Boots & Hearts this summer.

❤️Dylan Scott
Dylan Scott Boots and Hearts 2015 2My man-crush is back baby! We were introduced to Dylan largely because of Boots & Hearts 2015, and it’s been a great ride as a fan ever since. From our first Q&A he’s been surprising us, and when he rocked the small stage last year the roof almost blew off the tent. Be ready for more of that in 2016 as the boy from Louisiana comes back to Ontario to make more fans, and to hear more ladies scream for him.

❤️Lindsay Ell
Lindsay EllSpeaking of crushes, have you heard Lindsay Ell play guitar? Because that alone is enough to make you stop and stare. Add her voice and you’ve got the reason she’s coming to play ont he B&H stage. There’s a chance the some of the 45,000 in attendance won’t know what they’re getting into when Lindsay plugs in, but they’ll know exactly why they need to follow her when she’s done!

❤️Raquel Cole
Raquel ColeRaquel is going to get to introduce herself to a whole bunch of country music fans at B&H. With a sweet voice, the ability to command attention with just a guitar and microphone, and a smile on her face – Boots fans are going to be happy with this performance. We’re willing to bet on that.

❤️River Town Saints
River Town Saints CMW 2015These guys?! Love it! We first saw River Town Saints opening for Kira Isabella at Canadian Music Week last spring… and now look at them. A Little Bit Goes A Long Way has people taking notice for all the right reasons, they fill the stage with sound when they get started, and the energy levels are going to be high from start to finish. This is a set that you need to circle on your schedule. Trust us.

❤️Madeline Merlo
Madeline Merlot Bright Lights Big City Toronto The PhoenixThis announcement makes us happy! Madeline is awesome on stage and in person, and with a new album coming in 2016 we know that she’s going to be ready to give the fans a show in the summer sun at Boots & Hearts. Here’s hoping we get to meet up with the rising star for a little Honey Jack and conversation to talk about everything that she’s got planned for the fans at this big show!

❤️David James
David JamesRepresenting the MDM stable of artists, David James is ready for his turn up on the stage this summer! With a new EP on the way, this Manitoba boy has been making waves with Some Hearts, and his hard work in the country music industry. We know that he already has a fanbase that’s growing day-by-day, and by this summer David should have no problem at all with name recognition and entertaining the crowd.

❤️Lindsay Broughton
Steak Stock 2015 Lindsay BroughtonWe love Lindsay. She’s awesome. Oh, also she has some great music to share with the country fans, and we know that she loves to get up and put on a show. We’ve seen it before, we’ll see it again, and this summer at Boots & Hearts a whole bunch of people are going to see it too. We’re already planning a hangout with Lindsay to talk about the festival and just how great this is going to be!

❤️The Reklaws
The Reklaws Boots and Hearts 2015They’re Back! Jenna and Stuart are becoming part of the Boots & Hearts DNA, and that’s totally okay with us. Last year they did a great job getting the Thursday night kick off party started, and we know they’re going to bring it again in 2016. There’s also a strong chance that we see them grab the microphones to host the weekend on the main stage, and we’ll probably get to hear their original Boots & Hearts track again this August.

❤️The Dungarees
The DungareesThey’ve opened for Blake, Reba, Miranda… they’ve played Big Valley Jamboree, Dauphin CountryFest – and now The Dungarees are ready to at Boots & Hearts 2016 to their list of big show accomplishments. These 5 boys look like they mean business… and at B&H thousands of us are going to see exactly what they’re brining to the party!

❤️Kaitlin Kozell
Steak Stock 2015 Kaitlin Kozell bandWe saw Kaitlin last summer at Steak Stock in Ajax, ON and were really impressed with everything she brought to her set. She’s got the guitar, the songs, the smile, the energy, and you can tell that she really loves being up on the stage with the crowd in front of her. The Boots & Hearts crowd will be bigger than the one at the race track, and we’re excited to see how she responds!

❤️Brea Lawrenson
Brea Lawrenson 2The CMAO nominated Lawrenson is coming to Boots & Hearts, and y’all should be happy about that. Brea has been performing her songs, writing new songs, recording songs, and continuing the cycle with the passion it takes to make it in country music. It’s great to see more Ontario music added to the lineup and we are happy that Brea Lawrenson is part of this list.

❤️MacArthur Clark
MacArthur ClarkAll the way from Peterborough, ON MacArthur Clark are coming back to Burl’s Creek after taking the stage for both WayHome and B&H in 2015. The boys offer a offers an new take on traditional Country, R&B and a touch of Gospel that we know the Boots & Hearts crowd can get into… that’s why they’re coming back again in 2016!

2 years ago

Steak Stock 2015: Good Country Fun at Ajax Downs!

Combining BBQ, beer, country music, and horse racing is a fantastic idea – and we’re glad that the people at Ajax Downs had it.

Steak Stock 2015 Brewery RowSteak Stock took over the grounds on Saturday and Sunday, bringing with it a bunch talent, tastes and chances to check out things we love – and wanted to love. Going into the event we knew that Manantler Craft Brewing (Bowmanville) was a winner, and we thoroughly enjoyed a few samples of The Citra Situation while also taking the chance to check out…

‣ Brock St. Brewing Company (Whitby)
‣ Underdog’s Brewhouse (Oshawa)
‣ The Publican House Brewery (Peterborough)
‣ Shiny Apple Cider (Niagara on the Lake)

Steak Stock Caplansky'sAnd because we were there all day Saturday and Sunday, we had to eat. So shout outs to Caplansky’s for the brisket tacos & grilled cheese with brisket, and to Jimmy Guaco’s for the nachos (pulled pork) and quesadillas (steak). If you see these food trucks, line up – and make sure you get napkins because you’re going to need them!

When we weren’t eating and drinking, and sometimes when we were, we spent Saturday listening to a whole bunch of pretty great live country music.

With a lineup of Livy Jeanne, Kaitlin Kozell, Lindsay Broughton, Cold Creek County, and headliners Autumn Hill – we had a lot of great moments.

Steak Stock 2015 Livy Jeanne soloIt was the 1st time we’d had a chance to see Livy Jeanne up on stage, and we’re glad we finally got it. She put on a sweet little set with the help of her guitar man, which included the title track of her brand new Dashboard Renegade record, her first ever single Invisible, her current single All Kinds of Crazy, another fun one in Wrong Side of the Dirt, and an awesome little medley of I Want You Back – You Shook Me All Night Long – That Don’t Impress Me Much – Hot and Cold & Royals! We can’t wait to catch up with Livy again at Boots & Hearts in a few weeks.

Steak Stock 2015 Lindsay BroughtonIt was also awesome to see Brooklin girl and CCMA Rising Star nominee, Lindsay Broughton hit the stage on Saturday. The last time we caught up with Lindsay was at the CMAO Awards, and it was great to see her in action. She treated the mid-day crowd to a mix of covers and her own singles which included, Trouble With You, Cold One (Eric Church), I Can Do Anything, River Wide Enough Song, Take Me There, Born To Be Wild (Steppenwolf), Holdin’ On To You, Now You Don’t, and a medley of Mama’s Broken Heart – Cruise – Downtown & Trouble.

It’s awesome to see local talent thriving, and Lindsay is doing that with a huge summer so far.

After a fun set by the 6 dudes that make up Cold Creek County, we got to the headliners of the evening, Autum Hill.

Mike and Tareya are Juno and Canadian Country Music Association nominated as Autumn Hill, and with their 2nd record, Anchor now available, things are looking really good. They recently charted their first Top 5 single with Blame, and last Wednesday picked up a Duo or Group of the year nomination for the 2015 CCMAs.

On Saturday the duo gave the audience everything they were hoping for with a mix of songs from their 1st record, Favourite Mistake, and the new…

Steak Stock 2015 Autumn Hill 1⚓ Anchor
⚓ Good Night For Going Nowhere
⚓ If She Wants This Town
⚓ It Don’t Get Better Than This
⚓ Fire
⚓ Mix Tape
⚓ Return Policy
⚓ Can’t Keep Waiting
⚓ Anything At All
⚓ Blame
⚓ Memphis

Sunday brought us back to the track for more food, more beer, more music – but also live quarter horse racing!

Ajax Downs Finish Line Steak StockAnd while we didn’t come out the big money winners we hoped we would, it was a whole lot of fun to read the sheets, watch the odds, place some bets – and cheer on the horse when they came to the finish line!

High fives to Casey Spencer, Jack Connolly and Sawmill Road for playing before, between, and after the 7 races of the day. The stopping and starting mini-sets were a little different than we’re sure they’re accustomed to, but they handled it well for the crowd.

Steak Stock 2015 Leah Daniels Dream Without YouAnd after a bout of thunder and rain that shut down the stage area, we were treated to a more acoustic, stripped down set from Sunday headliner and Uxbridge local, Leah Daniels.

Leah has been on a tear lately with her first Top 20 appearance thanks to Go Back, and steady video and radio play of her current single, Dream Without You.

She also picked up a CCMA Rising Star nomination last week, so she is definitely riding a little high right now. Leah put on a fun little set, interacting with an adorable 4 year old who danced up front, and then stole hearts when she sang her own little song. But it was when Leah Daniels had the mic, she was in control. Belting out big notes, stellar yodelling, and huge smiles, she won new fans at Ajax Downs, and made the fans who were there for her happy.

Steak Stock 2015 was a bunch of fun – with a little bit of something for the whole family… and we’re hoping they bring it back again in 2016 with more music, more BBQ, more beer, and more horse racing!

Here, check out some more pics…

Steak Stock 2015 Livy Jeanne 1Steak Stock 2015 Kaitlin KozellSteak Stock 2015 Kaitlin Kozell bandSteak Stock 2015 Lindsay Broughton BandSteak Stock 2015 Manantler Brewery TentSteak Stock 2015 Cold Creek Country Full 6Steak Stock 2015 Cold Creek County HamoniesSteak Stock 2015 Autumn Hill 2Steak Stock 2015 Autumn Hill Tareya GreenSteak Stock 2015 Autumn Hill Mike RobbinsSteak Stock 2015 Autumn Hill 3Steak Stock 2015 Leah Daniels Honey I'm GoodSteak Stock 2015 Leah DanielsSteak Stock 2015 Leah Daniels Go BackAjax Downs Starting GateAjax Downs Post-Race 4 HorseAjax Downs Horse Hose Down

3 years ago

Steak Stock Brings Country to Ajax Downs

Ajax Downs is Getting Ready to go Country!

Steak Stock 2105 FB AdThe Downs is already home to weekly Quarter Horse racing, they’re upping their game July 18 and 19 with the inaugural Steak Stock. It promises to be a Saturday and Sunday packed with BBQ, Beer, and live country music – something for everybody and fun for the whole family.

I’ll get to music in a minute – but first, let’s talk about food and entertainment.

There’s a long list of Food vendors coming to Ajax Downs for the weekend to serve up some really tasty goodies – but most importantly BEEF & BEER!

And since I’m sometimes in the business of giving suggestions, here are 4 joints that I think you should make a point of visiting at Steak Stock…

Steak Stock Beer & Food Recommendations

Brock Street Brewery: This Whitby brewery just celebrated their Grand Opening! These Durham brewers have a mission of creating great tasting beer with all-natural ingredients – and Steak Stock is going to give them a chance to make some new fans. I’ll be ready to taste it.
Horn Dawgs: They pride themselves in providing their customers with the best Authentic Southern BBQ this side of the border. They’ll be fresh off Whitby Ribfest, and ready to serve up some samplings from their menu that also includes Brisket, Pulled Pork, Wings and more. Can’t wait.
Underdog BrewhouseCaplansky’s: This Toronto staple will be rolling in and I’m hoping they bring some smoked meat and corned beef for sandwiches – plus a healthy assortment of their awesome mustards. Seriously, they have Classic Ballpark, Super Extra Hot, Hot and Horseradishy, and Mild and Delicious. I really love mustard.
Underdog’s Brewhouse: Beer with no excuses! Brothers Jeff and Eric Dornan are bringing their All Or Nothing Hopfenweisse to Ajax from Oshawa – and hoping that people like it enough to look for it at The Beer Store and LCBO. I’m ready for a taste. Who doesn’t like to cheer for the underdog?

Now, you’re going to need something to do while you eat, and if you still haven’t made your way to the stage to hear some music you can check out the Live BBQ Cook-off, or you can finish your eats and take a spin on the mechanical bull. I don’t know if the BBQ contestants will be giving out samples of their meet – but I’m hoping yes. Oh, and while you’re watching other people cook, don’t miss out on the chance to enter to win a brand new BBQ of your own – and then invite me over for steaks and burgers and hot dogs!

Mechanical Bull Riding Tips

I’ve had a little experience riding mechanical bulls… and it’s awesome – but I want you to keep these tips in mind.
1) Don’t wrap the rope around your hand. As the bull whips you around that rope gets tighter and tighter and squeezes a lot and can put a hurt on your hand.
2) Let yourself fall. I know that you want to stay on the bull as long as you can, but when it’s time to go, let go. Don’t risk an injury.
3) Keep your balance forward. This is a personal experience tip. Scoot up as close as you can to the head, bring your legs forward and get ready.
4) Have fun!

Now, the Steak Stock Music!

Starting with Livy Jeanne at on Saturday and wrapping up with Leah Daniels on Sunday, Steak Stock has a pretty great country music lineup. Here’s the set schedule…

Saturday July 18

Livy Jeanne Steak StockLivy Jeanne: 12:15pm
We just got to catch up with Livy in our Cavendish Beach preview, and can’t wait to see her Dixie Chicks and Katy Perry inspired live show.
Kaitlin Kozell: 1:15pm
Kaitlin is coming to Boots & Hearts this summer, which makes Steak Stock a great little preview for that. Looking forward to hearing her voice, seeing her interaction with the crowd, and maybe even eating some BBQ after?!
Lindsay Broughton: 2:30pm
Much love to Lindsay, looking forward to this one – she’s sweet, has a great voice, and we know that the 2013 CMAO Rising Star Award Winner is going to give everyone a great show.
Cold Creek County: 5:00pm
These 5 dudes have opened up for Dallas Smith, Emerson Drive, Kira Isabella, and more – and they’re doing an awesome job. Their single Our Town is whole lot of fun, and seeing it live should be a real good time. 
Autumn Hill: 6:30pm
Great choice for a Saturday headliner. Tareya and Mike have been putting in huge work, and Steak Stock comes just weeks after the release of their new album, Anchor. It’s also going to be a great chance to celebrate the current Top 5 success of Blame. Give it a listen so you can sing along! 

*There’s also a TBA slot on Saturday at 4pm… that could be fun!

Sunday July 19

Live Quarter Horse racing starts at 12:50 pm! 

Steak Stock 2015Casey Spencer: 12:40pm & 1:00pm
Casey kicks off the music on Sunday and will be getting the crowd ready for a full day of racing, BBQ, beer, and country!
Jack Connolly: 1:25pm & 1:50pm
Originally from Vancouver Island and now working out of Toronto, this folk-country singer/songwriter will be bringing his tunes to Ajax Downs to fill the break between horse races and keep the party going!
Sara Mione: 2:15pm & 2:35pm
19 year old Sara Mione has had her sound compared to Sheryl Crow, and that’s fine by me. She’s and up and comer and Steak Stock attendees should be ready to hear her single Bring It On Back live and in living colour.
Sawmill Road: 3:30pm & 3:55pm & 4:20pm
These Northumberland boys are known to put on a good live show. WIth 2 albums under their belts, and tight harmonies that fill the air with sound, this show should pair perfectly with BBQ and beer.
Leah Daniels: 4:50pm
Leah closes out the weekend, and with good reason. Fresh off her Rising Star award from the Country Music Association of Ontario the Uxbridge girl is well on her way to the top. With a top 20 track in Go Back, her new single Dream Without You out now, and a new album in the works, I can’t wait to see her belt out her songs!

Click here to get your tickets. $25 to see this lineup is a bargain any day of the week. Trust. 

Can’t wait to see y’all there!

Leah Daniels at the 2015 CMAO Awards.

Leah Daniels at the 2015 CMAO Awards.

Lindsay Broughton at the 2015 CMAO Awards.

Lindsay Broughton at the 2015 CMAO Awards.

Autumn Hill at the 2015 CMAO Awards.

Autumn Hill at the 2015 CMAO Awards.

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