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Last Bullet, Uforia and Break the Trend at Brampton’s Rose Theatre

SounDrive Records Presents: Drivewire

On Saturday night, after weeks of anticipation, we got to see Last Bullet, Uforia and Break the Trend take the stage at Brampton’s Rose Theatre for the final installment of Drivewire 2017.

It was an interesting atmosphere for a rock show. I would say they took the “All Ages” thing very literally. There were babes in strollers, kids breakdancing, white-haired men and women dancing and yes, headbanging. It was pretty cool. A good portion of the audience, at least early on in the evening, were family and friends of the bands and there is no support quite like family.

In case you were wondering, I can tell you that Brampton rocks and SounDrive Records will be back next year with three events instead of two!

If you missed this show, you can see Last Bullet on January 27th at The Horseshoe Tavern with one of our favourites, Crown Lands. Get your tickets here. 

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Photos of Last Bullet

Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Bryan Fontez - Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Last Bullet at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre

Photos of Uforia

Uforia at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Michael Ursini- Uforia at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Dylan Piercey - Uforia at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Adam Brik- Uforia at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Daniel Salij - Uforia at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Uforia at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre

Photos of Break the Trend

Break the Trend at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre John Fournier - Break the Trend at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Alex Lajambe - Break the Trend at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Lucas Mullins - Break the Trend at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Break the Trend at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre Break the Trend at SounDrive's DriveWire at Brampton's Rose Theatre

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We Are Thankful For Music

As Thanksgiving is celebrated in homes this weekend, we would like to stop for a moment and give thanks for all that we have and are able to do.

As music fans, we are thankful for the abundance of new music we are able to discover and listen to on a regular basis. Whether those new songs and albums come from artists that we already know, or they are sent to us by bands that we’ve never heard of, those opportunities are awesome and we’re lucky and thankful to have them.

We are also thankful for the chances we have to see so much live music. At small clubs, on big stages, and at major festivals, we get to see artists sweat and scream and croon and cry as they give part of themselves to the audience in front of them. There’s nothing in the world quite like the feeling we get when an artist and audience find each other perfectly, and we’re thankful for those rare moments.

The Lazys - crowd - NXNE 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern

Trish and I also need to express our deep gratitude for the fact that we have always felt safe when attending these live shows. Yes, there are moments of anxiety that sweep through us sometimes, but when all is said and done, we’re free to watch, listen, document, and enjoy the experience that we’re having. We know that not everyone gets that. We cry and grieve for the lives lost in Manchester and Las Vegas this year by live music fans. We are grateful for the first responders who helped to save as many lives as possible. And we send our thoughts and prayers to everyone impacted by those events.

We’re thankful as well for music fans. Across all genres, from all countries, music fans are amazing communities that come together to celebrate big hits, sing along to their favourites, and give artists the opportunity to keep doing what they love and are meant to do. We get to see a lot of familiar faces when we go to concerts, award shows, and conferences, and these fans are what keep the wheel turning.

Crowd Canadian Flag St. Vincent WayHome Art and Music Festival

And those artists that the fans love, we are thankful for them too! We have had the good fortune to meet, get to know, and hug it out with some amazingly talented musicians and singers and performers over the years. And while some, like Scott Weiland, may no longer be with us, we’re thankful for all of the opportunities we have to share the same time and space with talented and driven individuals.

At the risk of forgetting important people in our lives, we also want to express our thanks for our family, friends and collaborators. These are the people that help us to live our lives, support us, push us forward, and allow us to do what we do. Thank you to them.

Lastly, though not the last thing on the list of things we’re thankful for in our lives, we are thankful for music. The emotion, escape, therapy, love, comfort, and inspiration that music provides to us is immeasurable and invaluable. As content creators in the music world, we rely on music… but as fans and ordinary day-to-day people, music is vital to our lives and we can’t imagine a world without it.

We are thankful for music.

Danger Bees - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017High Valley-Country Thunder 2017 Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Washboard Union CMT Music Fest CMT Music Fest - Leah Daniels CMT Music Fest - Tom Cochrane Meghan Patrick-CMT MusicFest Dear RougeThank You Neon Sign

5 Quick Questions with Silver Love Club

In our latest 5 Quick Questions, we talk to Michael Votano of Silver Love Club about changes, new music, food and more!

Silver Love Club have lots of shows during Canadian Music Week including opening night at the Honest Heart Collective Showcase and The Aussie Night Out ShowcaseCheck here for dates, places and times!

Q1: It’s been a year since we saw you last, and a lot has changed… Can you tell us about your new name, new drummer, and whatever else might be new with you?

MV: A whole year already?!? Feels like only yesterday we were sitting out the front of The Horseshoe chatting music with some beers. New year, new name, new drummer!! Unfortunately, we ran into another artist with our previous name, who was quite a bit more established than we, so we thought it best to make the change. Also ‘Silver Love Club’ is way more fun!! As for the new drummer, our best mate Neel who we’ve been friends with since forever was able to make the commitment necessary to take on the role this year, which was perfect! He’s a killer drummer & killer dude so couldn’t have found a better brother if we tried!!

Q2: You’ve also got brand new music to share, how excited are you for that?

MV: Super pumped to play almost an entirely new set at CMW this year. Really happy with the development of the new tunes. They’re a little dirtier & filthier but still a goddamn party! The tunes also all say something. I feel as though I’ve gotten a lot of my chest through the new tracks.

Q3: You’re going to be super busy during CMW with 4 scheduled shows, but are there things you want to do/places you want to visit while you’re in Toronto?

MV: YES!! We want to eat!! Point me towards to tastiest wings, poutine, burritos, dumplings, pizza & I’ll be there!!

Q3: What is your favourite thing about Canadian Music Week?

MV: The vibe is killer! So many bands, so many music lovers, you’re continually surrounded by people who share your greatest passion. The week is a great way to feed your musical soul. Also, it’s one massive party!!

Q4: What does the rest of 2017 look like for Silver Love Club?

MV: New tracks! Lots of new tracks! One every couple of months is the plan. Also touring there’s nothing better than playing your tunes for a room full of people who want to feel something.

Q5: In 50 words or so, can you tell everyone what to expect from your music and your live show?

MV: A dirty, sweaty, loud party! Fuzzed out guitars, thumping bass, stomping drums & screaming soulful vocals. Probably a few swear words too. We are Australian!

Thanks to Michael for taking the time to answer our questions.

You can find Silver Love Club at these fine internet locations. 

Facebook: SilverLoveClub
Instagram: silverloveclub
Twitter: silverloveclub
Youtube: SilverLoveClub

CMW 2017: The Honest Heart Collective Showcase

Canadian Music Week opening night, finally! On Tuesday night we headed to Adelaide Hall a little early to interview tonight’s headliners, The Honest Heart Collective. We’ll have that interview up shortly. But let’s talk about tonight’s lineup.

I like to call this one, the night of rock bands and their fabulous frontmen. First on stage were Bad River. There isn’t a lot online about this band, except for the bandcamp page. I listened, I liked them and they put on a great set live.
Bad River - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017The second band of the night was Silver Love Club. It’s been a year since I’ve seen this band live and for the record, that’s too long. Their set was almost exclusively new material with my favourite song thrown in for fun. Amazing energy, fun, and they’re technically so tight. They’re playing all over this festival and you should go see them!
Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 My surprise for the evening came in the form of The Danger Bees. Frontman David Macmichael is quirky and fun. He commands your attention and the band backs him up with precision. There were moments of “hey that’s very Weezeresque” but just hints of it. They’re pretty unique and I enjoyed their set immensely. Last thought, I was left wondering is that Run DMC tee meant ironically? I don’t think so.
Danger Bees - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017Our fourth band of the night was Le Trouble. This Montreal-based band fit perfectly on the bill. High energy, fun entertaining front man and really great musicianship. Montreal isn’t far and I hope they visit often.
Le Trouble - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017Getting the spot before the headliner is kind of a big deal. Texas King took this responsibility seriously and brought their A game. It’s been a year since I saw the band last and they’ve got a lot of new material. Jordan Macdonald and his band turned up the volume and the crowd responded by singing along.
Texas King - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017When The Honest Heart Collective hit the stage it was after midnight and Adelaide Hall was packed. Not bad for a Tuesday night! I love this band. I love how rich their sound is. They’ve got new music to play and rumour has it they’re recording an album later this year. Okay, it’s not a rumour Ryan told me himself. Our full interview with the band will be up shortly. Watch this space.

This band fills up the room, fills up the stage and fills up my heart. Touching lyrics, great harmonies, if you haven’t listened yet, you should.
The Honest Heart Collective - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017
Bad River
Bad River - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Bad River - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017Silver Love Club
Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Silver Love Club - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017Danger Bees
Danger Bees - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017 Danger Bees - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017Le Trouble
Le Trouble - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017Texas KingTexas King Adelaide Hall 2016Texas King Adelaide Hall 2016The Honest Heart Collective
The Honest Heart Collective - Adelaide Hall - Canadian Music Week 2017

Hollerado at 102.1 The Edge – Sugar Beach Sessions

What’s the best thing to brighten up a grey, gloomy day? Why watching Hollerado doing a 102.1 The Edge’s Sugar Beach Session of course! There’s nothing like live music to cheer up a rainy day.Hollerado - Adam Ricard - Sugar Beach SessionEdge DJ Adam, took no time in letting us know that the new Hollerado record, Born Yesterday, comes out next week. He asked the guys if they felt nervous leading up to releasing a record and if that feeling gets better when the record comes out, or does the nervousness go away when they finish the album. Menno answered that the nervousness left when they finished it. He said, “We didn’t finish it until we knew it was awesome…  and we’re really happy with it”.

The guys were quick to let everyone know that a) there would be missing work/school notes for anyone who needed them and b) there would be pizza when the set was over. Could this day get any better?Hollerado will be hitting the road to promote Born Yesterday starting April 19th here in Toronto at Canadian Music Week’s James Beam Indies at The Phoenix. They’ll finish up in Regina on June 17th. You can get your tickets here:

This April marks the 10-year milestone for the band and with no line-up changes that’s a pretty big deal. They were joined for the Sugar Beach Session by Everett of Everett Bird who will be supporting Hollerado on this tour.

It was a quick set and while people may have been requesting old favourites we got all new songs. The set was energetic and fun, it’s classic Hollerado with fresh new songs. When the guys finished up they took the time to chat, snap photos and, of course, share in some pizza!

You can check out the title track below. If that’s not enough for you, you can check out the full performance on The Edge’s Facebook page via a Facebook Live Post.

And you can Pre-Order the new album Born Yesterday here:

This is the part where Nixon calls the pizza delivery guy back.

The Dead Love: So Whatever at The Bovine Sex Club

On October 20th The Dead Love started their Canadian tour at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern playing songs from their sophomore album So Whatever. The band embarked on a 7 date tour in Ontario and Quebec bringing a little attitude and a lot of talent.

We caught up with the boys during Canadian Music Week 2016 and we’ve been following them closely ever since. What can I tell you about the band that will convince you to listen? The Aussie three-piece has an amazing energy, intense and positive. They can strip it down and be soft and quiet, and then they can turn it all the way up and make you want to jump up and down and bang your head. Think modern grunge with hints of Nirvana, of course. It’s punky, it’s progressive, it’s contagious and you’ll want to play them again and again.

Thanks to Clint and the boys for taking the time to answer our questions.

Q. Could you talk to us about the writing and recording process for “So Whatever”?thedeadlove-so-whatever

A. We got right back to basics with so whatever, it was more about capturing the sound and vibe as you would live! We did it full DIY at Stevie’s studio with very minimal post production, no replacing or tuning it’s all as it went in! It’s raw and real.

Q. Do you have a favourite track?

A. We all have our babies. For me it’s probably Down, Miles it’s The End and Summer is Stevie’s. But that answer would probably be different tomorrow haha

Q. I love the cover art, who’s responsible for that?

A. It’s a dude named Sindy Sin from Sydney, he does heaps of amazing work! I’d say he’s kinda like Sydney’s prolific skull guy! Be sure to check him out all his stuff rules – very fortunate to be a pal that digs the band, he did all the single art for us as well.

Q. You released the Wastelands – Acoustic video 3 months ago, what prompted doing the video? I love this video btw!

A. We always say any good song will break down to an acoustic form and translate, I guess it was just a fun thing to do to showcase it to people and let them hear it in that format. Glad you dig it 🙂

Q. What’s your favourite thing about Toronto? What’s your favourite thing about Sydney?

A. The amazing nightlife, so many cool bars, beers, fireball, people and poutine. Jumping on the plane to leave for Canada 😉

Q. Who would we find on your playlist?

A. Pretty broad amongst the 3, anything from action Bronson to Billy Talent to Slayer

Q. If you could pick any two bands to go out on tour with, who would you choose and why?

A. In Canada The Lazys because they’re our buds from Aus and equally love a few froths! Really digging The Dirty Nil at the moment, that’d be rad!

The Dead Love at The Bovine photo by rcstillsQ. What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not making music?

A. Stevie and Miles the 2 pretentious fucks like going to the beach and walking up and down with surfboards they can’t ride! I like riding my pink Vespa to go shopping at IKEA and looking at all the fluffy pillows.

Q. Best advice you’ve ever been given?

A. Don’t shit the bed.

Q. Name a band that you think our readers should give a listen.

A. The Wiggles

I’m pretty sure they’re kidding but they are Australian, and so are The Wiggles. Last words, go buy the album!

You can check out The Dead Love at these fine locations:
Web –
Twitter – @TheDeadLoveBand
Facebook – thedeadloveband
Instagram – @TheDeadLoveBand
YouTube – thedeadloveband

Thanks to RC Stills for being a gentleman and providing us with some awesome photos from the October 27th gig at The Bovine.

Love the live show photos? You can check out RC Stills images at these fine locations:
Web –
Twitter – @rcstills
Facebook – rcstills
Instagram – @rcstills

the-dead-love-rcstills-com-28 the-dead-love-rcstills-com-58 the-dead-love-gif-rcstills-com-2 the-dead-love-rcstills-com-55The Dead Love at The Bovine photo by rcstillsthe-dead-love-rcstills-com-13 the-dead-love-rcstills-com-27 the-dead-love-rcstills-com-23

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Howling Woman: The Lazys, Live at the CNE 2016

Rock and roll fans, listen to us, if you’re not already in on The Lazys, it’s time. Right now.

On Saturday night at the CNE in Toronto, the stage took an Australian beating when Leon, Matty, Glenn, Liam, and Andy took over and rocked their hearts out as the opening act for Canadian vets, The Trews.

We’ve had a chance to meet and chat with the boys before, and see them on stage, so we thought we were prepared for the show – but the difference between the size of the stage at the Ex and the Horseshoe is significant, and the boys took full advantage.

The Lazys CNE 2016-8631And they knew they would… Trish caught up with Leon and Matty backstage before the show and when she asked them about getting up on the big stage they were instantly excited and told her they were born for this shit!

She also asked them how their current Canadian tour has been going so far with their western shows done, and the band seemed quite happy with things. The crowds have grown since their last time through, the clubs are full, and the response has been awesome.

Here’s the thing about The Lazys when they play live – it’s a show. A real live, full blast, top volume, over the top rock and roll show. The guys put it all out there with their energy and movement and attitude from the minute they step on stage to the minute they step off. They sing and scream and dance and spew water and do everything they can to get every single person in the crowd into the party. It’s a huge piece of why we’re into the band really, the live experience is A+ top notch.

Since the boys have started spending more and more time in Canada every year we decided we wanted to ask them a couple questions that would give us some insight into the Aussie experience in the great white north.

First, we asked what 1 Canadian thing they would take home to Australia – and at almost the exact same time Leon and Matty said Caesars and Tim Hortons… which we can’t really argue with,  both are very Canadian!

Next, Trish asked the reverse, and Leon told her that he’d love to bring the Australian weather to Canada so we could all enjoy some sun and warmth all year long. And as much as we love a good snowball fight, it’s really tempting to agree with him on that!

The Lazys CNE 2016-8801

We also asked The Lazys about the bands they’re into. But before we get to that, here are some more points that we took away from the CNE show…

⭐ Matty has some of the best guitar faces and showmanship we’ve seen in a long long time.
⭐ The band is tight, which we don’t want people to overlook when they’re busy watching and listening to Matty’s solos.
⭐ Leon looks, probably 5 times per show, like he’s ready to jump straight into the crowd. And while we haven’t seen it happen yet, we’re not counting out the possibility of it happening one day.
⭐ When Matty, Glenn, and Liam sing with Leon, or around him, it fills out the sound perfectly.
⭐ Andy did one of our favourite things: Singing along at the drum kit even though he doesn’t have a mic. It’s a sure sign for us that a drummer is all in and loving what he’s part of.

Ok, so we asked the guys to tell us who their top 3 Canadian bands are, but they had some trouble with the math, so we doubled it and let Leon and Matty have 6 bands combined.

🍁 Billy Talent
🍁 The Trews
🍁 One Bad Son
🍁 The Wild
🍁 Whale and the Wolf
🍁 The Glorious Sons

Then Trish asked if there was an Australian band that we should be listening to and Leon told us that The Dead Love were the ones. Which is great for us because we saw and chatted with at CMW 2016 and already in. And we 100% agree with the boys that you should check them out and start getting as excited for new music from the Aussie rockers as we are!

The last thing we asked before the let The Lazys get ready for the stage was what they’re up to after the tour wraps. And we loved the answer, because they’re going to Vancouver to record a new record!

The Lazys CNE 2016-9042The boys have 6 weeks booked with Garth “GGGarth” Richardson (Rage Against The Machine, Rise Against, Red Hot Chili Peppers) to record. And if the new tracks sound as good as Shake It Like You Mean It, which Richardson did with the guys, then we’re pretty sure we’re going to have a full record worth yelling and dancing and singing along to.

But, before they get to that there are still a bunch of tour dates left including September 15 in Oshawa and September 16 in Toronto at the Rivoli. And we would like to strongly recommend that you get to one of those shows to see The Lazys play Howling Woman, Shake It Like You Mean It, Black Rebel, Love Your Gun, Show Me What You’re Made Of and all kinds of other high intensity bangers.

See you there!

The Lazys CNE 2016-8982The Lazys CNE 2016-8971The Lazys CNE 2016-8968The Lazys CNE 2016-9009The Lazys CNE 2016-8776The Lazys CNE 2016-8881The Lazys CNE 2016-8754The Lazys CNE 2016-8784The Lazys CNE 2016-8899The Lazys CNE 2016-8962The Lazys CNE 2016-8949The Lazys CNE 2016-8911The Lazys CNE 2016-8965The Lazys CNE 2016-9094The Lazys CNE 2016-9020The Lazys CNE 2016-8907The Lazys CNE 2016-8894The Lazys CNE 2016-9076The Lazys CNE 2016-8667The Lazys CNE 2016-8941The Lazys CNE 2016-8630The Lazys CNE 2016-9129

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The Trews at 102.1 The Edge – Sugar Beach Sessions

Milking the last drops out of summer I headed to Sugar Beach today for an afternoon Sugar Beach Session at The Edge featuring The Trews. It was a gorgeous afternoon and what could make it better, live music of course?

The Toronto-based band, originally out of Antigonish, Nova Scotia have been putting out records for almost 20 years and in that time they’ve had some amazing success . They’ve got a brand new album coming September 9th and it’s called Time Capsule. It’s going to be a compilation album with their best -known songs, some fan favourites, deep cuts and four brand new tracks.
The Trews - Sugar Beach Session - The EdgeThe Trews are on tour and will be hitting The CNE Saturday, September 3rd and opening up for them will be one of our favourites, The Lazys. We’ll be sitting down with both The Trews and The Lazys on Saturday so stay tuned for those interviews. We hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it, head back here for all the photos, answers, video and who knows what else!

Thanks to The Edge for having us, we really like this venue!
The Trews - Sugar Beach Session - The Edge The Trews - Sugar Beach Session - The Edge The Trews - Sugar Beach Session - The Edge The Trews - Sugar Beach Session - The Edge The Trews - Sugar Beach Session - The Edge The Trews - Sugar Beach Session - The Edge The Trews - Sugar Beach Session - The Edge The Trews - Sugar Beach Session - The Edge The Trews - Sugar Beach Session - The Edge The Trews - Sugar Beach Session - The Edge The Trews - Sugar Beach Session - The Edge The Trews - Sugar Beach Session - The Edge The Trews - Sugar Beach Session - The Edge The Trews - Sugar Beach Session - The Edge The Trews - Sugar Beach Session - The Edge The Trews - Sugar Beach Session - The Edge

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Howling Woman Tour: The Lazys

We’ve got a soft spot for Australian bands, I don’t know what it is, but we do. One of our favourite Aussie bands is headed back to Canada with a couple of stops in Toronto. The Lazys kick off their Howling Woman Tour in Vancouver at The Roxy on August 25th and head east across Canada with 18 dates in all.

Why should you see The Lazys? They’re super high energy. They’re really fun dudes. You’ll hear amazing guitar licks.They have some of the best rock and roll hair. They’ve got great relatable lyrics, you’ll definitely hear something that seems like it was written just for you. And last but not least, a party, these boys are a party on stage.

We’ll be there and we think you should be too!The Lazys

Tour Dates

08/25/16 – Vancouver, BC  – The Roxy
08/26/16 – Kamloops, BC – CJ’s Nightclub
08/27/16 – Calgary, AB – The Marquee Beer Market & Stage
08/29/16 – Red Deer, AB – Bo’s Bar & Grill
08/30/16 – Grande Prairie, AB – Better Than Fred’s
08/31/16 – Edmonton, AB – The Brixx Bar & Grill
09/01/16 – Regina, SK – The Exchange
09/03/16 – Toronto, ON – Canadian National Exhibition – Bandshell Park
09/05/16 – Hamilton, ON – Club Absinthe
09/07/16 – London, ON – London Music Hall – Rum Runners
09/08/16 – Niagara Falls, ON – Taps Brewery – Outdoors
09/09/16 – Kingston, ON – Merchant Taphouse
09/10/16 – Waterloo, ON – Maxwell’s Concerts & Events
09/12/16 – Peterborough, ON – The Red Dog
09/14/16 – Arnprior, ON – The John Street Pub
09/15/16 – Oshawa, ON – Oshawa Music Hall
09/16/16 – Toronto, ON – Rivoli
09/17/16 – Sarnia, ON – The Station Music Hall

The Lazys Toronto Horseshoe Tavern The Lazys Toronto Horseshoe Tavern The Lazys Toronto Horseshoe Tavern The Lazys Toronto Horseshoe Tavern The Lazys_4431 edit The Lazys 4393 edit The Lazys 4395 The Lazys Feature

The Lazys Toronto Horseshoe Tavern

The Lazys

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July Talk at The Edge – Sugar Beach Sessions

It was supposed to be quick. A four song, Sugar Beach Session at 102.1 The Edge with Canadian Alt-Rock band July Talk. It was anything but short.

They started out their set with Push + Pull and ended it with Paper Girl. When they got to Paper Girl  Leah Fay decided she didn’t want to sing her part so she pulled three audience members out of the crowd to do her part. While they killed it, she wandered the crowd, shaking hands and saying hello to fans. This is where things would normally wrap up but instead, each band member chose an audience member to pick their favourite. Okay, Leah may have decided she wanted to sing Uninvited, nobody objected. So we ended up with nine songs in all, a very nice set.July Talk - The Edge - Sugar Beach SessionsJuly Talk has been enjoying some amazing success and they stopped by The Edge as a way to say goodbye to their Toronto fans before heading out on the road. They’ll be making stops in the US, hopping back to Canada’s West Coast for a bit and then on to the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and then back to the US before doing some Ontario dates near the end of October followed by more American dates. Looks like they might make it home for Christmas. July Talk - The Edge - Sugar Beach SessionsIf you haven’t had a chance to see this band yet, you should put them on your must see list. Memorable voices, amazing energy, funky bass lines, intense drums, guitar playing that made me catch my breath, added to that fun interaction and never a dull moment.

The October shows at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall are both sold out, but the band assured us today there would be a way to see them. Fingers crossed. Keep an eye on The Edge’s YouTube Channel for video, they’ve got a link for Sugar Beach Sessions, it’s coming soon. *EDIT* videos are up! Check this link for the videos.

July Talk, go see this band!
July Talk - The Edge - Sugar Beach Sessions-6140 July Talk - The Edge - Sugar Beach Sessions-6017 July Talk - The Edge - Sugar Beach Sessions-6008 July Talk - The Edge - Sugar Beach Sessions-6031 July Talk - The Edge - Sugar Beach Sessions-6027 July Talk - The Edge - Sugar Beach Sessions-6026 July Talk - The Edge - Sugar Beach Sessions-5964 July Talk - The Edge - Sugar Beach Sessions-5983 July Talk - The Edge - Sugar Beach Sessions-6132 July Talk - The Edge - Sugar Beach Sessions-6112
July Talk - The Edge - Sugar Beach Sessions-6021 July Talk - The Edge - Sugar Beach Sessions July Talk - The Edge - Sugar Beach Sessions-6069

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Take Your Time: Sam Hunt at Boots & Hearts 2016!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 2 years since we first saw Sam Hunt on stage for the first time at Boots & Hearts… and now we’ve seen him again. But this time the Georgia boy was all over the main stage as the direct lead-in to headliner Dierks Bentley on Friday night.

As the minutes ticked by and we got closer to Sam’s set you could see the people coming over the hill and towards the stage in waves, and they didn’t stop until they were as close to the stage as they could get and the band come on stage to start off the show with Leave The Night On. And when Sam started singing – they all started singing with him!

One look out into the crowd showed hands up, phones up, and girls up in the air. And even though the sun was setting and the temperature was finally dropping, it was hot hot hot the entire time Sam Hunt and his band were up on that main stage.

Sam Hunt-3850

During the set, as the cheering and singing and dancing continued, Sam Hunt made a point to give some love and thanks to the fans at B&H for supporting him since that 1st set in 2014 and at all of the Canadian shows he’s played since then.

Sam Hunt-3811He also gave back every single bit of energy the crowd was feeding him. The dude ran and jumped back and forth from the stage to the catwalk and looked like he was having the time of his life while making use of every piece of stage he could get his feet on. It truly looked like Sam and the band were having a lot of fun in Oro-Medonte with a few (30,000+) of their fans and friends watching them do their thing.

Since summer 2014 we’ve been all in on Sam Hunt (you can check the archives) and we’re not stopping now. With any luck we’ll have new music from the former QB in the next year and then have the chance to see him again with new songs to sing along to.
Check out the set list and more pics of Sam Hunt now…

Sam Hunt Set List, Boots & Hearts 2016

Leave The Night On
Ex To See
Raised On It
Saturday Night
I Met A Girl
Single For The Summer
Take Your Time
We Are Tonight
Medley: Mama Tried, My Church, Somewhere On A Beach, T-shirt, Snapback, You Should Be Here, Huntin’ Fishin’ And Lovin’ Every Day
Cop Car
House Party
Make You Miss Me
Break Up In A Small Town

Sam Hunt-3743Sam Hunt-3727Sam Hunt-3649Sam Hunt-3691Sam Hunt-3777Sam Hunt-3537Sam Hunt-3640Sam Hunt-3594Sam Hunt-3782Sam Hunt-3874Sam Hunt-3573Sam Hunt-BH5-12Sam Hunt-BH5-1Sam Hunt-BH5-6Sam Hunt-BH5-7Sam Hunt-BH5-5Sam Hunt-BH5-8Sam Hunt-BH5-10

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Drunk on a Plane: Dierks Bentley at Boots & Hearts 2016!

If you’re ever wondering who to invite to your party on a summer Friday night, the answer is Dierks Bentley. For real.

Bentley headlined the Boots & Hearts main stage Friday and hosted one hell of a party for (our estimate) 40,000 of his closest Canadian friends. Hell, he even invited a dude named Nick up onto the stage to shotgun a beer with him – and Dierks was the clear winner in speed of chug. We also watched as he got his drink topped up with what looked to be a 2:1 ratio of vodka to mix. This wasn’t a quiet, dry get together. It was wet, loud, rowdy shindig.

When Dierks and the band took the stage there was immediate engagement and singing and clapping. It was a crowd ready for music, ready for his music, and they weren’t disappointed. For an hour and a half the stage was his, the show was on fire, and the music played and played and played.

Deirks Bentley-BH5-9

At one point, somewhere near the hour mark of the set, a loud Let’s Go Blue Jays chant broke out in the crowd and took over… it was awesome, and led to Bentley commending the pride in the hometown team, and then asking what happened to the Expos, but we’re pretty sure he didn’t mean it in a mean way.

Dierks also let slip (he says he talks too much when he drinks) that there’s a new tour coming, and that it looks like it’s going to kick off in Hamilton, ON. So we’ll be paying attention to his socials and website for more details about that!

In the last third of the show things got a little sideways (pun intended) when Dierks broke into Somewhere On A Beach

Deirks Bentley-BH5-131) Drinks were high and there was def a sense of drunkenness in the air.
2) Dierks Bentley slid in some Lawn Chair Lazy lyrics, which made us super pumped for the dudes in the James Barker Band (who had Dierks show up as their surprise guest at Boots & Bourbon in Toronto on Thursday night).
3) This country music superstar looked, measured, and jumped into the crowd – across a 6 foot photo pit gap.

By the time Dierks Bentley came back on stage for Drunk On A Plane as an encore… complete with the nose of a plane and Dierks himself in a full pilot’s uniform (until he ripped off his tear-away pants) the crowd was in full out sing and dance and drink and party mode. Yes, the song closed the show, but it also gave everybody one more reason to make sure they see Dierks again… maybe in 2019 if the 2 years off and then back pattern continues!

Dierks Bentley Set List, Boots & Hearts 2016

Up On The Ridge
Free and Easy (Down The Road I Go)
Tip It On Back
Am I The Only One
Say You Do
What The Hell Did I Say
Different For Girls
I Hold On
Every Mile A Memory
Feel That Fire
Somewhere On A Beach
What Was I Thinkin’
Drunk On A Plane

Deirks Bentley-BH5-3Deirks Bentley-BH5-11Deirks Bentley-BH5-12Deirks Bentley-BH5-10Deirks Bentley-BH5-5Deirks Bentley-BH5-1Deirks Bentley-BH5-2Deirks Bentley-BH5-6Deirks Bentley-BH5-7Deirks Bentley-BH5-15Deirks Bentley-BH5-4Deirks Bentley-BH5-17

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American Love: Jake Owen at Boots & Hearts 2016!

They call him the King of Summer… and on a steamy Thursday night north of Toronto, Jake Owen made that impossible to argue.

Jake Owen, in all of his barefoot glory, took over the Boots and Hearts Front Porch stage to headline the Coors Banquet Kick Off Party – and he damn near blew the roof off of the tent covering the front portion of the crowd.

More than 1400 miles from home, Barefoot Jake sometimes looked amazed at what he was seeing in front of him. The (our estimate) 25,000 country music fans cheering and clapping and dancing and singing their hearts out to every word of every song they knew. They played with beach balls and partied and they loved every minute of it. From American Love kicking off the set to Barefoot Blue Jean Night closing out the encore – there was no drop in energy at any time during Jake’s performance, and that’s pretty incredible.

Jake Owen BH5 2758

Note: During every lull or even break in the set the assembled mass of wild Canadians broke out into “Let’s Go Blue Jays”. It was loud and it was awesome, even if most of them didn’t know that the Jays were beating the Astros 4-1 at the time.

The set behind Jake was adorned with lights and palm trees and even a little ode to his VW bus in the paint job on the keyboard stand. There was no doubting the summer vibe, and the music he played – The One That Got Away, Anywhere With You, Good Company, American Country Love Song, Yee Haw, Real Life, Eight Second Ride, Beachin’… all those songs put the crowd exactly where they wanted to be on a Thursday night.

Jake Owen BH5 2699Jake also broke out a bunch of covers to share with the crowd – some long, some short, but all connecting and sharing influences from his past and peeks into his tastes as a fan himself. Country and pop were combined in a list that looks something like this… The Dance, Boot Scootin’ Boogie, Chattahoochee, Ring Of Fire, Steal My Kisses, Hold On, We’re Going Home, and Jump! The volume in the crowd for Jake’s songs and the covers was unbelievable. These Boots and Hearts fans came out to sing on Thursday night – and the rest of the weekend’s artists should hope they do the same as we continue.

It’s impossible to tell you how many girls and guys got up on shoulders during Jake Owen’s set. It’s impossible to tell you how many people sang along to how many songs. It’s impossible to tell you how many people danced. BUT I can tell you this, it’s not impossible to tell you that Boots and Hearts loved Jake Owen, and while it may have taken five years to get him here, I’d bet that it won’t take another five years to get him back.

Jake Owen BH5 2628Jake Owen-BH5-14Jake Owen-BH5-8Jake Owen-BH5-13Jake Owen BH5 2804Jake Owen-BH5-10Jake Owen-BH5-9Jake Owen BH5 2566Jake Owen-BH5-5Jake Owen-BH5-4Jake Owen-BH5-6Jake Owen-BH5-7Jake Owen BH5 2591Jake Owen-BH5-2Jake Owen-BH5-3Jake Owen BH5 2775Jake Owen BH5 2792Jake Owen BH5 2619

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Old School: Tebey at Boots & Hearts 2016!

In August 2012, Tebey won the Boots & Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase contest – and in 2016 he was back in a main event slot during the Coors Banquet Kick Off Party!

As part of the 5 act Thursday show, Tebey took over the Front Porch stage at B&H and did everything he needed to do to get the early festival crowd into a groove and into the music. After his intro music (In The Air Tonight) the Peterborough native was welcomed to the stage with a big cheer and the band kicked off the set with Jealous Of The Sun. Right away it was easy to see that the fans were all in. The singing and dancing were nearly instantaneous – and the energy level under the tent and beyond was rising.


Before the show we had a chance to hangout with Tebey for a few minutes out in the woods and we asked him about the set and he told us that he was excited to be back after a quick surprise walk on during Emerson Drive’s set in 2015 and winning that Emerging Artist Showcase at Boots and Hearts year 1.

He also told us that Old School will be the next single from his new EP of the same name, so it made sense that the crew was filming footage for that music video during the set. The song isn’t without controversy with its marijuana mention, but Tebey told us and the crowd, that he felt strongly about it when he brought it to the label, and that he’s happy we’re all getting to hear it. Tebey also took a second to shout out Sugar Ray as an inspiration for the song.

Tebey-2077On stage Tebey was on fire. His own hits, like When The Buzz Wears Off, Wake Me Up, Now I Do, and Somewhere In The Country earned cheers and love from the assembled crowd. And when he added some covers (Lot Of Leavin’ Left To Do, Fast Cars And Freedom, Friends In Low Places, I Want It That Way, She Will Be Loved) the volume was louder than we could have expected. But the loudest reaction didn’t come from Garth Brooks’ country anthem… no, it came from thousands of women singing at the top of their lungs when Tebey paid tribute to the Backstreet Boys!

With great energy on stage, tight musicianship from the entire band, a crowd that was ready, willing, and able to party, and a venue that brought it all together – Tebey had the perfect recipe for a big, fun set on Thursday, and he delivered.

We can’t wait to see the Old School video, and to see Tebey live again soon!

Tebey-2110Tebey - Interview-1735Tebey - Interview-1721Tebey-2119Tebey-2163Tebey-2128Tebey-2178Tebey-2229Tebey-2209Tebey-2199Tebey - Interview-1723Tebey - Interview-1722Tebey - Interview-1709Tebey-2150


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Friday Night Live: American Opera with Crown Lands at the Rivoli

On Friday night in Toronto a band from NYC rolled in and set up and played their only Canadian date on what has been an eventful tour so far.

American Opera, fronted by John Bee, has had van breakdowns along the way, but haven’t missed a date yet – and we’re sure glad that they didn’t miss this one. We had a chance to hangout with John before the show for a chat and a song (look just a little further down in the post for the video) and then we saw him hit the stage to entertain the assembled audience in the back room.

While we were at the venue to see American Opera we saw Friday’s opener, Crown Lands, go through their sound check, and then we caught their set when they opened the show. The Oshawa duo rocked hard, swung a lot of hair around, and looked like they had a whole lot of fun. They also sound great, and if you’re into some good, loud, guitar and drum rock and roll you should be looking into their new album and its pre-sale right now!

These boys were a whole lot of fun, and earned themselves every bit of applause and the shout out they got from American Opera after they were done. Check more of Trish’s pics a little further down!

Crown Lands-1605

As we talked with John about the American Opera tour we found out that he has played the Rivoli stage before, but Friday was the first time he’d done it with the backing of the bass and drums in the band. And he likes that. He told us that the energy gets a great boost when the 3 musicians take the stage together, and while we haven’t seen the solo show, we can tell you that the band sounds great together.

John also apologized to the crowd for a little bit of a blown out voice – but here’s the thing, he sounded good. No issues from where we were sitting. And the way people were clapping and singing along, we don’t think anyone else had any problems with John’s voice either!

American Opera-1676American Opera put on a fun, upbeat, and at times funny show with great tracks, banter, and that energy we were told would be there. the Rivoli stage was a great place to see them, and the crowd that was in the room for the show all looked to be happy with the fact that they were there to see it all go down.

Note: 3 ladies in the crowd seemed incredibly happy. We saw them at the merch table after the set and they had come to the Toronto show after seeing American Opera play Warped Tour in years past. They were pretty excited – and happy to grab 3 t-shirts, a CD, sunglasses, and some free stickers!

Tracks like Spoons and Knives, Sand and Seed, and Bright Lights and Amplifiers had us locked into the music. We liked it so much we bought a copy of the CD and have it playing on repeat in the car.

This may have been the only Canadian stop on the current tour, but we’re hoping it won’t be long before John is back in Toronto with more American Opera shows in the very near future.

Check out more dates, the socials (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube), Trish’s pictures and our green room video now!

Photos of American Opera at the Rivoli, July 29, 2016

American Opera-1629John Bee - American Opera-1609American Opera-1614American Opera-1617American Opera-1652American Opera-1648American Opera-1668

Photos of Crown Lands at the Rivoli, July 29, 2016

Kevin Comeau - Crown Lands-1585Cody Bowles - Crown Lands-1572Kevin Comeau - Crown Lands-1584Kevin Comeau - Crown Lands-1574Kevin Comeau - Crown Lands-1575Kevin Comeau - Crown Lands-1580Kevin Comeau - Crown Lands-1576Cody Bowles - Crown Lands-1568Cody Bowles - Crown Lands-1563Cody Bowles - Crown Lands-1562Crown Lands-1606

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