Mermaid: Skott at WayHome 2017

Soaked in the Sunday sun, Skott hit the WayHome 2017 main stage for her first North American festival AND first Canadian concert appearance.

As the Swedish songstress worked the stage, an afternoon crowd gathered, sitting and standing, and even singing along (which caught Skott off-guard, we learned later on when we caught up to chat) to her music. The vibe and groove moved through the WayHomies, and the set served as an excellent intro to more music on the last day of the festival.

After Skott was finished on stage and had a chance to catch her breath, we sat down with her (in front of a backdrop that conveniently mirrored the Swedish flag’s colours) to talk about her career, music origins, and what’s coming next.

We found out that Skott grew up with very traditional folk music, not knowing the world of pop or electronic songs. But, when she was 13 and moved to a new school with new friends – that all changed.

Think back to the music in the video games of your youth, the sounds and beats that meshed so well with the action on screen. Those sounds clicked for Skott and captivated her. Before long, she was creating her own music for the video games that her friends were coding. That was the start.

After that original experiment, Skott added lyrics and singing to her music – and that is what brings us to now. With videos released for Glitter & Gloss and Mermaid, and more than 20+ million Spotify streams, she is learning the business of music 1 step at a time, and she credits her band for helping her.

We asked Skott about her music and career and the music that she’s digging right now. She told us that MØ is making music that she digs, and that she’s excited to play with her this fall. She also told us that she probably doesn’t expose herself to as much as we would think – opting instead to listen to listen to more instrumental works when she emerges from the studio she compares to a cave.

Skott was gracious, thoughtful, analytical and soft spoken during our sit down. But on stage, this is an artist with a ton of voice, range, presence, and the potential to further her career and play bigger stages with bigger crowds and more recognition.

Keep an eye on Skott. And if you get the chance, catch her on tour with Phantogram this summer/fall!

Movember Journal 2011 Day 7 – Things I’ve Learned in #Movember

20111106-101820.jpgThis is my 3rd Movember and I have realized that there are things I’ve learned that should be passed on to everyone trying to grow a mo or support the cause.

1) Moisturize! Find a moisturizer that you like and use it. Daily. If you’re like me and have a beard most of the time your skin isn’t going to be used to the constant shaving and it can get pretty uncomfortable. There are some great products on the market right now designed for dudes. I like the ones with some sort of cooling action. Go get you some.

2) Spread the word! Whether you raise $500 or $5 you are a big part of this campaign. When you walk down the street with your well meaning ‘mo you’re making a statement. Use your personal network to make that same statement. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr – use them all. The more you show your friends and contacts that you’re involved the more likely they are to donate. You will also be helping to raise awareness of prostate cancer – don’t overlook that part.

3) Have fun! Movember is raising money for a very serious cause, that much we know and acknowledge. However, that does not mean you can’t have fun with this thing! Get your ‘stache growing. Get your friends together. Throw a party and raise some money. Come out to the 2nd Annual Movember Karaoke Challenge (November 24, 2011 – Grindhouse Burger Bar). Style your ‘stache like your favourite 80’s athlete. Do anything you can to raise awareness and have a good time. Remember, the best accessory for your ‘Mo is a smile.

6 years ago
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