The Project: Lindsay Ell Album Review

The long awaited debut full-length album from Lindsay Ell is finally here, and it was… worth the wait. Lindsay’s skills and talents shine through all 12 tracks on The Project, starting with Waiting On You and finishing with Worth The Wait.

The Calgary born – Nashville based, singer/songwriter/guitar hero has created a record that shows off a lot of angles. There are bluesy guitar licks, catchy lyrics that fit the modern country landscape, and slowed down numbers that will make you feel the feels. It’s a complete package that isn’t scared to be itself and present personality and varied musical tastes to the world and the listeners. And with songwriting credits on nine of the 12 songs on the album, Ell holds a true sense of ownership on these songs, not just as the woman who recorded them in the studio and plays them on the road, but as their creator.

Fans of Lindsay Ell have been aware of her talent for a long time – they’ve seen her at the Opry, on tour with headliners like Brad Paisley, and at giant festivals like Boots & Hearts, but new fans are coming, and this album is going to bring them in. Appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and the Today show have helped to increase awareness, and her performances on those shows were the hook. Seeing Lindsay play and sing is enough to draw you in. If you’re going to be a fan, it’s going to happen fast.

Lindsay Ell BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

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The Project is very similar. Press play and give it 10 minutes and you’ll have heard Waiting On You, Champagne, and Castle. By that time you’ll have been able to get a feel for what’s coming and what Lindsay Ell is sharing. And, if you’ve made it through those three songs, we highly recommend that you keep going with the next nine. You don’t want to miss the power in her voice on tracks like Space, and if you don’t stick around for Always Kiss The Girl and Worth The Wait, you’re missing out.

We’ve had the good fortune to see Lindsay Ell over the last few years as she’s gained momentum and come back to Canada for award shows and festivals. We’ve seen her talent up close, we’ve marveled at her guitar skills, we’ve sat back and listened to her voice, and we’ve been all in, all the way through.

Lindsay Ell BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

And if we had to make a prediction now, we’d tell you that there’s more of the same (and more) coming for Lindsay Ell. This album, and her willingness to play every stage she can get on will take her to new places in front of new faces, and it’s going to pay off.

If you haven’t seen Lindsay live yet, listen to The Project, and then get a ticket when she comes to town. And if you have seen her live, press play on The Project and imagine her playing these new songs when you see her again!

Lindsay Ell, The Project Track List

1. Waiting on You
2. Champagne
3. Castle
4. Good
5. Wildfire
6. Mint
7. White Noise
8. Criminal
9. Just Another Girl
10. Space
11. Always Kiss the Girl
12. Worth the Wait

Lindsay Ell BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

Feels Like Freedom: Twin Kennedy at Indie Week 2015

Born and raised in a small British Columbia, twin sisters Carli and Julie Kennedy have been performing together, and generally attached at the hip (figuratively) since they could talk.

Twin Kennedy-8931We sat down with the girls of Twin Kennedy at Boots & Bourbon Saloon in Toronto as part of Indie Week 2015 to talk about home, their new single, what to do in Nashville, and more… and then we stuck around to hear the girls hop up on stage and show their stuff as part of the night’s showcase event.

Back in May we ran in the same circles as Carli and Julie during Canadian Music Week, and now they’re back again. We asked what it is they love about Toronto, and why they keep making the trip to visit.

Both Kennedy sisters told us that one of the big reasons they love it in Ontario’s capital is the country music family they get to see. Between Toronto and Nashville it seems you can find most of Canada’s country singers and songwriters. They are happy to have scheduled co-writes and meetings and hangouts with friends they don’t get to see very often. And if we’re lucky new music and projects will come out of that!

Since we were talking about cities, and Nashville came up, we had to ask about their favourite things about Music City.

Julie’s first answer: The People
Carli’s first answer: The “Small Town City” feel

Twin Kennedy-3956The girls told us what so many artists have told us, we need to take the trip ourselves to hang out and enjoy the city. From the honky tonks to the Sunday night swing dancing there is something to do all the time. Plus, Twin Kennedy regularly hits writers circles to perform when they’re in town, and we’d love to catch some of that.

Did You Know: Salsa dancing skill can be translated to swing dancing? We didn’t either until Carli and Julie told us that they had salsa skills and one night they wandered into a swing night in Nashville where women were limited, and they fit right in. They tell us that they’ll be back for more of that fun!

This year Twin Kennedy was nominated for their first Canadian Country Music Award (Interactive Artist of the Year) so we had to ask a couple questions about it, and their week in Halifax this September.

1) How important is social media to you as emerging artists to stay connected to your existing fans, and also bring new fans in?

The twins told us that social media has been great for them, allowing them to connect with people in Canada, the United States, and all over the world. In fact, 1 super fan made the drive from Massachusetts to Toronto to see their CMW set after interacting almost daily through Twitter. These girls are awesome on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook – click any of those links to check them out and give them a follow.

2) How was the Rise & Shine show at the CCMAs and how did that come together?

Twin Kennedy It's A Love Thing Album CoverIt turns out that Twin Kennedy put together the show in partnership with Hilton hotels. They called up Trinity Bradshaw, Livy Jeanne, Lindsay Broughton, and Tenille to put together the ladies of country music morning, and had a great time doing it. They also enjoyed the rest of the week, playing a set at The Lower Deck before hitting the award show and loving the heck out of every minute of the experience.

After we were done talking about all of this and more (we got off track a few times, naturally) Carli and Julie took the Boots & Bourbon stage to play songs from their new album It’s A Love Thing and entertain the Indie Week crowd.

Included in the set was Feels Like Freedom, their newest single which has been at country radio for the month, and getting great reviews and love from fans and the country music community. There’s also a video on the way very soon, so keep your eyes on the Twin Kennedy YouTube channel for that!

We want to thank Twin Kennedy for taking the time to hangout and talk with us for way longer than we planned or expected, it was a lot of fun and we hope to do it again soon. AND we also want to thank them for being awesome.

Carli and Julie have donated 2 CD copies of It’s A Love Thing that we will be giving away to 2 people who donate to our MusiCounts fundraiser on Tilt. Any donation, even $1 enters you to win these CDs and other awesome swag on the way.

Click on the widget to join us in helping a great cause.

And if you still haven’t checked out Twin Kennedy, the time is now!


Twin Kennedy-3903Twin Kennedy-3886Twin Kennedy-3866Twin Kennedy-3871Twin Kennedy-3933Twin Kennedy-3941Twin Kennedy-3911

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Chain Reaction: Meet Will Randall [Interview]

Will Randall was born in Dawson Creek, BC, grew up in Nashville, moved back to Vancouver, BC, and now calls Calgary home. Will grew up around country music and had lots of early exposure. His dad, Wyley Randall, is an accomplished singer/songwriter who also owned “The Rhinestone Cowboy”, a honky tonk. Will has been singing in front of an audience since he was nine and his influences include Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings. No one would argue that Waylon and Merle represent the cream of the crop when it comes to outlaws in country music.

I’d like to thank Will for taking the time to answer our questions and while we may not agree with all of his answers we do appreciate that he felt comfortable enough to share them with us. I have a soft spot in my heart for country music and my country music tastes run the full spectrum. We’re not prone to sugar coating stuff so here, in their entirety, are our questions and Will’s answers.

TC: Hi Will and thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

WR: First I would like to thank you for asking me to do this interview and supporting Country Music, not a job many take on and it is very appreciated. Secondly, I want to put it out there that I may say something’s in this interview that some may find “Redneck Correct” and that’s Ok. These are my opinions and solely my opinions (hence “Outlaw”). With that being said, let’s do this!

Will Randall

Q: How do you make family life and music work for you?

WR: Well as you know, this industry is very tough on families, thus I’m divorced at 35. I have a beautiful five year old daughter that I spend as much time with as I can. and I do spend a lot of time with her. I have a working relationship with my ex wife and although she sometimes can’t understand why I chose this as my profession, we both strongly believe that a child needs be raised with both parents in the picture to be able to live a normal life so she graciously works around my schedule. It gets trying sometimes being on the road for so long away from Harley, my li’l girl. But when I hit that stage and the first note is sung, the audience temporarily fills that void. That’s how I balance both.

 Q: What’s the last thing you listened to and what platform did you use?

WR: The last thing I listened to was Hank Williams Jr. “Strong Stuff”. It’s a great album and its one of those albums you have to play LOUD, lol.

But if you are referring to today’s radio, I have to be honest. I don’t listen to today’s radio. I am really disappointed in the way Country Music has turned out. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate what these New Country artists are trying to do and the talent some of them have is amazing but it’s not my kind of Country. I’m an artist that sings about heartache, pain, love, happiness and paying you’re dues. You know, Reality! Today’s Country in my opinion is all sunshine and rainbows and a fantasy that 80 percent of listeners will never live out. Harlon Howard, who wrote “I Fall to Pieces”, said that Country Music can be summed up by simply calling it ‘White Man’s Blues”. And its true, Country Music is supposed to be all about real life. In my opinion it’s become far from it!

I heard a song once called “All About The Money” and it started to all make sense. It seems to me The Country Music industry is more focused on turning Nashville into Hollywood and making millions instead of putting out great songs that us hard workin’, Blue Collar folk can relate to. And the sad part is, Merle Haggard would never get a record deal these days. Something’s wrong with that picture….

So back to the question at hand. I buy music that I enjoy listening to. I find most of the music I listen to on Sirius /XM radio. And by going out to see live entertainment. Remember even the big boys started out small. Buy Indie, there’s a lot of great talent not signed to a deal or being played on major stations. I don’t buy what the industry tries to force feed me.

 Q: Can you tell me about the sponsorship with Clayton USA?

WR: All I am at liberty to say is that I am very blessed for all my endorsements. Tom Anderson Guitarworks, Clayton Custom Picks and “Mo” Betta Shirts. And I thank my lucky stars every day for them and the people involved.


Will RandallQ: Do you feel like social media has made a big change in the way artists and fans interact?

WR: Absolutely I’ve been working with Black Mountain Social Media and Pinky Simms for almost a year and she has shown me how important social media is to an artist. I’m old school and don’t like to spend too much time on the computer and so it didn’t occur to me my fan base is right in front of my face lol. Pinky helps me by reaching out to my fans getting my music out there to people who would not normally hear my music and although she is new to the industry she has become a great addition to my camp.

 Q: “Chain Reaction” is great, and the EP is great but when will we see the full album – “Still in Love With You”?

WR: Thank you very much and thank you to the fans for buying and supporting my music. Chain Reaction is a great song written by a great friend of mine Rich Fagan “Sold” “Be my Baby Tonight”, and Joe Collins it gets a great response from the audience. As far as a full length album goes I am in the process of writing new songs for a whole new album. I’ve reinvented myself and now I’m going back to my roots writing about real life experiences the good the bad and the not so appealing lol. Don’t get me wrong Chain Reaction and How I Want to Live will still be staples in our shows, but I will be releasing more songs like Can’t Sing the Blues in an Air-Conditioned Room and you can expect some Rocking Country tunes, and some beer drinkin’ tear jerkers. To sum it up it will be an album about me.

 Q: Are artists like Dallas Smith and Brett Kissel making people pay more attention to West Coast country acts?

WR: No. And I think it’s unfair to place all us Western Canadian artists into a melting pot labeled the West Coast. I mean Brett Kisell is from Alberta. However in reference to the West Coast I do believe Aaron Pritchett is making a positive influence on acts coming out of Vancouver, and what better man than Aaron to represent the West Coast. Not only is he a great entertainer but a super nice guy.

Q: You referenced getting back up to speed after an accident in a recent tweet, is it ok to ask about it?

WR: Sure. In September I was in an accident when a lady blew a stop sign because she was texting and driving. The accident has caused me to lose feeling in my hands and feet however in the last few weeks I have regained some feeling in both. By the grace of God my daughter wasn’t with me and I am still able to play guitar.

Will Randall

Q: Almost all of your merchandise is “unavailable”, when will fans be able to buy?

WR: On that website those are simply prototypes. I am trying to find the most cost effective way to produce them therefore making it easier on the pocket books of the fans. Remember I’m old school and cost and quality means a lot to me.

 Q: You’ve been at this a while, what’s the difference between 1992 Will and 2015 Will?

WR: I’m unsure to what you’re referring to. However not much has changed in who I am, at the core, my values and beliefs are still the same. I’ve definitely learned a lot about the industry, and I’ve learned perseverance is my best friend. If there has been any change, it would be that I would never have thought in 1992 that my style of music, morals and values would now in 2015 classify me an outlaw, but I wear the brand proudly.

 Q: What’s in store for 2015?

WR: An upcoming tour to be announced, a new album for Fall, and like every hard working man with a dream, I’m dreaming with my eyes wide open.

All photos from Will’s Fan Facebook Page

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Boots & Hearts 2014 Full Lineup & Schedule

Boots and Hearts 2014 39 Day Countdown HeaderHere we are, 39 days out from the start of Boots & Hearts 2014 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

And now, finally, after much guess work and waiting, we have the FULL LINEUP & SCHEDULE!

Before we get into the specifics, my early picks for sets not to miss, and other such informations… let’s break down to acts a little.

Male Artists – 17
Female Artists – 5
Duos & Groups – 9
Duos & Groups with Female Singers – 3
Total Acts – 31

Note: There are other acts like Marshall Dane who have added Boots & Hearts to their schedule, but are not listed online. Perhaps there will be other female acts on that secondary list.

If you remember a few months ago, when only a few acts had been announced for Boots & Hearts 2014, we started asking, “where are all the women?” – and to be honest, we’re still kind of wondering. A total of 8 acts will take the stage with a female presence out of 31 total acts. That’s less than a third, and while I know that country is male heavy right now and ‘Bro Country’ is the in thing, it would be nice to see more women at the festival.

Boots and Hearts 2014 Female Performers


Here’s a look at my early picks for sets that are going to be awesome and I don’t want to miss. You can either agree or disagree – and I invite you to talk me into your picks between now and the end of July!

Hunter Hayes – My pick to be this year’s “He Just Stole The Show Award” that went to Dierks Bentley in 2013.

Jess Moskaluke – It’s true that I’m bias when it comes to Jess because we did the interview a little while ago. But as .

” href=”” target=”_blank”>Cheap Wine & Cigarettes climbing the CMT charts and her music make its way to more and more country fans, I have a good feeling about what Ms. Moskaluke is going to bring to her set.

Dallas Smith – Rannie and I saw Dallas play an afternoon slot at Boots & Hearts 2012 and since then his country music career has taken off. I’m excited for him to have a full set that the crowd will be able to sing along to.

Paul Brandt – A legend in Canadian Country music, I’ve been listening to Brandt’s hits since the mid-90’s and can’t wait to see him live again. Another returnee from B&H 2012, country fans won’t want to miss this one.

Sawyer Brown – One of the best country groups of the 90’s I can’t wait to hear the hits that I loved as a kid. If they play The Race Is On, Some Girls Do, Six Days On The Road, and Drive Me Wild – I will be a happy boy.

One More Girl – I’m quickly becoming a big fan of these 2 ladies and the music that they make. From their cover of Love Like Mine from Nashville, to their latest offering Drunk Heart, I’m in and look forward to the set that the McKillip sisters put on.

Blake Shelton – I’m not sure I need to explain why I think Blake is a can’t miss set at Boots & Hearts 2014, but here we go. Blake’s hits stretch back to Austin in 2001 and in the 13 years since then he has more songs that I know the words to than I can think of at any given time. He’s also funny and kind of an ass, which I’m sure will come through in his stage show.

Luke Bryan – “When I grow up I want to be Luke Bryan.” that’s an actual thing that I’ve tweeted. He’s handsome, funny, charming and sings hit country songs that feel like a party or the most intense feelings in the world, depending on the track. The chance to see him put a show together that can’t possibly include everything, but also can’t miss the mark is one I look forward to taking advantage of.


Boots and Hearts 2014 Full ScheduleSee the official schedule and lineup at

The Road Hammers Boots and Hearts 2014If there is 1 song, 1 moment, 1 anything that I don’t want to miss at Boots & Hearts 2014 it is the possibility that The Road Hammers will play Born Again In Dixieland.

Recorded and released in 1997, Canadian Country fans love this track more and more every year. I’m not sure how to explain it. I don’t know if Jason McCoy loves that it’s still the song people want to hear most. But I can tell you that seeing them play it on a cold Ottawa night in 2008 was a live music highlight in my books and I sincerely hope they do it again for me on Friday August 1, 2014.

Stay tuned for more Boots & Hearts updates as we get closer and closer to the end of July.

Work Hard. Play Harder. Be Awesome!

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Making The Most Of A Rainy Day

Rainy days happen. There isn’t anything you can do about it. But if it isn’t a work day and you’re plans to go out to the park or farmer’s market have been trashed, your day doesn’t have to be a bust.

To help you out we’ve put together a list of ideas that can keep everyone busy, entertained, relaxed or some combination of those 3.

Good luck.

Board Games
Monopoly Board
‣  Monopoly: Fun for the whole family. Until that 1 person gets way ahead and starts acting like a jerk and the guy with 2 properties, no railroads and no money starts getting really upset.
‣ Scrabble: A smart game, so make sure everyone has had their coffee before you break out the tiles. And keep a dictionary handy for challenges!
‣ Sorry: Just remember that Sorry can get messy if someone feels like they’re getting ganged up on unfairly. You’ve been warned.
‣  Life: Go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, make money, spend money, drive around in that car. Good luck!
‣  Anything but Battleship: I’ve never liked that game.

Uno Deck‣  Uno: Great for big groups. Keep things light hearted with lots of jokes because someone is going to be really upset when they end up being told to pick up 32 cards.
Euchre: If you’ve got a group of 4, go for it! Just be careful of the pair that have played a lot together, they can be sneaky!
‣  Poker: Bet pretzels or money, whichever you’re comfortable with. Bonus points if everyone has a hat, hoodie, sunglasses or some combo of the 3.
‣  Crazy Eights: A family classic. Pick up those cards!
‣  Solitaire: If you’re home alone you can still play card!

The Gospel According to Disney
‣  The Gospel According to Disney: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust [Mark I. Pinsky] An interesting work at Disney’s classic animated films. Broken into 2 time periods, 1) Walt Disney & 2) Michael Eisner. The morals, religion and themes of the stories tell a bigger story about the social times each one came from.
Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball [RA Dickey] I’m reading this book right now and I promise that if you have any interest in baseball, know who RA Dickey is, or just want to read a great story about a man who struggles with HUGE things on his way to happiness, you won’t be disappointed.
‣  Moneyball [Michael Lewis] Yes, before Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, this was a book about the way the Oakland A’s and Billy Beane were changing the way people at the top thought about baseball.
‣  The Celestine Prophecy [James Redfield] This book probably changed me more than any other when I was a teen. A story of finding yourself, faith, zen, questions and answers. This isn’t about religion, so don’t get squirmy if you’re not into that kind of thing.
‣  Any Batman comic books. Really, you can’t go wrong. Enjoy!

Orange is the New Black Poster
‣  Orange is the New Black: Season 2 is available now in case you haven’t been online anywhere and weren’t already aware. In fact, I should be watching it right now instead of writing this post.
‣  Friday Night Lights: I didn’t get into this series until this winter, and I was definitely missing out. Texas forever. Tim Riggins for President. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.
‣  Nashville: Another show that I’m watching right now. Season 1 was a blast and season 2 is shaping up to be even better. If you love country music, drama, attractive people, or the music business you owe it to yourself to check this baby out.
‣  Archer: I’m not sure what to say about Archer. If you’ve heard of it you’ve probably watched it. But if you’ve only watched occasionally on TV, you can do one better and watch every episode of seasons 1-4.
‣  Dawson’s Creek: Maybe my all-time favourite television show. The entire thing is on Netflix, from Pacey’s fling with Ms. Jacobs to the finale and the most gratifying pay-off to a love triangle ever!

Nap on the Couch
‣  Couch: A great option for rainy days. Fall asleep watching TV or reading and wake up later.
Bed: No need to explain here. We all know your bed is comfy.
‣  Floor: Sometimes a nice cool tile floor or fluffy carpet are the best place to lay down for a quick relax and recharge session.
‣  Comfy Chair: If you’ve got an awesome recliner and you aren’t napping in it, you’re doing it wrong.
‣  Bathtub: Keep the bath water low to avoid accidents. Then light a couple candles, turn on some music, turn off the lights and relax!

There you have it, 25 things you can do on a rainy day. I hope that something on this list clicks for you the next time your picnic gets washed out.

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30 Is Coming And I Wanna Do Things…

30 is coming. We’ve started the countdown. We’re within a month. And there’s no turning back now.

Earlier I put together a list of 30 Things About Me. And I’ve written a post of the things that I dream about accomplishing in sports. Those pieces got me thinking about some of things that I hope to accomplish in a more realistic light.

Let’s take a look.

Write a book: Maybe it will be about baseball. Maybe I’ll finish the novel. Maybe it will be something new and exciting. Any way it comes, I’d welcome it.

Set foot on a big league baseball field: Toronto would be ideal since I’ve been a fan all my life. But as far as this one goes I’d be just as glad to step on the field in Arizona or Miami or Atlanta. I love the Blue Jays, but I love baseball more.

Play guitar: I know that this one requires some work (lots of work) on my part. But every time I hold a guitar in my hand I wish I knew how to play it. I hope that at some point I make the commitment to learn. P.S. it’s weird to me that for the last 10 years or so many people have assumed that I could play guitar. I don’t have any idea why they think that way.

Sing with a band: I don’t really want to be in a band. Although that sounds like it would be really cool. But I would like to stand on stage with a band and sing for some folks. It’s been a blast when I’ve done it before. Getting to do it again would be bad ass.

Quit smoking: In fact, I’m doing that right now. Follow the journey here, on Twitter, Facebook and now YouTube!

Talk with Kevin Smith: I know this one reeks of hero worship. And perhaps it is a little. But I really dig the content that he has produced in his career and think that he would be a pretty cool man to sit down with and just talk to. Between hockey, movies, music and life in general I’m sure we could find some talking points.

See Paris again. And Nashville for the first time: I’ve written about wanting to see those cities. I’ve dreamed of the trips. Man it would be great to see the art and history in France while eating cheese and drinking wine and then flying to the Country Music Capital and visiting the Opry and the bars and listening to real good music.

Interview people for the blog: I felt really lucky to have interviewed David Testo with Rannie for our piece earlier in January. And it felt really good to sit down and write the post after. I would like to do more of that. If you have a great story that you want to share or think there’s someone that needs to have theirs told please let me know or put me in touch with them. I’d love to feature more people content in the future.

Get into fantasy baseball: It seems funny to think that I’ve never really played a full season of fantasy baseball given that I love the game, players, stats and all of the things that come along with it. If you want me in your league (where I’ll probably finish last) please drop me a line!

To be honest with you there are a lot of things that I would like to do in my life. But some of them are goals now that won’t be goals later. That’s the way my life has always been.

It started with “play pro baseball” and “be a cop” when I was a kid and has evolved to the things that I wrote about here today.

My fingers are crossed that I keep having dreams and achieving goals and that you do too. It keeps life fun and exciting and relevant.

Keep up the good work kids. Smile.

6 years ago

These Are My Dreams

I dream. A lot. Some of them are silly. Some of them may seem unattainable. Some are lame. But they are all mine. And as I’m sitting here today drinking coffee #3 at 11:30 in the morning I’m thinking about them.

So, in no particular order, here are some of the things that I dream of.

  • Go to Nashville and sing. Even just once, on one stage at a terrible open mic night
  • Write a book that makes me happy when it’s done and that people may even want to read.
  • Get way better at this code thing I’m trying to learn.
  • Own my parents’ house. You know, the one with the pond that makes a killer back yard rink in the winter.
  • Be the awesome dad and partner that I’ve always wanted to be.
  • Go back to Paris. See the sights for real. Wander the city. Take it all in. Write a bad poem on a bridge. Eat cheese and baguettes. Some cigarettes and drink coffee on a patio.
  • Catch a homerun ball
  • Find success and happiness in the wealth of family and friends that I’ve amassed in my life.
  • Write for a website that y’all are gonna wanna check out.
  • Coach baseball.
  • Jump without looking.
  • Be remembered as being awesome

Are there more? Probably. Will I think of news ones as days and weeks and months and years pass? Most definitely.

I want to be clear that this isn’t a bucket list. These are things that I dream about. Things that I would love to happen but am not necessarily going to change my life’s path to make happen on a whim.

I’m onto coffee #4 – so this is probably a good time to wrap things up.

Quick shout-out to my fav bullet point blogger @theactivestick you should check her out she’s awesome!

Happy Friday kids!

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