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Indie Week 2017 Launch Party: The Hideout, presented by M88 Entertainment Group

Presented by M88 Entertainment Group

Indie Week 2017 has kicked off in Toronto, and it’s going to be a big one.

With nearly 30 venues across the city ready to host live music between November 7 and 12, Indie Week will put fans up close and personal with emerging talent that can’t wait to get out and show everyone what they’ve got.

We started our Indie Week adventure at The Hideout (423 College St.) for the official launch party and enjoyed a couple beverages (thanks Hop City Brewery and Jack Daniels) while the music flowed through the speakers and into the busy crowd.

With an extended 4am last call this week, music will be ringing out late into the night, which means everyone will have a lot of chances to soak it in and enjoy. We highly recommend checking out the Indie Week schedule to find a show or three – CLICK HERE to get started.

Tuesday night at The Hideout we caught four acts, Poor Nameless Boy, Pat Robitaille, Scalene, and The Empty Page on stage, and all four were ready for action.

Indie Week 2017 - Tuesday - Poor Nameless Boy

Poor Nameless Boy started the show with his singer/songwriter style flowing strong. Both solo with his acoustic guitar, and accompanied by an electric guitar and violin, Joel Henderson worked through his set and started his week strong.

Songs like Second Floor Balcony and I’m Not Going Anywhere showcased his indie folk vibe, and gave us a little JJ Shiplett feeling as he sang and played. And when Poor Nameless Boy exclaimed, “if you like a good country jam, here ya go” before he closed his set with 30 Photographs, we took notice and took it in.

Toronto is a long way from Regina, but we’re glad he made the trip and started Indie Week off right.

Indie Week 2017 - Tuesday - Pat Robitaille

Pat Robitaille was next on the stage, going solo and playing for the growing Tuesday night crowd.

With loops and pedals, Robitaille got to work with an eclectic set that included the first reggae song of his career, The Weed Song, and covers of Daniel Caesar and Radiohead.

For more than a decade, the Windsor, ON native has been putting in work on his music, and as an indie artist, a spot on stage at the Indie Week 2017 launch party was a perfect fit.

Indie Week 2017 - Tuesday - Scalene

Scalene, a five piece Brazilian rock and roll outfit were the third act of the evening… and they took things to a whole new level.

With ringing guitar work, a tight sound, and energy that transferred freely to the crowd on the floor in front of them, Scalene owned the room in Toronto. And we’re willing to be they’ll do it again throughout the week at their upcoming shows (Wednesday @ Coalition, Thursday @ The Mod Club, Saturday @ The Garrison).

Scalene also proved that rock and roll is a universal language as they sang in Portuguese and the Toronto crowd didn’t blink, they just rocked right along with the band. Music is for all of us – and we’re glad these guys made the long flight in to play Indie Week in Toronto.

Indie Week 2017 - Tuesday - The Empty Page

All the way from Manchester, UK – The Empty Page kept the party going at The Hideout.

Winners of Indie Week UK 2017, The Empty Page are in Toronto with four shows this week, looking to share their brand of Alternative Fuzz with Canadian music fans.

On Tuesday night, the trio plugged in and went at it, proving that they belong. The band has only been together since 2015, but you’d never know it. They were tight, on time, in rhythm, and ready to rock from their opening notes.

You’ve got three more chances to catch The Empty Page at Indie Week 2017 – Thursday @ Baby G, Friday @ The Paddock Tavern, and Saturday @ Cherry Cola’s. Don’t miss ’em.

There’s more music and Indie Week coverage coming. For now, check out more pics from Tuesday night at The Hideout, and get ready for great music.

Indie Week 2017 - Tuesday - Poor Nameless Boy Indie Week 2017 - Tuesday - Poor Nameless Boy Indie Week 2017 - Tuesday - Pat Robitaille Indie Week 2017 - Tuesday - Pat Robitaille Indie Week 2017 - Tuesday - Scalene Indie Week 2017 - Tuesday - Scalene Indie Week 2017 - Tuesday - Scalene Indie Week 2017 - Tuesday - Scalene Indie Week 2017 - Tuesday - Scalene Indie Week 2017 - Tuesday - The Empty Page Indie Week 2017 - Tuesday - The Empty Page Indie Week 2017 - Tuesday - The Empty Page Indie Week 2017 - Tuesday - The Empty Page Indie Week 2017 - Tuesday - Empty Stage at The Hideout


In Memoriam: Tom Petty Memories, Influence and Top 10

At the age of 66, with 10 top ten singles, 3 Grammys, 3 MTV awards, 68 radio singles, and more fan favourites than we can mention, 2002 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Tom Petty has passed away.

As fans, thereviewsarein team is sad and feeling that thing you don’t know you’re going to feel when an artist dies – until you’re feeling it. Tom Petty was a constant. As Dave Grohl said in the fantastic documentary, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Runnin’ Down A Dream, “Well I’ve always sort of considered them an institution. You know, they’re one of those bands that just have to be… they just have to be.” And while we won’t be able to geek out over a new tour announcement or an album of new songs that sound like classics from the moment you first hear them, Tom Petty will always be.

To explain the influence of an artist like Tom Petty is probably impossible. From rock and rollers to country stars, there are hundreds of singers and songwriters and musicians who look up to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and everything that they accomplished in their long and storied career. In that same documentary, the great Stevie Nicks explains that in 1978 she was a big fan, and that if Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers had asked, she would have left Fleetwood Mac to join the band. That’s one year after the release of Rumours at the height, and still, the Tom Petty influence was that strong.

At live concerts over the years we have all heard Tom Petty covers ringing through the speakers. This year, at Boots & Hearts 2017, we heard Midland, Eli Young, and Love & Theft all play Petty songs, and I promise you that I sang along to Runnin’ Down A Dream, Learning To Fly, and Free Fallin’. Those covers aren’t going to stop. We aren’t going to hear less Tom Petty. Hell, we hope that we’re going to hear more of it. And not just because we’re going to be super nostalgic, but because we love the music and it deserves to be heard.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers had their first top 40 hit in 1977 (Breakdown) and their last in 2010 (I Should Have Known It), and in between and after, they peppered the charts, and toured the world, and released 13 studio albums.

There aren’t enough words to explain the sadness that Tom Petty’s death has created. There aren’t enough words to explain the power and impact of his music. And there aren’t enough words to express our sympathy to the family, friends, and fans of Tom Petty who are feeling the loss and pain that comes with this.

No man is perfect, but the music that Tom Petty shared with the world and the legacy that he created are wonderful and beautiful and we are all better for it.

To try and share a little bit of what we loved about Tom Petty’s music, Trish ranked her top 10 tracks and we put them on a Spotify list. Hit play and turn up the volume. Sing along as they go. And leave a comment telling us which songs would be in your Tom Petty Top 10.

Tom Petty Top 10 Countdown

Like we said off the top, there are more fan favourites than we can mention. Every single one of the tracks on Trish’s top 10 is a certifiable classic hit. And so is this one.

The Sky Is A Neighborhood: Foo Fighters Carpool Karaoke!

The Foo Fighters, 20+ year rock and roll vets, platinum selling artists, Wembley Stadium filling performers, Grammy winning stars… carpool karaoke guests.

In promotion of their brand new album, Concrete & Gold, the Foo Fighters jumped in a van with The Late Late Show’s James Corden for 12 minutes and 52 seconds of Carpool Karaoke, music, questions, answers, and laughs – with a surprise pit stop for an even more surprising live performance.

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Favourite Moments included…

“He’s the guy from Nirvana?!”

“A lot of words in that song”

– Harmonies on Best Of You

– The Guitar Center

– The Live Jam

Watch the video, sing along loud, go listen to the new Foos album – and try not to air drum as the big hits kick in!

Carpool Karaoke Track List

1) All My Life (0:39)

2) Best Of You (2:37)

3) Learn To Fly (4:42)

4) The Sky Is A Neighborhood (7:10)

5) Never Gonna Give You Up (10:32)

TerraForm: Sam Roberts Band with Jane’s Party at the 2017 CNE

The next time someone tries to tell you that rock and roll is dead, or if you yourself feel that thought rolling through your brain, remember the Sam Roberts Band.

On Saturday night, at the legendary CNE Bandshell, we caught the Montreal rock outfit and were completely sucked in and entertained by their straight ahead, no gimmicks, Canadian summer night rock and roll show. There were no flames, fireworks, or lasers. But there were guitars, bass, drums, keys, and a whole lot of energy at the bandshell park as the boys played a mix of new songs, fan favourites, and their biggest hits in a 90 minute set.

CNE 2017 - Sam Roberts Band

It’s also important to shout out Jane’s Party, the Toronto band that opened the show and did an excellent job of representing their hometown’s rock and roll vibe. Tracks like Til You Got Yours, Cigarette Buzz, and It’s Been Years showed off their sound, and allowed the guys to put on a fun set to warm up the park. We also need to give love for the versatility in the band, with three of the four members taking a turn at lead vocals during their time on the CNE Bandshell stage.

CNE 2017 - Jane's Party

I’ve been listening to Sam Roberts and the Sam Roberts Band for all of the summers in my adult life, starting with the, The Inhuman Condition EP, in 2012, and have sung along to the hits, watched the videos, and being a fan of their rock and roll vibe. So to see them on stage in 2017, with that same spark and enthusiasm for what they do, paired with the appreciation that Sam repeatedly showed for the opportunity to play in Toronto at such a venerable venue, was a wonderful thing.

Note: Sometimes I miss Sam’s longer, floppy hair, especially when he’s dancing and playing guitar on stage.

With a 15 song setlist, and a three song encore, the Sam Roberts Band filled their time on stage completely. And from TerraForm to kick things off to Brother Down to send us all home, the Toronto crowd was engaged, singing, dancing, clapping, and raising their hands in the air with glee and gusto. Heck, Sam Roberts has so many hits to pack into his set now that it wasn’t until morning that I realized the band hadn’t played Don’t Walk Away Eileen, but if that’s the only thing missing from my idealized show, we all should be happy with what the Sam Roberts Band shared on Saturday night.

CNE 2017 - Sam Roberts Band

These five rock and rollers know what’s up. They put on a show that would have worked in a smaller, sweaty room like the Horseshoe Tavern, or in a bigger setting like the Budweiser Stage. And the fans in Toronto at the 2017 CNE knew it.

When you get the chance to see the Sam Roberts Band live, take it. The Inhuman Condition and We Were Born In A Flame put them on the map 15 years ago, but their songs, skills, and dedication to what they do has made TerraForm and their new music just as compelling and entertaining as ever.

We can’t wait to see the band again. After all, we’re all in this together.

Sam Roberts Band, 2017 CNE Setlist

※ TerraForm
※ Shapeshifters
※ Fixed to Ruin
※ Rogue Empire
※ Human Heat
※ Metal Skin
※ Hard Road
※ Spring Fever
※ Bridge to Nowhere
※ Where Have All the Good People Gone?
※ Detroit ’67
※ Roll with the Spirits
※ If You Want It
※ Them Kids
※ Chasing the Light
※ We’re All in This Together
※ Brother Down

CNE 2017 - Sam Roberts Band CNE 2017 - Sam Roberts Band CNE 2017 - Sam Roberts Band CNE 2017 - Sam Roberts Band CNE 2017 - Sam Roberts Band CNE 2017 - Sam Roberts Band CNE 2017 - Sam Roberts Band CNE 2017 - Sam Roberts Band CNE 2017 - Sam Roberts Band CNE 2017 - Sam Roberts Band- CNE 2017 - Sam Roberts Band CNE 2017 - Sam Roberts Band

Jane’s Party at the 2017 CNE Bandshell Stage

CNE 2017 - Jane's Party CNE 2017 - Jane's Party CNE 2017 - Jane's Party CNE 2017 - Jane's Party CNE 2017 - Jane's Party CNE 2017 - Jane's Party CNE 2017 - Jane's Party CNE 2017 - Jane's Party CNE 2017 - Jane's Party CNE 2017 - Jane's Party CNE 2017 - Jane's Party CNE 2017 - Jane's Party CNE 2017 - Jane's Party

Sleep In The Heat: PUP at WayHome 2017

PUP have been on my must shoot list for sometime. I’d heard amazing things about their live shows and I was not disappointed by their Saturday performance on the WayAway stage. The boys hit the stage with seemingly limitless energy greeted by adoring, enthusiastic fans. It was a match made in heaven.

Check out the photos of PUP’s set at WayHome 2017 and if you haven’t seen them yet, get to a live show as soon as you have a chance!

WayHome 2017 - PUP WayHome 2017 - PUP WayHome 2017 - PUP WayHome 2017 - PUP WayHome 2017 - PUP WayHome 2017 - PUP WayHome 2017 - PUP WayHome 2017 - PUP WayHome 2017 - PUP WayHome 2017 - PUP WayHome 2017 - PUPWayHome 2017 - PUP crowdWayHome 2017 - PUPWayHome 2017 - PUPWayHome 2017 - PUPWayHome 2017 - PUPWayHome 2017 - PUP

Minimum R&B: The Dirty Nil at WayHome 2017

Since we first saw The Dirty Nil at Canadian Music Week 2014 the boys from Hamilton have come a long way. And on Sunday at WayHome, the 2017 Juno winners for Breakthrough Group of the Year showed everyone why they’re rising the ranks in Canadian rock.

Check out the pics from The Dirty Nil’s performance on the WayBright stage, and stay tuned for more from these 3 rockers – they’re just hitting their stride.

WayHome 2017 - The Dirty Nil WayHome 2017 - The Dirty Nil WayHome 2017 - The Dirty Nil WayHome 2017 - The Dirty Nil WayHome 2017 - The Dirty Nil WayHome 2017 - The Dirty Nil WayHome 2017 - The Dirty Nil WayHome 2017 - The Dirty Nil WayHome 2017 - The Dirty Nil WayHome 2017 - The Dirty Nil WayHome 2017 - The Dirty Nil WayHome 2017 - The Dirty Nil

Lights Out: Royal Blood at WayHome 2017

Saturday at WayHome was packed with dynamic rock and roll duos… and Royal Blood were part of that action on the WayBright stage!

The twosome from Brighton in the UK were at home and on fire in front of the Canadian fans, pumping out a ton of sound out of the speakers – more sound than you might think two dudes could rock out with in the summer sun.

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Big ups to Mike and Ben for their rock and roll show, and for giving the WayHome fans a chance and a reason to dance, sing, and cheer with tracks including, Lights Out, Come On Over, and I Only Lie When I Love You.

Whatever It Takes: Imagine Dragons at WayHome 2017

As the clock ticked closer to 9:30 pm on Saturday, the crowd at the WayHome 2017 main stage grew, and the excitement near the stage was electric and contagious. Thousands of sun soaked music lovers, who had bounced from stage to stage all day, were gathered in one place to see the headlining efforts of Imagine Dragons. And they were rewarded handsomely for their patience.

From the first notes of Imagine Dragons’ intro, the cheers from the crowd sounded like both an exclamation of excitement, and a release of energy that needed to be set free into the world. The cheers grew throughout the set, from song to song, stopping only when fans were singing along at the top of their lungs, or dancing and swaying in the crowd as the music washed over them.

The show opened with Thunder and It’s Time, setting the tone for what was to come over the next hour and a half of full energy performance from the Las Vegas rock and rollers. Beating drums, ringing guitar, and powerful vocals persisted as lead singer, Dan Reynolds held the crowd in the palm of his hand and took them where he wanted to go.

WayHome 2017 - Imagine DragonsWayHome 2017 - Imagine Dragons

Reynolds also went where the crowd wanted him to go, climbing down from the main stage, and making his way to the railing of the first row, urging the assembled mass to sing along, and leaning in to reach for outstretched hands as he smiled from ear to ear and basked in the outpouring of love from the WayHome fans. It was a fantastic moment, with flashes of small club shows where the fans in front are sometimes nearly on the stage, and it turned the biggest crowd of WayHome (so far) into a more intimate feeling environment.

Early in the set he also stopped to talk to the crowd, offering “We live in a divided world… people try to divide us… by race, religion, sexual orientation… (but) music unites us all… Spread peace, spread love. I believe in humanity. Do you?” He asked again, and the crowd roared, sharing the sentiment that love and unity can prevail.

The music continued from the band, with a total of 17 songs in the set. And impressively, there was no dip in enthusiasm from the fans or Imagine Dragons throughout. Reynolds active effort to engage the crowd on a regular basis kept things at high levels, and the sing along opportunities resulted in the loudest efforts from the WayHome fans of the weekend to that point.

WayHome 2017 - Imagine DragonsWayHome 2017 - Imagine Dragons

Watching the band perform, and engage, and share themselves, made it easy to see why they have enjoyed the success that they’ve found over the last five years. It truly seems that they’re still working for it, like they would have been before finding the headlining spotlight.

When it came time for the encore, Imagine Dragons pulled out their biggest hit, Radioactive, and added extended full band drum segments, extended choruses with crowd singing, and enough emotional energy to wrap up the show. And as it all happened, the crowd popped one more time, showing their appreciation for the music, the show, and the chance to unite for 90 minutes in a world that too often divides us.

Imagine Dragons WayHome 2017 Setlist

★ Thunder
★ It’s Time
★ Gold
★ Whatever It Takes
★ Forever Young (cover)
★ Demons
★ Yesterday
★ Walking The Wire
★ Shots
★ Rise Up
★ I’m So Sorry
★ I Don’t Know Why
★ Song 2 (cover)
★ I Bet My Life
★ On Top Of The World
★ Believer
★ Radioactive

WayHome 2017 - Imagine DragonsWayHome 2017 - Imagine DragonsWayHome 2017 - Imagine DragonsWayHome 2017 - Imagine DragonsWayHome 2017 - Imagine DragonsWayHome 2017 - Imagine DragonsWayHome 2017 - Imagine DragonsWayHome 2017 - Imagine DragonsWayHome 2017 - Imagine DragonsWayHome 2017 - Imagine DragonsWayHome 2017 - Imagine DragonsWayHome 2017 - Imagine DragonsWayHome 2017 - Imagine Dragons

Freeze Me: Death From Above at WayHome 2017

Death From Above are back to their original name… and they’re still banging out loud rock and roll music like they always have. And their set on the main stage at WayHome 2017 was a ringing example of that fact.

With heavy hitting punch, right from the jump, Death From Above had the fans active and engaged – including a raucous bunch in an awesome mosh pit right in front of the stage. There were hands up, bodies moving, and crowd surfing bodies taking in, and becoming part of, the action.

Sebastien and Jesse pumped out their brand of rock to the sunny field of the WayHome main stage, giving their eager fans a taste of Always On, Trainwreck 1979, Right On, Frankenstein!, Freeze Me, and more as the Toronto duo produced a whole lot of sound… especially considering it’s just the two of them!

If you’ve ever wondered if Death From Above has still got it, they do. And if you’re wondering if you should go see them live in 2017, you should!

Calgary Hearts Live: iHeartRadio WestFest Review

On Saturday, July 8, 2017, Calgary hosted one of the biggest and hottest parties of the summer; Virgin Radio and The Source presented Calgary’s first ever iHeart Radio WestFest at Shaw Millennium Park!

Featuring performances by Scott Helman, Ria Mae, Hedley, Fifth Harmony, Iggy Azalea, Massari, Midland, Ruth B, Noah Cyrus, Virginia to Vegas and so much more, this was the place to be!

I have to say, we have been super lucky with the beautiful weather for Calgary’s festival season this summer, Saturday’s temperatures stayed between 30-33 all day/night. The hot temperatures though didn’t stop the crowd from dancing and enjoying all the acts throughout the day.

Note: See photos of Iggy Azalea, Fifth Harmony, Hedley, Ria Mae, Scott Helman, and Noah Cyrus at the bottom of this post!

Everyone loved the cold drinks, treats, complimentary merchandise and blasting of water into the crowd during artist changes. iHeart had many activities going on during set breaks to keep everyone of all ages entertained and hydrated.

I don’t even know where to start with the incredible lineup, speaking to a bunch of fans throughout the day the most anticipated acts were Iggy Azalea, Fifth Harmony and Hedley. For myself I couldn’t wait for those three acts as well.

Iggy had the crowd screaming and cheering from start to finish, she had everyone on their feet dancing and singing the whole time, I even caught myself dancing a little bit! She has constantly peaked among the top five of several worldwide charts and continuously climbing and collaborating with the best in the industry.

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Up next was one of the most popular female groups who placed third in the second season of the American televised singing competition X Factor, Fifth Harmony. These ladies are full of girl power! They have achieved triple platinum certification and reached the top ten in thirteen countries with their hit songs Boss, Sledgehammer and Worth It. All four of their voices are very unique and powerful; they all compliment one another so well in singing/performing on stage. The energy these ladies brought to stage will forever be unforgettable, from the choreography and atmosphere they definitely grabbed the attention from everyone.

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One of my favourite artists, Hedley never fails to entertain; I wish I could have the energy that Jacob has when he performs. Saturday night I was especially excited to see Hedley perform, as it was the 10th time I’ve photographed them. What I love so much about Hedley is how happy and positive everyone is. The amount of strangers I saw hugging, dancing and laughing together is the biggest reason why I love concert photography so much. Whether it was a sad song or a happy uplifting song everyone was appreciating the meanings behind Hedley’s songs and connecting with one another!

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I cannot wait for more festivals this summer and seeing the crowd unite with one another, this is going to be a summer full of unforgettable memories!!

Thank you iHeart Radio for creating a wonderful festival!

Iggy Azalea at iHeartRadio WestFest

Ria Mae at iHeartRadio WestFest

Fifth Harmony at iHeartRadio WestFest

Scott Helman at iHeartRadio WestFest

Hedley at iHeartRadio WestFest

Noah Cyrus at iHeartRadio WestFest

iHeartRadio WestFest: Hedley Photo Review

On Saturday, July 8 in Calgary, Canadian good time boys and pop/rock radio and stage stars Hedley hit iHeartRadio WestFest and did what they do best… rocked the stage.

Check out the photos from Hedley’s set, and share your favourites with your friends!

Hedley at iHeartRadio WestFest

2017 Canadian National Exhibition Bandshell Stage Lineup and Schedule

Every Toronto summer ends the same way, with the Canadian National Exhibition and its rides, food, and entertainment.

And now, still a month and a half away from opening day, we have a schedule and lineup for the legendary CNE Bandshell stage.

As always, all concerts are included with the price of CNE admission, making these some of the best value buys of the summer concert season for all music lovers.

Note: Monday to Thursday (excluding the Labour Day holiday) the CNE will offer an $8 a
After 5pm admission deal. We recommend taking advantage of it!


CNE 2013 Ill Scarlett

The 2017 schedule is packed with some awesome talent across genres. Canadian rock and roll veterans, Sam Roberts Band are an early must-see, joined by local favourites, USS and Dear Rouge, and former Rolling Stone cover boys, The Sheepdogs. And on the country music side, Chad Brownlee, Aaron Pritchett, and Canadian actor/singer/songwriter Kiefer Sutherland will all headline the Bandshell stage.

We would also encourage you to check out the opening acts on this year’s schedule.

Madeline Merlo, The Zolas, Leaving Thomas, Jane’s Party, and Ascot Royals will all be worth being at the stage early for… trust us.

Note: There may be more opening acts added as we get closer to the Exhibition, there are some spaces open. And remember, all of these acts and dates are subject to change.

Now, get your calendar out, look at the schedule and make your plans for the CNE.

2017 Canadian National Exhibition Bandshell Schedule

Saturday, August 19
Jane’s Party
Sam Roberts Band

Sunday, August 20
Meghan Patrick
Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland Band at The Horseshoe Toronto Jazz Festival 2016

Monday, August 21
The Box
Michel Pagliaro

Tuesday, August 22
Port Cities
Colin James

Wednesday, August 23
Jay Douglas
Marcia Griffiths

Thursday, August 24
Madeline Merlo
Aaron Pritchett

Friday, August 25
I Mother Earth
The Watchmen

Saturday, August 26
Leaving Thomas
Chad Brownlee

Chad Brownlee Boots and Hearts 2015

Sunday, August 27
Ascot Royals
John Kay & Steppenwolf

Monday, August 28

Tuesday, August 29
The Sheepdogs

Wednesday, August 30
Virginia to Vegas
Shawn Hook

Thursday, August 31
The Zolas
Dear Rouge

Dear Rouge

Friday, September 1
Beamer Wigley & Abby Stewart 
Brett Kissel

Saturday, September 2

USS GreaterTorontoDay

Sunday, September 3
Desi Sub Culture
A Tribe Called Red

A Tribe Called Red OMDC Mod Club 2016

Celebrating Summer: Arkells, July Talk & Friends Rock Toronto!

Summer days and nights are better with live music. And Saturday night in Toronto, there was live music flowing and 17,000 happy listeners soaking it in as The Arkells and July Talk headlined one of the first outdoor big rock and roll shows of summer 2017.

With the sun still shining down, thousands of music fans took their seats and staked out spots on the lawn as Vancouver’s Said The Whale kicked things off with their live sounds flowing through the speakers.

The vibe on the lawn was familiar and almost festival-esque. With blankets laid out, drinks poured and enjoyed, some dancing, some singing, some laying down and tanning – but all present and connected and enjoying the day. And the biggest pop, the one that came when people danced and sang along to I Love You, was a great introduction to what we’d all experience as the night grew darker and later.

Next on the bill, the only American act of the evening, Mondo Cozmo, hit the stage to keep the party going and get people into the groove for July Talk and The Arkells. And while the band played and the people swayed, the sun continued to beat down on us on the lawn, and we loved it. Then, in a moment that took many of back to simpler days, the band whipped out a cover of The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony that had thousands of people singing along and feeling fine.

After Mondo Cozmo wrapped their set, and the stage was changed over, July Talk came out to a huge pop from the Toronto crowd that was ready, willing, and able to kick their Saturday night into full gear.

Fronted effectively and affectingly by Leah Fay and Peter Dreimanis, the hometown band took easy control of the crowd, bringing them along for the ride through tracks like Picturing Love, Summer Dress, Strange Habit, Guns + Ammunition, Paper Girl, and Jesus Said So.

Note: It’s worth mentioning that before the set started, Leah took a moment to recognize the Indigenous Peoples that once lived in the area that Torontonians now call home. And during the set, she wished everyone assembled a happy Pride, as Toronto and the world celebrated love in all its many forms.

One of the July Talk set highlights came when they celebrated the birthday of their friend, and show sound engineer Karen. And to make it even more special, they called our Matt Mays to jam with them on Karen’s favourite song, Motörhead’s Ace Of Spades.

The set continued with singing and dancing to songs including Beck+ Call, Push + Pull, and The Garden… and then a huge round of applause for the band, their front persons, and the love they showed 17,000 people in Toronto.

This is a band that you need to see live if you love live music. The energy drips off of the stage and blasts through the speakers. And if you missed this show, don’t fret – July Talk will be taking over Massey Hall for 2 nights, December 21 and 22, 2017. Click here to learn more. 

Next, last, finally, The Arkells hit the stage hard, coming strong out of the gate, and putting on the show that everyone, in the pits, the seats, and on the lawn, had been waiting for.

From Private School to start the set, to a raucous rendition of Springsteen’s Dancing In The Dark to close the encore – Max, Mike, Tim, Nick, Anthony, The Northern Soul Horns, and The Arkettes were on fire, and bringing the heat.

The pride of Hamilton, ON played a 19 song set, and every single one was a sing along. This was a party, a campfire, a choir rehearsal, and a concert all rolled into one. And we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

From goosebump inducing acoustic sing alongs during And Then Some, to Max’s stage diving and singing combo during A Little Rain, this was a show full of moments that fans can hold onto. Memories being made, instantly.

From first hand experience I can tell you that the lawn was rocking. There was swaying, singing, dancing, drinking, and more singing. At the top of 17,000 lungs, Toronto was heard at the Budweiser Stage on Saturday night.

Hot Take: I believe that Max Kerman is the best front man of any mainstream touring Canadian rock and roll band. His energy, commitment, engagement and talent all come together to guide live Arkells shows from start to finish. Don’t agree? Leave a comment to tell me who you think is #1.

I’m fortunate to be able to say this is the second Arkells set I’ve seen in the last 10 months (yay for WayHome 2016), and if I’m lucky, I’ll be telling you about another show in the not too distant future.

Do yourself a favour and get to a show soon. Anywhere, at any venue, in any city, with any crowd. The band will kill it, the vibe will be top notch, and you’ll leave satisfied and wanting more at the same time.

Trust me.

Arkells Setlist, June 24, 2017 – Toronto

Private School
Michigan Left
Never Thought This Would Happen
Come To Light
Oh, The Boss Is Coming!
Pullin Punches
Hit The Road Jack/ Great Balls Of Fire/ Sir Duke (medley)
Drake’s Dad
And Then Some
Book Club
Leather Jacket
Dirty Blonde
Whistle Blower
A Little Rain (A Song for Pete)
Cynical Bastards
Knocking At The Door
My Heart’s Always Yours
Dancin In The Dark – w/ July Talk, Mondo Cozmo, Said The Whale


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Recording “Rise Over Run”: Crown Lands Episode 4 Premiere

It was almost a year ago when we stumbled upon Crown Lands (Kevin Comeau and Cody Bowles) when they were opening a show we were covering at The Rivoli on Queen West in Toronto. And truth be told, we’ve been fans ever since.

It’s been a very busy, productive year for Crown Lands. They’ve been working hard, plugging away, creating new music, playing gigs, and winning contests!

Note: Congrats to the boys on their HUGE win in the 97.7 HTZ-FM Rock Search. That’s a big deal!

And along with all the rest, Crown Lands put in a ton of work recording a brand new album, Rise Over Run.

These are two up-and-coming artists that have a lot of fun doing what they do. Whether it’s opening for Aussies rockers, The Lazys, or getting in a van and driving across the country, Crown Lands are into the process and ready to see their name in lights.

NOW, we are thrilled to bring you Episode 4 of Crown Lands new documentary series following the recording of Rise Over Run!

Press play, follow the guys through another step in their journey, and be ready for more from Crown Lands, coming soon!

Recording “Rise Over Run” – Episode 4

WayHome 2017 Preview: Royal Blood Top 5

As we get closer to WayHome 2017, our playlists have started to include more and more music from the artists that will be on the Burl’s Creek stages… including Royal Blood.

The duo out of Brighton, England will hit the stage on Saturday, July 29th before Imagine Dragons headlines the night. And based on their performance at The Edge’s Adam and Melani’s Secret Thing at the Velvet Underground, there are going to be some excited and happy fans in the crowd.

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Get yourself ready for the show, and fall in love a little bit with these two English dudes, with our Royal Blood Top 5. These five songs have more than 181.6 million combined plays on YouTube and Spotify… click them one at a time and enjoy!

Royal Blood - The Edge Secret Show

Figure It Out

I Only Lie When I Love You

Little Monster

Ten Tonne Skeleton

Out Of The Black

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