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5 Quick Questions with Kansas Stone: Holiday Edition and Nana’s Squares Recipe

The dudes of Kansas Stone are always ready for a celebration, so it’s no surprise to us that they’re jacked up for Christmas.

We caught up with Brian and Matt for a holiday round of 5 Quick Questions, and the guys also shared Brian’s favourite recipe from his nana.

Have a look, make some dessert – and enjoy!

5 Quick Questions, Holiday Edition with Kansas Stone

Q) Did you guys have a favourite Christmas song when you were kids?

Brian) Elvis Presley’s Blue Christmas

Matt) Johnny Marks/Brenda Lee’s Rock’n Around The Xmas Tree

Q) Do you have a favourite Christmas song to play together?

Brian) The only Christmas song we have ever really played is White Christmas because it is real… filled with heart and soul. Not overly commercialized… Well we also wrote a Christmas song last year that is really fun and maybe you’ll hear it one day in the future if we ever do a Kansas Christmas album hahaha

Q) If you could partner up with any artist for a collaboration on a Christmas song, who would you choose?

Brian) It would be Long Haired Christmas by Kansas Stone featuring Chris Stapleton, The Cadillac Three, Steven Tyler and Zakk Wylde… sounds pretty rad to me lol

Q) What is your favourite beverage for a holiday party?

Brian) A Miami Vice so I can pretend I’m on vacation in the warm sun and not in the snow lol… or a beer… any beer, as long as it’s cold

Matt) I’d go for Baileys and coffee (Spanish coffee)

Q) If you could only have 1 dessert after Christmas dinner, what would you choose?

Brian) Well I love pumpkin pie and whipped cream… or a warm brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream… ok I’m hungry now lol

Matt) I would have to say shortbread cookies… that’s my jam lol

Q) Do you have a favourite holiday recipe?

Brian) Nana square (my grandmother’s special) I’ve been eating them since I was a kid… you will love them.


(No Bake) Nana Squares


Cereal Mix

1/2 cup of Corn Syrup
1/2 cup of Peanut Butter
1/2 cup of Brown Sugar
3 cups Rice Krispies


½ cup Chocolate Chips
½ cup Peanut Butter


Cereal Mix

1. Put them in a saucepan on low to medium heat. Keep stirring until it starts to boil. Then remove from heat.
2. Stir in 3 cups of rice krispies.
3. Lightly Butter the sides and bottom of an 8×8 pan
4. Put cereal mix in pan and press firmly to compress mix to form pan
5. Let sit and make topping


1. Melt 1/2 cup of chocolate chips
2. Add 1/2 cup of peanut butter
3. Mix together
4. Pour over cereal mix and let set in cool area

THEN BAM… you have the best treat ever!

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We Were That Song: Brett Kissel Album Review

Brett Kissel, the 27 year old Juno and Canadian Country Music Association award winner from Flat Lake, Alberta is back with new music on, We Were That Song… and Canadian country fans are here for it.

The 13 track album runs 45 minutes, starting with the title track that fans started hearing earlier this fall, and ending with Burgers And Fries, featuring the legendary Charley Pride. But it’s the ride in between the bookends that makes this album a little different than the Kissel offerings that have come before it.

Songs like Anthem, Guitars And Gasoline, and Nights In The Sun are all familiar, not because they’re derivative, but because they feel like they could already be staples of a Brett Kissel concert. And to that point, these songs will make for a great live show, sliding in with the hits and fan favourites from Started With A Song and Pick Me Up.

If you don’t know the title track and lead single, hit play on We Were That Song now…

During my first couple of listens through We Were That Song, two songs stood out for their differences from what we are used to hearing through the speakers on Brett Kissel tracks.

The first (in order of the tracklist) is Between You And Me which feels like it would work as a single from Thomas Rhett. It’s not that it doesn’t sound like Brett, it does. But if you close your eyes, give it a little imagination and allow yourself to hear the Life Changes singer in there, it fits. Coming in at just a tick under three minutes, Between You And Me is nice work and I expect it to hold up on future listens.

The second, Shootin’ It immediately hit me with a vibe of The Cadillac Three. From the groove to the effect on Brett’s voice, the track sounds like it could be from the Nashville trio’s Legacy album from earlier this year. It’s another short track that will be fun in the live show – and should make for a fun addition to the live shows starting in 2018.

On the more traditional Kissel path, God Made Daughters stands out. After the success of I Didn’t Fall In Love With Your Hair, it makes sense that fans were ready to embrace another slowed down track from the Alberta boy, and he delivered. And as the father of two young daughters, it’s pretty easy to hear the truth and feeling that Brett feels for the track as he sings it.

Brett Kissel - CNE 2017

On the whole, this is an album that Brett Kissel fans, and country music fans, are going to be able to get into. There’s a little something for everyone – and it all fits with what we know and expect from Kissel, with just enough surprises thrown in to keep things interesting.

Hit play on the stream to give We Were That Song a listen, and be ready to hear some of the new songs live when Brett Kissel hits the road next year on part 1 of his nationwide We Were That Song Tour.

Brett Kissel, We Were That Song Tracklist

1. We Were That Song
2. Anthem
3. Guitars And Gasoline
4. Nights In The Sun (feat. Grandpa Bear)
5. Between You And Me
6. That’s How The World Ends
7. Slow Me Down
8. Cecilia
9. Shootin’ It
10. Damn! (feat. Dave Mustaine)
11. Drink, Cuss, or Fish
12. God Made Daughters
13. Burgers And Fries (feat. Charley Pride)

Brett Kissel We Were That Song Album CoverBrett Kissel Trackside Fest 2016

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Past The Past: Jess Moskaluke Album Review and Contest

Three-time Canadian Country Music Association Female Artist of the Year, Jess Moskaluke is back with a collection of seven songs on her third album, Past The Past.

The Saskatchewan native has already seen success with single releases of, Drive Me Away and Kill Your Love and looks to continue that trajectory with the rest of the album.

Note: Use the widget at the bottom of the post to earn up to 7 entries for your chance to win 1 of 5 CD copies of Past The Past.

Past The Past showcases a more grown-up Jess Moskaluke, singing about relationships in a way leans to the saddest parts. This is a collection of songs that could very well find itself in high rotation for many post-breakup women (and men) over the next few years. Paired with red wine or whiskey and the lights down low, this album is the companion to heartbreak, and the moving on that comes next.

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Jess Moskaluke

We were in Toronto with Moskaluke as she played some of the tracks from her new album at CBC Music’s First Play Live, and the country singer told the small crowd and cameras that there is definitely a theme of breakups and moving on through this album.

BUT, that isn’t to say that she’s going through these things. In fact, Jess Moskaluke is quite content in her relationship, and very recently got engaged to her fiancé, Clay. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Related: Jess Moskaluke Green Room Interview, Toronto

Note: Drive Me Away (the lead single, and first track on the album) is an upbeat song that will you want to pack a bag and hit the road with your lover in all the best ways. Whether they’re the one you’ve been with forever or the one that just started giving you butterflies after leaving another, put it on and dance in the living room, or start the car.

When we were talking to Jess in Toronto she told us that she had a first time co-write with The Cadillac Three’s Neil Mason as she worked on these new songs, and the result ended up being Right When Ya Left, the third song on Past The Past. The track isn’t a downer like some other breakup songs but does include the themes of second-guessing and doubt – as well as the realization that you’ll be alright, sometimes even right away.

While the themes and tone of the songs on this new album may be different from Kiss Me Quiet and Light Up The Night, one thing remains the same… Jess Moskaluke sings the hell out of the songs she’s preparing to release to the world. The CCMA, country radio and fans from coast-to-coast aren’t wrong when they heap praise on the talent that Jess brings to the table. She’s got it, and with releases like Past The Past, she’s once again confirming that she belongs in the upper echelon of female country singers in Canada. Strike that, she belongs in the upper echelon of Canadian country music talent, period. No qualifiers required.

Jess Moskaluke knows what she’s doing at this point, and as an artist, as she continues to evolve and find herself, we’re sure we will continue to hear new songs, new sounds, and explore new themes with her along the way.

Past The Past drops on Friday, November 3, 2017 – with Jess Moskaluke planning a special YouTube Live album release event at 7:30 pm EST. Find her online (website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) to learn more.

Be ready to put this album on repeat… even if you don’t have a broken heart.

Jess Moskaluke, Past The Past Tracklist

1) Drive Me Away
2) Camouflage
3) Right When Ya Left
4) Gotta Start Somewhere
5) Kill Your Love
6) Save Some Of That Whiskey
7) Past The Past

Click here to listen to Past The Past!

Boots and Hearts 2017 - Jess Moskaluke

Dang If We Didn’t: The Cadillac Three Take Toronto

Call it Country Fuzz, call it Southern Country Rock, call it whatever you want, the bottom line is that The Cadillac Three are loud, tight, and they’re on a roll.

With the recent release of their latest album, Legacy, these Nashville boys have doubled down on the connection to their fans, their catalogue of songs, and the dedication with which they go about their business.

We had the chance to see The Cadillac Three open for Dallas Smith on the Side Effects Tour in Oshawa, ON – and then got to catch up with Jaren, Kelby, and Neil in Toronto at Boots & Bourbon Saloon before they played an intimate show for some very dedicated and enthusiastic fans on a Thursday night in the city.

We’ll get to the live performance stuff in a minute… but while we had the guys in the booth at the bar, we took the chance to ask them about the music, memories, covers, and we even got a new answer to a question we’ve asked many times before.

One question we asked, for no reason other than curiosity, was this – Cold Beer of Good Whiskey? The response, overwhelmingly, from the entire band, was both. We even got reminded that we have two hands.

The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon

When we asked about the response to Legacy so far, all three members of the band told us that things have been great so far. They’ve heard good things from fans and the industry. And while they did the same worrying that many artists do when it’s time to release new music (will anyone like it, is it any good, are there any hits, etc.), the guys told us that this is the record that they really wanted to make. They believe in it, and they like it, and that’s a big win. As an added bonus, at shows like the Canadian dates they’ve played on this run with Dallas Smith, they’ve been able to see the crowd singing along to the new tracks just like they do on their earlier favourites. That singing along brings us to that new answer to an old question.

We’ve asked a lot of artist to try to explain what’s it’s like to hear the crowd sing along to your songs… and we’ve had a lot of artists have a hard time answering. However, The Cadillac Three were ready, and told us almost immediately that it makes them feel like they must be doing something right. And whether it’s because everyone digs a song, or is drunk and can’t help themselves, it doesn’t matter, it’s still cool to hear.

While we were on the topic of fans and reactions, we asked what it was like for three guys from Tennessee to have fans all over the world, and to know that they can travel thousands of miles away, or even cross an ocean to the UK, and have a crowd excited to see them. With genuine affection in their voices, TC3 told us that they never expected the kind of love that they now get in England and Germany… but they hoped for it. And just like in the States years ago, it started in small clubs in London, and has grown to headlining tours now. In fact, The Cadillac Three are getting set to start a run of 16 dates in 20 days in Europe, with stops in the UK and Germany, as well as Ireland, France, and the Netherlands.

The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon

Note: Brothers Osborne are making the trip over to play with The Cadillac Three on some of those dates… which is going to make for an awesome show.

We asked Jaren real quick about being a new dad on the road, and while he did admit that it’s hard, he told us that me makes a lot of calls and facetime chats with both his wife and their baby boy to stay connected and make it work. He had actually just gotten off the phone with them a few minutes before we sat down. More than anything, it was freaking adorable to see his face light up when talking about his little dude at home.

When The Cadillac Three hit the stage in Oshawa on the Side Effects Tour we watched as everyone in the floor seats stood up and got into the party. And even on the big stage, the band seemed to be able to find a way to connect with the crowd in the arena, which made for a great atmosphere. Then, on Thursday night when we saw them climb up on the small stage in Toronto, with fans pressed right up against the edge and only a small chicken wire fence separating Jaren from the front row, they connected immediately and held onto it from the first note of Cadillacin’ to the very end of The South.

There is no denying that these boys have earned their space on big stages in big rooms, and to have their names at the top of the marquee on tours across Europe and at home. BUT, with all that said, I would choose to see them play a long, loud, sweaty set of their country fuzz in a small club 10 times out of 10. It was awesome. It won’t happen much in the future the way this band’s following and brand are growing, and we were fortunate to be there to see it.

There were boots stompin’, hands clappin’, drinks spillin’, and a whole lot of good timin’ going on in Toronto while The Cadillac Three rolled through their 10 song set. The beat from Neil’s drums thumped in the room, and the sweet combination of Jaren’s electric and Kelby’s lap steel guitars roared and rattled from start to finish. It was everything we’ve come to expect from TC3 live, and from the reactions of the fans in the bar and the looks on their faces, nobody went home disappointed on Thursday night.

The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon

Big thanks to Jaren, Kelby and Neil for hanging out with us at Boots & Bourbon Saloon before the show, and an extra high five to Kelby for stopping over to talk a little NFL football before the boys hit the road. We won’t get into too many details, but we definitely talked about the Music City Miracle – 1999, Bills vs Titans in the AFC Wild Card playoff game. He remembers it fondly, sorry Bills fans.

The Cadillac Three Setlist, October 26, 2017 – Toronto

✰ Cadillacin’
✰ Slide
✰ Tennessee Mojo
✰ Take Me To The Bottom
✰ American Slang
✰ Hank & Jesus
✰ Tennessee
✰ Dang If We Didn’t
✰ White Lightning
✰ The South

The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon
Mike Fuller KX94.7 - The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon

Mike Fuller, KX94.7

Jerry Archer KX96 - The Cadillac Three at Boots and Bourbon

Jerry Archer, KX96

Side Effects Tour: Dallas Smith, The Cadillac Three and Friends Rock Oshawa

Friday nights are perfect for live music. So when Dallas Smith, The Cadillac Three, and Lauren Alaina rolled into Oshawa to play at the Tribute Communities Centre, we knew we were set up for a good time.

The Side Effects Tour was already in full flight before it got to town, with shows from Halifax to southern Ontario, so there was no surprise that things were firing on all cylinders in Oshawa. From Lauren Alaina kicking things off, to Dallas blowing the roof off the joint, this was the show fans were expecting – and they loved it.

Dallas Smith - Side Effects Tour - Oshawa

The crowd filed in early, and those who took their seats were rewarded with the opening set from American Idol alum, Lauren Alaina. The 22 year old Georgia native wasted no time getting into her groove. Alaina showed off the power in her voice and paired it well with the rock and roll vibe that her band pumped out for the crowd.

With just a half dozen songs in her set to share with the Canadian country fans, Lauren made the most of things. Between tracks she was charming as hell, funny, and sweet as she told stories, cracked wise, and looked like she was truly enjoying the opportunity.

The two highlights of the set were Lauren’s performance of her #1 hit (with Kane Brown), What Ifs – and her crowd work during Next Boyfriend.

Lauren Alaina - Side Effects Tour - Oshawa

Before she played her 2015 top 40 single, Alaina invited a dude named Ryan up on stage to dance with her, and neither performer was a disappointment. Ryan grooved along with Lauren Alaina as she sang – and when she directed him through the basics of the Whip & Nae Nae – he gave it everything he had. And after a brief giggle fit from the singer (and the crowd), there was a hug and a smile and the set wrapped with Lauren Alaina’s first #1 single, Road Less Travelled.

She’s young, talented, and knows how to perform – we know it’s no secret – but Lauren Alaina’s got it, and we’re sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the future.

Lauren Alaina Setlist, Oshawa 2017

🍑 Georgia Peaches
🍑 Barefoot and Buckwild
🍑 What Ifs
🍑 Next Boyfriend
🍑 Doin’ Fine
🍑 Road Less Travelled

Lauren Alaina - Side Effects Tour - Oshawa

Next on the stage, all the way from Nashville, Tennessee (and Kelby’s birthday party in Kingston the night before), The Cadillac Three took over and let it fly.

These boys, with all of the hair, attitude and energy that you could ever hope for, pumped out a full sound that filled the arena and turned Friday night into a full-fledged party. Yes, they play country music. And yes, there’s a slide guitar up there on the stage. But man, The Cadillac Three are as rock and roll as most of the bands you’re going to hear on rock radio – and country fans are totally okay with that!

The Cadillac Three - Side Effects Tour - Oshawa

The band opened their set with Dang If We Didn’t from their brand new album, Legacy, and didn’t let up until their time was done. In their set we heard Jaren, Kelby, and Neil roll through seven songs that had fans thrusting their beers into the air, singing along at the tops of their lungs, and singing/dancing/grooving along track by track.

Note: As The Cadillac Three ripped up the stage in their set and brought forth their brand of southern rockin’ country music, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would sound like if these boys plugged in and played a little Foo Fighters. Maybe All My Life or The Pretender… I’m just going to hold out hope for that in the future.

If you’ve seen The Cadillac Three play live, you know that they are balls to the wall and pedal to the floor. If you haven’t seen them live, get on it – it’s a show you don’t wanna miss.

The boys brought it when they played Oshawa on Friday night, and if you wonder at all about their passion and appreciation for what they get to do for a living, here’s a quote from Jaren to ease your mind…

“Cheers, beers & hallelujah, we get to do this shit for a livin’!”

The Cadillac Three Setlist, Oshawa 2017

 Dang If We Didn’t
⚡ Slide
⚡ Tennessee Mojo
⚡ American Slang
⚡ Party Like You
⚡ White Lightning
⚡ The South

The Cadillac Three - Side Effects Tour - OshawaThe Cadillac Three - Side Effects Tour - Oshawa

The main event of the evening, the man with the #1 hits, one of Canada’s biggest stars in country music, Dallas Smith was next and last to hit the stage in Oshawa on Friday night. And the fans were ready for him.

With a stage full of sound, Dallas and his band (three guitars to go along with bass and drums) were ready too. And from the moment they kicked things off with the tour’s title track, Side Effects, it was impossible to deny the energy and excitement in the room.

A few things became very clear as Dallas Smith’s set played out in Oshawa…

1) He works hard for the crowd – and they love him for it. Whether it’s taking selfies with phones that are handed to him from the front rows, or bouncing from one side of the stage to the other to make sure that everyone feels involved, he’s on it. He owns the room.

2) The only reason Dallas Smith isn’t fronting one of the most successful rock and roll bands in Canada is because he chose country. In the middle of the set Dallas played Wasting My Time and Count On Me from the Default library, as well as Something Just Like This from The Chainsmokers/Coldplay and the crowd was all over it. But, as Dallas told the Oshawa crowd before his encore, he chose country because that’s what felt right, that’s who he is as an artist, and the country music community is lucky to have him.

3) His voice – damn! Before the show we had a chance to catch up with Andrew Hyatt, and when Dallas came up in our conversation Andrew correctly pointed out that “he’s got a voice that never quits.”, we’re not sure we could say it any more effectively than that.

4) He’s a big softie. For the second time we saw an on-stage proposal at a Dallas Smith show, and it was just as sweet this time as the last. Dallas helped a super happy and in love dude propose to his (now) fiancée with a sweet surprise that included the man’s son – and then, after the smiles and hugs and her Yes, Dallas stepped to the side and sang Autograph while the happy couple took centre stage and had a dance.

Dallas Smith - Side Effects Tour - Oshawa

During the set Dallas, while he was entertaining the hell out of Oshawa, Dallas took the chance to invite a couple friends up on stage with him. First we got to see Andrew Hyatt jump out to join Dallas Smith and the band for a duet performance of his first top 10 hit, On Me. We also need to note the cheer Hyatt got when he asked who was hitting The Corral, the local country bar, to party Friday night. From the sound of it, the bar had a heap of customers on the way after the show.

The second emerging artist called out was Shawn Austin, who has a top 30 hit of his own with Paradise Found, and came out to sing a duet version of A Girl Like You. Smith’s fans did a great job supporting both of these young dudes, and both of them sounded great with the Canadian star who invited them to share the stage.

Canadian country music is in great shape these days. There’s a ton of talent. And with dudes like Dallas Smith leading the way on radio and on stage, things are only going to look brighter. And, if Dallas can continue to do what he’s done on Side Effects, his future is only going to continue to look brighter too.

In 2012 when Dallas released his debut country album, Jumped Right In, he may not have known that he’d end up headlining nationwide tours with rowdy fans that would sing along to his songs all night… but that’s what’s happening right now on the Side Effects Tour. It’s what happened in Oshawa on Friday night. And we’re damn sure that it will happen again!

Dallas Smith Setlist, Oshawa 2017

🔥 Side Effects
🔥 Sky Stays This Blue
🔥 Wastin’ Gas
🔥 If It Gets You Where You Wanna Go
🔥 Slow Rollin’
🔥 Sleepin’ Around
🔥 One Little Kiss
🔥 Wasting My Time (Default)
🔥 Count On Me (Default)
🔥 On Me with Andrew Hyatt
🔥 Nothin’ But Summer
🔥 Kids With Cars
🔥 Something Just Like This (The Chainsmokers & Coldplay)
🔥 50/50
🔥 A Girl Like You with Shawn Austin
🔥 Autograph
🔥 Jumped Right In
🔥 Lifted
🔥 Somebody Somewhere
🔥 Tippin’ Point
🔥 Cheap Seats

Dallas Smith - Side Effects Tour - OshawaDallas Smith - Side Effects Tour - OshawaDallas Smith - Side Effects Tour - OshawaDallas Smith - Side Effects Tour - OshawaDallas Smith - Side Effects Tour - OshawaDallas Smith - Side Effects Tour - OshawaDallas Smith - Side Effects Tour - OshawaThe Cadillac Three - Side Effects Tour - OshawaThe Cadillac Three - Side Effects Tour - OshawaThe Cadillac Three - Side Effects Tour - OshawaLauren Alaina - Side Effects Tour - Oshawa

Legacy: The Cadillac Three Album Review

The Cadillac Three are back with their third full-length studio album, and they’ve raised their own bar again.

Legacy, released August 25, 2017, is an 11 track banger that hits as hard as, and gets just as sweet as fans can expect from the southern trio of rocking country boys. Hell, it might even be sweeter than expected. And while it holds the identifiable sound that makes The Cadillac Three recognizable, there are all kinds of traditional country notes included in the offering.

With tracks like Hank & Jesus, and lines like, “He fishes a little more than he reads that King James. He searches for God out on the water, just like his dad did”, on Ain’t That Country, Jaren, Neil, and Kelby show that they aren’t scared to embrace the faith that has long been intertwined with with genre. In fact, the trio should be given their due for finding a way to write songs that celebrate their roots without preaching.

The Cadillac Three Molson Amphitheatre

Speaking of their roots, American Slang could very well be the next big hit for TC3. The track, tracing the steps from the back roads to today, hits all the right storytelling steps that country music fans want to embrace when they think about the country life dynamic that is identified so clearly and strongly with country music. It’s a love song, a sing along song, it references Tom Petty, tattoos, and kills it as a future fan favourite.

From start to finish, there are no songs that I’ve skipped over on the multiple listens I’ve put in over the last couple weeks. The Cadillac Three have managed to cultivate a collection of country songs that fit together, that roll from one to the next and hit all the right beats.

Note: Here’s a thought that just came to us… how great would it be to see The Cadillac Three and Drake White on the same bill?


Legacy gives TC3 eleven new tracks to add to their live show, which is already something that fans need to see when they get the chance. The rockers and the slowed down swingers from the new album, paired with tracks like The South, Ship Faced, White Lightning, Bury Me In My Boots, Get Your Buzz On, and Tennessee Mojo will only make an enjoyable concert experience even deeper and more complete.

If you drink whiskey, pour a long one and hit play on Legacy. If you prefer to drink something else… try whiskey, it’s a good fit.

The Cadillac Three, Legacy Tracklist

1. Cadillacin’
2. Tennessee
3. Hank & Jesus
4. Dang If We Didn’t
5. Ain’t That Country
6. American Slang
7. Take Me To The Bottom
8. Long Hair Don’t Care
9. Love Me Like Liquor (fear. Lori McKenna)
10. Demolition Man
11. Legacy

TheCadillac3-Calgary-StampedeThe Cadillac Three Molson Amphitheatre The Cadillac Three Molson Amphitheatre

Calgary Stampede 2017: The Cadillac Three & Bell Adrenaline Ranch Photo Review

The Calgary Stampede offers more entertainment than most people can handle… or fit into their schedule.

Check out these pics of The Cadillac Three going wild on the Nashville North stage, and some of the awesome motocross action from the Bell Adrenaline Ranch!

The Cadillac Three at the 2017 Calgary Stampede

Bell Adrenaline Ranch at the 2017 Calgary Stampede

105 Years Strong: 2017 Calgary Stampede Preview

Words cannot explain how excited I am to be a part of the Calgary Stampede again this year! And if you’ve been following the weather forecast, like myself, you already know it’s going to be a lot better than last year! But don’t worry about the 30+ temperatures the next two weeks, there’s tons of amazing food trucks with cold treats that will keep you cool throughout your stay!

I don’t even know where to start with all the jaw dropping, mouthwatering flavours that the midway has to offer. I am most excited to try the Double Bacon Mac N’ Cheese Dog, Clam Chowder Poutine, Deep Fried Jell-O, Maple Walnut Cotton Candy, Unicorn White Hot Chocolate and The Chili Lime Popcorn Shrimp Perogies! It’s a good thing there’s so much to do at The Stampede because I’m going to have to walk off all the taste testing i’ll be doing.

Since its Canada’s 150th birthday this year The Stampede has added even more musical acts to the powerful lineup! The Coca Cola stage, I believe, will be the biggest crowd pleaser of them all. Over 30 insanely talented bands/solo artists will be taking over the stage through the two weeks.

My top ten acts who I can’t wait to see are…

Ria Mae
Nelly Furtado
Marianas Trench
Alessia Cara
July Talk
Michela Sheedy
Jonathan Roy
Theory of a Deadman
Sabrina Carpenter

All of these performs are so different one another, their style, sound and stage presence, I cannot wait to capture it.

Josh Ramsay Marianas Trench ACCJuly Talk - The Edge Sugar Beach Session

Another stage that I absolutely loved last year was The Nashville North Tent. This tent is full of cold drinks and two stepping until the early morning! Over 40 entertaining acts will keep you dancing the night away, such as; The Dungarees, The Cadillac Three, Endless Summer, Cam, Doc Walker, Jess Moskaluke, The Dead South, Cold Creek County, Tristan Horncastle, Jojo Mason, Chris Buck Band and Meaghan Patrick just to name a few. One act I am particularly excited to see is Cam, I remember hearing her first song on the radio Burning House and automatically falling in love with her soft effortless voice, since then I have become a huge fan! And have you seen her hair? She has to have the most beautiful hair in all of country music.

JoJo Mason BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016Meghan Patrick BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

One thing I love so much about the lineup this year is the diverse music varieties. Whether you like rock, pop, alternative, folk, country, soul, acoustic or EDM, there is something for everyone.

I have to say this year after viewing The Saddledome’s lineup I might have screamed like a little girl. After scrolling through the lineup list my heart dropped into my stomach when I saw Usher was coming as one of the main headliners. I couldn’t believe it! I remember forcing my poor father to constantly play his cds in the car when I was younger and now I finally get to see him live and singing every song… sadly dad won’t be joining. I can’t wait to see what Usher brings to the stage, I truly believe he’s going to put on a show that we won’t forget.

A couple of other events I am extremely excited to see this year are the chuckwagon races, bull riding and the incredible Transalta Grandstand show that ends the evening with fireworks lighting up the whole sky! If you enjoy fireworks, you need to make sure this is on your “must do” list because I have never seen such a spectacular light show in my life. I am filled with so much excitement and adrenaline I don’t know if i’ll be able to sleep before the kick off Stampede parade. I encourage those looking for a new experience or wanting a fun adventure to remember forever, to come on down to Calgary and experience these lifetime memories The Stampede has to offer! This city is incredible and I can’t wait to show everyone all the photographs and memories we make this year!

Photo Credit: Chris Bolin/ Calgary Stampede

Dig Your Roots Tour, Toronto: Florida Georgia Line, Cole Swindell, The Cadillac Three, and Kane Brown

On a beautiful Thursday night in September, thousands of country music fans flocked to Toronto’s Molson Canadian Amphitheatre to celebrate Florida Georgia Line’s Dig Your Roots Tour… and it was a party!

With a full night of country lined up, the music started with Kane Brown. The newcomer, known for his social media to the big stage ascent, brought a full band up with him to make sure the volume filled the amphitheatre. Kane did a great job working the crowd, walking the catwalks, and snapping quick pics with some of the fans standing at the edge of the stage. The Georgia boy used his deep, smooth voice to impress the early audience with tracks including, Wide Open, Thunder In The Rain, Pull It Off, and his first hit, Use To Love You Sober.

Keep an eye and ear out for Kane Brown, you’re going to hear a lot more from him… we’d bet on it.

Kane Brown Molson Amphitheatre

The Cadillac Three popped up next on the night’s list of talent, bringing their guitar edged country music to the stage and turning things up a little bit. There’s no doubting that these three Nashville boys love to have a good time, and relish the opportunity to start a good party – and that’s exactly what they did on Thursday night.

TC3 have their own new music on the market, with Bury Me In My Boots ready and waiting for you to listen… and you should. Just like the record, the live show was a banger, and the gritty trio gave it everything they had. Special mention goes out to R.A. Dickey, who Jaren dedicated Ship Faced to, and thanked for the gift of his Blue Jays hat. These cocky and charming southern boys were everything we wanted them to be live, and we can’t wait to see them again with more time and more songs to play!

The Cadillac Three Set List, Dig Your Roots Toronto 2016

⍟ Party Like You
⍟ Ship Faced
⍟ White Lightning
⍟ Days Of Gold
⍟ The South

The Cadillac Three Molson Amphitheatre

Another Georgia boy hit the stage in the third slot, and he hit it hard. Cole Swindell’s stock has been rising since he burst onto the scene with Chillin’ It in the number 1 spot on the charts. And in the three years since, he hasn’t slowed down. Cole knew his job was to get everyone ready for FGL, and he did everything he could to make it happen. The energy was up, the crowd interaction was on point, and maybe most impressive to me, Swindell was incredibly humble, thanking the Toronto crowd again and again for supporting his music, singing his songs with him, and being there for the show.

The 33 year old has a whole lot of country music in him, and if we’re lucky, he’s going to keep writing it and singing it for us like he did at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre on Thursday night. If his smile on stage (from the start of his set to the finish) is any indication, I don’t think there’s anything that’s going to be able to stop him!

We’re looking forward to seeing Cole Swindell again soon, you should be there.

Cole Swindell Set List, Dig Your Roots Toronto 2016

⍟ Down Home Boys
⍟ Hope You Get Lonely Tonight
⍟ Hoppin’
⍟ Chillin’ It
⍟ Middle Of A Memory
⍟ Flatliner
⍟ No Can Left Behind
⍟ Let Me See Ya Girl
⍟ You Should Be Here
⍟ Ain’t Worth The Whiskey

Cole Swindell Molson AmphitheatreFlorida Georgia Line Molson Amphitheatre

A lot of things get said about Florida Georgia Line, here are the things we’re saying after Thursday night’s headlining performance…
☞ Talented
☞ Great With The Crowd
☞ Funny
☞ New Gen
☞ Major League

Tyler and BK came down to the stage from their floating platforms to a HUGE pop from the Toronto crowd, and they didn’t stop giving their fans what they wanted until they left the stage after the encore.

From their bro country hits like This Is How We Roll, to covers including Backstreet’s Back (seriously, it was awesome, check the video a little further down in the post), to the slowed down smashes like H.O.L.Y., these two had the crowd in the palm of their hands. They worked the approximately 20,000 country lovers to the limit, with voices singing and screaming until they cracked, and feet dancing until they hurt.

Note: I have never heard the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre get louder than they did during H.O.L.Y. – the roar at the end of the song made it feel like my seat was shaking – and then when the Toronto crowd sang a chorus for Tyler and BK, with only the piano to lead them, it was incredible. Loud, crisp, clear, on time, and everything that we love about the live music experience.

The Dig Your Roots Tour is coming through because the new album with the same name just hit the world last Friday… and even brand new it was awesome to see people getting into songs like May We All, Smooth, and the title track. Because radio success is cool, but when the fans know your music enough to sing along after only being on the market for 6 days, you’re in a pretty great spot as artists.

If you haven’t listened to all 15 tracks on the new album yet, it’s time for you to do that. This isn’t the same record as Here’s To The Good Times or Anything Goes. This isn’t the same music that you’ve heard from Florida Georgia Line in the past. Yes, it’s still got their attitude and stamp all over it, but the tides have started to turn from the pure party pop bro country to more subtle and maybe even grown up feel to it.

Note: Among the 20,000 in the crowd was 2015 National League MVP, Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals. If you don’t follow baseball, you might not know who he is – but trust me, he’s good. Really good.

Bryce Harper Molson Amphitheatre

The FGL live show is something that you’ve really got to see to grasp. There’s fire and smoke and lights and props and it’s just go go go from minute one. We saw it once before at Boots & Hearts 2015 – but this was a whole other animal. And if you’re a country music lover, Florida Georgia Line fan, or you just want to see some really big production value on stage, we’d recommend grabbing a ticket for the Dig Your Roots stop near you.

It was smash after smash all night from four country acts doing what they love and what they’re best at. And we’d do it all over again tonight if we could!

Florida Georgia Line Set List, Dig Your Roots Toronto 2016

⍟ This Is How We Roll
⍟ It’z Just What We Do
⍟ Round Here
⍟ Anything Goes
⍟ Dig Your Roots
⍟ Confession
⍟ Stay
⍟ Smooth
⍟ Dirt
Writer’s Round with Cole Swindell and Jaren Johnston
– Burnin’ It Down
– Lights Come On
– Sunshine & Whiskey
– Meanwhile Back At Mama’s
– Get Me Some Of That
– Roller Coaster
⍟ H.O.L.Y.
⍟ May We All
⍟ Sundaze ft. Kane Brown
⍟ Get Your Shine On
⍟ Party People
Mixtape Medley
– Ride Wit Me
– Shoulda Been A Cowboy
– Last Resort
– Backstreet’s Back
– This Is How We Do It
– Jump Around
⍟ Cruise

Florida Georgia Line Molson Amphitheatre

Florida Georgia Line Molson AmphitheatreFlorida Georgia Line Molson AmphitheatreFlorida Georgia Line Molson AmphitheatreFlorida Georgia Line Molson AmphitheatreFlorida Georgia Line Molson AmphitheatreFlorida Georgia Line Molson AmphitheatreFlorida Georgia Line Molson AmphitheatreFlorida Georgia Line Molson AmphitheatreFlorida Georgia Line Molson AmphitheatreFlorida Georgia Line Molson AmphitheatreFlorida Georgia Line Molson Amphitheatre-7983

special thanks to our friend @cjtremblay for these next pics from her seat – and for the Backstreet’s Back video you already watched!

Florida George Line Molson AmphitheatreFlorida George Line Molson AmphitheatreFlorida George Line Molson Amphitheatre Florida George Line Molson AmphitheatreFlorida George Line Molson Amphitheatre

Cole Swindell, Dig Your Roots Tour Toronto 2016

Cole Swindell Molson AmphitheatreCole Swindell Molson AmphitheatreCole Swindell Molson AmphitheatreCole Swindell Molson AmphitheatreCole Swindell Molson AmphitheatreCole Swindell Molson AmphitheatreCole Swindell Molson Amphitheatre

The Cadillac Three, Dig Your Roots Tour Toronto 2016

The Cadillac Three Molson AmphitheatreThe Cadillac Three Molson AmphitheatreThe Cadillac Three Molson AmphitheatreThe Cadillac Three Molson AmphitheatreThe Cadillac Three Molson AmphitheatreThe Cadillac Three Molson AmphitheatreThe Cadillac Three Molson Amphitheatre

Kane Brown, Dig Your Roots Tour Toronto 2016

Kane Brown Molson AmphitheatreKane Brown Molson AmphitheatreKane Brown Molson AmphitheatreKane Brown Molson Amphitheatre

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Bury Me In My Boots: The Cadillac Three Album Review & Contest!

When we got asked to give the new record from The Cadillac Three a listen we were told that it was going to be a game changer, a selection of songs that would push these dudes from Nashville into a new spotlight among country music fans and the industry… but we needed to hear it for ourselves.

So we listened. Over and over and over again. It’s likely a conservative estimate to say I’ve listened to the 14 songs on this album a eight times since it’s release. Here’s a secret, I don’t keep listening if I don’t like it.

This isn’t a secret, Bury Me In My Boots is good.

From the start of the record, with the title track, the music pulled me in. It’s fun and easy to tap a toe to, or sing along to, or get lost in, or all three at the same time. And that continues as the tracks continue all the way from 1 to 14. It should also be pointed out that 14 songs is a monster number in a new era that has seen EPs become more and more popular among country artists.

The Cadillac Three On Stage via Twitter

Note: During the recent heat wave in Toronto I have started to appreciate Ship Wrecked more and more every time I hear it. It’s 100% true that I could go for a boat on the water, some Bimmy Juffet on the radio, and certainly a cooler full of cold ones.

This album is also great to sit back and drink to, or dance and drink to. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, we encourage it from guitar driven country music. So high five to The Cadillac Three for delivering on that point with Bury Me In My Boots.

Proposal: A drinking game where you take a shot of whiskey or a drink of beer every time you hear The Cadillac Three reference the two beverages on this record. I didn’t count, so I don’t know how many there are… but in the 47 minutes it takes to listen to all 14 songs, I’m betting you’d feel a buzz. (legal drinking age only!)

Now, with all of this said about the drinking and the dancing, we need to acknowledge that there are some great stories told in these songs. They aren’t just empty bangers, they’re full of great lyrics that will either put you in a small town teenage memory, or thinking about a relationship or imagining the south the way these native sons see it. And that is where country music has always been graded and evaluated. The stories that are told are the backbone of the genre, and we’re very pleased to see TC3 keep that tradition alive.

We’re also looking forward to seeing The Cadillac Three play these songs live (especially The South, Bury Me In My Boots, Slide, This Accent, and Peace Love & Dixie) – and we will be seeing it in Toronto when the boys come to the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre with Florida Georgia Line on September 1.

Other dates we’ve got circled that we know friends will be interested in include…

August 26 at Darien Lake w/ Florida Georgia Line (Darien Center, NY)
August 31 at the London Concert Theatre (London, ON)
September 2 at Lakeview Amphitheatre w/ Florida Georgia Line (Syracuse, NY)

There are a heap more dates in the US with FGL, and a bunch in Europe – CLICK HERE to see all of The Cadillac Three’s scheduled tour dates between now and the end of November 2016!

The Cadillac Three On Stage via Facebook

The bottom line is this: I recommend this record to country music fans looking for a full album to listen to and enjoy from the top to the bottom.

We’re recommending Bury Me In My Boots so much we’re going to give it away so three of you can experience it for yourself!

Use the widget in this post to earn up to 6 entries and you’ll be entered to win. We’ve got 3 CD copies of the album, and 1 vinyl copy to give away, so we’re going to give a grand prize of vinyl & CD to 1 winner, and CD copies to 2 runner-up winners.

Be sure to follow all of the directions in the widget to ensure your entries are properly submitted and counted.

Good luck!

The Cadillac Three, Bury Me In My Boots Tracklist

1. Bury Me In My Boots
2. Slide
3. Drunk Like You
4. Graffiti
5. Buzzin’
6. Party Like You
7. Ship Faced
8. Soundtrack To A Six Pack
9. White Lightning
10. The South ft. Florida Georgia Line, Dierks Bentley, Mike Eli
11. This Accent
12. Peace Love & Dixie
13. Hot Damn
14. Runnin’ Red Lights

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Sun Drunk: The Reklaws at Boots & Hearts 2015!

For the third year in a row, Stuart and Jenna Walker were up on the Boots & Hearts stage doing their thing in front of the crowd. But this year was different.

The Reklaws Boots and Hearts 2015In 2013 The Reklaws won the Emerging Artist Showcase and in 2014 they returned to play for the crowd… but in 2015 they really showed us what they had, and did it in front of the biggest B&H audience they’d ever had.

The Republic Live team announced that there were 32,000 in the park on Thursday night, and many of those fans made their way to the Front Porch stage for the start of, and during, the set that started the Coors Banquet Kick Off Party – we talked to Jenna and Stuart later in the weekend and they told us that they would have played to 6 people if that’s who was out there, but it was pretty cool to play to significantly more than that.

The brother and sister duo also told us that they knew their job was to get people pumped up for the acts that were headlining the night – and they didn’t disappoint. Opening with their current single Sun Drunk was a surprising decision, but one that worked in showing who in the crowd has been listening to country radio and has heard the band’s newest offering.

The Reklaws Boots and Hearts 2015Capitalizing on the crowd’s natural energy was key for the young singers, and as their set continued with a string of higher tempo numbers, they did just that. Covers in the set included Boondocks (Little Big Town), 4 5 Seconds (Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney), and The South (The Cadillac Three), and they all earned cheers and prompted loud singing from the accumulated mass of country music lovers.

Note: The duo closed their set with an original song dedicated to the festival and aptly called Boots and Hearts. It was a nice touch, got the fans into the action and finished their time on a nice high.

The Reklaws Boots and Hearts 2015While we were sitting down Friday we also asked about new music and an album and when we can expect that to happen… The Reklaws told us that they have lots of music written and ready, but they don’t want to rush things. They’re actively looking for the right team to put their record together and when that comes together we’ll get a better answer.

Jenna and Stuart also took care of hosting duties Friday on the Main Stage and Sunday during the Emerging Artist Showcase on the Front Porch Stage showing us that they are becoming more and more comfortable not only putting on their show, but entertaining crowds however they need to, whenever they get the opportunity.

When we asked them if they’d be back if they were asked they were 100% into the idea… maybe we’ll be seeing them again in 2016.

Check out the set list, more pics and stay tuned for more coming soon…

The Reklaws Boots & Hearts Set List

☼ Sun Drunk
☼ Boondocks
☼ Small Town Simple
☼ Seeing Stars
☼ Breaking Things
☼ 4 5 Seconds
☼ Rolling Slow
☼ The South
☼ Boots and Hearts

Work Hard. Play Harder. Be Awesome!The Reklaws Boots and Hearts 2015The Reklaws Boots and Hearts 2015The Reklaws Boots and Hearts 2015The Reklaws Boots and Hearts 2015The Reklaws Boots and Hearts 2015The Reklaws Boots and Hearts 2015The Reklaws Boots and Hearts 2015

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