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Tyler Childers Ticket Giveaway: The Drake Hotel – October 25, 2017

We’ve got another contest for you!!!

On October 25th Tyler Childers will be playing a sold-out show at The Drake in Toronto. Didn’t get your tickets in time? Well, you’re in luck, Collective Concerts have given us a pair of tickets to give away and they could be yours.

Tyler Childers is a Kentucky based singer/songwriter who is taking the country music world by storm. Taking his time to put together his first album, Tyler has created an amazing story that rings true infused with the sound of the deep south. Working with Grammy award winners Sturgill Simpson and David Ferguson, Tyler has crafted a musical masterpiece.

We’re thrilled that he’s bringing his Purgatory tour to Toronto and did we mention this is a sold out show?

Joining Tyler will be William Matheny. William is a West Virginia storyteller with a brand new solo album. Constellations is an alt-country/rock album with a story to tell and we’re interested in hearing how the story ends.

So if you’re looking for amazing country music in the heart of the city, this could be your show.  Here’s a link to the Facebook event page – Tyler Childers at The Drake Hotel.

And now, contest details.

Use the form below to earn up to 9 entries, and add to your chances by tagging a friend on the contest post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We’ll be giving double points for all social entries – and we’ll email you if you’re the winner.

Tyler Childers shot by David McClister Promo Photo

Photo by David McClister

The Franklin Electric Take Over Toronto

Friday night 4 dudes from Montreal took over the Drake Underground – and made Toronto smile. For the second night in a row, The Franklin Electric played a sold out show to an audience that was totally in.

The Franklin Electric The Drake Underground Toronto-8775With an indie rock/folk sound, heavy on lyrics and harmonies, The Franklin Electric are producing a sound that delivers an intimate feeling that separates it from typical radio rock, and endears them to their fans in Quebec and beyond. The band has previously played Toronto landmarks like Lee’s Palace and Massey Hall – and this summer they’ll be taking on the stage in their hometown at Osheaga’s 10th anniversary festival.

Before the show we caught up with Jon, Liam, Martin, and Alex to talk about playing Toronto, Osheaga, a new record and what else is coming next.

Here’s what we learned…

  • Jon seems to be pretty impressed with the Toronto music scene right now. After Thursday’s Drake Underground show he noticed no less than 3 live acts playing in the front of bars nearby. It’s a good sign for TO when visiting artists like what we have going on.
  • The entire band seems pretty pumped to play Osheaga – and to that point, that there’s a festival as significant as Osheaga in their hometown.
  • There are also other festival shows coming this summer – and while they haven’t been announced yet, the boys seems excited about the summer of 2015.
  • There’s a new record coming from The Franklin Electric… but don’t mark a date on your calendar just yet. The band is set on letting the new music come to them, and recording when they’re ready. To date they’ve been in studio to record 2 tracks (which were probably the 2 new tracks that were slipped into Friday night’s set) with more coming.
  • There’s a Euro-trip coming this fall to coincide with the release of This Is How I Let You Down overseas.
  • There’s also a brand new video coming for Strongest Man Alive… they’re expecting that we should be seeing it very, very soon.

The Franklin Electric The Drake Underground Toronto-8952When it came time for The Franklin Electric to take the Drake Underground stage, they were ready. With a mix of piano, keyboards, trumpet – and even a little guitar, Jon played a fantastic front man for the band. Engaging with the crowd, dropping the news that a new record is coming – and generously saying thank you after every song.

The music was tight, impressive really considering how many moving pieces there are in the set. Between bouncing between songs and instruments, nothing was lost and the sound was on point. Jon, Liam, Martin, and Alex clearly know what they’re doing, and if the songs for the new album are as intimate as the 11 tracks from This Is How I Let You Down – fans are in for a treat.

Jon told us that it’s been a little nerve-racking introducing new music into the set. But it doesn’t look that way from the crowd. It will be interesting to see The Franklin Electric again when the set is 90% new songs and  10% old, instead of the other way around…

The Franklin Electric The Drake Underground Toronto-8919-2But if we really learned anything last night, it’s that it won’t matter. The musicianship and lyrical content of this band will keep crowds just as focused and entertained as they did for the second night in a row in Toronto.

Find The Franklin Electric online at these fine locations…
Facebook: The Franklin Electric
Twitter: @thefranklinelec
Instagram: @franklinelectric
YouTube: The Franklin Electric
iTunes: The Franklin Electric

Jon Matte The Franklin Electric The Drake Underground Toronto-8925Liam Killen The Franklin Electric The Drake Underground Toronto-8859Martin Desrosby The Franklin Electric The Drake Underground Toronto-8889Alexis Messier The Franklin Electric The Drake Underground Toronto-8856

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199 Words About Elizabeth & the Catapult

Elizabeth and the Catapult The Drake Underground Toronto-8792Friday night a young woman from Brooklyn charmed the hell out of a Toronto crowd and made us want more.

Like right now we want more of Elizabeth & the Catapult.

Elizabeth Ziman spent two nights in early April opening for The Franklin Electric at the Drake Underground, and when we saw her on night two, laughing, smiling, entertaining and generally singing the hell out of her songs, we dug it.

Looking adorable in a grey dress and polkadotted cardigan, Elizabeth played songs with enthusiasm and exuberance – and the entire audience in the basement at The Drake appreciated her for it. With tracks like Happy Pop, Race You, More Than Enough, and Ry-ry (her ridiculously hilarious ode to Ryan Gosling) she had us.

Confession: We didn’t know Elizabeth & the Catapult before she got up on stage to sing for us. Maybe that makes us bad hipsters. Maybe it just means we need to be paying more attention, because it feels now like we’ve been missing out for years.

If singer/songwriter indie folk pop is something that you love, we would highly recommend that you check out Elizabeth & the Catapult.

Elizabeth and the Catapult The Drake Underground Toronto-8812Find her online, and enjoy.

Facebook: Elizabeth & the Catapult
Twitter: @thecatapult
Instagram: @thecatapult
YouTube: Elizabeth & the Catapult
iTunes: Elizabeth & the Catapult

Elizabeth and the Catapult The Drake Underground Toronto-8802

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Miss Late July Presents: What’s Left (Music Video)

Ladies and gentlemen – I am a lucky dude to know some of the people that I do. In fact, in the last 12 months or so I have met some pretty amazing people that I am very glad to have in my life – even for a few minutes at a time.

Today I am lucky and proud to be putting this post together. An awesome person that I am happy to call a friend has her newest music video released to the world and I want to be here to show it to you.

Miss Late July is a young, talented, charming and sweet woman who is making some pretty awesome music. The singer-songwriter thing has been given a bad wrap by some. But I can tell you right now that it isn’t dead. Not in the least. It lives, if nowhere else, right here in Toronto.

Do yourself a favor and take 4 minutes and 27 seconds to watch the video for “What’s Left”. I know that it was the best few minutes that I spent this morning.

Dig it? I’m sure you did. If you want to hear more and see the lovely and talented Miss Late July live and up close (which you do) you can catch her at The Drake Hotel on July 23rd with The Elwins, Will Currie & The Country French for only $7! Doors open at 8pm. Don’t be tardy. The show will start without you!

I hope your Wednesday has been awesome my friends. Keep up the good work!

7 years ago
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