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House On Fire: Wes Mack Interview & 5 Quick Questions

It’s been about two and a half years since Wes Mack released his debut full-length album, Edge Of The Storm, and now the Calgary native is back with the release of his new single, House On Fire, and he has more new music on the horizon.

We caught up with Wes in Toronto during his press run for his single release, and had the chance to sit down, relax, and talk about music, his new video, acting, superhero movies, Gary Bettman, and more. Seriously, we talked about a lot of things.

On the top of our list of thing to talk about was (of course) the single, House On Fire. Wes co-wrote the song with Donny Anderson and Murray Daigle, a new trio on a first time write, and all three of them liked what they came up with. Wes truly sounds like he feels good about this being the first new single he’s released since the 2015 album.

In fact, we ran into Donny Anderson the day before the release, and he told us that that he was excited, he felt Wes was excited, and now that it’s out, we hope they feeling all of the good things that come from that kind of excitement paying off.

We also talked to Wes about the music video for House On Fire, and he was happy to give us all kinds of the making of and behind-the-scenes info.

Another trio came together for the music video, with Mack’s girlfriend and best friend joining him as producers on the project. He also told us that this was the fifth video he’s worked on with his cinematographer, which added a familiarity and comfort. As the star and director, Mack needed to lean on his partners to let him know about things he couldn’t or didn’t recognize from his vantage point when he was on set.

We also talked about the illusions of music videos, and this one in particular. House On Fire, the beer pong, good timin’, summer party video was shot in Vancouver… in October, not the warmest of climates.

Wes told us that the girls did their best to take care of themselves, wrapping up in warm parkas between shots. And when it was time for the cast to come back to the set, Bahamas was the codeword that got the coats off, warm feelings flowing, and everyone back in the action.

The Alberta native and two time nominee for Music Video Director of the Year at the Canadian Country Music Association Awards (2014: One More Girl: Love Like Mine. 2015: Wes Mack: Before You Drive Me Crazy) also gave a lot of love to his band, many of whom came into the shoot without the same kind of experience that he had. Wes told us that they needed very little encouragement, and that they gave him everything he hoped for on camera. From the beer pong to the party, they were all in!

We also talked to Wes about more new music, and he told us that the plan looks to be another single this summer, with a third to follow in the fall to go along with the release of a brand new album.

With a fall release, Wes Mack’s new album will come three years after his last. He told us that after Edge Of The Storm came out he started the writing process for a follow-up album… he had 10 songs, which would have worked, but something didn’t feel right.

Wes told us that the first album came without a timeline, and the songs were written worked on over about three years. And in working on songs for a follow-up so soon after the release, he felt rushed, and like he wasn’t sure if he was getting the best out of himself and the process. He also realized that the timeline he had was all in his head, and that he could choose to slow things down and get it right.

He told us that about 60 songs were written for the new project, 30 or so of those tracks made it to demo, and when the album comes out later in 2018, we’ll all be able to hear the complete and finished product.

While we were with Wes, we played a round of 5 Quick Questions. Check it out!

5 Quick Questions with Wes Mack!

Q1) What was the first song you performed for an audience?

Wes) Rush (original)

Wes wrote the song when he was 11, and at 13 he and his band Shades Of Grey (before the books, which changes a lot) played the song at his year-end hockey party. He laughed and told us that he’s not sure he’s ever played a room with more critics than those young teenage boys.

Q2) What was the first album you bought?

Wes) Wes told us that he doesn’t remember which album he bought first, but he does remember that his first CDs and some old tapes he had… hit play to find out what Wes listened to back in the day.

Q3) Do you have a dream duet partner?

Wes) Jess Moskaluke

Wes told us that he’s had the chance to sing with Jess on two occasions, but would like to add a third. The three-time CCMA Female Artist of the Year joined Mack to sing Duet on the Shania tour, which was their only official performance… but Wes told us that one night in PEI, he and Jess were in the same small bar and someone submitted their names on open mic night. The Mack/Moskaluke combo made their way to the microphones, Wes double checked with Jess that he knew the chords for Cheap Wine & Cigarettes, and they sang a medley of Moskaluke’s platinum single and Mack’s Duet.

Q4) Is there a city or venue at the top of your wishlist?

Wes) The Calgary Saddledome.

It’s Mack’s hometown arena. His team, the Calgary Flames play there. And, he wasn’t on the Shania Twain date that hit the arena in 2015.

Wes is a little worried that his window is closing, with talk of a new NHL arena coming to the city. So we’re crossing our fingers that the Calgary boy gets to play his hometown barn before it comes down.

Q5) Is there an artist that you think people should be paying more attention to or listening to more?

Wes) John Mayer… but with a clarification. Wes told us that he knows that everyone knows who Mayer is, but he was happy to have heard his new music on country radio after spending years hearing those sounds in his records.

He also mentioned that it was cool to see where the different points in Mayer’s career arc, and the movement in genre silos. He likes the genre-bending that’s going on, and pointed out that a lot of classic rock bands would be country now with the instrumentation and songs they released back in the day!

Before we wrapped up our hang with Wes, we talked about hockey and his fear that Gary Bettman is pushing things in a more polished, corporate direction that takes away from blue collar fans. He gushed about the crowds at Flames games in Calgary, and how it was a passionate, rowdy crowd that loved the game in a way that makes us want to go out to the Saddledome for a Battle of Alberta matchup.

We also talked about Mack’s acting and asked if he thinks he’ll find his way back into the DC TV universe… he told us that there’s always a possibility, and that living in Vancouver (where the CW shows Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl film) does increase the chance to audition and act in the Arrowverse. However, he also told us that music comes first, and that scheduling around that is sometimes hard.

There’s a lot on the horizon for Wes Mack, and while he couldn’t give us all of the details, he did say that there are tour dates coming to give fans a chance to see him live on stage, and that he’s excited to release more new music.

He also reinterated how excited he is to have House On Fire released to the world, and hope that his fans, and country music fans across the country like it.

Stay tuned for more from Wes Mack, it’s coming!

Note: While we were going through some of our Wes Mack content from the last few years, we found this video of Wes singing Listen To Me live at Toronto’s Rock N Horse Saloon at his album release party in September 2015. Enjoy!

Edge Of The Storm: Wes Mack Album Release Party

New Music Spotlight: Birds of Bellwoods, Jack White, Our Lady Peace, Vance Joy and Wes Mack

In our second January New Music Spotlight, we’re highlighting three Canadian acts, one Australian act and one American act. Genre-wise we’re recommending some alt-folk, some rock, some folk-pop and a little country music.

In this spotlight, we’ve got five videos with some very different concepts. Sit back, have a watch, and a listen and let us know what you think.

Let’s do this!

Artist: Birds of Bellwoods
Hometown: Toronto
Genre: Alt-Folk
Related: Duncan FellowsYoung in the CityThe Corcoran Brothers
Song: Feel It Still – Cover – Portugal. The Man
Notes: One of my favourite Toronto bands. I’ve been talking about their talent for a few years now. Birds of Bellwoods cover Portugal. The Man’s hit, which currenlty sits with over 94,000,000 views on YouTube. It’s a great song and an amazing cover.

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: Jack White
Hometown: Detroit / Nashville
Genre: Rock
Related Artists: The RaconteursThe White StripesThe Black Keys
Song: Connected by Love
Notes: The video, which was released on Wednesday, already has over 500,000 plays. The imagery is visually compelling and the music is dirty, synthy and bluesy all at the same time. Jack White gives us a great emotional performance and delivers lyrics we can all relate to with grace.

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: Our Lady Peace
Hometown: Toronto
Genre: Rock
Related Artists: Big WreckCollective SoulMatthew Good
Song: Falling Into Place
Notes: Our Lady Peace gives us a great story video. It’s classic sounding OLP with a positive message. I challenge you to watch it and not smile.

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: Vance Joy
Hometown: Melbourne
Genre: Folk-Pop
Related Artists: Tom Odell, James Bay, The Lumineers
Song: We’re Going Home
Notes: We’ve been fans of Vance Joy since we the first time we heard him. We’re Going Home is from his upcoming album Nation of Two which is out on February 23rd. The instantly recognizable voice is layered with beautiful backgrounds and real people. The chorus is catchy and I’m expecting to hear a lot of this track on the radio.

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

Artist: Wes Mack
Hometown: Calgary
Genre: Country
Related Artists: Jojo MasonAndrew HyattPetric
Song: House on Fire
Notes: First let us say that we’re very happy that there’s new music from Wes Mack. It’s a fun video, with a boys vs. girls story. House on Fire is fresh and summery and it’s something we can use a big helping of. I’ve already got the chorus stuck in my head and if country music is your thing, I think you’ll really like this one too.

Links: Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Apple

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Have Your Say: 2017 Canadian Country Music Association Awards Nominees!

The Canadian Country Music Association has announced the full list of 2017 CCMA Awards nominees… and it’s an impressive list of Canadian country talent!

We are lucky and privileged to have covered, met, and seen these artists put on amazing lives shows, record fantastic music, and grow into their careers.

But now, because we know you have an opinion, we want to know who you think should win at the 2017 CCMA Awards in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on Sunday, September 10th. Use the polls to vote and support your favourite artists, and use the link at the bottom of the list to cast your official vote for the Fans’ Choice Award!

Have fun – and congratulations to all of the nominees in 2017, you should all be proud of your accomplishments, we can’t wait to hear what you’ve got coming for us next.

Click Here to submit your official vote for the Fans’ Choice Award!

And Click Here to see the full list of nominees in all 2017 Canadian Country Music Association categories! 

Shae Dupuy: Brave Q&A and Review

Last week I got the chance to spend some time hanging around the Gibson Guitar Lounge with Shae Dupuy. The reason for the hangout? Shae’s got a brand new EP out, it’s called Brave, it was released on October 28th and it’s outstanding!

Brave‘s seven tracks include two previously released singles, Tin Man and Drink About It and five brand new tracks all written in Nashville. Jason Barry and Jeff Johnson, two of Canada’s top producer/writers had a hand in shaping Shae’s sound this time around. My favourite track is Homewrecker, a track Shae wrote when she was 16. This EP gives us country music but there are hints of pop and rock, it gives us stories and it gives us a more mature Shae Dupuy.

We asked Shae some questions about the album, here we go!

Shae Dupuy Gibson Guitar LoungeQ) How does it feel to be releasing Brave to the world, having put so much time and work and pieces of you into it?

A) It’s SO exciting but a little nerve wracking! There’s been so much work that has gone into it and now that it’s here it feels a little surreal be finally able to share it with everyone. I just really hope people love it as much as I do!

Q) Your first EP (Breakdown) came out just over two years ago, what was the process like over that time to work on these new songs – from writing to recording and now the release of Brave?

A) I spent a lot more time of this EP than the last one. The last EP was recorded within a couple of days, but this time around I recorded the songs over a span of months and worked with multiple producers. I didn’t spend as much time writing and experimenting on the last EP as I did with this project. This time around I’m also older and have a bit more of an idea of who I am and what I want to say with my music. I think that made a huge difference in the whole process of the project.

Are there people you want to shout out that you worked with on the EP but might not get any love from the general public?

A) All the producers, musicians, songwriters and my team that I worked with through the course of the project. A lot of people don’t realize how many people it takes to put together big projects like this! I worked very closely with a lot of people over the course of this year and none of it would have been possible without them.

Shae Dupuy Gibson Guitar LoungeQ) We got to hang out with you in London during Canadian Country Music Week. What was the weekend like for you?

A) It was so busy and I felt like I was running around from place to place every few hours. I had the best time but it’s definitely a marathon of a weekend.

Q) If you could book yourself on tour with any two other Canadian country artists, who would you want to hit the road with?

A) I’d love to tour with Wes Mack or Dallas Smith. I look up to both of those guys a lot and getting to tour with them would be so much fun. I’ve seen them both of them perform multiple times and it’s always an amazing show. I would love to work alongside them. Plus I’ve known Wes for a few years and we get along really well so getting to go out and tour with him would be an absolute blast.

Q) In 50 words or so, tell country music fans what they can expect when they sit down to listen to Brave.

A) I hope they’re going to be surprised by the newer stuff and the sounds we experimented with. There is something on the EP for everyone! Whether you like things a little bit edgy, fun and upbeat or super stripped down, there’s a lot of different sides to my songwriting and myself on this project.
My final thoughts, thanks to Shae and Dave Kirby for making my photoshoot sound so lovely and go buy this album!

You can find Shae Dupuy at these fine internet locations:
Facebook: shaedupuy
Twitter: @shaedupuy
Instagram: @shaedupuy
YouTube: officialshaedupuy
iTunes: ShaeDupuy
Spotify: ShaeDupuy
Amazon Music: ShaeDupuy
Google Play: ShaeDupuy
Shae Dupuy Gibson Guitar Lounge
Shae Dupuy Gibson Guitar Lounge Shae Dupuy Gibson Guitar Lounge Shae Dupuy Gibson Guitar LoungeShae Dupuy Gibson Guitar LoungeShae Dupuy Gibson Guitar Lounge

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Welcome to the Country Music Youth Movement

Music, like all things in life, goes through phases. We embrace the things and people we love and hold onto them for years at a time, sometimes overlooking what and who comes next because of our tunnel vision. But right now we are knee deep in a country music youth movement that is turning over the landscape and offering up new music to the masses.

And for anyone still holding onto that tunnel vision of the music and musicians they’ve been in love with… it’s time to start looking around at what’s on the horizon.

In Canada alone we could book an entire emerging artists festival with the talent that is piling up with major labels and on the indie circuit. Their songs are earning radio play, streaming at great numbers, and climbing download charts right beside heavyweights that we know and love.

The Roadhammers Boots and Hearts 2015Note: I don’t at all mean for this post to say that we don’t love the music and musicians that have paid their dues and paved the way for this new wave. Artists like Paul Brandt, Terri Clark, Jason McCoy, Michelle Wright, Patricia Conroy, Carolyn Dawn Johnson and Charlie Major are the reason we love Canadian country music in the first place – and that won’t ever change.

We’ve done the fantasy booking thing before, so we’re not going to do that right now. But we do want to share some of the names that are shaking up the country music world in this country. And we’ll give some love to the artists from the US that are doing the same thing.

We also want to know who you’re loving on the up and coming side of things… because sharing is caring, and one of the best ways to find new music is to be told about it by other people who have discovered it. So leave us a comment, give us a link, tell us what young country artists you’re loving right now.

Brett Kissel in the crowd Boots and Hearts 2014

Brett Kissel

Across the country, names like Brett Kissel, Jess Moskaluke, Kira Isabella, Madeline Merlo, and Autumn Hill are already becoming well known. Their hit songs, big tours, and great talent have pushed them into the conversation with stars like Dean Brody, Small Town Pistols, Chad Brownlee, Dallas Smith, and High Valley – and they deserve to be there. But… that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Some of you will also know names like Cold Creek County, River Town Saints, Wes Mack, Leah Daniels, Lindsay Broughton, Jordan McIntosh, Livy Jeanne – they’ve popped up on your playlists, on the radio, and on tour with some of the biggest names in the business. Hell, when Wes Mack opened for Shania Twain in 2015 he took a GIANT step forward in his career, but it’s because his album, Edge Of The Storm, that he remains in the minds of fans who saw those shows.

What’s even more awesome is that we’re a full dozen names into this list of emerging Canadian talent in country music and we are nowhere near done shouting out the singers and songwriters that we came up with in a 10 minute brainstorm.

The Reklaws Boots and Hearts 2015

The Reklaws

Raise your hand if you’re familiar with any of these names… Runaway Angel, Meghan Patrick, Lisa Nicole, Trinity Bradshaw, Cory Marquardt, Twin Kennedy, Jason Benoit, Abby Stewart, Petric, The Reklaws, Johnson Crook, Leanne Pearson, Robyn & Ryleigh, Tenille, Whitney Rose, The Lovelocks, Lindsay Ell, One More Girl, Yoan, Kaitlin Kozell, Eric Ethridge, James Barker Band, Dani Strong – 23 more country young country acts that are making their way in the business.

This whole group plays rib fests, fairs, small festivals, big festivals (shout out to Boots & Hearts for doing an amazing job of including emerging Canadian talent) and bars from coast to coast. They work hard, they write and play and sing and perform whenever and wherever they get the chance, and each and every time they do, they’re earning new fans.

Note: Nobody asked us to write this post. We weren’t approached by an artist or label or PR team to get someone included. Every artist on this list is here because they’ve impressed us with their work and talent. They deserve every success that they’ve earned so far, and everything that they receive in the future.

Dylan Scott Boots and Hearts 2015 2

Dylan Scott

Now, go ahead and add these names to the young artists that are tearing up country music south of the border, and we really are seeing the future – and the present of the genre we love. Artists like Maddie & Tae, Kelsea Ballerini, Cam, Dylan Scott, Kane Brown, Maren Morris, etc. etc. etc., are blowing up YouTube and Facebook with their videos, they’re climbing the Billboard charts, and they’re creating their own space among superstars like Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, and Eric Church.

I know that there are a lot of names in this post… 58 if I’ve counted correctly, but they all deserve to be here. They’re either the big names that we’ve loved for years, or the new crop of country that has a chance to be here for a long time.

And as much as we love supporting new music, and the artists that make it, the coolest thing about all of it is this… a year from now, at the start of 2017, there are going to be even more names that have come out of the woodwork and announced that they deserve to be on a list like this.

We love it.

Country music is alive and well.

And Canada is a big part of that. So turn up the speakers, dance in the kitchen, and sing along, because it’s a great time to fall in love with some new artists on the scene.

Jess Moskaluke Bright Lights Big City Toronto The Phoenix

Jess Moskaluke

Kira Isabella 2014 CNE Header

Kira Isabella

Madeline Merlo Bright Lights Big City Toronto The Phoenix

Madeline Merlo

Autumn Hill

Autumn Hill

Cold Creek County CNE 2015

Cold Creek County

Wes Mack Boots and Hearts 2015

Wes Mack

Livy Jeanne CNE 2015 Northern Comfort Saloon

Livy Jeanne

Leah Daniels Performance CMAO Awards 2015-3952

Leah Daniels

Lindsay Broughton at Liuna Station Gibson at the Junos 2015

Lindsay Broughton

Cory Marquardt CNE 2015

Cory Marquardt


Jordan McIntosh

Trinity Bradshaw Boots and Hearts

Trinity Bradshaw

2 years ago

Edge Of The Storm: Wes Mack Album Release Party

As September began and fall approached, Wes Mack was able to see 2 years of work and waiting come to an end as his first full length album, Edge Of The Storm, was released to the world!

Wes Mack Rock N Horse Toronto InstagramAs Wes made his way across the country, heading to the Canadian Country Music Association Awards in Halifax, we were able to catch him at the Rock N Horse Saloon in Toronto where he gave us (and some other keen country music fans) an acoustic taste of the music on his new album and some of the stories that go with the songs.

Note: Thanks to KX Country (94.7 Hamilton and 95.9 Oshawa) for hosting the event and to Pete and Linda for sharing the introduction duties!

Wes Mack Edge Of The Storm Release Party Set List

Heart Back Home – The Way You Let Me Down – Listen To Me – Before You Drive Me Crazy – Edge Of The Storm – Duet

The first single from this record actually came out back in 2013 when Wes teamed up with Carly McKillip of One More Girl for Duet, which is still a fan favourite, and gave Wes the opportunity to invite a bunch of his talented female friends up on stage to sing with him this year when he was opening for Shania Twain on the first leg of her tour. It was also a Top 10 hit, peaking at #9 and introducing a new member of the Canadian country music family to the masses.

Wes Mack Boots and Hearts 2015Mack has also been a repeat performer at Boots & Hearts, competing in the 2013 Emerging Artist Showcase and taking the main stage in 2015. We have a feeling that he’ll be back again in the coming years!

We’ve had more than 1 chance to listen through the entire 12 tracks on Edge Of The Storm, and we can tell you this: Wes did good.

This is a guy that started out indie, DIY, solo and was able to team up with Universal Music/ Big Machine Canada to make more music and work on making his dreams come true.

He’s turning into a regular on country radio, you’ve seen his videos for Before You Drive Me Crazy and The Way You Let Me Down on CMT and YouTube, and there are more tracks coming on this album that are going to get the single release and video treatment – for sure.

Edge Of The Storm slides from uptempo fun to slowed down storytelling and has no issues with the transitions. Wes and the team of songwriters and musicians that he’s worked with on this album have come together in all the right ways. This doesn’t so much sound like the debut of an artist as it does a coming out party.

Wes Mack Edge Of The Storm Track List

Before You Drive Me Crazy – Duet w/ Carly McKillip – The Way You Let Me Down – Listen To Me – Edge Of The Storm – Broke – I Lost Count – Heart Back Home – Fairground Friday Night – Our Soundtrack – Free Fall – No Lookin’ Back

Wes Mack Edge of the Storm Release Party KX CountryIf you haven’t listened to Edge Of The Storm yet, we’d recommend that you do. And if you don’t have anyone to cheer for at the CCMAs for Songwriter of the Year and Music Video Director of the Year, why not cheer for Wes Mack!

Want more Wes? Check out the video we grabbed of Listen To Me at the release party and find him online at these fine locations…

Website: wesmackmusic.com
Facebook: Wes Mack Music
Twitter: @wesmackmusic
Instagram: @wesmackmusic
YouTube: Wes Mack
iTunes: Wes Mack: Edge of the Storm

Wes Mack Edge of the Storm Toronto Release Party 2015Rock N Horse Saloon Toronto 2015

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Boys of Summer: Emerson Drive, Wes Mack, and Dylan Scott at Boots & Hearts 2015!

There’s no argument about the talent that showed up at Boots & Hearts 2015… and while we have put a lot of focus on the ladies leading up to, during, and following the festival, the men didn’t disappoint.

Between 2 stages and 2 days, Dylan Scott, Wes Mack, and Emerson Drive played their sets for the country music fans in Oro-Medonte – and none of them let us down.

Dylan Scott

Dylan Scott Boots and Hearts 2015 6Dylan Scott took the Front Porch Stage on Saturday in when he came out the young crowd under the tent let him hear a mighty cheer that put a smile on his face instantly.

Starting his set with Lay It On Me, Scott gave back all the energy the audience was feeding him, and blasted out the words as the fans sang them back in unison. It wasn’t lost on him, and after the song he told everyone how impressed he was with their noise level and told them if they kept it up, “We’re gonna have a party this afternoon. I promise you that.”

Dylan Scott is a star on the rise, and one we’ve had our eye on for a while. We can’t wait to see him again, hopefully really soon.

Wes Mack

Wes Mack Boots and Hearts 2015From Emerging Artist Showcase contestant to Main Stage love, Wes Mack is becoming more and more familiar with Boots & Hearts.

On Sunday afternoon Wes popped out onto the stage and gave it all he had for the fans that sat, stood, and danced in the bright sunshine. This Canadian isn’t new to big crowds, opening for Shania Twain will certainly get you used to seeing people in the audience – but he hasn’t taken it for granted either.

With a set that included The Way You Let Me Down, Before You Drive Me Crazy, a cover of Jason Aldean’s Take A Little Ride, and a great rendition of Duet with the help of Kira Isabella, Wes Mack showed that he belongs on stage just as much as he belongs on TV screens.

We’re excited for new music from Wes Mack and the release of Edge of the Storm on September 4th!

Emerson Drive

Emerson Drive Boots and Hearts 2015The boys of Emerson Drive saved the day when the helped fill the hole left by Little Big Town at Boots & Hearts. By taking Dallas Smith’s scheduled spot they gave us a full Sunday of music on the main stage – and they came ready.

The band has been together for a while (20 years now) and that time has supplied them with a great collection of songs to play live, the skills they need to put on a great show, and has not taken away their enjoyment of the whole thing.

Note: We know Emerson Drive put on a good show because we saw Republic Live co-founder Shannon McNevan singing along in the crowd.

Like Wes Mack, Emerson Drive also brought out a friend with Tebey joining the boys to sing their country-fied version of Avicii’s Wake Me Up. That was a nice surprise that we didn’t see coming!

Emerson Drive Boots & Hearts Set List

Tilt A Whirl ♪ Let It Roll ♪ Fall Into Me ♪ She Always Gets What She Wants ♪ Waitin’ On Me ♪ That Kind Of Beautiful ♪ Till The Summer’s Gone ♪ My Kind Of Crazy ♪ Moments ♪ Who We Are ♪ Countrified Soul ♪ Good Man ♪ Wake Me Up w/ Tebey

Job well done by Emerson Drive, Wes Mack, and Dylan Scott. Y’all helped this thing become what it was – an action and music packed weekend that we won’t soon forget.

Check out more pics of the boys and stay tuned for more from Boots & Hearts 2015!

More pictures of Dylan Scott at Boots & HeartsDylan Scott Boots and Hearts 2015Dylan Scott Boots and Hearts 2015 2Dylan Scott Boots and Hearts 2015 3Dylan Scott Boots and Hearts 2015 4Dylan Scott Boots and Hearts 2015 5

More pictures of Wes Mack at Boots & HeartsWes Mack Boots and Hearts 2015Wes Mack Boots and Hearts 2015Wes Mack Boots and Hearts 2015Wes Mack Boots and Hearts 2015Wes Mack Boots and Hearts 2015Wes Mack Boots and Hearts 2015

More pictures of Emerson Drive at Boots & HeartsEmerson Drive Boots and Hearts 2015Emerson Drive Boots and Hearts 2015Emerson Drive Boots and Hearts 2015Emerson Drive Boots and Hearts 2015Emerson Drive Boots and Hearts 2015Emerson Drive Boots and Hearts 2015Emerson Drive Boots and Hearts 2015Emerson Drive Boots and Hearts 2015


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Boots & Hearts 2015 Artist Preview: Wes Mack

Fresh off of 14 nights opening for Shania Twain on Rock This Country Tour from Vancouver to Montreal, Wes Mack is getting ready to turn himself into a household name in Canada.

Born in Calgary and now calling Vancouver home, Mack has been working hard to build his brand and earn fans. And he’s been doing a good job of it.

Smallville Wes Mack IcicleWhile his face may be recognizable from acting spots in TV shows including Smallville, Supernatural, Heartland, The 100 and more, and his acting credits are as recent as a turn on TV’s Motive in 2015, it looks like the focus has shifted, and music is where you’re most likely to find Wes Mack right now and for the foreseeable future.

His first single, Duet (featuring Carly McKillip of One More Girl) peaked at #9 on the Canadian country charts in 2013 and announced his arrival on the scene. The song and video earned Mack 3 Canadian Country Music Award nominations (Rising Star, CMT Video of the Year, Video Director of the Year) and it’s probably not a coincidence that he signed with Universal Music/Big Machine in 2014.

Wes Mack Before You Drive Me CrazyEarlier this year Before You Drive Me Crazy was released and climbed even higher on the charts, making it to #6 and offering a fantastic video, again directed by Mack himself. The song is strong and serves as a great intro for a young singer trying to break into a crowded market. It has also broken through the 500,000 stream mark on Spotify, proving that people are listening.

The 2nd single in 2015, The Way You Let Me Down, is currently on the charts, and playing at country radio. The question now becomes… when will we get a full album?

Mack lists acts Keith Urban, Eric Church and Dierks Bentley as influences, with Church’s Chief as one of his favourite albums. And listening to his music so far, that seems clear enough.

Note: It might just be us, but we see a lot of similarities between the growing career of Wes Mack and that of another Canadian – singer/actress MacKenzie Porter.

Wes Mack The Way You Let Me DownWith Shania’s first leg wrapped, it’s festival season for Mack with scheduled appearances at Craven Country Music Fest, the Cavendish Beach Music Festival, the Boots & Hearts Music Festival, and the Havelock Country Jamboree scheduled for July and August.

Bonus: Cavendish Beach Music Festival Preview: Artist Q&A featuring Kristian Bush, Jess Moskaluke, High Valley, Livy Jeanne, The Bros. Landreth

We can’t wait to see Wes Mack on the Boots & Hearts main stage on Sunday afternoon. With some great momentum building through the tour, the singles, and great engagement on social media, all signs point to an entertaining set.

Find Wes Mack online at these fine locations and watch some videos at the bottom of the post…

Website: www.wesmackmusic.com
Facebook: Wes Mack
Twitter: @WesMackMusic
Instagram: @WesMackMusic
YouTube: Wes Mack

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Boots & Hearts 2015 Lineup Announcement Round 3 Review

Boots and Hearts 2015 HeadlinersBoots & Hearts delivered on their promise of a “big announcement” when they released a new list of 23 acts that will be part of the B&H 2015 lineup this August at Burl’s Creek Event Park outside of Barrie.

The new names bring the total lineup to 31 acts that will take the stage August 6-9, 2015 and we can’t wait to see each and every one of them take their turn in front of the crowd.

Before we break some of those new additions down for you, here’s a reminder of the artists previously announced for Boots & Hearts…

Florida Georgia Line – Eric Church – Brad Paisley – Little Big Town
High Valley – Justin Moore – Dallas Smith – Chad Brownlee

Now, let’s have a look at the 23 acts announced on Wednesday to the list…

Thomas Rhett – Frankie Ballard – David Nail – Maddie & Tae – Canaan Smith
Kira Isabella – The Stellas
with Lennon and Maisy – Mackenzie Porter – Dylan Scott Small Town Pistols – Wes Mack – Trinity Bradshaw – The Lovelocks – Leah Daniels
Ty Baynton – Kaitlin Kozell – Them Dang Rattlers – Genevieve Fisher – Melissa Payne Jesse Labelle – Kate Suhr – Abby Stewart

To have a little fun with these new names we’re going to break out some categories that most of these acts fit into for us without even really thinking about it all to hard. Some acts will appear in more than one category… and that’s totally okay by us!

Acts we’ve seen before and can’t wait to see again at Boots & Hearts 2015!

Thomas Rhett Boots and Hearts 2015Thomas Rhett We saw Thomas play a small, intimate set at the Rock ‘N’ Horse in Toronto to help push his It Goes Like This album. He was a whole lot of fun in that small setting, but we have no doubt that his energy and charm are going to translate to a bigger stage and much bigger audience this summer.
Kira Isabella Kira is one of Canadian countries premier artists, as well as a super sweet person. She’s been up on the Boots & Hearts stage before, and with her new music ready to roll, this should be a great set.
Mackenzie Porter Ms. Porter has been making a name for herself in music and on TV with the success of Misfit Parade on country radio and her stint as Naomi Bohannon on AMC’s Hell on Wheels. She’s a hell of a fiddle player with a voice to match.
Trinity Bradshaw Boots and Hearts 2015Trinity Bradshaw It’s no secret that Trinity is one of our favs and as the winner of 2014’s SiriusXM Emerging Artist Showcase, she won the right to a spot on the main stage in 2015. After opening for Shania Twain late last summer we know she’s ready for this.
Leah Daniels Another great add for the festival, Leah is an Ontario girl with a ton of talent and a great smile to go with it. Trish caught up with her at the 2014 CNE in Toronto and now she’s taking a step up.
Ty Baynton – Ty was the runner up in the SiriusXM contest at 2014’s festival and he put on a helluva show when he got the chance. We aren’t at all surprised to see his name on this list with a chance to do it again.

Female Performers at Boots & Hearts 2015!

Country radio and festivals like B&H have been under criticism for the last couple years for the lack of female presence in the genre. But with this new list of acts for the 2015 festival Boots & Hearts have made a clear statement that women are back!

Maddie & Tae – Kira Isabella – Lennon and Maisy – Mackenzie Porter
Trinity Bradshaw – The Lovelocks – Leah Daniels – Kaitlin Kozell
Genevieve Fisher – Melissa Payne – Kate Suhr – Abby Stewart

We are impressed and happy to see 12 female acts (solo and duos) on this list of 31 performers. Add in Little Big Town, Small Town Pistols, The Stellas, who all have female voices in the band and we’re at nearly 50% – exactly where we should be!

Canadian Content at Boots & Hearts 2015!

Republic Live is a Canadian company and have always done a great job of putting Canadian talent on stage. From Terri Clark and Paul Brandt in year 1 – to this talented list in year 4, we have no complaints!

Kira Isabella – The Stellas – Lennon and Maisy – Mackenzie Porter – Wes Mack
Small Town Pistols – Trinity Bradshaw – The Lovelocks – Leah Daniels – Ty Baynton
Kaitlin Kozell – Them Dang Rattlers – Genevieve Fisher – Melissa Payne
Jesse Labelle – Kate Suhr – Abby Stewart

Add Dallas Smith, Chad Brownlee and High Valley to those names and you have 20 Canadian Acts set to take the stage at Boots & Hearts this summer!

Acts we haven’t seen yet, and totally want to at Boots & Hearts 2015!

Maddie and Tae Boots and Hearts 2015Maddie & Tae – These girls lit the world on fire in 2014 with Girl in a Country Song and they’re making waves with Fly to start 2015!
Small Town Pistols – We’ve been listening to Amanda and Tyler Wilkinson sing since they were The Wilkinsons, and now (after 2 years of predicting incorrectly) they are finally coming to sing in front of us, in person!
Wes Mack – This young man is on fire, currently hitting radio stations like crazy pushing Before You Drive Me Crazy and has found success as it’s become the most added song in Country Radio this week. Plus, we hear he puts on a fun show.
Lennon and Maisy Boots and Hearts 2015Lennon & Maisy – These 2 are adorable, talented, Canadian and super awesome. If you’ve seen them on YouTube or ABC’s Nashville you know what I mean. I can’t wait to see them up on stage with The Stellas who just happen to be Lennon and Maisy’s parents.
David Nail – Whatever She’s Got is the kind of song that makes us want to sing along every single time. We can’t wait to hear it live with thousands of other voices singing along too!
Canaan Smith – Smith stormed out of the gate with Love You Like that, and just like Nail, we can’t wait to see him up on stage so we can sing along!

So there you go. We’ve got 31 acts lined up for Boots & Hearts 2015… and while that could be everyone, we wouldn’t be surprised if there are more surprise announcements!

Stay tuned for features coming up with The Lovelocks as well as more B&H performers AND Boots & Hearts preview posts that will include Trinity Bradshaw and her thoughts on some of the 2015 artists.

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