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New Music Spotlight: Dan Luke and The Raid, Emily Rowed, Morgan Cameron Ross, Tenderfoot and William Shawne

In our second edition of New Music Spotlight, we highlight bands from The US, Canada and Australia. A little bit different, a little bit of obscure and a lot of great music.

Let’s do this!

The Music

Artist: Dan Luke and the Raid
Hometown: Bowling Green
Genre: Indie Rock
Related Artists: The Frights, BLOXX
Single: Black Cat Heavy Metal
Dan Luke & The Raid

Notes: EP coming later this summer, they’re playing Toronto’s The Mod Club on August 11th, you might know lead singer Dan Shultz’s brothers Brad and Matt of Cage The Elephant
Links: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify

Artist: Emily Rowed
Hometown: Vancouver
Genre: Alt Pop
Related Artists: Ralph, Adaline
EP: Electric Heart
Electric Heart

Notes: Expect low-key beats, breezy, melodies and delicate vocals
Links:  Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Soundcloud

Artist: Morgan Cameron Ross
Hometown: Vancouver/Toronto/NYC
Genre: Pop, Folk
Related Artists: The Weakerthans, Ryan Adams
Single: I Won’t Live Until I Die
Morgan Cameron Ross

Notes: A little dark and melancholy but in the best way
Links: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify

Artist: Tenderfoot
Hometown: Sydney
Genre: Rock, Pop
Related Artists: Counting Crow, Ryan Adams
Album: Beginnings
Tenderfoot Beginnings

Notes: “It’s a Dylan meets Coldplay, Tom Petty, Ryan Adams kind of jam.”
Links: Facebook/ Twitter / Instagram / Spotify

Artist: William Shawne
Hometown: Toronto
Genre: R&B, Rock, Pop, Indie, Alternative, Whatever
Related Artists: Too many to mention
EP: The Songbook, Vol I
William Shawne - The Songbook, Vol I
Notes: A Nashville-style songwriting group based out of Toronto with a rotating cast of producers, writers, and performers from across Canada.
Links: Facebook / iTunes / Google Play / Spotify

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