The Best Outfield In Toronto Blue Jays History!

Over 30 years ago, in 1981, 3 young outfielders took the field together in Toronto Blue Jays uniforms. As the years passed they grew up in the city and with the fans. They anchored a team that was on the rise. And in 1985 they helped the Blue Jays win their first AL East title.

Looking back over all of the years that have passed I am confident in saying that George Bell (LF), Lloyd Moseby (CF) and Jesse Barfield (RF) made up the best outfield that the franchise has ever had at one time.

Since then we have seen some very talented players take the field in Toronto, and even now in 2012 we have a threesome with a ton of potential in Anthony Gose (LF), Colby Rasmus (CF) and Jose Bautista (RF), but as of now, they are not better than the outfield of the 80’s.

I’ve thought about this before. And tonight I looked up some numbers so we can all remember how special these 3 players were in their time wearing Toronto jerseys.

Lloyd Moseby:
1 All-Star
1 Silver Slugger
Games: 1392
Hits: 1319
Doubles: 242
Triples: 60
Home Runs: 149
RBI: 651
Stolen Bases: 255
Walks: 547
Runs: 768

Jesse Barfield:
1 All-Star
1 Silver Slugger
2 Gold Gloves
Games: 1032
Hits: 919
Doubles: 162
Triples: 27
Home Runs: 179
RBI: 527
Stolen Bases: 55
Walks: 342
Runs: 530

George Bell:
1987 American League MVP
2 All-Star
3 Silver Slugger
Games: 1181
Hits: 1294
Doubles: 237
Triples: 32
Home Runs: 202
RBI: 740
Stolen Bases: 59
Walks: 255
Runs: 641

Now, maybe you don’t agree with me. And that’s fine. Maybe you think that the 1992 outfield of Candy Maldanado, Devon While and Joe Carter were better.

Or maybe you liked Shannon Stewart, Vernon Wells and Shawn Green.

Or maybe you’ve got some other combo (remember, all at the same time) that you love.

That’s fine with me.

I know who my go-to guys are as a trio in Toronto Blue Jays history.

Who are yours?!

Note: As I was writing this post Travis Snider was pulled from the game (July 30) and looks to have been traded. His name was originally where Anthony Gose is placed in the current outfield.

It’s a bitter-sweet thing to see Snider go after an up and down start to his career with the Blue Jays organization. I wish him good luck in Pittsburgh with a young and talented Pirates team that is currently in the middle of a playoff push for the first time in 20 years.

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