Five Out of Ten: Beth Moore Album Release Celebration! [Interview]

Beth Moore is a talented singer/songwriter from the Niagara region of Ontario that is mostly known for wine and waterfalls – but someday maybe we’ll be adding Beth to that list.

Beth Moore CoffeeWith the release of her sophomore album, Five Out of Ten, this week, Moore has found herself busy with shows (a recent tour of Balzac’s coffee shops sounds like it was a really fun time) and radio love, including Top 20 action on CBC Radio 2 thanks to the support of listeners and fans.

I’ve had a chance to sit down with the album over the last couple days, and it truly does deliver. Described as indie/pop folk on her FB page, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. From the 1st single, OK OK, to the track that supplies the album’s title, Say That Again, Beth is right on track.

With the album available now, and the Toronto release party coming up next week, we caught up with Beth Moore for a little Q&A action to talk about the record, writing, raisins and more.

Check it out!

Beth Moore Five Out of Ten Album CoverQ. Your 1st album, The Road, came out in 2011 – how does it feel to have new music out again 4 years later with the release of Five Out of Ten?

A. 4 years, wow. Well, I don’t think I even realized it’d been that long. I spent the last two or so really focusing on 5/10 so it’s all a bit of a blur. Either way, it feels great to have new music out and to finally be able to share the project with everyone. The response has been incredible and makes all those long days in the studio without coffee (bad for the voice) totally worth it. I hope my third album doesn’t take four years to get out, but I’m glad we took our time on this one!

Q. And how cool is it to hear OK OK getting love from CBC Radio 2 and the fans?

Beth Moore Twitter Profile PhotoA. SO GOOD! wow, my friends and fans have been insanely awesome. My social media absolutely exploded with support. The day OK OK first played on CBC2 my car broke down and I was a little bummed out, but then the song was on the Radio, and then I heard it was in the running for top 20 and I all but forgot about the car, I could have run across the country for all I cared, I was so happy!! I remember saying to my brother “Is this real life? This is happening?” and he goes “No, your real life is you have no car, but this is cool”. The day it hit the radio was so good, I would have felt weird if something bad hadn’t happened, in a weird way it made the day seem more real. I’m still on a bit of a high from all of it!

Q. Tell us a little bit about your process. When you write, when you work out a song – how does it happen for you?

Beth Moore red toqueA. It’s very stream of consciousness, if I don’t record the whole writing session I will usually forget the stream of things flowing out. When I write with Rob Szabo he makes me sit in front of the mic the whole time. There have been many times where someone says ‘I like what you were playing, do that again’ and I can’t remember it at all. I’m all about the lyrics too, everything else kind of moves around what I’m trying to say.

Q. You’ve recorded some pretty cool covers for YouTube, if you had to pick 1 cover to have in your set every show, what song would it be?

A. I’m pretty sure I play ‘Blood and Wine’ by Dustin Kensrue at every single show and have for the last 6 years. I used to have a cover up online of me doing it and when I met Dustin in LA he knew who I was. I thought maybe I was slightly famous in a very small part of California or something, but he was just one of the 26 people who saw that video.

Q. Your Facebook page lists your interests as, “coffee, kickboxing, hot yoga, raisins, adventures”… so we want to know: What is your favourite recipe with raisins in it?

Beth Moore Sunmaid Raisins
actual photo Beth sent us!

A. raisins. period. I will eat them anywhere, anyhow, any day, anytime. This is weird, but for dinner tonight I had Red Kidney Beans and raisins… I have to buy the mini sunmaid boxes or else I’ll eat the whole bag in one day. One year for halloween I was even the sunmaid raisin lady. I was in Waterloo trying to hand out boxes of raisins to drunk students and they kept throwing them back at me. I guess not everyone likes them as much as I do! You have to admit, I looked just like her!

Q. Awesome dream time… If you could pick 2 acts (that you haven’t played with before) to go out on a tour with, who would you choose?

A. That’s tough. Ray Lamontagne and Ryan Adams.

Q. In 50 words or less (or more) tell music lovers what they can expect when they listen to Five Out of Ten.

A. A wild adventure! you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may even dance a little!

Thanks to Beth for playing along. We can’t wait to see her at The Drake for her album release show on April 11th. If you’re in Toronto you should probably come out and say hi and have a drink and enjoy the show too.

Either way, find Beth Moore online at these fine locations…

Facebook: Beth Moore Music
Twitter: @bethmooremusic
Instagram: @bethmooremusic
YouTube: Beth Moore
iTunes: Beth Moore
Beth Moore Five Out of Ten Album Release The Drake Toronto

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