Hearts On Fire: Chad Brownlee EP Review & Contest!

Chad Brownlee has been riding pretty high on the success of 2014’s The Fighters. He headlined a cross-Canada tour (that we saw in March 2015 at The Mod Club in Toronto), he earned new fans, a ton of radio play, and he further cemented his place on the Canadian country music scene.

When The Lights Go Down Toronto Chad-8357And now, just under two years after that release, Brownlee is back with new music.

Hearts On Fire is a seven track EP that opens with the title track, and current single. I’ve listened to the tracks more than a few times each in the lead up to the release and this review, and I think the first, and maybe the best thing I can say is that it I’ve wanted to each and every time.

This is a fun EP, with great songs from an artist that I’ve enjoyed throughout this decade.

Country fans have already responded positively to Hearts On Fire, pushing the single into the Top 10, and they aren’t wrong to have done it. And having heard the rest of the songs that are coming, I won’t be surprised to see Chad Brownlee back in the Top 10 two or even three more times this year.

Chad Brownlee, Hearts On Fire Tracklist

ChadBrownlee_HeartsOnFire Album Cover1. Hearts On Fire
2. I Hate You For It
3. Something We Shouldn’t Do
4. Might As Well Be Me
5. Out Of The Blue
6. Gone Gone
7. Damn The Radio

With zero inside information it’s hard for me to tell you what the 2nd single from the EP will be… but if I’m making guesses, I’d say I Hate You For It or Might As Well Be Me are my picks.

Hearts On Fire is a fantastic, full-sounding EP. It’s well produced and doesn’t miss out on showcasing Chad’s voice, the emotions in the songs, and everything that has earned him the respect and adoration that fans have heaped on him in the last 7 years.

Note: The, Chad Brownlee former hockey player, story has been written and talked about more than a few times now, including a very well put together story by Maclean’s. But the more new music we hear from Chad, and the more we see him evolve and improve on stage, we have to wonder when that will fade away and we can just tell stories about Chad Brownlee, Canadian country music star.

There’s one more thing I need to add about the Hearts On Fire EP… it’s going to be A LOT of fun live.

Chad Brownlee NHL Preview 2015We’ve been lucky to see Chad perform a few times now, and knowing what that’s like (it’s good), it’s safe to assume that these seven songs are going to sound great when he steps up on stage and plays them to a crowd that will no doubt be singing along.

If you want to be one of the fans singing along the next time you see Chad Brownlee live, or when his next single comes on the radio… we can help.

Enter now using the widget below and you could win 1 of 3 copies of Chad Brownlee’s new EP, Hearts On Fire. Take care to follow all instructions provided to confirm your entries count, and for an extra chance to win, follow @thereviewsarein on Twitter this Wednesday, April 27 for your chance to win as well.

Good luck!

Chad Brownlee: Hearts On Fire

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