My Bad Imagination: The Band Perry Toronto Pop-Up

It was cold on the streets of Toronto, but inside the Mod Club it was hot when The Band Perry took the stage on Sunday night’s My Bad Imagination popup tour.

We’ve been following The Band Perry since 2009 release of Hip To My Heart, and have had the chance to cover them at Boots & Hearts and follow their radio career in the years since. And now, with a change in the program, Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry have moved out of the country world and into pop as they move forward with their music.

While we believe in never judging a book by its cover, or crowd by its clothing, it was clear that about half of Sunday night’s audience was country (hats, plaid, etc.) and half was ready for pop music in leather, black, and more.

And yes, this was a pop show. The start of what The Band Perry hopes is a successful run in the genre, so those dressed accordingly were in the right place. BUT, those country fans, the ones that have followed since the first time they sang along to If I Die Young, were rewarded for their loyalty and fandom as the show went on.

Note: The crowd sang along as loud as they could when the band played a traditional country version of If I Die Young on Sunday. It was strong and emotional, and showed where they came from… and that they haven’t forgotten that.

The show started with Make You Happy – a new song that proved instantly that things have changed. And from there we got a 45 minute mix of new and old, with popup dates, that had the audience dancing, singing, and happy.

The Band Perry, My Bad Imagination Set List, Toronto

‣ Make You Happy
‣ Better Dig Two
‣ Stay In The Dark
‣ The Best One Yet
‣ Comeback Kid
‣ If I Die Young
‣ Forever Young
‣ In It Together
‣ Medley: Seven Nation Army/ Sexy Back/ Heartless/ Work It/ Milkshake/ Pony
‣ Done
‣ Look At Me Now

Note: Pop music will not be a problem for Kimberly Perry or her sassy/boss lady attitude. If you want to admire a woman that controls the joint and has fun doing it – this is her. Was then, is now.

The set was tight – and in Better Dig Two and Done, where the band rewarded fans with tracks they knew, they updated the backend to make them feel more like pop anthems than the country radio hits they’ve been in the past.

There was an air of inclusion and excitement at the show, with a pop-up stage placed on the Mod Club floor for the singing siblings to perform on. And with high fives, handshakes, and hugs The Band Perry showed that the fans that they were there for them, and that they appreciated the fans being there with their support.

Here’s what we can tell you about The Band Perry, their show in Toronto, and their new musical venture… they’re into it. It’s legit. There is nothing about the way they played, the energy they brought, or the music they showcased that makes us believe that they are anything less than 100% into this idea and this move to pop music.

And guess what… we’ve got their backs. We did when they announced the move, and we do even more now that we’ve had the chance to see it live and up close.

IF you have the chance to see The Band Perry on this My Bad Imagination popup tour – or on a bigger tour when their new album comes out, we suggest you take it.

Be ready for fun. Be ready for change. Be ready for The Band Perry.

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