Get Ready for the Remix: Arkells’ My Heart’s Always Yours

If you’re old enough to remember buying CD singles, you remember the awesomeness that was single remixes. And if you’re not old enough to remember buying CD singles… we’ve got good news for you!

To all of our good fortune, there are four new remixes of My Heart’s Always Yours, the third single from Arkell’s Morning Report.

The song itself has performed well as a single, reaching #3 Canadian Alternative chart and #4 on the Canadian Rock chart… and if you love the original, there’s a very strong chance that you’re going to dig at least one of the remixes that have been released to go with it.

My Heart’s Always Yours (Remixes) Tracklist

1. My Heart’s Always Yours – Lights Remix
2. My Heart’s Always Yours – RubēHill Remix
3. My Heart’s Always Yours – Darcys Remix
4. My Heart’s Always Yours – Arion Remix

To pick tell which remix is the best is impossible – because they’re all unique enough to allow for everyone to pick their own favourite.

In the end we just really think it’s cool that we’ve come back to the idea of multiple remixes on tracks and having the chance to hear them as more than just dance tracks at a club.

Let’s hope that Arkells and their remixing friends are starting a trend and that we get more of this in the very near future from more of our favourite artists and songs.

If you have a favourite, leave a comment and tell us which it is. We want to know!

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