Crowded Places: BANKS at WayHome 2017

BANKS came north to Canada from Orange County to put on a show at WayHome 2017. With her dancers joining her, killer black boots, and a voice that sticks with you – she put on the kind of show you tell your friends about.

The singer/songwriter was on my list of sets I wanted to see, because I had a feeling that there was going to be something special. And while it wasn’t fireworks or confetti, the movement matched with the songs in the set were definitely worth seeing live.

If I were to try to sum it up, I guess it would look like this…

Badass, was the California songstress as she took over the WayHome main stage on Sunday.
Attacking and attracting the senses of the assembled crowd, with her voice, movement, wardrobe, and supporting red clad dancers.
Dancing, singing and love took over the Burl’s Creek field as the set moved the fans.
And with every song and move, BANKS reminded us why we were so excited to see her name on the 2017 lineup.
She continues to build her show, build her name, build her setlist, and build a fanbase that follows her.
See her for yourself the next time you have a chance. Be ready for a good time, and a ton of talent.

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