The Project: Lindsay Ell Album Review

The long awaited debut full-length album from Lindsay Ell is finally here, and it was… worth the wait. Lindsay’s skills and talents shine through all 12 tracks on The Project, starting with Waiting On You and finishing with Worth The Wait.

The Calgary born – Nashville based, singer/songwriter/guitar hero has created a record that shows off a lot of angles. There are bluesy guitar licks, catchy lyrics that fit the modern country landscape, and slowed down numbers that will make you feel the feels. It’s a complete package that isn’t scared to be itself and present personality and varied musical tastes to the world and the listeners. And with songwriting credits on nine of the 12 songs on the album, Ell holds a true sense of ownership on these songs, not just as the woman who recorded them in the studio and plays them on the road, but as their creator.

Fans of Lindsay Ell have been aware of her talent for a long time – they’ve seen her at the Opry, on tour with headliners like Brad Paisley, and at giant festivals like Boots & Hearts, but new fans are coming, and this album is going to bring them in. Appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and the Today show have helped to increase awareness, and her performances on those shows were the hook. Seeing Lindsay play and sing is enough to draw you in. If you’re going to be a fan, it’s going to happen fast.

Lindsay Ell BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

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The Project is very similar. Press play and give it 10 minutes and you’ll have heard Waiting On You, Champagne, and Castle. By that time you’ll have been able to get a feel for what’s coming and what Lindsay Ell is sharing. And, if you’ve made it through those three songs, we highly recommend that you keep going with the next nine. You don’t want to miss the power in her voice on tracks like Space, and if you don’t stick around for Always Kiss The Girl and Worth The Wait, you’re missing out.

We’ve had the good fortune to see Lindsay Ell over the last few years as she’s gained momentum and come back to Canada for award shows and festivals. We’ve seen her talent up close, we’ve marveled at her guitar skills, we’ve sat back and listened to her voice, and we’ve been all in, all the way through.

Lindsay Ell BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

And if we had to make a prediction now, we’d tell you that there’s more of the same (and more) coming for Lindsay Ell. This album, and her willingness to play every stage she can get on will take her to new places in front of new faces, and it’s going to pay off.

If you haven’t seen Lindsay live yet, listen to The Project, and then get a ticket when she comes to town. And if you have seen her live, press play on The Project and imagine her playing these new songs when you see her again!

Lindsay Ell, The Project Track List

1. Waiting on You
2. Champagne
3. Castle
4. Good
5. Wildfire
6. Mint
7. White Noise
8. Criminal
9. Just Another Girl
10. Space
11. Always Kiss the Girl
12. Worth the Wait

Lindsay Ell BH5 Boots and Hearts 2016

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