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Legacy: The Cadillac Three Album Review

The Cadillac Three are back with their third full-length studio album, and they’ve raised their own bar again.

Legacy, released August 25, 2017, is an 11 track banger that hits as hard as, and gets just as sweet as fans can expect from the southern trio of rocking country boys. Hell, it might even be sweeter than expected. And while it holds the identifiable sound that makes The Cadillac Three recognizable, there are all kinds of traditional country notes included in the offering.

With tracks like Hank & Jesus, and lines like, “He fishes a little more than he reads that King James. He searches for God out on the water, just like his dad did”, on Ain’t That Country, Jaren, Neil, and Kelby show that they aren’t scared to embrace the faith that has long been intertwined with with genre. In fact, the trio should be given their due for finding a way to write songs that celebrate their roots without preaching.

The Cadillac Three Molson Amphitheatre

Speaking of their roots, American Slang could very well be the next big hit for TC3. The track, tracing the steps from the back roads to today, hits all the right storytelling steps that country music fans want to embrace when they think about the country life dynamic that is identified so clearly and strongly with country music. It’s a love song, a sing along song, it references Tom Petty, tattoos, and kills it as a future fan favourite.

From start to finish, there are no songs that I’ve skipped over on the multiple listens I’ve put in over the last couple weeks. The Cadillac Three have managed to cultivate a collection of country songs that fit together, that roll from one to the next and hit all the right beats.

Note: Here’s a thought that just came to us… how great would it be to see The Cadillac Three and Drake White on the same bill?


Legacy gives TC3 eleven new tracks to add to their live show, which is already something that fans need to see when they get the chance. The rockers and the slowed down swingers from the new album, paired with tracks like The South, Ship Faced, White Lightning, Bury Me In My Boots, Get Your Buzz On, and Tennessee Mojo will only make an enjoyable concert experience even deeper and more complete.

If you drink whiskey, pour a long one and hit play on Legacy. If you prefer to drink something else… try whiskey, it’s a good fit.

The Cadillac Three, Legacy Tracklist

1. Cadillacin’
2. Tennessee
3. Hank & Jesus
4. Dang If We Didn’t
5. Ain’t That Country
6. American Slang
7. Take Me To The Bottom
8. Long Hair Don’t Care
9. Love Me Like Liquor (fear. Lori McKenna)
10. Demolition Man
11. Legacy

TheCadillac3-Calgary-StampedeThe Cadillac Three Molson Amphitheatre The Cadillac Three Molson Amphitheatre

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